Soul of a Sinner

Chapter 8 - Happily ever after and a bit of kinky sex

By Redrum

Running a hand through his wet hair, Squall sighed. Sometimes, he really hated his job. He smelled bad, since he spent almost the whole day washing varies animals to prepare them to go home. But the shelter wasn't always that busy. Actually, it was a good thing when it was busy; it meant more animals would get a home.

Only a year ago, Squall had started up his own business. Saving the animals that other shelters were going to put down due to lack of room, and caring for them himself. The Angel Shelter, he never should have let Seifer help in naming it, was doing surprisingly good for a new business. Maybe it was because of his bond with animals in general, but Squall was able to calm down and easily train the animals, making them more appealing to wanna-be owners. He had a crew of only four people, but they were all efficient workers, and often took the dogs and sometimes cats, out for walks. Hell, one of them was caring enough to take the hamsters for walks.

So, Squall, no matter how dirty, smelly, or tired he was, was still happy to have found so many animals good homes. His powers also helped him in the job, since he was able to clean a hell of a lot faster, and he was also able to sense the kind of person someone was as soon as they walked in. If he sensed that the owner had a bad temper or was prone to violence, Squall refused to give any of his animals away. So it all worked out in the end, and everyone was happy to be going home to a good family.

Sighing again, Squall smiled softly at remembering when Seifer had tried to work for him. It hadn't gone to well... the dogs seemed to have a thing for Seifer, and even the ones that were neutered could often be seen humping him, even with Squall's powers telling them to stop. It was definitely an amusing sight.

Smile growing at the thought of his boyfriend/roommate of three years, Squall continued his trek up the driveway leading to their house. It was of medium size, comfortably fitting the two grown men. The outer walls were painted a dark blue, and it even had a flat roof, per Seifer's request, which had cost more then either of them would have liked. The house was two stories, not counting the basement where Seifer's study was. Squall didn't even know why Seifer kept referring to the basement as 'his study,' since Seifer wrote just about anywhere. Although, considering the computer (to this day, Squall had yet to figure out how the concept of the internet worked) was down there, and he had to write his manuscripts on it, then it did kind of make sense.

Pushing the key into the lock, Squall opened the door and hung up his soaking wet, navy blue duster on the coat hanger and toed off his black leather army boots, carefully placing them in the white tray there. Picking up Seifer's dark red sneakers and putting them into the tray beside his own, much cleaner (considering he did work with animals) pair. Shaking his head, Squall called out a greeting, but receiving no reply; he headed down the hall and started down the stairs quietly.

Reaching the banister that out looked the entire basement, Squall smiled at the sight of Seifer bent over at the cherry colored, oak wood desk, tapping away at the sleek black keyboard. "You're not writing another scene with your main character fucking a guy with wings are you? Don't you ever get tired of writing the whole Fallen Angel series? You already have ten books in it." He grinned when Seifer jumped and the continuous tapping stopped as Seifer looked up at him in surprise, obviously, he hadn't expected Squall to be home so early. He stepped down the last remaining stairs and moved to stand in front of the wooden pillar holding up the platform connecting the stairs leading down from the doorway, and the ones heading right.

Upon recognizing his boyfriend, Seifer smiled warmly. “Can you blame me?” He murmured, standing up and stretching, “There’s just so much you can do with that story.” Walking over to Squall with a predatory smile on his face, he added, “and if you're going to complain about the sex scenes, you only have yourself to blame. You are very…inspiring, when you want to be.”

Finally having closed the gap between them, Seifer slipped his arms around Squall’s waist and pulled him in for a deep kiss. Pulling back, he smirked down at Squall, brushed some of the wet hair out of his eyes and murmured, “how was your day sweetheart?” He knew Squall never liked the name, but through the years, much to his boyfriend's chagrin, it had persisted. He put up with it well enough though.

He hadn’t expected Squall home this early and was glad he’d decided to set up for the evening he planed for them before he started writing; it had taken him a while to prepare the food and spread out the white and red rose petals. He’d had everything planned for a few weeks now; he’d just been waiting on the first thunderstorm of the season. Okay, so he was a romantic, so what? Squall just had that effect on him.

Rolling his eyes at the endearment, Squall replied, "very busy. A lot of animals got homes today though," he continued with a small smile. Seifer returned the smile, knowing how much Squall cared about the animals in his care and how he worried that some would never find homes. "I really need a shower, I smell like a wet dog, literally." Squall said, looking down at his white, long sleeve, button up shirt, now stuck to his slim frame, and his damp, dark blue jeans now sticking to his legs unpleasantly from the downpour outside.

Seifer chuckled at Squall's statement. He was very tempted to 'distract' Squall as they'd done before so many times, but he had plans for him. "If you insist," he murmured, swiping his tongue over the junction of Squall's neck, but pulling away before he could make a joke about not wanting 'that kind' of bath just yet.

