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Chapter Four

By Sniffles

"You understand?" Squall finished, his eyes hard as he stared at me.

He's just finished explaining about UP. Pretty much he's just repeated everything Kiros has already told me. Including the comment about me not fighting. "Sure I understand. All except the part about me not fighting." I shrug, "Way I see it I should be out there too."

"Hn." Squall looks at Kiros, "You deal with him." He says coldly, "We leave now."

"Deal with him?" I look at Kiros with arched eyebrows, "Deal with him?"

Kiros looks like he's about to smile, "You'll stay here?"

"Yeah... whatever. I'll stay here." With a sigh, I agree.

Not much else I can do. I mean, I could argue with him until my face turned blue and he'd still stand firm dammit. He leaves the office, and I'm left alone. What to do? I could go train, but that would bore the hell out of me. Especially since I have no one to train with.

Somehow, I find a vision of blue, haunted eyes floating in my mind. 'Seifer'. I don't imagine he has anyone to train with. Maybe he wouldn't mind training with me.

So, taking a deep breath and gathering my courage, I get to my feet and leave the office.

Time to find Kid Wonder.

That's my nickname for him. Kid Wonder. He's standing in the library, a book in his hand. He's not really reading it though. I know this because it's upside down. Why isn't he on the mission? No, strike that. Of course he's not on the mission. They wouldn't be able to trust him. Especially since Ultemicia had used him as her slave before.... used him ... as her slave? I wonder if... Nah... No way.

She wouldn't do that?

But then... how else would she .. you know.. get 'lucky'. Geez. Suddenly I feel hot. I play with my collar and walk over to the boy, my leg cramping painfully as I get close. He doesn't notice me. He's staring at two of his class mates who are studying together. "..hi."

He jumps, dropping the book. "Oh! Sorry! Didn't mean to startle you!" I bend down quickly and grab the book. Getting back up... boy. Am I brilliant or what? No way will I be able to get back up without help. Not with my leg cramping the way it is. "Damn."

He grabs my elbow and pulls me to my feet. I find myself blushing. He takes the book from my hands and places it on the shelf, "What did you want?" He asked curtly.

I find myself liking that voice. It makes my knees feel like jelly and... wait. There I go again. Dammit all. Either I'm really desperate to 'get some', or I'm just a randy bastard by nature. His eyes narrow on my face. He looks irritated.

"I uh.. I just... Y-you wanna'.. trainwithme?" I manage to gasp out.

Yeah. Aren't I a conversationlist? King of talk here. That's me.

He shuts his eyes briefly, looking almost nauseated. Then he nods. "Yeah. Do you have a weapon?"

Does EVERYBODY know I lost my gun!? Are their lives so boring they have nothing to do but gossip about ME?

"I heard it from Zell, who heard it from Squall, who heard it from Kiros." Seifer says shortly. Perhaps he saw my thoughts? Grief! Did he absorb some of th-

"No. You're thinking out loud."


"Does EVERYBODY know I lost my gun!? Are their liv-" He says, looking bored.

"Oh my god!" I cover my face with my hands, horrified. I cannot BELIEVE I did that! Wait? Am I thinking out loud now too? And now?! AND NOW!?

I peek out from between my fingers, he's looking at me strangely, but he doesn't comment so I assume I've managed to stay quiet. I am SUCH an idiot. "I can get a weapon." I mumble.

He nods, then turns and walks away.

Oh yeah... he's just a laid back sort of person isn't he? Makes a person feel all warm and comfortable... NOT!

Getting a new machine gun isn't too hard. The new one isn't quite the right weight and it feels strange in my hands. But I'll have to get used to it quick. Together we walk into the training grounds. He's walking in that laid back way of his again. <_> Nice and brisk. Like he hasn't got a second to spare. Like the world will simpl-

"You're thinking aloud again." He says sharply.

Ah shit.

I try to stem my thinking for at least a few moments, but find that no matter how I try I can't stay quiet. Not even mentally. "So um... why aren't you on the mission?" Ah sheeeit. That is 'not' what I intended to say. Damn. Damn, damn, damn. Me and my big mouth.

He tenses. For a moment the air is charged with tension. Then he shrugs, "They don't like me."

"They don't... like you?" What? What does that have to do with anything. I don't like my boots but I take them with me into battle. Hell, I don't like the stupid bullet proof vest Kiros insists I wear but I take it into battle too.

"Or more accurately they don't trust me." His lips twist up into a bitter smile, "Squall's buddies are afraid I'd kill him if they took me on a mission."

He sounds amused.

"Yeah.. I can see how that would be a problem. I mean.. if Squall is dead, and you k-kill him then well.. the world would just end.. wouldn't it?" I try to fuse as much sarcasm into my voice as I can.

He hears it. And he appreciates it. He starts to laugh. Genuine, thrilling laughter that makes little shivers run up and down my spine. God. He's beautiful. What I wouldn't give to just bury myself in him.. ah shit! Not again!

This is going to be a long training session.

He walks away, serious again. I watch his beautiful ass shifting behind those tight jeans he's wearing.

A very long session.

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