Ingredients: Seifer x Squall (starts as shonen-ai may proceed to june or commonly called Yaoi), OOC, AU, WAFF, retarded humor, with a dash of angst. Mix in some sci-fi fantasy themes and totally improbable events, stir well then serve.

Summary: Enter a world where Seifer is an aloof workaholic in need of a maid. When all of his friends get the brilliant idea of getting him one, he flips out on whom they choose!

Author’s Notes: Yaaay~! I’m rather happy the humanoid idea was well received. I was doubtful that anyone would like it ;_; Sorry I took a bit too long to write this chapter. I got major blockage in the brain… still do, argh. Where do I go now? Hmm, hope you like this part. Sentimental will probably only have 5 parts to it. That is… if I don’t get TOO carried away ^-^;;

OH~! I almost forgot, someone wondered where Fuujin and Raijin were. Here they are, in this chapter, along with Rinoa! Damn, this chapter is BIG! I just wanted to get as much as I can into it. Hope you guys don’t mind.

Disclaimer: Oops, forgot to add one. Um, hopefully you know that I don’t own Squaresoft or their characters. If you don’t then... Seifer and Squall REALLY are lovers and they’re living together with 20 cats in a cute little beige cottage with lacey curtains. There, that’s the truth. Well, except for the part about the cottage ^_~

Sentimental Brilliance

Chapter Three

By Julie

tip tap tip tap tip tap tip tap tap tap tip… SMACK

“Must you always work this much?” Squabble complains.

My head smarts. He didn’t have to hit me that hard. Violent little twit.

We’ve been together for a week and two days now. Not really a long time to get to know a person. So far we’ve managed to get along somewhat and pick up on certain mannerisms we each possess. Squabble tends to be stoic and cold to my friends, yet to me he is anything but.

“If I don’t work, I have to hang out with you. Working is by far, the lesser evil compared to you.” I block the stapler he throws at me with a binder.

Truth is, I’m starting to like his company. Ick.

It’s been a week and two days of just being with him. I doubt that I’ll be tired of his presence anytime soon. How sickeningly sweet of me to say.

From the corner of my eye, I can see him “cleaning” my room. He knocks the books off my shelf. Then he goes about scattering crumpled bits of paper he took out of the trash bin.

My friends are coming over in less than an hour. Squall intentionally makes a mess so Quistis will yell at me. Nice of him, huh?  She tends to blame me for the damage Squall causes. In her eyes, he can do no wrong.

“Squabble, you are just pure evil.” I mutter flipping through the data my boss sent me. Squall drops some file folders onto the floor. He hops onto my leather computer chair and spins around in it a few times.

“Ooh, that hurt.” He puts on a sad puppy face. “I shall now fling myself off a one story building… but first, try telling me something I don’t know. I know that I’m pure evil, not from concentrate like you are.”

“Ha hah, very cute Squabble. Am I the evil with 5% juice and no pulp?” I drawl out. He continues to spin in the chair.

“Nah, just 2% juice.” Squall throws me a grin before running out of the room.

He soon returns with a cup of hot jet-black coffee. I shake my head. I hate having drinks and food in my office. It just leads to unwanted stains on important documents.

Squall can mess around with papers and whatnot because I can reorganize things once he leaves the room.

With a hint of disdain, I glare at the cup. I don’t want him to dirty my workroom.

“If you spill it I will use your skin to wipe it up, you hear me?” I warn him. He brushes off my threat with a smile, walking towards me.

“Tsk tsk, you can’t catch bees with vinegar, Seifer.”

“So you want me to butter you up, Squabble?” I raise an eyebrow. Heh, if he was a bee, I’d hardly be scared of his stinger.

“Ew, no.” he makes a face and obliviously steps towards me. Unfortunately, my open suitcase lay before his feet.

“Be carefu…”

It takes a few seconds for him to trip. The cup is thrown into the air. For only a moment the coffee forms a dark halo around him.

I can see him wince as it scalds him slightly. He drops to the floor, the cup just a few inches away from him.