Seifer plucked a dark blue towel from the coat rack, which he'd moved there just for this possibility, and handed it to Squall. "Just meet me in the bedroom once you’re done. I have something I want to ask you."

Frowning in confusion, Squall turned to head back up the stairs, mock-scowling back at Seifer when he smacked him on the ass. Smirking as he wiggled it more then he needed to while walking up the stairs, Squall went to the bathroom located near the basement door and shed his clothes before pressing a button on the very high tech (Seifer seemed determined to spend his money frivolously. Squall didn't deny him the indulgence though. Seifer made enough from all his books to buy just about anything he wanted. Including the very high tech computer downstairs) shower, he stepped in and was met with warm jets of water, exactly how he liked it.

After washing his hair with his favorite strawberry conditioner, Squall sprouted his wings (everything in the house was big enough for him to walk comfortably through with his wings folded behind him, since he often liked to just walk around with his wings out, and Seifer liked it too. With them living out near the outskirts of town, their closest neighbor was a few miles away, so Squall was able to walk around freely without endangering his secret) and washed them too.

Using the non-smelling soap that was for very sensitive scalps, he massaged the feathers in the sudsy liquid, trying not to pant at the very pleasant feeling of his wings been rubbed, even if it was by himself. Blushing at the small flashback from when Seifer had encouraged him to masturbate in front of him, Squall pushed the image aside and rinsed the soap off his wings, leaving them shiny and silky. Even to this day, the feather's tips were dusted in what looked like fine gold powder. It was obviously a permanent affect of using his full powers to heal Seifer, but it did make it look nicer, if he did say so himself.

Grinning, Squall pushed the button again, stopping the steady stream and stepped out of the cubicle. Drying himself off with the thick towel Seifer had given him, he tossed it into the hamper and grabbed the navy blue velvet bathrobe (a gift from Seifer during their first anniversary. He had it custom made so that the back dipped down until it reached just underneath the wings jutting out from his shoulder blades. The wings, when folded behind him, covered the small amount of bare flesh, so it easily minimized the chill that normally would have occurred if he'd wore it while his wings were retracted) he pulled it on, lifting his wings to make it easier to pull over his shoulders, before folding them back down again. The tips no longer grazed the ground, since he'd grown an inch or two since he first landed on this Earth; instead they rested just above his ankles.

Tying the velvet slash to close the robe, Squall padded out of the bathroom, breathing a sigh of relief when he reached the plush dark green carpet of the hallway. The bathroom was a black and white marble, very cold on the feet. Running a hand through his damp hair, making it more tousled then it had been, Squall sighed and headed up the stairs. Walking down the same hunter green carpet, Squall paused before hesitantly pushing the door open. His first thought was, 'where did Seifer get all those candles?'

Seifer, upon entering the bedroom, started to light the candles as he waited for Squall; he never took long when he showered. Seifer had lined the bedroom with candles, set at a safe distance of course, and sprinkled the large four poster bed and hunter green carpet with red and white rose petals. The dinner he'd prepared was under a tray cover on a cart by the bed, one ring was on his finger, and the other, meant for Squall, was in the pocket of his lose black kakis.

He didn't have to wait long for Squall to enter, with his wings out as usual, and once he had entered he gave him a moment to look around before whistling softly to get his attention and pushing him back against the door he'd just entered for a deep kiss.

Pulling back from the kiss, he smiled warmly at his boyfriend and ran his hands down Squall's velvet covered arms (enjoying the smoothness that could only be compared to the brunet's own flesh) until their fingers were intertwined. "Hey Squall," he murmured softly.

Smiling, Squall let his head tilt back against the smooth door, looking up into jade green eyes. "That's a nice welcome," Seifer smiled and tightened his grip around his hands, pulling him further into the candle lit room before turning and gently nudging Squall to sit on the bed. Following the silent order, the angel followed the other's movement with his eyes, watching him pull the silver cart closer to the bed and taking the lid off, revealing... what, he didn't know, since he couldn't see clearly through the dark.

Getting slightly nervous, Squall wondered if he'd forgotten their anniversary... or Seifer's birthday? No, that was in December. So what was going on? Used to asking questions by now, even when he did end up getting laughed at for his more naive questions, Squall asked, "what’s going on Seifer?"

Seifer just smiled mysteriously and said, "you’ll see. Eat first." With that, he sat down beside Squall and slipped an arm around his waist. "I made chocolate fondue," he explained moving one of the candles to the cart so Squall could see it better. There were lots of thing set up to be skewered and dipped in chocolate; sweet breads, soft nuts, and a variety of fruits (strawberries being the most numerous). Skewering one of the strawberries and dipping it in the chocolate, Seifer let it cool and then brought it to Squall's lips. "You must be hungry after that long day."

