Author's Notes: The '*'s indicate a new chapter. This is a shounen-ai story, as in there's no graphic descriptions of intercourse, (No sex please, we're british!) but there's plenty of snogging.

Squall Almasy

Chapter 2

By Takira

Squall turned the corner into the hallway of Seifers' dorm and stopped dead. About 30 metres away there were three students, who he immediately recognised to be the new Disciplinary Committee, banging on Seifers' door.

"Hey ass bandit, come on out, come on!" At this Seifer threw open the door and took a few intimidating steps out, they were completely lost on them. "At last, we want a word sailor-boy." Seifer growled.

"Shut the fuck up, I have-"

"We didn't say you could talk," said the second DC member. Seifer turned to storm back in to his room but was blocked by the third and tallest DC member, verging on 7 feet. He spun around and was greeted with a vicious right hook. Squall stared in momentary disbelief then sprinted towards them. Seifer was clutching his face and stumbling backwards but was caught by the tall DC who held his hands behind his back whilst the other two proceeded to attack his face, chest and stomach. They were cut short by a shout of rage and Squall slamming into them. The tall DC legged it the other way leaving Seifer to fall to the floor in a crumpled heap. Squall dragged the other two up by their collars. Their faces were a blotchy mixture of embarrassment and fear.

"Stand up you dirty little shits," he snarled, pulling at their hair till they obeyed. "I would ask for some kind of explanation but seeing as I, and the CCTV cameras both caught you red handed, your excuses are not worth my time." He ripped the hand-cuffs from their belts and strapped them on tight, making them wince. "I can't believe I put you prejudice assholes in this position, you must have been lying through your teeth in the interview. Well that can be rectified, I'll make sure you'll be on bathroom duty till you retire." The two students started to witter and stutter in protest. "You don't have a leg to stand on so I don't know why you're trying." He was beginning to enjoy the panicked look on their faces. His eyes gleamed evilly as he continued. "Hey, don't worry, you're not on bathroom duty yet..... Six months solitary detention." He smirked as the colour ran completely from their cheeks and they started their meaningless protests again. The smirk vanished however as Squall suddenly remembered Seifer. He ordered a passing SeeD to take the disgraced students to the detention centre and to arrest the tall ex-DC if she saw him. She saluted and followed her orders whilst Squall saw to his rivals' injuries. He was coughing and sniffing so much Squall could hardly hear what he was saying.

"Did...did you hear...what they said?" stuttered Seifer, staring intently at his boots and blushing red that thankfully couldn't be seen for the blood from his nose. Squall hesitated making Seifer's chest tighten even more in anticipation, he coughed again.

"I have nothing against it," he answered simply. Seifer gathered the courage to look up.

"You're not, ya'know, disgusted?"

"'Course not." Squall helped Seifer stand shakily on his feet and slowly lead him down the hall. "I can't be shocked by anyone's sexuality since Irvine came out and married that oil tycoon guy." Seifer coughed in a vague, painful sort of laugh.

"I haven't heard the word 'yeehaw' used so many times in five minutes!" They both burst out laughing until Seifer started coughing again and Squall hurried him on.

"Doctor?" called Squall, sitting Seifer down on the bed. Quistis poked her cheery face round the corner and frowned.

"Oh dear, what have you two boys been doing to each other this time?" Seifer laughed.

"Nothing, I got my ass kicked."

"Really, by whom?" Quistis glared at Squall.

"...It wasn't me! Just forget it, it's been dealt with." He glared at the floor and folded his arms sulkily. Quistis shrugged and started to tend to Seifers' injuries.

"Oh for goodness sake Seifer, stop squirming!"

"What the hell are you dousing me with, it hurts!"

"It's only antiseptic, now come on, be a brave boy." Seifer glared at her and folded his arms. Quistis noticed that Squall was grinning through the whole ordeal, not in a sadistic way, but more fondly. Although she was having trouble with Seifer she was still able to study Squalls' body language, as it was a hobby of hers. She also still had a twinge of sisterly love for him and so could recognise moods and such that others couldn't. Right now she noticed a softness in his face as he watched Seifer pout and a gleam of, was that affection in his eyes? She dismissed it quickly. My spider senses must be fuzzy today, but she could swear that he was staring at Seifer in a way she'd seen between Irvine and his husband, or the hoards of fangirls that followed Zell. Don't be ridiculous, she told herself firmly, that would mean he was in love... Squall, gay? She chuckled awkwardly to herself, surprised at how many strange questions she had were answered by her idea.

"I don't find this funny, woman," snarled Seifer.

"In your current position I wouldn't go calling me that." Seifer was just about to answer back when just at that moment a black blob rushed into the infirmary, crashed into a pillar, turned around and punched in the lock code. All three stared at the struggling mound, which had now fallen to the floor. Quistis burst out laughing as a blonde head poked out of the top of the sleeping bag.

"Damn, I need a body-guard!" wheezed Zell.

"Wow, the infamous Zell Dincht, what's new chicken-wuss?" Zell glared at his childhood bully.

"I'm popular and you're not." He turned to Quistis. "I really just came down to see you, Sefie and Rinny started chatting, something about Seifer blowing Squall off, which frankly scared me so I came...down...but Squall' thoughts!!" Zell collapsed to the ground and curled up in his sleeping bag.

"What the hell?" Quistis turned to Squall, then to Seifer, then started to laugh again.

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