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Author's Notes: um.. well, it was a birthday ficcie.. and the idea of Squall being on a sugar high, just kinda got me wondering, what would happen. And much thanks to Gnome for pushing, and reading, and for Lex, who also read.

Sugar High

Part 4

By Hecate's Brat


I make my way from the bridge back to the Quad. I know Irvine was there last with Selphie. I think that maybe I should get both Irvine and Seifer together, see if they can tell me what happened, and perhaps kill two birds with one stone.

I walk into the Quad and spot Selphie and Irvine talking. They stop when they see me, and Selphie's grin gets bigger.

I look at her, then question about the grin.

She just shakes her silly flipped up hair and smiles more.

"Um, I'll talk to you two later, kay? I, ummm, need to go and do something!" She says and runs off before we can get a word in other wise.

I turn and look at Irvine.

"Okay, I take it I should talk to you now?" I say, smirking a bit.

"Actually, you should talk to Seifer first. But, well hell! I'll help you find him, coz I'm part of that conversation."

I watch the auburn haired cowboy start walking away from me. I jog to catch up to him and match his pace.

"Where are we going?" I ask him.

He glances his stunning violet eyes in my direction and grins a bit. "To find Seifer of course."

"Oh." Right, of course! I should have known.

We walk out of the Quad and walk towards the Training Center. We walk through with out being attacked or molested, which is good, because I'm un-junctioned at the moment. We make it to the secret area and find Seifer sitting on a bench, reading and smoking a cigarette. Irvine coughs lightly and Seifer's head whips up. The tall blond drops the smoke to the ground and steps on it, eradicating it underfoot. He then smiles a toothy smile at us.

"What's up?"

I watch as Irvy walks over and sits beside Seifer, taking the book out of his hands and reads the cover. He nods, marks the page and sets it down between them.

"Our dear Commander has come to us, to help him remember what happened last night."

Seifer smiles widely and chuckles. "Its all that damn sugar you were downing. I mean, I've never seen anyone take that much sugar in such a short period of time and not die. I mean, besides Zell. Actually, I don't want Zell to ever have sugar. That would be scary."

Irvine laughs and I chuckle.

"So, you can't remember what happened last night Leonhart? I can let you know...and the sharpshooter here can help, like he did last night."

I raise an eyebrow at last statement, but keep my mouth shut.


The party started, and I commend Selphie and Chicken-Wuss on that, they did well. I drank some, and watched the events, so to speak. I watched as you came in smiling away. I watched you dance with Zell and take off.

I also watched Laguna come in after you, his clothes dishevelled and messy. But of course, after us, that's the man you need to talk to. I'm assuming that's who gave you the bite on your inner thigh. But, anyways, I watched you drink soda and alcohol and down the flavoured sugar in those tubes like they were air.

I watched you get more hyper and I also watched you leave on more than one occasion. I don't know where the hell you went a few times, I'm not your keeper.

But, after a while, one can only listen to the nattering of Rinoa and Zell and Selphie for so long. I left.

I was walking to my rooms when you tackled me. Oh stop your jaw from hanging Leonhart; I might take that as another invitation.

Yes, you tackled me, and then promptly bit me. I swear you have an oral fetish or something. You bit my neck. And my wrist. In which, I returned the favour, once in bed.

You dragged me to your suite. And by the way, I want an upgrade on my rooms. Once inside the door, you locked it and began clawing at my clothes. I pushed you off of me, and tossed you onto the bed, and you bounced and giggled like a girl for a while, which made me laugh. I've never seen you so happy, which is good, maybe.

But, I took my clothes off, and you stopped your giggling. You told me, and how did it go... right, "You need to give me a birthday strip tease." That, by the way, shocked the hell outta me. I never expected to hear those words coming out of your mouth!

So, I put my clothes back on, and turned to the stereo. I played with the discs till I found the songs I wanted. I was going to give you a show. I programmed the stereo and let the beat start. It was "You Sexy Thing".

I dropped my jacket shoulder, then the other one. I got a whistle from you. I pulled it back on and turned to face you. I wiggled my hips a bit and turned around again.

I dropped the jacket to the ground, kicking it out of the way.

I unzipped my vest and flicked it open and let it fall shut again. You squealed and bounced on the bed, your lips covered in cherry powder. I sashayed over to you and licked your lips. I moved out of the way again, and unbuckled my belt, pulling it out and dropping it to the floor.

You promptly yelled out, "Take it off baby!" to which I grinned at.

I turned away from you and let my vest slide off of my shoulders to my hands, where I tossed it to you. You screamed and put it on. The song changed to "Am I Sexy."

I moved to the bottom of the bed and undid my pants; you screamed again and fell to the bed in a swoon. I pulled one side down over my hip, then back up. I started slowly pulling my leather pants down over my hips, but before I got to far down, I turned around and all you got was a show of my ass. I know you weren't pleased with that coz you threw a pillow at me. The song changed to "I'm too Sexy". I found a chair and undid my boots in a playful way. I pulled my leathers off and tossed them at you. You giggled and fell backwards on the bed.

