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Author's Notes: um.. well, it was a birthday ficcie.. and the idea of Squall being on a sugar high, just kinda got me wondering, what would happen. And much thanks to Gnome for pushing, and reading, and for Lex, who also read.

Sugar High

Part 5

By Hecate's Brat


I made my way to the VIP rooms and knocked on Laguna's door. I could hear noises in the room and a muffled, "Ow!"

The door opened and there stood Laguna, grinning.

I raised an eyebrow at him. "You okay?"

He nods and moves out of the way to let me inside.

"Okay, I've talked to pretty much everyone else, and you seem to be the only one I have to talk to."

"Talk to me about what?"

I turn and look at him. He shuts the door and limps to a chair.

"Last night. I was sugar high and I can't remember lots of the evening."

He laughs a bit and I scowl at him.

"Stop laughing. That's all I've been getting. Laughing people."

"I thought people laughing is a good thing?" He asks, mirth filling his eyes.

"It is, but not when its coz you can't remember."

He nods in agreement...or I'm hoping its agreement. "So, you want me to tell you what happened when you were with me?"

I nod.

"Can you remember before you got on your sugar high?"

I think a bit and remember visiting Laguna on the Ragnarok.

"I remember a bit. I remember getting to the ship, and asking you what was in the paper bag, and you handed me some Pixie Stix. You told me that it was flavoured powdered sugar. I remember trying some, and then, trying more...and then you handed me soda and more pixie stix. It went like that for a while..."

I frown as my memories are a bit clouded. "And that's all of the good memories. It gets fuzzy after that."

He nods in a sage like manor. He tilts his head and lets his hair fall around his shoulders.

"So, what happened last night? When you were with me...that's what you want to know?"

"That and why I have a bite mark on my inner thigh."

That brought a smile to his face.

"Okay, I'll tell you."

I sit on a chair opposite of him and relax a bit.


You came aboard and greeted me. It was a nice hello. I shared my Pixie Stix with you and gave you some soda to wash the powder down with. You drank it down and started getting a bit, I don't know...jumpy? I don't know if that's the right word. But it was like something was itching to come out of your skin.

The more you had, the more hyper you got. You started smiling and laughing. I liked that. It made me feel like a kid.

We finished half the paper bag of Pixie Stix, and well, we ended up kissing in the cockpit. It was a mutual thing I think.

We kept getting closer and closer to each other and then, your lips met mine and it was perfect. I could taste a lime flavour on your tongue, and I wanted more. I let my fingers run through your hair and down your neck and over your shoulders.

You undid my hair, and I haven't put it back, and I don't think I want to. You told me that it made me look young, and that it made me look...I don't know. It made me look good. And that, was the nicest thing anyone has said to me in a long time. I don't even get compliments anymore. I get the usual, "yes Mr. President, you look fine." But, not a real compliment. So, thank you for that.

I decided that I needed to taste more of you. I pulled at your shirt and tasted your skin. I loved the salty clean taste of it. I know that sounds like an oxymoron, but you were clean, shower fresh, but your skin still had that taste to it, that salty taste.

I could hear you gasp softly and moan when I licked down your stomach. Your hands in my hair.

I moved back from you a bit and pulled your top off, sucking and licking at your shoulders, at your back. You pulled me into your lap and yanked my top off, both of us sat there, on the floor of the Ragnarok, licking at each other.

Slowly, our clothes came off and we tasted every part of each other. That would be when I bit you, on your inner thigh. I couldn't help myself. I just needed more of you.

I licked every inch of your body. I started at your toes, licked my way down to your ankles up your calves and let my tongue dip in the bend of your knee. I never knew you could be ticklish there. But you were, and you threw your head back and laughed, then when I did it again, you writhed and whimpered. I guess that's one way of dealing with the intense ticklish feeling, making it something erotic.

You let me lick up over your thighs, over your hips, letting me ignore your harden member, even though you whimpered as my hair brushed against it. I licked up the middle of your ab muscles, let my tongue flick at your nipples, and nibble at them. I loved it when you arched your back while I did that, your breath coming in quick gasps every time my tongue flicked over your hardening nipples. I kissed and licked up your body, to your neck, nibbling on your earlobes. I loved hearing you whisper my name as I nibbled your earlobes, sucked on your earring.

You ran your hands through my hair, down my back and gripped my wrist. You bit my wrist.
I rolled you over and licked down your spine, licked those cute indents that are where your hips are...because dare I say dimples? No. And stop blushing! God! Wait...okay, blush. You look cute when you do that.

I parted your ass cheeks and licked at your hidden hole there. Oh, the scream you let out when I did that! Of course, I did stop, but then you told me in a whispered rushed voice, "Don't stop, please. Do that again."