In these few seconds… I’ve seen Squall beyond the cold humanoid exterior. What lies before me is a clumsy, coquettish human who is in pain.

He could be teasing me with the notion that he is hurt. Yet when I look into his eyes, the pain is certainly visible. Should I reach out to him? Let my façade drop?

“Sor.. sorry. I stained your carpet. Guess you’re going to use my pelt to clean it up now, right?” Squall gives me a sad smile. Sitting up beside the dark brown patch, Squall rubs his red skin.

I ignore him and stare with annoyance at the carpet stains.

I know I’m being mean, but I can’t help it. Squall says nothing. Walking out, I go to the kitchen for paper towels.

Soon I return with a bottle of carpet cleaner, three rolls of paper towels, an ice pack, and some aloe cream. I try to clear my eyes of any trace of anger or irritation.

Being pissed off isn’t going to help the situation, Almasy.

His eyes avoid mine. Are you embarrassed? How humanly you are, Squall. I approach and kneel beside him.

“It’s alright. I’m not angry.”

“Yeah right. Besides, who cares.” He grunts out. Clumsiness, sorrow, pain, stubbornness. What a tease you are.

“I care, you dip. Now show me your burns.” I command him. Clutching his arms firmly, I bring him close to me. His eyes still don’t meet mine.

“NO. NOW GET OFF. Why care about me? I provoked you. I stained your carpet. Get back to your work. That matters more to you than me, right?! I’m just the useless humanoid you didn’t want. Back off before I rip you a new ass hole, you hear me?!” he growls, then pushes me away.

“Why did you bring in the coffee?” He’s wearing down my patience.

Squall rubs his eyes before taking a deep breath.

“A…around this time, you usually go into the kitchen for coffee. I brewed some and left it on the counter for you, but you didn’t come out. Then I came into your office to see what kept you from your coffee break. When I saw you were so wrapped up, I decided to loosen you up… and bring you your coffee. I didn’t mean to ruin your carpet.” Squall murmurs.

My eyes grow wide. After she died, people rarely thought of what I liked or wanted. Everyone assumed that I wanted this and needed that.

He quietly watched me for a week and two days. Thoughtfully, he brewed me coffee just the way I like it and left it at the place I usually drink it.

The silence hangs in the air like a thick fog. Slowly, he tilts his head up. Our eyes meet and lock in a mesmerizing sea of colors.

I gently dab and massage his scalded skin with the aloe lotion. It feels so real. Squall winces but soon relaxes. I feel so silly.

I’m putting lotion on a humanoid. The ice pack is placed onto his arm. He lets out a sigh and gives me an apologetic smile.

“Don’t look at me that way.” I frown and then he frowns, “ I’d definitely benefit from another ass hole. Pop me another, Squabble.”

A smile immediately appears on his face.

“Heh, sure. Big or small?” He laughs. I gingerly touch his arm; he draws in a breath. A tint burns his pale cheeks. Is that what I think it is?


Damn, are they here already?

“OWWWWWWWW! HEY, that HURTS!” a familiar, squawky voice hollers.

“Quiet down, Dincht. Walking hurts you? What do you want me do to? Carry you?” Quistis sighs.

“Nah, I can do it. I’m a big boy.” More like a big idiot. I can just picture the stupid grin he has plastered on his face.

thud thud thud STOMP CRASH…

How clumsy can that dumbass be? I hear chairs falling down and an angry Quistis smacking her “dorkus supremeus.”

The coffee stain can wait. Squall and I leave the office to greet them. Well, sorta. If I don’t come out, they’ll be forced to hunt me down.

“Sup, Seifer!” Zell waves to us from the floor. He grins at Squall. “What’s with the long face? Seifer beat you again with the massive stick hanging outta his ass?!”

Squall scowls and then turns around to avoid him.

“Don’t be obnoxious, Dincht!” Quistis snaps, then turns on her motherly care full blast. “What’s wrong, Squall?”

