Somewhat Damaged

Part Fourteen

By Scarlet Fever

Zell hummed some unknown tune to himself as he put the key to Seiferís apartment that he had gotten from Raijin in the lock. Selphie paced behind him, stumbling as she did. Selphie was totally plastered. Quistis had to rush over to her to catch the small brunette so she wouldnít fall on her face.

"Do you think Seifer came home?" Quistis asked, patting the back of Zellís hand.

"Hopefully." He opened the door, Selphie pushing past him.

"Fuck!" She slurred, tripping over a canvas bag. "Jesus Christ, Zell! Donít put your bag there. Motherfucker."

"Hey, drunkie, itís not mine."

Quistis looked down as she took off her leopard print coat. "It looks like Squallís."

Selphie waved her hand. "But heís in Esthar." She wandered towards the couch, practically falling on it. "I think Iím going night-night."

"Good." Zell muttered. "Sleep it off, you lush."

"Is Squall here?" Quistis asked wearily, rubbing her eyes. She aimlessly reached for Zellís hand, just grabbing his thumb instead.

"Why donít you go to bed. Iíll find out."

She nodded absently, smacking his ass as she left.

He sighed and knocked on Seiferís door. Quite frankly, he had been worried about Seifer. Now, he was just curious. When nobody answered his knock, he quietly opened the door. Zell felt his jaw drop at what he saw. Squall and Seifer were in bedÖ together. Both were fast asleep, and Zell guessed that they were both naked. Squall shifted in his sleep, pulling himself closer to Seifer. Zell blinked a few times, wondering if he was seeing things. No, they were still there. The small blonde then noticed that Seiferís bare torso was covered in bruises and scratches. He smiled, whispering "Squall, you freak."

He closed the door and went to the bathroom, brushing his teeth. When he went into the guest room, he stopped, staring. Quistis was laying on the bed, reading a book. She wasnít naked, but thatís what made it sexier. She didnít show it all right away. She was wearing a long black nightgown that brushed her ankles. The bodice was rich black lace, the design placed strategically to hide her breasts. She looked up at him over the edge of her book.


"Youíre beautiful." He curled up on the bed next to her.

"I know."

Zell snorted. "Youíve got quite the ego there, donít you?"

She laughed. "So, is Seifer okay?"

Zell burst out laughing, trying to muffle the shrieks in Quistisís nightgown.

"What did I say?"

When he had regained his composure, he was grinning stupidly. "I bet heís alright."

"What have you been smoking?"

"Nothing, nothing. Letís put it this wayÖ If Seifer was in a bad way earlier, he isnít now."

"Huh? Stop talking like a bad soap opera and tell me!"

"I would, but this damn amnesia!" Zell held the back of his hand to his forehead dramatically.

"Shut up and tell me!"

"Well, love, I canít shut up and tell you. Make up your mind."

Quistis groaned, hitting him with the book.

"Ow! That was hard covered." He rubbed his head. "You were right."


"Squallís here."

Quistis remained silent for a moment, then raised an eyebrow suggestively. "Did you catch them going at it?"

Zell furrowed his brow. "No, you pervert. They were sleeping. But I think Squall got all freaky and bondage. Thereís bruises on Seifer."

Quistisís mind wandered, a naughty smile playing on her sexy mouth.

"You are so bad." Zell let his fingers trace the pattern of the lace.

"Iím bad? Youíre the one feeling me up."

Zell shrugged, pulling away. "Fine. Iíll stop."

"I didnít say stop."

Zell laughed, squeezing her breast rudely. "Howís that?"

Quistis rolled him over so that he was on his back, straddling his waist. "You canít just honk a girlís tit and expect to get off easily." She leaned in, capturing Zellís mouth with her own, pushing her tongue past his lips, tasting his toothpaste.

Zell moaned in surprise at Quistisís eagerness. He kissed her back, pressing his tongue to hers. His hands ran up her smooth thighs, pushing the silky black fabric up towards her hips. Quistis lifted her body off of his in order to take off the nightgown. Zell marveled at her nude body. It was like a statue or painting by a great artist; the epitome of female perfection. What Zell found the most attractive about her was that she was so confident in her appearance, not doing that stupid female "Iím so ugly and fat" thing. She deftly pulled off his clothes so that they were both naked, returning her mouth to his.

Zell arched his hips up, grinding their pubic bones together. She moaned into Zellís mouth, reaching back to unclip her hair. It fell around her shoulders, tickling Zellís chest and nipples. She rocked her body into his, working Zellís genitals, trying to make him erect. It didnít take long.

"QuistisÖ" His whispers were muffled inside her mouth, arching his body so that she could sheath his now swelled cock with a condom.

