Author's Notes: The '*'s indicate a new chapter. This is a shounen-ai story, as in there's no graphic descriptions of intercourse, (No sex please, we're british!) but there's plenty of snogging.

Squall Almasy

Chapter 1

By Takira

Seifer stared at his reflection angrily. The long thin scar on his forehead was standing out more than ever, a constant reminder of his rival, his nemesis. Frustration of this permanent mark on his otherwise perfect face was coupled with nervous anxiety about what to say and do next time they met. Since the end of the second Sorceress' War he had been accepted back into Garden to complete his SeeD training on the strict condition that 3 strikes and he was out for good. Everyone around him resented that decision feeling that Seifer only needed one strike to cause havoc again. Just shows how well they fucking know me, he thought savagely. He threw his cupboard door closed with a crash and slumped down on his bed, clenching his teeth and fists to vent his anger. A loud bang on his door caused him to growl. He sat up and yelled at the door. "Fuck off! Whatever you have to say I've heard it before and I DON'T CARE!"

"Shut up Seifer and open this door," replied a voice that could freeze a volcano. It certainly had the desired effect of Seifer as his heart froze. Being caught unawares was his worst nightmare, but when it involved Squall, the terror was unthinkable. His throat was suddenly devoid of moisture making it sticky and impossible to answer. Frantically he searched around for things that he didn't want seen, dirty washing and such, and bolted to the door, kicking them under his bed as he went. He quickly ran his hand through his golden hair and opened the door. Squall was standing there in his usual I-have-better-things-to-do- with-my-time pose. One gloved hand on his hip and his head to one side with his chestnut hair flopping over his eyes. As he wasn't looking, Seifer had the split second he needed, equipping himself with his well-known smirk.

"What?" he spat. Right now he couldn't trust himself with anything more than monosyllables. Squall turned his fierce grey eyes to glare into Seifers' terrified sapphire ones. This coincidentally caught Squall off guard. He had always regarded Seifer with a dutiful resentment that he didn't really feel. This scared, almost vulnerable look in his rivals' eyes was intriguing and unnerving. Seifer continued to hold his gaze feeling lost in a puzzled sadness that he wanted to soothe and comfort. Squall was the one that finally broke it, flickering his eyes down to the ground.

"Hurry up, we're going training," he mumbled, trying not to show the embarrassment in his voice.

"Squall Leonhart? Training with me? I'm sorry but I'm washing my hair." Immediately as the words left his mouth, Seifer started cursing himself. This was just the intimate and inclusive opportunity he had been longing for since his return. He slammed the door shut so Squall could not see the water welling in his eyes as his stomach turned with excitement. Softly he leant his head on the door, hearing the creak of leather as Squall stormed off and almost feeling the glare through the wood. Seifer trudged to his bed and lay down, trying and failing to blink the tears from his eyes before they trickled down the contours of his face.

"What an asshole!" cried Squall aloud. "I give him this one opportunity to become involved in the community again and he makes some sarky comment and blows me off!" Rinoa started to giggle. "I don't find this at all funny, private," he spat, exaggerating every word.

"I'm sorry," she said sarcastically, "I just got this image of Seifer blowing you-"

"Oh for God sake Rinoa, you're 23 could you please grow up!" Rinoa blushed and stared at her shoes. "Sorry, I shouldn't have shouted." He walked toward her and sat down on the couch in his new headmasters office. Rinoa lent her head on his shoulder and sighed. Since he had been headmaster Squall had been in training to express himself more. After 3 years he had finally made it but Seifer was still a problem.

"Maybe he's still a little awkward around you, I mean, you're not only his superior but the one who beat him. He's probably lonely, 'specially since Rajin and Fujin are still on their honeymoon." Squall nodded. He had never thought about it that way before. "Go and speak to him again," urged Rinoa. Again he nodded and stood up. "Oh, and Squall? Be gentle."

Screams greeted Squall as he left the office. He ran to the lift and frantically pressed the button but it was already on its way up. He stepped back, drew Lionheart and stood at the ready. The lift clunked ominously, dinging and opened. Sitting inside was a wheezing Zell, his hair plastered to his face with sweat and his clothes ripped. He was holding his chest and had a look of terror on his face which was growing more and more annoyed as Squall's laughter grew. "H-hey! Shu' up Squall!" he panted. Squall shook his head and sheathed his gunblade again.

"I'm sorry, Zell, but you haven't changed a bit!" he said between chuckles.

"I have so, I'm fucking famous!" He grinned and stood up, dusting down his clothes and walking out of the lift before the door closed. In the 6 years after SW II Zell had milked the brief period of fame that they all received and matured it into world popularity that was still increasing. He had manipulated his martial arts' skills and had become the face of the line of Final Heaven training schools. Girls from all over the world strived to be champions just for a chance to compete against him, they flocked to his matches to see him in the flesh. Squall realised that the screams were of Zell's fans, hence the ripped clothes.

"Some lucky girl is gonna be sleeping with half your sleeve tonight, Zell," he said mockingly. Zell pouted.

"Yea yea, can I stay up here? They still don't know the code, right?" Squall nodded, still laughing.

"Yea, I got some stuff to see to but I'll be back up. Rinoa's in there though."

"Lil' Rinny??!!" cried Zell and ran to the door. Rinoa had heard him and swung open the door.

"Zelly-pop!!" They chunked each other in a very enthusiastic hug. Squall rolled his eyes and left them to their gossiping. When he reached the first floor he was once again greeted with screams plus a wave of ecstatic teenage girls, most in floods of tears.

"Jesus Chr-Zell's not here!" he shouted over the noise. Slowly they died down and backed off. "This is unacceptable behaviour, your year is meant to be setting an example and you're acting like some deranged...Selphie?" The little status-changing mistress was wading her way through the crowds of people easily twice her size.

"Deranged Selphie? I take offence, is Zell upstairs?!" she yelled in her usual hyper way. Squall nodded and Selphie ushered him out of the lift. Watching her ascend Squall wondered if he was ever going to make it to Seifers' room.

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