He spares her a quick glance. A hint of mirth flits in his snow blue eyes.

“Lucky,” Zell mopes, looking at Squall as he walks towards his usual spot. “He gave you a friendly look today.”

Quistis just shrugs. She views the dirty kitchen with slight irritation. Last night, Squall dirtied my kitchen with glee.

Zell, the official Chicken stupid, waddles over to the couch and tries converse with Squall. He’s been trying to spark a hint of warmth from Squall instead of the usual cold shoulder. My humanoid continues to ignore Zell.

I try to cover my steadily growing smile with my coffee mug. Don’t want Squabble to see me pleased with him.

“Hm, you’re smiling aren’t you?” Quistis looks at me.

“So what if I am?” My eyes narrow. “I’m allowed to smile.”

“Yes, you are entitled to such but what are you smiling at? Squall, right?”

I roll my eyes, then feign boredom.

“Me? Smile at that pesky humanoid? I’m merely smiling at Zell’s usual display of stupidity, one of life’s pleasures.”

“Stop lying and admit it. You were smiling at Squall.” She looks determined.

“Tch, you’re wrong. I was smiling at what Squall was doing.” There I came out clean… somewhat. Quistis shakes her head at the comment.

“Stop acting impassive. It’s getting you no where. When you first got Squall, you claimed that you wanted nothing to do with him. Yet each visit I noticed that you are quickly softening up to him.” She mutters, waving a soapy gloved finger at me.

“QUISTIS!” Zell yelped. “Squall’s being mean!”

“That’s because you’re being annoying, Zell. Don’t think for one minute that I can’t hear you over the din of the dishwasher. Leave Squall alone. Interrupt me again and you’ll be sleeping on the floor for weeks.” Quistis growls.

As I said, Squall can do no wrong.

In the background, I hear Squabble’s soft snickering. He turns his gaze to me. His eyes sparkle with an emotion lost to me. What the hell do they put in his eye fluids to make they glitter so?! The warmth of it drags me in helplessly.

Need to search for a distraction. Need to avoid his gaze. Arbitrarily, I mutter some lame ass excuse.

“I’m going out to get some groceries.” I grab my coat and run to the door. Quistis narrows her eyes at me, muttering about my cowardice and crappy excuse.

“Can I come too?”

“No, chicken wuss, you cannot come with me.” I smack him. There’s no way I’d let that big-mouthed invalid follow me.

“I’m going with you, no matter what you say.”

Squabble stands near me. He tightly clutches my coat. Angrily, I try to tug it out of his hands.

“Get. Off. Squabble.” I grit out, giving him an evil eye. He shrugs it off and glares right back.

“No.” Squabble grips onto my coat and nearly tears it out of my grasp.

“You’re going to rip it, Squabble. Don’t make me swat you, pest.” I grumble. Halfheartedly, I smack his head. Why do they give humanoids such soft and nice hair?! Where did THAT thought come from?!

“No. What part of NO, do you not understand, Almasy?!” He growls at me, baring is fangs like some stubborn puppy. Humanoids are equipped with fangs too? What the hell?

“The N. Or was it the O? I think it’s both parts, now off with you.”

Finally, too frustrated with my refusal to let him go with me, Squabble walks away dejectedly. My coat is pulled out of my reach. It drops to the floor with a defeated flop. Silently, I bend down to retrieve my coat.

Letting out a soft sigh, I turn around to touch the doorknob. Suddenly, Squabble whips around with an evil grin and tackles me. He latches onto me like a rabid koala.

“Thought I gave up, eh? Well think again, bastard!” Squabble snickers, messily ruffling my hair. We topple over in a mess of arms and legs. “Say uncle!”

“… urrrgh, uncle. Fine, you brat. You can come.” I mutter. A triumphant grin shines upon his generally stoic face.

Zell glares at us from the corner. Squabble soon gets off of me. I miss that warm presence on top of me… GODS, what the hell am I thinking?! Quit being remotely hormonal, Almasy.