Quistis continued to kiss him as she moved her body into position on his. She didnít want to break the kiss, it was too wonderful. Zellís hands moved to her hips, digging into her flesh as he felt the head of his penis against her opening. She moved her body down, sheathing his with her own. Zellís mouth slid off of hers, and he moaned against her cheek, the warmth of the inside of her body burning him. He sat up so that he could press his lips to her nipples, caressing one with his tongue, the other with his fingers. They began to slowly thrust against each other, gradually picking up the pace until they were both rocking their hips at violent paces. Zell pulled her face down to his again, wanting to kiss her once more.

"ZellÖ" Quistis kissed him deeply, changing the direction that she was rocking, which got a grunt from the tattooed blonde. He bit her lips and roughly kissed them. She mirrored this action as they bruised each otherís mouths. Quistis broke the kiss as Zellís fingers found her clitoris, massaging it gently. She sighed, pulling him out. He moaned and thrust himself again, to the hilt. She made a severe angle with her body, covering one of his nipples with her lips. As Quistis felt her body reaching climax, she bit down on Zellís hard nipple, getting a cry out of him. Zell felt her muscles contract with orgasm around him, and this put him over the edge. He released, arching his body painfully as he did. Quistis sighed and unstraddled his body. Zell removed the condom, throwing it in the trash. He put his head back on the pillow, waiting for the blood to return to his head. Quistis yawned, curling up beside him, having used up the last of her energy. Using Zellís hard chest as a pillow, she fell asleep, her hair fanning across her new loverís chest. Zell yawned as well, holding Quistis tightly to himself.

The next morning, Zell was making coffee in the kitchen, purposely being loud, intensifying Selphieís headache.

"Would you stop that?" Selphie yelled, massaging her temples.

He banged his mug on the table a few times. "Oh, Iím sorry. Do you have a headache?"

"Of course I do, you fucking idiot."

Zell frowned. "Fuck, youíre a crabby hang over, girl."

Selphie gave him the finger.

"Leave her alone, Zell." Quistis called from the living room as she checked her email using Seiferís laptop.

"Okay, can I ask you something?"

Zell shrugged at Selphie. "Like what?"

"Is Squall here?"

Quistis and Zell just kind of laughed.

"What? Where is he?"

"Where do you think?" Zell asked.

Selphieís bloodshot eyes widened. "That dog!" She then frowned. "So now Iím the only single one."

"Technically, youíre not single, my dear." Quistis pointed out.

"Technically, Iím not together now, am I?"

"Rinoaís single now. What about you two?" Zell asked, sipping his coffee. He fanned his mouth. It was too hot.

Selphie scoffed. "Iím not going to screw Rinoa."

"Who knows, you might have better luck than I did."

They all looked up to see Squall standing in the kitchenís entryway.

"SquallÖ" Selphie winked at him, while Zell nodded knowingly. Quistis just went back to what she was doing.

"What are you looking at me like that for?"

"Like what?" Zell asked innocently, pounding his cup on the table again.

"All smarmy and shit."

"Oh, that. Maybe because you got it last night."

Squall furrowed his brow. "Got what?" He smiled, sitting down beside Selphie. He was wearing a pair of worn in black jeans and one of Seiferís golf shirts. He brought the fabric up to his nose, breathing in the wonderful smell.

Zell smiled at him. "You know what Iím talking about."

"No, I donít. But telling by the way youíre glowing, Iíd say that you got some."

Zell blushed and looked at his coffee.

"Was he good?" Squall asked Quistis.


"How did you know?"

"Seifer told me." Squall explained.

"When did you get in?" Selphie asked, resting her head on the table.

"Last night some time. Rinoa and I came by train."

"So where is your Iím assuming former girlfriend?" Quistis asked.

"You assume correct. We broke up in Esthar. Sheís at her fatherís."

"SoÖ" Selphie smiled broadly. "You and Seifer, eh? Is he good?"

"I donít know."

"You donít know?" Zell asked, surprised. "You mean you guys didnít fuck?"

Squall sighed. "No." He thought for a second. "Why would you assume that?"

"Well, last night, I went into Seiferís room to check on him, and you were there, and you were both naked, so I only assumedÖ."

"Oh." Squall blushed slightly, but not out of embarrassment. "Man, last night was fucked up."

"Did you get anything?" Selphie asked, fishing for details.

"I got head."

Zell coughed, coffee going down the wrong pipe. "You put it so eloquently."

"Well, how did you want me to say it?"

"So, what happened?" Zell asked. "I donít mean to pry, though."

"I donít know if itís my place to tell you. Ask Seifer." Squall got up and poured himself a cup of coffee. "So, what happened at that whatever last night. When I met up with Seifer, he was fucking out of it."

"He got totally high." Quistis called.

"He said that Raijin slapped him."

"Yeah, he did. Seifer said something mean about Fujin."


Selphie sighed. "Yeah, why? I donít know what the fuckís going on."

"Thatís because you got pissed." Zell pointed out. He turned to Squall. "Because of this guy named Phaelan."

Squall narrowed his eyes. "Seiferís never mentioned him, but I think I have an idea of who he is." He couldnít ignore the gut feeling of anger that hit his body when the name Phaelan came up.

"What does that mean?"

