Author's Notes: The '*'s indicate a new chapter. This is a shounen-ai story, as in there's no graphic descriptions of intercourse, (No sex please, we're british!) but there's plenty of snogging.

Squall Almasy

Chapter 6

By Takira

"Attention students this is a SeeD announcement, would the following SeeD's please report to the headmaster's office immediately; Kovovatch, Nida...Phoenix, Tifa...Li, Takira. Thank you."

Selphie was the running headmistress when Squall wasn't around. She was now pacing the office, mouthing what she was going to say nervously.

"I've never done this before guys, what if they don't do as I say? What if they don't take orders, if they don't respect my authority, if..."

"Sefie!" interrupted Rinoa, "we're still SeeD's remember. Plus they have to obey you, you're a higher rank so we can stick 'em in detention if they start playing up!" Selphie giggled.

"You're still a private." Rinoa flicked her hair over her shoulder and battered her eyelashes seductively.

"Yea, but I'm working on it," she winked and both started laughing just as the SeeD's rushed in.

"Okay, fall in," to Selphie's delight they did this immediately and saluted her. "At ease, right. Our headmaster has been missing for about 9 hours. With him is Seifer, now!" she said firmly before they could interrupt. "I don't care what your feelings are for him, they certainly shouldn't interfere with the orders I'm about to give you. They were both seen leaving the Monkey's Forehead bar at around 0200 hours this morning. We assume they left Balamb and headed toward Garden but perhaps had to crash for the night. As you well know, the numbers of T-rexaurs have increased since we've been gone, we've already suffered casualties. I will not allow any more, especially our headmaster and my friend." Selphie started pacing in front of them, making plenty of eye contact, as she had been trained, to assert her authority. It was actually quite exciting.

"It may be strange and controversial that I call Seifer my friend but unlike everyone else, me and my close friends have forgiven him. I've been taught that SeeD's are to do exactly as they're ordered without question, so do so! Go find them both and escort them back, those are your orders. Dismissed." The SeeD's saluted and ran to the lift, as soon as the door closed they started to complain.

"We have to rescue Seifer Almasy? Man, but he sucks!"

"Shut up Nida, we have to follow orders even if it is from that midget psycho." Nida scoffed.

"Come on Takira, you just described yourself!" In a very quick move, Takira had Nida against the wall by his neck with her fist pushing against his face.

"Do you want a broken nose?" she slurred. Tifa grabbed her hand calmly.

"Cool it Tak," Takira glared at her, she hated that nickname, and let him go. "Besides I don't mind saving Squall or Seifer, they're both really cute."

"Jesus T that's just like you" groaned Takira, rolling her eyes and smiling.

"Will we ever be able to live this down? We'll be shunned by our friends if we tell them our mission."

"What friends, you have none."

"Shut up T!"

"Let's just get this over with," Takira drawled as the lift doors opened, "I'm hungry." The others nodded and followed her as she ran toward the parking lot.

Squall groaned as Seifer got up, taking his warmth with him. He curled up into a ball and tried to go back to sleep.

"Wake up Squall," Seifer slurred, prodding him gently with his foot. "Come up, get up!"

"Alright, I'm up already," he growled, slowly rising to his feet. "What time is it?"

"Er...11:02." Squall's face paled.

"What?! Oh Christ, I missed 1st year assembly, they're gonna realise something is wrong, what will they do if they find out, godammit, why didn't you wake me up earlier?" Seifer glared at the back of Squall's head as he started striding toward Garden.

"I'm not your fucking alarm clock Squall, besides it's half an hour tops back to Garden."

"That's not the bloody point," he snarled, spinning round. "If word gets out that I spent the night with you, even if it was just for survival purposes, my reput..."

"Survival?" Seifer exclaimed in amazement, "That's all it was to you?"

"For God's sake, Seifer, as if we can continue this anyway!"

"Why not? I can't believe you, of all people, will allow someone else's opinion to make decisions for you. That's not the Squall I know."

"You're describing the old Squall, the one that moped about, sat angsting in his room and had no friends. I've changed now!"

"Well I don't like the new you that much."

"I've been this way for three years!" Squall started walking in the vague direction of Garden. "I don't understand why you like the old me so much, I was an asshole."

"You were a challenge," Said Seifer, fondly. He jogged to catch up with Squall.

"So you don't like the new me?" Seifer shrugged.

"There are some perks I guess, I don't suppose you'd have spent the night with me if you were like you were before. And anyway," he stared awkwardly at the ground "if we do get together then..."

"Yea, we need to talk about that," Squall said, he stopped and put his hand on his hip. "You just kinda assumed that I was...ya' that."


"Whatever, you didn't even ask."

"You made advances on me too. 'Are you cold Seifer? Do you like anyone Seifer?' Don't think you can just forget that and blame me!" Squall glared at him and strode off again leaving Seifer shaking his head in frustration. He chased after him. "Squall, hang on. I'm sorry, I shouldn't have yelled."

"Forget it," he replied, squinting into the distance. From far off, but rapidly approaching, they could see the SeeD car heading toward them. Squall stood in the middle of the road with his usual pissed-off posture, Seifer beside him, till it stopped. The two girls got out holding their weapons warily, Nida leapt out.

"We've got you Seifer, you're coming with us!"

"Blow me, Nida."

"Seifer, Sir, would you please step into the car, we're to escort you and headmaster Leonhart back," Takira said firmly. Seifer walked up to her, towering over her with a look of distaste.

"I don't know who the hell you are short-ass, so stop ordering me about." Takira growled a little as Seifer shoved her violently to the side. Before anyone could stop him, he was in the car and driving off.

"Seifer, wait, that's the wrong way!" Tifa called. "That's the way to Balamb!" Takira suggested that he might in fact know that before following Squall to the harbour town. By the time they got there, the car was empty with no sign of Seifer.

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