"Mmmhmm," Squall agreed, licking his lips. Seifer chuckled and held the fruit steady. Wrapping his lips around the warm fruit, Squall sucked the chocolate off first, backed off slightly to lick the chocolate from his lips before returning and sucking the strawberry off the stick. Closing his eyes, he happily munched on the plump strawberry, not even noticing Seifer's lust filled gaze

When Squall opening his eye, Seifer handed him his own Skewer and absentmindedly/on purpose, ran his free hand down Squall's wings again and again; knowing the effect it had on Squall. "Go on," Seifer urged doing an excellent job of acting perfectly calm, "eat." He punctuated the last word by skewering another strawberry and dipping it in the chocolate.

Moaning softly when the fingers gently ran through his feathers, and kept doing so, Squall skewered one of the sweet breads and popped it into his mouth. He chewed quickly, trying not to squirm and moan when Seifer moved his hand further up the wing, softly petting across the ridge protruding from between his shoulder blades. Damn it... the blonde *knew* what he was doing.

"Something wrong Squall?" Seifer murmured, leaning forward to nibble on Squall's ear. He chuckled softly as he watched Squall try to ignore the effects someone touching his wings had on him. After leaning forward for a lengthy kiss, Seifer withdrew and had mercy on Squall by returning his hand to his waist. "You know," he said softly as a bolt of lighting and a roar of thunder ripped through the sky, "there's something I've been meaning to ask you for a few weeks now."

Jumping slightly at the sudden noise, Squall leaned into the other man and laid his head down on one broad shoulder. Turning slightly so he could wrap his arms around the man's waist, Squall sighed and ebony feathers shivered when Seifer's breath ghosted over them after he laid his cheek on top of Squall's head, facing the large window and watching the beginning of the storm outside.

'Why is he so tense?' Squall thought to himself, unfolding his wings to press Seifer closer to him, hoping to make whatever he wanted to say easier. "Ask then," he finally whispered, the statement barely being heard over the loud crack of thunder.

Seifer leaned into Squall's embrace, his nerves easing somewhat. With another flash of lightning, he decided that now was a good time as any to ask. With a sigh, Seifer hugged Squall closer to him before pulling away enough to retrieve the ring, identical to the one on his own left hand, from his pocket. Then he took Squall's left hand in his and kissed him deeply as he slid the ring on. It was a brilliant blue stone, whose pattern looked very much like that of an ocean squall, set in a platinum band. Pulling back, Seifer rested his forehead against Squall's and whispered, "will you marry me Squall?"

Squall frowned at the feeling of the cool band being slipped over his fingers. Why was Seifer giving him a ring? Looking, somewhat cross-eyed at Seifer's closed lids, Squall replied, "Okay." He yelped in surprise when Seifer pulled him in for a hard kiss and pushed him down on the bed. Well... that was quick. But... "What does 'marry' mean?"

Seifer chuckled softly at Squall's familiar ignorance of human customs, but he'd become very accustomed to such seemingly odd questions over the years. Hovering over the angel and meeting his gaze steadily. Seifer replied, "it means to spend the rest of your life with someone and to love them forever." He linked his left hand with Squall's again and brought them up so he could see their matching rings. "Rings are generally worn to show the bond between the two people. And traditionally there’s a ceremony where you declare your love for each other. And then a vacation after that called a honeymoon." Seifer smiled down at his boyfriend and started caressing the side of his face. "So, now that you know what it means; will you marry me?"

Squall sighed and leaned into the touch, "in other words, it's another silly human tradition. You already know I'll spend the rest of my life with you, even when you grow tired of me," he added with a smirk that could rival Seifer Almasy's infamous smirk. "But, I assume you want me to participate in said silly tradition, so yes, I will 'marry' you." He said, looking up into amused jade green eyes.

Seifer smiled and leaned down to kiss Squall deeply. "Good," he murmured pulling back and smiling at Squall again. "And just because I know it will come up later: after we're married, we'll be husbands to each other; not boyfriends." That said, Seifer proceeded to leave a trial of kisses over Squall's neck and murmured, "I love you Squall."

Smiling at Seifer's ability to predict him, Squall whispered his sentiments back, once against the quiet words were almost lost in the crack of thunder. It looked like it was going to be really bad tonight. Wait a.. Squall snorted silently. Seifer had obviously been planning this for quite some time, and the romantic sap decided to ask Squall to marry him at the first thunderstorm of the season, to remind them both of the first time that Squall had opened up completely with him and the first time they truly bonded over a shared passion.

Smiling, Squall looked down at the human that had saved him from a life of eternal loneliness. Really, could he ever pay him back for that? He'd probably have to work it off for the rest of his life... the brunet grinned at the thought.