Squall waved his hand, signaling Zell to continue.

"Well, heís one of Seiferís ex-flames. And a real motherfucker from what I hear. Always fueling Seiferís fire of self-hatred and loathing in order to keep him under control."

Squall bit his lip, anger welling in him. He didnít know for sure if Phaelan was the one who raped Seifer, but he felt it was a logical guess.

"Anyway," Selphie piped up, changing the subject. "Does Seifer give good head? Is it as good as he kisses?" She shot a look at Zell.

"What was that look for?" Squall asked.

"Nothing." Zell cried.

"Seifer and Zell kissed last night."

Squall raised his eyebrows, a flicker of jealousy entering his eyes. "What?"

"It wasnít like that! It was a mistletoe thing. Blame Selphie!" He jabbed a finger at her. "Donít avoid the issue! Was it good?"

Squall smiled wistfully, not really paying attention to them as he remembered the sensation of Seiferís lips on his body.

"I guess that answers my question." Selphie said, closing her eyes.

"Well, well, howís my little sewing circle." Seifer said, coming into the kitchen. He poured the rest of the coffee, sitting beside Squall at the table. He gently kissed Squallís earlobe. "What are you gossiping about?"

"You." Quistis said.

Zell pointed at his eye. "Uh, SeiferÖ. Youíve got a little fist mark on your face."

Seifer rolled his eyes. "Really? I hadnít noticed."

"Thatís not from Raijin, is it?"

Seifer shook his head. "No."

"Then what happened?" Selphie asked, resting her chin on her hands.

Zell noticed that Squall got a concerned look on his face as he reached out, stroking Seiferís back lovingly.

"SeiferÖ?" Quistis came in the room, perching herself on the counter. "If you donít want to tell us, you donít have to."

"No, no, no. If I kept it to myself, it would be avoiding it," he sighed, continuing, "I was raped."

Some coffee sloshed over the edge of Zellís mug. "What?"

"I think you heard me." Seifer had a resigned tone in his voice.


"Last night." Seifer sighed, running his palm over Squallís thigh.

"It was Phaelan, wasnít it?" Zell asked darkly.

"Why would you assume that?"

"Come on, Seifer! Who else?" Quistis cried.

"Well, youíre right. It was him."

"That fuck! After you stormed off, he was hanging around, being a prick. He came back later, this big grin on his faceÖ." Quistis trailed off.

"He was only grinning? Iím shocked he wasnít boasting about his conquest with a megaphone." Seifer spat dryly.

"Well, what are you going to do?" Selphie asked.

"Forget it ever happened. If I dwell on it, Iím letting Phaelan get exactly what he wants. But I do have to go get a blood test now." He shivered slightly, thinking about getting a needle.

"So thatís why you guys didnít fuck." Zell mused.

"Zell!" Selphie cried, smacking him.

Seifer sort of grinned. "Did you tell them that I gave good head?"

Squall laughed uneasily. "Of course I did."

They remained silent for a few minutes, Seifer being the one to finally break the tension. "Wow, I sure can bring down a conversation." He looked at Zell. "Whatís with the afterglow. Did Quistis shag you?"

Zell blushed furiously. "ÖYes."

"So, now Old Maid Selphie is all alone in her solitude. Looks like repeated masturbation for me." Selphie muttered, rubbing her eyes.

"You look like shit." Seifer commented.

"Thank you."

Seifer stood, pulling Squall up with him. "Letís go out to lunch or something. Iíll pay."

Zell frowned in confusion. "You sure are in a good mood, consideringÖ"

Seifer held up a hand, silencing the shorter blonde. "Iím moving on. Iím not going to let Phaelan destroy me again. And that is the end of that." He got his coat, handing Squall his.

"Oh, so youíre not even going to hand us our coats? Do we gotta put our dicks in your mouth to get service?" Zell asked, getting his jacket out of the closet.

"I didnít know that Selphie and Quistis were hermaphrodites. Now, this could be interesting." Seifer mocked, chucking Selphieís scarf at her. "Can we stop at the sexual clinic on the way? Itís not as busy as the hospital."

"Why?" Zell asked, opening the door.

"Um, to make sure I donít have the clap or something. Itís been a while since Phaelan fucked me. I donít know where heís been."

"Iím glad you can look at this so lightly." Squall commented quietly, so only Seifer could hear him as they strolled down the hall to the elevator, lagging behind the others.

"How else am I supposed to look at it?" He asked, taking Squallís hand as they walked.

"It seems like youíre moving on so quickly, though."

"I woke up in the middle of the night, so I thought about it. Things could have been worse, and I donít want it to eat away at me for years and years. I want to actually be happy for once, and Iím not going to let meaningless sex get in the way. That would mean that he won." Seifer squeezed Squallís hand, giving him a quick kiss. "You make me happy."

Squall sighed, leaning on Seiferís shoulder as they walked. "Iím glad."

"Come on, fuckheads!" Selphie cried impatiently, holding the elevator doors open.

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