Chapter 16 - All in Wait

By The Wandering Englishman

"I have to go Quistis...He was my friend too..."

"I won't let you do it Drew." The blonde stood up, slamming her fist against the table. The dark-haired man came around the desk, wrapping his arms around his wife, placing his chin on his shoulder.

"I'm going to come back to you, Quis. You know that. I always come back. Besides..." He grinned, running a hand over the shorter woman's stomach. "I have to come back for little Rose, don't I?"

Quistis raised her head, her scowl spoiled by the happiness in her eyes. She smacked his shoulder as the look on his face made her laugh. Grinning, Drew pulled Quistis' mouth to his own, kissing her as he did on their wedding day four years ago.

"You'd better come back."

"I promise you, you'll be the last person I see before I die. I want to see you one last time..."


Kissing her forehead, he walked to the door, picking up his crossbow case and smiled sadly.

"And don't give me that look...those puppy brown eyes won't make me hate this any less."

"I love you."

Andrew Carson saluted to his wife and turned walking through the door, never looking back.

"Not possible."

Kaien watched as the SeeD paced up and down in front of him.

"Of course it isn't. I didn't expect you to believe me. You haven't before."

"Before?" Squall asked, looking down at the boy before rolling his eyes and resuming his pacing.

"Look, will you sit down, please? You're gonna make me dizzy." The blue-eyed teen pleaded, glancing at Lawson before back at the frustrated man before him.

Squall sighed, but still continued to walk around. How the hell was he meant to except something this magnitude? And the fact that there was still more the kid hadn't told him just made matters worse.

He stopped, turning to face the youth. Opening his mouth to say something, a small squeal started in his ears.

"Leonhart?" Kaien asked before the brunette screamed, clutching at his ears and falling to his knees. The teen didn't lose much time, looking up at Lawson.

"Well, she took her time too...what's the deal with these people being so slow?" He held out his hand to the stoic woman, who instantly placed a syringe in his hand.

"Now, Leon, this is going to hurt a bit." Kaien whispered, jabbing the needle into his arm hard, squeezing the blue liquid from the tube. Removing the metal spike from the older mans arm, the dark haired youth moved back, waiting for the serum to take effect.

"Sir?" Lawson asked, helping the teen to his feet.

"Give it a minute. It's his first treatment."

Nodding, Lawson moved back from Squall, watching as the pained expression on the scarred man's face lessened. When the brunette finally opened his eyes, Lawson handed him a glass of water.

"Before you even ask, I'm not allowed to tell. You have to go to Galbadia tonight."

Squall raised an eyebrow, but nodded, figuring his headache would double if he asked the kid to explain anymore.

Blood ran down the tanned president's chin, lapped up by a cold, yet eager tongue. Beside him, metal hit metal as the second tooth joined the first.

It didn't hurt anymore.

The tattooed blonde above him pulled back, wiping the excess blood from his smirking mouth, glancing down at the pliers once again. Obviously thinking better of it, Zell jumped from the greying man's lap and watched him.

Laguna closed his eyes, the throbbing in his mouth slowly returning without anything else to focus on.

"You aren't screaming." The first words muttered from Zell's lips since he had entered the chamber. "You should be screaming."

Laguna smirked as best he could, opening his reddened eyes to look at the creature that inhabited Zell's body.

"I don't scream for monsters." The president mumbled, spitting the excess blood from his mouth onto the pale face of his torturer.

Leaning in close again, Zell licked the remaining blood from Laguna's mouth before trailing his tongue to the president's ear.

"I bet you screamed for Squall..." Zell dripped, pressing a gloved hand to Laguna's crotch, kneading it into a semi-aroused state. The greying man whimpered, images of the brunette filling his mind only causing to make him harder.

Zell looked down, smirking, biting into the Dark-haired man's neck hard enough to draw blood.

Laguna couldn't help but scream.

Squall stopped in the middle of the Esthar highroad, looking around him weakly. Where was he? He looked down at himself and grimaced inwardly; the clothes were totally tasteless and too uniformal for his liking, but he supposed they were black.

He was close to the palace. He didn't know how long it had been since he'd seen Laguna, or Ien. Squall's heart jumped at the thought of his husband and son.

Life without them had been agony when he still worked at Balamb. It became so much better when Esthar's Garden was completed. It meant he could work and come home to his family every day, not three weeks at a time.

He didn't want his son to grow up without him.

He shoved his hands in his pockets as he started again towards the palace. The wind behind him picked up, blowing his hair across his face making it difficult for the SeeD to see.

"I need a haircut too..." He ran his hands through the shoulder length bangs, smiling lightly.

"People might confuse me for him."


Squall stopped, looking around him for the source of the voice. He shrugged when he saw no one: probably his imagination.


Louder this time, closer. Squall swallowed before he looked around again. In the distance, he could see the palace guard watching him curiously.

Approaching the guard, Squall suddenly fell to his knees in the snow, his hands clutched to his ears. After a few moments, a shadow cast over the huddled figure.

"You okay sir?" The rough voice asked as the guard knelt down beside him. Snapping his head up, Squall grinned, grabbing the guard's neck and twisting it until he heard a satisfying crack.

"Much better now." The brunette sneered, looking at the other guard.

"This could be fun..."

Kiros looked over at Laguna, the worried look unmistakeable on his friends aged face.

"He's here."

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