Author's Notes: The '*'s indicate a new chapter. This is a shounen-ai story, as in there's no graphic descriptions of intercourse, (No sex please, we're british!) but there's plenty of snogging.

Squall Almasy

Chapter 3

By Takira

"Jesus, hurry up, Rinoa!"

"I'm coming already," Rinoa strolled out of her room, beaming, in her notorious yellow dress. "I haven't been able to fit into this thing for years!" she exclaimed triumphantly.

"Wow, you look gorgeous!" said Selphie, "Are we ready to go now?"

"Yes, finally," moaned Squall, leading them to the car.

"Have fun, but don't drink too much guys!" Quistis called from inside.

"I'll have your share babes! Man, I haven't been out in Balamb in ages! It has the best bar there called the Monkey's Forehead, the cocktails there are the bomb!"

"Calm down Zell!" laughed Squall.

Zell bounced on his seat all the way to Balamb, to the intense irritation of everyone else. He was also the first one out, rushing in the direction of the city centre and impatiently urging people to hurry up. Four hours later they were all drunk, except Squall.

"Damn Squa', you've had waaay more to drink than I have and you're not even tipsy!" slurred Zell confused.

"Yea well, doesn't take much to get you plastered 'ey chicken-wuss,"

".... Dude, shu' up!" retorted Zell as his voice broke.

"No, you shut up."

"No, you shu...." Zell's gaze followed a scantily clad woman as she walked past. "Dude, she's hot!" he yelled.

Seifer shrugged."Not my type."

Zell raised an eyebrow at him. "Not your type?" Zell looked back at her sitting at the bar. "Tight ass, big tits, nice legs. Damn you're either a fussy bastard or you're gay." Seifer met Squall's eye, smirked and then roared in laughter. Zell again looked confused. "I'm not getting something..."

"No, you're not, oh and talking of which, what's this about me blowing you off Squall? I mean, I know I'm attractive and all but I'm not exactly, ya'know, well I'm not Rinoa. Surely you'd rather have her blow you off huh?" Rinoa kicked Seifer in the shin under the table and turned to Squall to see what he would do. As she expected he had a look of death, glaring icily at Seifer before grabbing his drink and storming out.

"Squall? Oh hell, nice going Seifer. Go and talk to him now," ordered Selphie.

"He's just being melodramatic," he said, sulkily, his stomach dropping to his feet.

"That was very un-tasteful," whispered Rinoa as Seifer half-grudgingly got up. "I would have expected higher of you." Seifer shook his head and walked out, a hundred comments running through his head. Nice going Seifer, un-tasteful, drink makes your tongue flap, I would have expected higher of you, that glare, oh hell, hell! HELL! By the time he was in the street his stomach was wrenching.

"What the hell was I thinking?" he mumbled to himself. He searched for well over an hour, kicking random objects in frustration. He had sobered up when he finally found Squall leaning against a lamppost by the harbour. As he got closer he heard a low and familiar tune, closer still he heard it was Squall humming. For a while he stood, watching and smiling.

"'Eyes On Me' by Julia." Seifer almost jumped a mile, he had made sure he approached without a sound so as not to disturb the singing.

"How did you know I was here? I tried to step quietly so..."

"I didn't hear you, I just knew you were there." Seifer stared at Squall, frowning, then let his mind wander. What did he mean by that? Is our friendship such that we can sense each other? Or does he mean more than friendship? What am I talking about, Squall isn't even remotely gay. I mean, he and Rinoa were at it like rabbits! Although, I had Rinoa as well, man that girl can really change you. What if he was hiding his true feelings? What if he was shy and now 'cause I'm out he's okay and...

"Shut your mouth, Seifer, you look gormless." Seifers' face flushed. Squall had moved in front of him while his mind was racing and was now gazing up into his eyes, one hand on his hip and his head tilted slightly. Seifer noticed how the slight breeze lifted his unruly chestnut bangs, how the large moon gave him an almost heavenly glow. The ripples in the water were reflected in his eyes making them infinitely deeper. Without thinking, he slipped his arm around Squall's smaller frame, bent down and kissed him.

Seifer felt resistance at first, but his longing to hold Squall overcame any self-doubts and he enveloped Squall in his trench coat and soon felt him kissing back. He could feel however that, although Squalls kiss was passionate and hungry for a while, something was holding him back. But this was what Seifer had been building his courage up for for ages, he wasn't going to break it off. He wanted to hold this kiss for as long as he could.

At first Squall was shocked, keeping his mouth locked shut. He found it strange as he had never kissed another guy before but as the warmth of Seifer's body melted into his, he closed his eyes and kissed back. What am I getting myself in to? He doubted very much this would lead to anything but he had his reservations all the same. He wasn't entirely sure whether or not he was gay, bi or whatever and he didn't want to string Seifer along till he found out. Despite their history, Squall cared for Seifer. It was a strange relationship, bitter rivalry fuelled by brotherly love that they shared only with each other. He didn't want to jeopardise that. Realising this he gasped and pulled away.

Seifer blushed as he was sprung back into reality. The giant step he just took in his quest for Squall slowly dawned on him. He had taken a huge risk and, from what he could tell, Squall had enjoyed it too until something happened that had made him stop. Did it scare him that he was kissing a guy or just kissing me? Seifer couldn't bear to hear it from Squall so he turned and ran as fast as he could to the entrance of Balamb.

"Seifer, wait!" Fuelled by the terror of Squall yelling abuse at him for what he did made Seifer's feet fly. It was a while outside Balamb before the fatigue and cold hit him hard. He stumbled to a stop and collapsed on his knees, burying his face in his hands and trying to swallow the sobs so he could breathe.

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