“HEY! Why does HE get to go with you!?” Zell whines.

“I prefer to be seen with intelligent life forms. If I wanted something vacuous, I’d bring a sponge. Please do us all a favor and go sit in the corner to throw your hissy fit, princess. Be back in a few, Quistis.” I smile evilly at the sulking dorkwad and walk out with victoriously grinning Squabble in tow. Quistis shakes her head but gives me a smile.

As I’m closing the door, random obscenities are being thrown at me. How eloquent of you Zell.

We walk in silence for a bit. Squabble tries to follow my long strides. My legs are a bit longer than his are.

“Being an unemotional jerk isn’t very nice. Then again, being nice is one of your virtues.” He murmurs.

“What are you babbling about? One moment you’re grinning like a madman, the next you’re acting like a scorned woman. What’s wrong with you, Squabble?” I nervously run a hand through my messy bangs. They need to be cut.

“Nothing’s wrong with me. Something’s wrong with you though. You got all jumpy and tried to leave… just because I looked at you?”

“You gave me one of those disgusting sappy warm looks for no apparent reason. Of course I would opt to look away.”

“I did NOT give you such a look!” he growls, poking my back angrily. It tickles. We should both stop denying things. If we do what would happen to our relationship? I pray that we never reach that point.

He’s just a robot. Well, part of one. What’s the other half? Human?

“You di…” This is going nowhere, “listen let’s stop arguing like little kids and go get the frigging groceries, okay?”

“Fine with me.” He crosses his arms, then pouts.

I haven’t brought him out too often. We usually stay indoors. Squabble tends to look out the window whenever I don’t argue with him. He claimed to be alive once. I don’t believe him.

If you see how he gawks at his surroundings, you’d doubt that he has lived before too. Cars, skyscrapers, or anything else in a huge metropolis would surprise no normal human. Yet look whom I’m referring to… Squabble the humanoid. He’s a far cry from being normal.

Squabble walks for a bit, stops for a bit, then resumes walking again.

“Just what are you doing?” I ask him.

“Trying to get my shoes as dirty as possible so I can make your plush white carpet a lovely shade of brown.” he grins. “What do you think I’m doing?”

“…” I shake my head. Maybe I could push him into a busy street. Or sell him to a shady sex fiend shop.

“Hey, where are you going?” Squabble drags my coat, pulling me closer to him.

“Let go of me, Squabble.” I scowl. How dare he interrupt my devious plans of his downfall! Squabble pushes me through one of those automatic opening doors, found mainly as supermarket entrances.

“We’re at the place you usually buy groceries, stupid.”

“Oh.” Great, I was so wrapped up in my thoughts that I really didn’t notice my surroundings. Am I really becoming that stupid? Must be from seeing Squabble and Zell too much. This brings up another question…“How did you know this was the place I buy from?”

“Easy, for I… am a genius.” Putting a hand over where his heart would exist, “I happened to observe what name’s on the plastic bags that sit in your cabinet. The name matches the supermarket, where you buy your groceries!”

“Tch, that means nothing. I might have the bags in my house, but they could have been brought in by other people.” I say while pushing a cart on the side into the store.

“Hm, yeah I guess but I DID see you carry in a bag one day with the store’s logo on it on more than one occasion.” He hops onto the side on the cart nearly tipping it over. I grab him before he falls.

“Why are we discussing something so stupid…” I let go of his shirt. Why is he so clumsy when we’re alone? He acts so serious around everyone else. “Be careful, stop fooling around, Squabble.”

“This topic’s not stupid. I’m trying to um, yeah maybe it is a little inane.” Squabble fidgets with his sleeves. “I’m not fooling around. I’m just testing your patience.”

I ruffle his hair.

“Keep up the good work and I’ll throw you into the nearest trash compactor.”

“Sure you will.”

“Yep, and when you come out of it you’ll make quite a fancy paper weight.” I smile. He makes a squnchy little face as his nose wrinkles. I laugh while dodging his punch. Soon he hits me again, this time with a mop from a near by display. “Ow! What the hell?!”

