Chapter 32 - Epilogue: One Voice

By The Wandering Englishman

It was cold here. The comforting black something he'd grown accustomed to in the last month.

Maybe this was death?


That voice... have to wake up.

He laughed despite himself. Now he was hearing things.

I'm not just a figment of your imagination, Squall. Open your eyes.

Reluctantly, Squall opened his eyes, the stormy grey catching the inrush of light, and blonde standing above him.

"Hey look, he's waking up."

"Squall... are you alright?" A voice behind Zell asked, his green eyes tinted with worry. He felt like dying when he saw the pain hidden deep within their depths.

"You had us worried man!" The blonde called, already bouncing by his feet. "Thought you were a goner for sure..."

Just leave this to me...I'll make sure it works this time...

A confused look passed over his face, looking around the group that had gathered for any signs of the voices owner.

"Who are you...?" the question came, unfortunately for the brunette everyone else could hear it too.

Cocking his head to the side, Zell leaned in, giving Squall a once over.

"You're kidding, ain't you, Squall?"

Closing his eyes, Squall shook his head, trying to clear his mind.

"Must be a concussion from the accident, we should get him to the Doctor right away." The elegant blonde woman ordered, calling over the newly arrived medics.

The dark haired man walked towards the ambulance, Quistis' gaze following the sad-looking president.

"It's okay, miss." The first of the SeeD Medic's said, clearing everyone else away as the second checked the commander over.

"You gonna be right, Squall?"

"He'll be fine." The young medic replied before hiding the Brunette from the others.

Placing a hand on the president's shoulder, the blonde headmaster smiled.

"You don't need to worry about it so much, Laguna. It's probably only temporary. In most cases, the subjects who have amnesia after something like this get their memories back within the week."

Laguna winced and watched as they loaded Squall onto a gurney.

"But will he remember everything?"

"There's a good chance he..."

"...He proposed yesterday." The president interrupted, pushing himself from the van. "He proposed and I didn't say anything! I thought I'd lost him when he ran, but...up until a moment ago, I thought he'd be able to come back.

When Laguna looked up, Quistis almost cried herself when she saw the tears spilling down the man's cheeks.

"I can't live without him.

Wrapping her arms around the taller man, she let him shed his tears.

"It'll be okay." She murmured, rubbing circles on his back, trying to comfort him as the medics brought Squall's bed closer to the vehicle.

As they lifted him into the ambulance, Squall winced, the squeal in his mind growing louder.

Call him.


Call out to him.


You should know...Pa'Guna.


"I'm here." The soft voice called from outside the ambulance.

"I'm scared."

Stepping into the cabin, the president took a seat next to Squall, smiling sympathetically at him.

"Don't be." The older man whispered, fingering the stray locks against the white pillow.

Squall smiled, nuzzling into Laguna's palm, enjoying the warmth against his cold skin.


"Squall...I have to tell you something..."

"Hmm?" The reply came, the SeeD close to sleep.

"If you don't remember anything...I won't blame you...but, I need to say this. I love you. I've loved you since I saw you bleeding and broken in my office...I didn't mean for it to end up this way..."

Looking down at the youth, Laguna cursed himself as he tried to stop from looking weak in front of the SeeD.

"What I'm really trying to say is...uhh..." the president mumbled, rubbing his thigh, trying in vain to will away the cramp already beginning. "Will you marry me?"

You know I'm here forever now, Squall. You know I won't leave you.

"Yes." The brunette said plainly, closing his eyes as the ambulance took off towards Balamb.

"You will? Great!" The dark haired man beamed, taking the shorter man's hand and stroking it.

You gave me life, Squall, and that future. Let me take that future away...





Well...I hope it all made sense for you guys, just as I hope you enjoyed the happy ending. I don't write too many of sad as it was. This is for Lynn, and the guys at the LXS group. Thanks for putting up with the inbox overload.

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