I stood in front of you, wearing nothing but my socks. Which you hollered out for me to take those off as well, in which I did.

You gave me a pout because I wasn't wearing underwear, but I made you smile by telling you that it was better for me to fuck you without them, which got me a squeal of delight and another tackle.

Irvine, stop laughing you fucktard...I'm telling my story here. Anyways, moving on.

After you tackled me, you sat up and started stripping your clothes off. You grabbed my hand and dragged me, quite willingly I might add to the bed.

You sat me down, and turned to your nightstand. From that, you produced a bottle of stuff! I don't know what it was called, but it was weird. You put it on my dick, and it was all, gel like, then you blew on it, and it heated up. For the first few seconds, I swear I thought you were trying to burn my cock! I inhaled from heat then gasped as you sucked on my cock, licking that weird gel stuff off. I leaned my head back and relaxed a bit, running my hands through your hair. I felt your mouth move from my cock and I felt you run something over it. I looked down and you were coating me with that pixie stick powder. You started licking it off of me, so I didn't complain.

I could feel my orgasm start to creep up on me, and I had to stop you from pushing me over the edge. I got you on the bed and the song changed to "Closer" and of course, I had to just ‘fuck you like an animal'.

I pushed you onto the bed, and rummaged in your nightstand. I found some lube, cherry lube to be exact. I smeared it on your hole and a bit on my fingers and began working you, stretching you.

You started moaning and pumping your hips against my fingers.

I pulled my fingers out and put some lube on my cock. I began to slide my cock into you, when you cried out, "Rough! Fuck me roughly!" I gripped your hips and shoved my cock into you. I hit your prostate straight away and you howled and arched your back. I started fucking you, hitting your prostate every time, just to listen to you howl.

I watched as you gripped the bed sheets and screamed my name over and over again.

And now, I'll hand the story over to the cowboy, who's been waiting so patiently.


Okay, my turn! At this time, I was walking from my room with some Galbadian Whiskey from my personal stash. And don't even ask how I got it into Garden. I was walking by your room, with said Whiskey, and I could hear you screaming out Seifer's name. I didn't know why, but it sounded ungodly. And I swear, I thought he was killing you, or doing some bodily harm. So, I tried breaking your code. Didn't work, I tried again. Still didn't work. Then I remembered a trick to do an override, did that, and the door opened, to me seeing Seifer fucking the hell outta you on your bed.

I walked in, and watched Seifer ride you. Well, my jeans were starting to get a bit tight, so I figured I'd make myself be known here and see if I could get into the action. I relocked the door.

I coughed, and waited for a reaction. Nothing. I called your names, and nothing. So, I went farther and just took my clothes off, went behind Seifer and poured some of the whiskey down over his shoulder, and I started licking it off.


That got my attention. I had to stop and see what the hell that was. The words out of my mouth were, "Fucking cowboy..." I didn't stop him though.


I just crawled onto the bed and poured some whiskey onto your back Squall, and Seifer and I licked it off. I found myself kissing Seifer and reaching down to stroke your cock. I could feel you take the bottle of whiskey out of my hands and I felt your body shift. You were kneeling, drinking my whiskey.

I lay down under you, and let my tongue slide against the underside of your cock while you drank my whiskey. You shivered and passed the bottle to Seifer, who, I think put the bottle somewhere safe. Seifer made you kneel over me, and you sucked at my cock, while I sucked at yours.

My mind was lost, I felt your lips and tongue move around my cock and I could feel myself falling.


I passed Squall the lube so he could finger your ass, and he lubed you up pretty well. I swear I could feel that moan deep inside me.

From where I was, I could see Irvine's hand come up and grip your hair Squall. You moved closer to him, taking more into your mouth, which made me end up hitting your prostate again, making you moan and scream around Irvine's cock.


I couldn't stop bucking my hips against your mouth Squall, and I'm sorry if I hurt you at all last night. I found the lube bottle and lubed my fingers up and slide a couple into Seifer's ass.


You are never doing that again cowboy. But, I was to far gone to care. His fingers kept pressing at my prostate, I was fucking you, hitting yours and you kept fingering Irvine's ass. It was intense. But it was even more intense when we all came.

I came and gripped your hips, shuddering. You moaned and came in Irvine's mouth, Irvine ended up coming in yours.


We laid there for a while, sipping whiskey and kissing. And that's what happened here. I hope that helped.


I nod slowly and wonder why my ass isn't sorer than it is. I stand and walk out of the Secret Area and head for Laguna's room. Hopefully he's still around.

Closer by NIN

You Sexy Thing by Hot Chocolate

I'm too Sexy by Right Said Fred

Am I Sexy by Lords of Acid

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