Squabble snickers evilly, smacking my butt with the mop. Damn that little robomonkey. I’ll get him… quickly I snatch a mop and abandon the shopping cart.

“Hah! Touché.” He smacks my butt again, then aims for my head. Before I can parry the blow and hit him, Squabble hops onto the shopping cart and goes flying across the aisles. My eyes narrow as I chase after the delinquent.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not pissed… but I’m sure as hell loving every moment of this. We fight in a mock swordplay with the mops.

I wonder which of my friends installed this skillful swordsmanship into him? Or was it carried over from his so-called previous existence as a real boy.

The voice on the loudspeaker announces every aisle that we storm through needs a clean up. We make quite a mess fighting. I have a feeling she’s going to come a kick my ass. I’ve got about five minutes before she comes to heave Squabble and me out of the store.

Eeep… I feel her chilly presence behind me already…


Oh crap. She’s here already.

“Hm?” Squabble hops of the shopping cart he’s been using as a battering ram.

“Heh… um, hey Fuujin! How’s it going? Long time no see…” Never has anyone really made me as nervous as she does. I adore her though. We’ve been friends for the longest time.

“MESS! CLEAN! NOW!” her eyes narrow at me. She doesn’t need to point or even make me notice the mess Squabble and I made. The cans of meat by-product and bags of frozen food lay sprawled on the floor like corpses and causalities of our battle.

Like a jittery cadet in front of his noble, veteran captain… I make a mad dash to clean the place up.

“Wow, who’s she?” Squabble tips over the display I set up again. I flick my finger at his forehead.

“Leave me alone or clean. Those are your options.”

“Thanks for skirting the topic.” He mutters as he rubs his forehead.

“WORK.” Fuujin growled at Squabble. His shoulders tense. I foresee a verbal brawl between these two.

Yet what I predict, doesn’t occur.

Instead, the robotic deviant does what he’s told and cleans. That is, till he wonders off to the next few aisles. When he’s out of my sight, who knows what he does? Probably making more of a mess to piss Fuujin off. Smart, humanoid… he avoided conflict with her.


“I’m feeling peachy and rather outta shape. My body doesn’t handle exercise like it used to, due to my butt-growing, paper pushing job.” I laugh. The peas are quickly restocked onto the shelf.


“I missed you, sorry I haven’t really been around.” She doesn’t usually say much, but her one eye, that’s not covered with the eye-patch, says it all. Cliché, but true.


“I’m happy that you’re happy.” She gives me a smile. “Geez, that sounded awkward. Must be coming from the stupidity that’s been munching on me since that humanoid arrived.”


“Yeah, that guy that helped make this mess is really a humanoid. The gang got it for me recently as their usual lame ass attempt to cheer me up.”


“A little… Fuck it, I miss her very much. I…” The words lump down my throat like half-chewed food. I lower my gaze to the chipped, pink tiled floor.

A hand is placed on my head. It lowers to my back and starts to move in a circular motion. It’s an endearing gesture and reminds me of the times my late beloved used to soothe me the same way.

I stand there silently bowing my head. There is never a need for words between us, only the silence of solace and the dull drone of a supermarket during its afternoon hours.

It seems silence can be held for a little only to be shatter by something irritating, enter Squabble. His fluffy brown head peers through a rather large display of laundry detergent. A frown that deepens into scowl sets onto his face. Is he jealous?

“Tee hee hee! Come baaack here pretty pretty boy!” a girly voice that makes Selphie and even Zell sound less giddy and hyper than what they are. Now that’s damn hard to do, I never want to see such a person. Judging from the proximity of the voice, I’ll bet she’ll be tromping over soon.

“…” My humanoid drags himself from behind the colorful boxes. The voice grows louder. Damn it.

“Eeeeeeh! How strong you are! Wait! That must mean I’m faaaat and heavy! Do you think I’m faaaat and heavy, do you?! Waaaah!”

