Chapter Three

By Sniffles

"They call themselves UP, which is short for Ultimecia's People. They showed up two weeks after the 'incident'." The incident being when I kissed him. I feel my cheeks blushing as I sit quietly before him. He paces the room as he explains, "Squall was named the leader of the fight against UP since you were... ill. Balamb and Galbadia garden have been leading all the counter attacks against UP."

"I was ill?" I interrupt him. I know I promised I wouldn't, but I was curious.

He gives me that 'look'. The look that warns me if I'm not quiet he'll stop speaking and leave me wallowing in confusion. He would too. He's a bastard that way. He constantly 'makes' me think before I speak and be quiet when others are talking. It's irritating. He ignores my question and continues speaking, "The day before yesterday you finally recovered and decided to join our fight. We travelled to a forest just outside of Balamb city to fight a group of UP terrorists planning to attack Balamb city. During the battle you tripped and smacked your head against a tree. When you awoke you had no memory of the last few months... and that's about it." Kiros nodded. Why do people nod when they're finished a long speech? Are they just assuring themselves that they're done or something?

"May I speak now master?" I ask him, unable to keep the sarcasm out of my voice.

He looks at me sharply but nods. "I was ill?" He sighs, "Yes. You had a virus." He looks uncomfortable.

So I press the subject. "What kind of virus?" "Let's just drop it okay? You had a virus. You were ill. End of subject."



"I just wanna'-"

"Shut up!"

I wince, staring at him with surprise. He's never yelled like 'that' at me before. Boy is he tense. He even looks surprised. He shifts, clearing his throat, "I'll be accompanying Squall to Deling, you will stay here."

"What? I'm coming too!" I protested. Damned if I'm going to stay behind. Nothing worse than being stuck in a Garden.

"No. How could you possibly fight in your condition? No memory, no gun?"

"I could 'get' a new gun." Come on Kiros. I beg mentally. You can't leave me here, surrounded by teenagers.

"And you would be uncomfortable with it. Two hours is hardly time to get used to a new weapon. No. You'll stay here. Find a new weapon if you'd like and train while we're gone." Kiros shrugged, walking to the window and looking out.


He looks at me, smirking. But as our eyes meet the smirk fades and a sad look enters his eyes. I'm fascinated by that look. I've never seen him look at me, or anyone, like that before. So sad. Like he's lost his best friend. He shakes his head slowly, averting his gaze once again. "Kiros?" I ask softly, "You okay?"

"Get some rest. I'll be back in two hours to escort you to the main office." He avoids my gaze as he walks to the door, "If your head starts to hurt, go see the doctor."

Then he's gone.

I stare at the closed door, wishing him back. But wishes don't come true, do they? At least, my wishes have never come true. Getting to my feet I walk to the window, standing exactly where he had been standing. He's gone, but I can still smell him in the room. That sweet smell that follows him everywhere. I wonder if it's his shampoo or something? Whatever, it smells good, real good. Besides that it makes me really horny, but.. that doesn't matter.

Funny how scents can turn you on, y'know. There are some scents that make you happy, some that make you nauseus, and then there are Kiros scents. The kind that make you hard and panty. I 'adore' his smell. I want to just bottle it up and carry it with me ever... no. Wait. Bad idea. People would begin to wonder why I carry a stick in my pants.

Well, nothing better to do than sleep. I am kinda' tired. Besides, at least in my dreams my wishes 'do' come true. Frustratingly so, when I wake up alone, but ah well. I gotta' take what I can get right?

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