By Sniffles

He's happy now. Blissfully unaware of all that's gone on. He still doesn't know the truth. Kiros hasn't told him and he hasn't remembered, but maybe that's for the best. I watch them, playing across the room, and I curse the pain in my heart. Every time I see him... it gets worse. I do love him. More than I've loved anyone before in my life.

I didn't think I could love.

He showed me differently.

Kiros better be good to him. If he ever hurts Laguna again.... I'll kill him. Slowly, painfully... I'll make him suffer. If it wasn't for the fact that Laguna was so head over heels for Kiros... I would have claimed Laguna for myself. But he is in love with Kiros, more than he knows. And he would be miserable with me... I would never be enough.

It doesn't matter. All that matters is that he's happy now. I'm glad he's happy.... I am... really... I sigh and stare down into my cup. Then why do I feel so miserable?

"Do you think he'll remember?"

I glance up with surprise. Squall is standing by the table, staring across the room at his father. "I dunno'. If he keeps being the klutz he is... chances are he'll hit his head so much he'll never have a chance to remember." I respond, trying to sound casual. Squall... he's a lot like his father. Same hair... same eyes...

Squall chuckles. ?? What the fuck? I don't think I've ever heard him chuckle. Or laugh. Or seen him smile. I stare at him with surprise. He smiles back at me, "This seat taken?" he gestures and I nod.

I don't want company... why did I nod?

He sits down beside me and my stomach lurches. I glance across the room at Laguna, then I look back at Squall.... He's looking at me strangely... Wait. I recognize that look. He's looking at me the way Laguna is always looking at Kiros. Ah shit....

Like father, like son, I suppose.

I gaze down into my cup. The dark liquid is constantly moving. Even when I'm not. It's strange. It's fascinating. It intriques me. But it doesn't take my mind off the situation at hand.

I have a choice.

I look over at Laguna. I can pine over him for the rest of my life... or..

I look at Squall, who's still staring at me with that expression. I have the feeling that if we were alone he'd gladly jump me. Not that I'd mind...

I've always been a selfish bastard.

Love or no love, I'd fuck him in a second....

But is that what I want?

He's speaking to me now, but I don't pay attention. All right... Laguna, if Kiros ever screws you over I swear I'll be there... but I can't pine in the meantime.

And I think...

just maybe...

I could fall for your son....



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