“…” The owner of the voice soon appears from behind the display too. Her arms and body are clutching tightly onto Squabble.

“Oooooh! You’re handsome too!” the petite little squeaky monster ogles at me. Squabble gives me a wary look.

“Pardon me, but you have taken hold of my property.” She looks familiar. Quickly, my mind makes a mad dash to figure it out.

“Wooooow… you seem smart too! Daddy and the director lady say I’m not so smart but I’m prrreetty!” she giggles. Wait, I’ve seen her somewhere. She’s one of the world’s most adored idol singers, Rinoa Heartilly. The shrill voice strikes a cord of fear in me.

“RETURN HIM.” Fuujin wastes no time.

“Whoooo? Him?” Rinoa smiles cutely. Ugh. Then turns to point at the humanoid. “Why? He’s pretty and so am I! It’s a good pair.”

“NOW.” My dearest Fuujin sends a deadly glare at the petite idol.

I can see this cushy idol as a rat in a maze. Sure, it’ll run into pitfalls here and there, well in her case probably most of the time. Sooner or later, it’ll learn… that is when the onset of pain is introduced.

She shrinks under Fuujin’s gaze.

“Eeep!” She lets go reluctantly. “I’m telling on you!”

Rinoa scampers off after sticking her tongue at us. Squabble lets out a sigh, smiling at his savior Fuujin. She shrugs then points to the mess.


Obediently, he kneels to the floor and gathers up the remaining cans and bags. I should have Fuujin teach him how to be more reliable and less clumsy.

“Thanks Fuu.” I smile. Squabble averts his eyes. “Where’s Raijin?”


“Thanks for being specific, Fuu. Is he still at the arcade?”

She shakes her head.


“Great. Sure he gets a kick out of that. Probably sees himself as some secret agent man.” We both laugh. I can feel Squabble fuming silently. Stop the emotional overflow.

His arms are full of cans. He tries to stand up, only to fall on his back and drop the cans. With a flushed face, he crawls over to the next few aisles to retrieve them.

You would think I would have learned my lesson. The first time he wandered off, he returned with an annoying bundle of cutesy-ness hanging off his arms. What would happen the next time that he returned?

I’m reading way too much into this. Ignoring the onslaught of this foreboding feeling, I walk with Fuujin towards her cashier station to continue reminiscing about our past.

As we pass the frozen foods section, I bump into someone. The person dropped his briefcase and a peculiar looking cell phone.

“Ex… excuse me.” He muttered.

“No, excuse me. I was the one who knocked you over.” I offer politely to pick up all his items. He lets me grab his leather case and the few papers that fell out. Before I can reach for his phone, he quickly snatched it away.

Nervously, he flipped the top of the phone and revealed a blue screen.

“Thank you, sir.” He smiled warmly,closing the device. “Have you seen a burly man named Raijin? I have heard that he stops here frequently.”

The man was old and judging from the lab coat, he was probably a doctor of some sort. Fuujin nods.

“YOUR BODYGUARD?” she asks. I guess she’s heard about Raijin’s clients. I wouldn’t doubt it. The guy had a big mouth.

“Why yes. Is he around? I paged him a while ago. I need to have him here now, I have a urgent matter to deal with.”

“Pardon my intrusion, sir but are you in danger?” I laugh internally at my question. It sounds immensely dumb. It seems that I have been around Zell too much.

The man gives yet another warm smile.

“No, no I’m alright. I just need the fellow’s strength to help me obtain and lift something precious to me.”

“Oh, alright. I’m not sure where Raijin would be right now but…”

“SEIFER, Look Fuu it’s SEIFER y’know!” Speak of the devil.

Fuu rolls her eyes. Raijin’s client smiles at the big lug.

“Sorry ta keep yah waiting Doctor Kramer, there was traffic y’know.” He sheepishly rubs his head. The doctor’s eyes show understanding.