My heart missed a beat when I heard you say that. I plunged my tongue back into you, and doubled my efforts to please you. You moaned and howled, and I prayed that the communication link was turned off. Thankfully it was. But I kept using my tongue on you, sliding a finger in, working you with both my tongue and my finger.

You tensed a bit, and I moved slowly, letting you feel everything. I added another finger and moved slowly still, letting you get used to my fingers inside of you. You cried out when I stroked your prostate. You tried gripping the flooring of the Rag. I did it again and you gripped harder.
I pulled my fingers out and let the tip of my cock press against your opening. I could hear you panting, waiting for me to do something. But I wasn't going to. I moved away from you, sat down and waited for you to do something. You sat up and blinked at me. You were in shock that I just stopped, and sat there.

You crawled towards me, a look of desire on your face. You bit at your lower lip, sliding your tongue across it. I felt my cock get harder when you did that. You crawled and licked the tip of my cock, licking off my pre-cum and I howled. I could feel you smile around my cock, and then you started humming! Oh gods! I thought I was going to explode right then and there!

You stopped humming and moved away from me, only to straddle my hips and slowly push yourself onto my cock. You were going so slowly...I wanted, and tried to push you down onto me faster, but you resisted, moving slowly down my shaft. I moaned and gripped your hips, letting you go at your excruciatingly slow pace.

I could tell that my cock hit your prostate again, coz of your gasp. You sorta jumped forward and wrapped your legs around my waist. "Fuck me." You said. I couldn't say no. You were impaled on my cock, and I felt like I was going to go crazy, I had to finish us off. Or let us finish each other off.

You started rocking your hips and tightened your grip around my waist, I couldn't do anything but bury my head in the crook of your shoulder and pant.

I let you ride me till I felt my orgasm start to build. Slowly, I gripped your hips and rolled us over. I pinned your shoulders to the floor and got your legs over my shoulders. I started thrusting into you burying myself to the hilt. I locked eyes with you, and whispered that I wanted to watch you stroke yourself, while I fucked you.

You smiled and slide a hand up your body to your cock. You let your fingers dance over your length, and then slowly you started stroking. My eye flicked between watching your eyes and your hand moving over your shaft.

I let my orgasm take me, and I shuddered, filling you with my hot come. I was still a bit coherent and I told you to stop stroking. You did, reluctantly. I pulled out of your body and moved my mouth over your cock. I started sucking and licking at your shaft. You bucked your hips against me, as I started massaging your balls. You screamed my name as you came, and I drank your fluid, revelling in the taste.

We lay on the floor, panting. Slowly we got dressed, and we left. You told me to come into the party a few moments later, and to bring the Pixie Stix. I cleaned up whatever mess we made in the ship, and headed out after you.

That's what happened when you were with me, in the ship. Does that help any?


"It helps. Thank you." I stand and stretch. "I know you're leaving right away, so, I'll let you finish packing. I'll probably come and visit you soon."

I watch you stand and grin. "Good. I always love your company."

I nod and leave for my room, let the information be sorted out.

I open my door and find a thick manila envelope on the desk. I open it and find black and white glossy photos. Double prints of all the photos, except for the one of Seifer and Irvine and myself, that one has three copies. My mouth drops open and the photos slide out of my fingers.
I pick them up and sort them out.

I feel a bit playful, and get my stash of envelopes. On a picture of Nida, and myself I write, "Thank you for showing me a different view of the cockpit on my birthday."

I find the picture of Laguna and myself on the Ragnarok. I grin and sign the message, "Thank you for sending me on a wonderful Sugar High, and letting me play in the Ragnarok."

I find a picture of Seifer and Irvine and myself. I smile and write on Irvine's copy, "The whiskey was good, but the sex was better."

On another copy, I write, "Without your strip tease, this would have not happened. Thanks!"

I place the photos in individual envelopes and write the proper names on them. I get up to open the door and find Zell standing there.


He blushes and grins, his eyes bright with naughtiness.

"Squall." He looks at the envelopes in my hand. "What are you doing with those? Need me to deliver them?"

"Uh... okay. I guess." I hand them over to him and he quickly rushes off. I slowly shut my door and walk back to the photos. I sift through them, noticing there are none of Zell and myself.

I wait a few more moments and then I hear a knock on my door. I open it and there stands Zell.
I tilt my head and look at him. He grins and tilts his head back.

"What? Why are you looking at me like that?" He asks.

I let him into my room, close the door, and turn around.

"Why are there no pictures of you and me?" I ask suddenly.

"I'm not very photogenic...oh crap!" The shorter blond turns and looks at me, a blush creeping over his cheeks.

I smile at him, catching him.

"Well, then." I step towards him. "We are going to have to make up for that...go get a camera set up." I smirk and head for the bedroom, leaving him standing in my kitchen.

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