Entwining his fingers in Seifer's long blonde strands, Squall spread his wings on the bed, making it more comfortable to lie on.  Spreading his thighs to allow Seifer to rest comfortably between the junction, Squall sighed at the pleasant sensations the other was invoking on his nipples.  Really, the man had a thing for his nipples.  Maybe he liked the taste of it?  Squall pondered the thought.

When a year had passed, he had finally gotten over the whole disgust thing with his own body and the things Seifer was doing to him.  It took him at least six more months before he worked up the nerve to suck Seifer off (to use his boyfriend, okay, *husband's* favorite vulgar phrase).  He actually found it surprisingly pleasant after the first few times were over.  At first, he'd hated it.  But after doing it a few times, he found it to not be so bad.  The taste was bitter, but he found that if he just focused on the other man's moans, he easily forgot the taste and was able to suck the penis (after two years he still refused to say 'cock' like Seifer used) with ease.  He'd even managed to acquire the ability to 'deep-throat,' something that Seifer had never managed to master.  Though the blonde often praised him for being able to do it.  And quite nicely too.

Seifer slowly spread Squall's robes fully apart and began mapping out his torso with his mouth while his hands threaded themselves along Squall's wings.  Not having any wings himself, it had always fascinated him how sensitive Squall's were, and how soft.  Seifer had worked at a bird sanctuary as a young teenager and had handled many birds, but nothing he'd ever felt of feathers compared to Squall's wings.  They were like silk.

Moaning loudly when Seifer's fingers deftly ran through the long feathers, Squall gripped harder on the thick strands.  "I'm going to come very quickly if you don't stop doing *that!*"  He half groaned and yelled, arching his back to try to get more of Seifer's mouth on him, while also trying to get away from the hands touching his wings.

Seifer grinned, but relented and moved his hands, instead, to caress Squall's thighs and lower abdomen as he continued working his was down his torso.  He pulled away just for a second, prompting a frustrated cry from Squall, to grab the lube from their nightstand and, after coating his fingers, began to work his way very slowly into Squall's entrance.  As much as he liked thoroughly fucking Squall into the mattress (after the first time, things had been much easier for Squall in that department), he loved going slow to the point of insanity just to hear him scream.

Growling and really not in the mood to get teased, Squall quickly switched their positions on the large bed, pinning Seifer down.  Grabbing the lube (strawberry scented, per Squall's request) he coated two of his fingers and wiggling around slightly, while keeping his hold on the man beneath him, Squall stretched himself quickly.  Knowing he was ready, he took the fingers away and spread his hands down on Seifer's chest.

Leaning up, he slowly sank down over the man's erection.  Biting his lip at the slight sting, he waited a few moments before he deemed himself ready and started thrusting.  His large wings helping him stay up right and allowed him to get stronger thrusts from his awkward position, with his lower back resting against Seifer's raised knees and his legs curled and thighs clenched beside him on either side of his husband's waist.  He moaned when the man beneath him finally got his bearings back and gripped his hips with one hand, helping him to thrust, while his other one teased Squall's member.

They thrust against each other with abandoned fever for several minutes before they both came, near simultaneously; they're screams of passion drowned out by a loud thunderclap.

Squall sank down onto Seifer's chest, sweaty, sated, and blissfully exhausted; wings still spread out, covering both his husband's and his naked bodies almost entirely. Both were breathless and their limbs were hopelessly intertwined as the afterglow set in. "I love you, Squall." Seifer breathed, with a smile, wrapping his arms tightly around Squall's waist, pulling him closer.

Squall smiled and tilted his head to meet Seifer's down turned face, pressing his lips against the other's leisurely, both still tired from their earlier actions. Pulling back, Squall looked into jade green eyes, full of love and completely sated. "I love you too, always will," he added with a small smile, thinking of their very long future together.

Getting more comfortable, he rolled off of Seifer, who followed his movements by curling his body around him from the back, spooning him (Squall never really did understand the term, considering there was nothing cold, metal, or hard about it). Not yet comfortable, Squall retracted his wings so Seifer could hold him more closely. Wincing at the small pain, Squall snuggled back into the embrace, loving the complete skin to skin contact.

Looking out the large window at the beautiful storm that had started all this in the first place, Squall smiled. The man behind him rested his head on the pillow above the brunet's head, his long blonde strands tangling with Squall's own shoulder length hair.

Suddenly remembering something Seifer had mentioned, Squall asked, "What's a 'honeymoon?'" He frowned in confusion when Seifer started snickering. *Now* what was so funny?

Seifer continued chuckling softly and pulled Squall tighter against him. "Oh, you'll see Squall. *Trust* me; you'll see," he murmured, tangling his legs with the brunet's, just to get a little more comfortable.

Noticing Squall’s patent and adorable pout, Seifer relented with a small sigh, “basically it’s an excuse to fuck all the time.” Satisfied that Squall understood, Seifer closed his eyes and had just started to drift off to sleep when he heard Squall mumble something like, “...but we do that already…”

The End

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