“It is fine, we are most certainly on schedule. I have found what I am looking for. Have you brought the supplies I gave you?” The so-called Dr. Kramer asked Raijin. The latter nodded at opened his fist to reveal a case that contained a small pistol with a needlepoint end.

Fuujin tugged on my arm to tell me this was none of our business. I was just about to agree, until I saw the name on the box… Model A117 Paradox Bleu from L & L Lab Corporations. That is Squall’s model number and name.

She dragged me outside. I allowed myself to be brought there. I blatantly ignored the evil gut-wrenching feeling in my stomach.

“CIGARETTES?” A pack was offered to me. My eyes stared off into the space. Was he in danger? Certainly he could try to fight the doctor off, but with Raijin, that’d be a different story. Brawn may not be everything, but speed and wits can only take you so far before you get clobbered. Damn, what AM I thinking?!

Who the hell would want the dysfunctional brat anyway? I turn my attentions back to Fuujin. She sighs.


“No really.”


“Unfortunately.” My thoughts are being occupied by him more and more.

I take a clove out and light it. This’ll soothe me for a bit.

Ah, been a long time since I’ve had one. Squall decided to flush out the packs I had down the toilet. That earned brownie points with Quistis.

We lean against the window ledge, when Fuujin suggests we sit on the benches. Sounds agreeable. When have I lounged like this? Before we reach the seats, a voice from the speakers hanging above us blares out loud.

“Warning, there is an active virus in the store. Warning, there is an active virus in the store… Stay where you are, It shall be contained soon. Stay where you are, It shall be contained soon.” It admonishes the customers and staff.

“Fuujin, what’s going on?” I grumble. The cigarette falls out of my hand. My eyes narrow. No, please tell me I’m seeing things.

Seconds to minutes fly by and the doors slam open. Crowds of people gather together inside the building. My eyes ignore them all. All I see is a limp body sagging in Raijin’s arms. Dr. Kramer follows closely behind, smiling ravenously.

“Thank you for remaining calm during the crisis. Staff will soon assist in a brief and safe evacuation process.”

I stay frozen and only start to thaw when herds of people and staff go charging through the open doors. It’s like a nightmare set in slow motion.

One moment, I’m dreaming pleasantly, having sword fights with my Squabble. The next, I see a lifeless, almost frozen shard of what appears to be Squall. What have I done… what have I NOT done?!

Virus. Squall. Virus. Squabble. How the fuck does this all connect? Finally regaining all my senses, I angrily push through the crowd.

A black Lincoln Townscar pulls up in front of Dr. Kramer. Raijin opens the door and slips my humanoid in. I don’t give a damn about this virus shit I want him back.

A policeman stops me from approaching them.

“Sir, for your own safety… don’t go near the specimen.”

“… Fuck off, he’s mine.” I growl. The door slams, I see and hear the car pull away. No… goddamn it NO!

“Sir, back away now or…”

“What?! You’ll fucking arrest me? Good, go right ahead…”

“STOP.” Fuujin pulls me away. She gives me a good punch to the gut.

“Fu…Fuu, please… go away.” I mutter miserably. The policeman growls at me but then turns his attentions to the frantic crowd of people. “I made a fucking stupid mistake and now he’s gone. How and WHY the hell did this happen?! I… I gotta call Quistis and Selphie…”

Fuujin hands me her phone. Shaking and on the brink of tears, I call them. Why the fuck am I crying… he meant nothing to me right?

Keep telling yourself that, Almasy.

~ To be continued ~

Raruku-chan complains: Dude, what a LONG BIG BUTTAGE chapter. Sixteen pages, where the other ones barely hit ten. Sheesh, wow. I think it got sucky towards the end. It really took up lots of my time, but hell… I wanted to end it on this cliffhanger-y, hokey note, where Squall gets abducted. Now in the next chapter, you’ll find out WHY Dr. Kramer wants Squall and the 411 about the “virus” or more like deadly bacterial colony of beasts in… nevermind, I was just about to babble yet again. Anyway, complaints and whatnot are excepted! Go for it ppl!

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