Chapter 26 - The Other

By The Wandering Englishman

Laguna woke suddenly, his green eyes unclear as he regained his composure and investigated his surroundings.

"...Squall?" He asked breathily, wiping the sweat-damp hair away from his face.

"He's not here, but you're safe." The soft, English voice replied, followed by the sounds of footsteps in the dirt.

The president suddenly found himself scowling as the blond approached, shifting himself into an upright position as if to run at any moment.

"I'd be safer with a behemoth chasing me." He spat as Seifer stopped at the entrance of the tent, the shadow of the broad figure showing through the thin material.

"Things have changed since then." The tall man said calmly, trying to hide the hurt in his voice.

"Have they?" He pulled on his shirt and boots, still wary of his companion's good intentions.

"I'm free."

"And you weren't when you punched me out and kidnapped me, right?"

"Look, I can understand you not believing me..."

Laguna scoffed, emerging from the tent to stand in front of the scarred man; anger marring his usually diplomatic face.

"Well, that's a start. But forgive me if I'm not totally comfortable with being alone with my attacker."

"Will you just shut up and listen for a sec, 'Guna?" Seifer snapped suddenly, shocking both men into silence. "Squall released me. I don't work for her anymore. I can't."

Laguna raised a sceptical eyebrow.

"I work for him." He smiled lightly. "I have to get you out of here. Get your stuff, we're leaving."

Everything seemed to be going in slow motion. Squall's smirk broadened as he clutched at the sword tighter to my commanders neck, and the colours seemed to lag behind, as if I were faster than human vision.

But I wasn't fast enough.

No, wait...I remember someone holding my jacket. I couldn't see him, but he delayed me just enough for Squall to tear Irvine's head off with my blade. I can remember screaming, like a little kid, but I was SeeD. I wasn't meant to scream like that. But then again, Squall had killed everyone I'd ever loved; and now he'd killed the only family I had left.

So I stood there frozen, looking at the rough cut torso as it thudded sickly to the ground, watching the soft features of the man who was my father for the last four years roll in the dirt.

It was like seeing my first death all over again.

I swear I could hear my grandfather's voice as I knelt down to pick up the severed head with my hands. And for the first time in my life, I felt nothing.

Was it an emotional overload, or just a total apathetic view of the world?

Or perhaps I'd become the monster I had been hunting all along?

Grey eyes opened slowly, the pupils shrinking in the sudden onslaught of light as clarity returned to them; the faintest hint of artificial blue spiking in from the edge of his irises. Almost like an echo, Squall could hear the drop of something small and plastic clattering on the floor.

"You staying with us this time?" The smug voice of the boy from Dollet asks, helping Squall to a sitting position.

"What happened?" The SeeD asked, pressing a hand to the small puncture wound on his arm. Needle. Would explain the sound he heard...

"Attack of nerves, mostly. The bitch also wanted you to lose control like when you killed Zell. She can't use you like this." The boy commented, looking briefly up at the door to make sure she wasn't listening.

"Like what?" The prone man asked, shaking away the remaining cobwebs from his head.

"In control. The serum should work for a while. It's the reason you're still you at the moment."

Squall closed his eyes a moment, flashes of the cold desert and the cramped cage flicking through his mind.

"Why didn't you...?"

"When we were in Esthar?" Kaien grinned, helping Squall to his feet. "What makes you so sure I didn't?"

"You tortured me." A pained look crossed the brunette's face as the more painful memories surfaced.

"I tortured the sorceress. We couldn't have you building up a tolerance to the serum too quickly. It'll be five years before he creates a better one." He paused for a moment, looking over the scarred SeeD. "You remember me torturing her?"

Reluctantly, the dark-haired man nodded, cracking his gloved fingers before searching absently for the missing gunblade.

"Call it my own sick twisted fun..." the young man lowered his head before turning to the door.

"She'll be expecting you. She's got news. You have to promise me, whatever you do, let me handle her."


"Promise me. It has to be different this time." His purple eyes flared, sparked with blue and yellow a moment before he blinked, looking at Squall's now artificial blue ones. After careful consideration, the SeeD nodded.

Smiling, Kaien held out his arm towards the door, letting Squall lead the way.

Squall crawled over the man, suckling at the man's nipples causing the older man to arch into the SeeD. With a well-practiced hand, the brunette deftly removed the jeans: practically tearing them off to join the shirts on the floor.

The man beneath the SeeD shivers as Squall takes hold of the now exposed erection, stroking it slowly as he moved his younger body further down the bed.

"Hyne, Squall..." The dark-haired man cried out after a hitched gasp, his hands fisting in the black sheets around them.

Squall smiled as he reached his target, replacing his hand with his mouth in one swift movement, causing the other man to squeal in pleasure as he was swallowed to the hilt by velvet heat.

With his now freed hand, the brunette turned his attention to the puckered opening now within view, the sight of it causing the young man to hum in pleasure as he continued to bob rhythmically.

As the first drops of pre come beaded on his tongue, Squall pulled away from the throbbing organ, removing it from his mouth with a 'pop' sound. He paused for a moment, watching as the man below him writhed in pleasure, before crawling back up his body and straddling his waist.

Green eyes opened from below him, almost glaring at the lack of pressure anywhere on his body when he was silenced by the sudden attack on his mouth by the experienced tongue. Squall moaned, grinding his hips against the man's stomach, knowing his companion could taste himself in his mouth.

While he was distracted, Squall raised himself up as he had many times before, and lowered himself down on the profusely leaking erection, burying it completely within him.

"Hyne, SQUALL!" The pleasured scream sounded out as the man below him thrust up instinctively. Panting heavily, Squall began to move, relishing in the feel of being filled. As he fell back down again, his breath hitched, sparks flying past his eyes as his lover hit his prostate.

Throwing his head back, the brunette began his torturous pace, savouring the feeling as his own manhood began to leak onto the older man's stomach.

A few quick thrusts and the green-eyed man released into Squall, filling the brunette with a familiar warmth, causing the world around him to shrink into one sheet of white. The SeeD screamed when his lover took a hold of his penis, stopping Squall from breathing as the small movement sent him over the edge.

Collapsing down next to the man, Squall began to kiss the man softly, resting his head on the now damp shoulder of his companion.

"I'd forgotten how much killing turned you on." The husky voice croaked as he played idly with Squall's nipples. "It's a shame there isn't anyone else left."

"There could be." Came the reply, the smirk easily heard even in the now pitch-black room. The man cocked his head; curious as to whom his lover could be talking about.

"Kaien Carson. Have you heard of him?"

The dark-haired man shook his head.

"He seems intent on stopping me. You saw how he reacted to Irvine."

The man winced, rubbing at his neck.

"Felt it too..."

"We'll deal with it, Squall. Promise." Green eyes watched in the absence of light as Squall's face cracked into a smile.

"I love you Squall. Forever."

"I love you too, Laguna."

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