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Author's Notes: um.. well, it was a birthday ficcie.. and the idea of Squall being on a sugar high, just kinda got me wondering, what would happen. And much thanks to Gnome for pushing, and reading, and for Lex, who also read.

Sugar High

Part 2

By Hecate's Brat

~ Zell~

I hear him wandering around in his kitchen, and faintly hear the sound of wrappers falling to the ground.

The smell of coffee tickles at my nose, and I try to hide my head under the pillow, but then, the scent changes. Its coffee and Squall. A very yummy scent.

I smile into the pillow. I wonder if he saw the table yet?

It was his idea to fuck me in pixie stick powder, on the table.

I decide to get up and walk to the kitchen.

Squall's leaning against the counter, sipping his coffee, and the first thing he says to me, is "you bit me on the ass."

That statement sends me into a fit of laughter. That was good. He asked me, in so many words to bite him last night, I just, did it.

I can finally look at him without laughing and I state back, "you asked me to bite you there."

I watch his face for a reaction, and shock would be a close enough word to describe his reaction. His cup stops halfway to his mouth and I can feel myself getting ready to laugh again. I hold back though, knowing full well that he would smack me if I did.

"What? I did not." He responds.

I make a cup of coffee for myself and sip it, sniggering at Squall. "You did. Last night...between the hours of...4 and 5, you rolled over, looked at me with a lazy smile and said, and I quote this, 'you should bite me Zell.' to which I responded with, 'what? Like you don't have enough bites already!' and you said to this, 'I know. But you didn't bite me yet.' in which I responded by biting you."

He blinks his grey eyes at me, disbelief creeping over his face.

I tilt my head and look at him, I sip my coffee again, asking, "you don't remember?"

He shakes his head at me and I can feel my mouth drop into a shocked expression. Probably an expression that was used last night, in not so shocked moments.

I tell him, "Okay, I'll tell you what happened with me.... everyone else, however, might have a different story..."

A worried look went fleeting quickly through his eyes, but passed quickly.

I sighed and let the memories flow through my mind. I may as well start at the beginning.

I had arrived at your party early, to help Selphie with the decorations and stuff. After setting up, I went for a little nap. Selphie ran me ragged the night before trying to make me think of ideas for the party. While I was walking back to my quarters, I came across Laguna holding a very large paper bag. I asked him what was in it, and he gave me a goofy smile and shook his head with a small grin. I didn't feel like asking him more about it at that time, so, I just went to bed.

I woke to Selphie pounding on my door. I woke up, and got ready for the party.

We waited in the darkened Quad for you. You arrived and you had a grin on your face. It was odd to see you smiling like that.

The night went on, and well, you got more and more hyper. We all just figured you finally let go, and relaxed. You were with friends, and maybe you had a bit of alcohol in your system, we didn't know why you were so hyper, but... I enjoyed myself.

You got me out onto the dance floor, grooved with me. And I mean, you grooved with me.

There were some people there, watching, and their jaws hit the floor, your arms wound around my shoulders, your thigh high upon my hip, grinding against me.

We danced for a while, then a slow song came on, and I left for the punch bowl, but you pulled me back and danced slow with me. I could feel your breath against my neck; it was driving me up the fucking wall! I mean, you prolly didn't know, did you? Then again, you prolly did, I ended up in your bed. But, I'm getting sidetracked here.

We danced, and then you danced off somewhere, with others. I watched you for a bit. You were an amazing sight to watch.

Your hair, bouncing with the beat as you danced, your tight black t-shirt hugging your body, your leather pants, tight in all the right spots. Those damned belts, jingling whenever you moved. Your Griever pendant silver and shiny, drawing the eye to your chest. Then your smile...it was weird to see you grinning, or laughing. And oh! How you laughed!

I needed to be elsewhere for a while, and lost track of you for a while, but you found me later. It was... around 3 in the morning when you found me. You walked towards me, pushed me against the wall and kissed me. Hard and rough, and every thought I had while dancing with you came rushing back into my head.

Thoughts of fucking you... of you fucking me. It all went through my head, in like, a nano second. I thought I was sleeping, that I was in some kind of dream, till you bit my lip, the quick flash of pain was enough to tell me that, no, it wasn't a dream.

We stumbled into your room, and you kept kissing at me, nibbling at my lips. I could taste something on your lips, on your tongue, something tangy, and sweet...but bitter, with a sting to it. I tried to ask you what it was and you sniggered and licked at my throat, which sent any coherent thought out of my head.

Soon, I found my clothes being torn off of me in a flurry. I stood naked before you, blinking at the change I seen in you. Your mouth, however, had different ideas then answering questions.

My questions died on my lips as you wrapped your mouth around my cock and hummed. My hands gripped your hair and I bucked my hips.

You sucked and sucked, and my mind went off the deep end when you slid a finger into my ass. I arched my back and cried out. You stopped, I whimpered. You stood in front of me, and turned quickly to a large paper bag. You had tiny tubes of paper in your hands and you ripped them open quickly, dumping the contents on the table. I let my eyebrow rise and picked up one of the paper tubes you dumped to the floor. I read its label. "Pixie Stix." hmm, that would explain your hyperness.

I didn't have a moment to question you, as you shoved me against and onto the table. I gasped as you slide a couple fingers into me. I whimpered. This was all so fast, so rough. Not really the way I would want to be fucked by you. But, I wasn't going to turn this down.

You worked my ass, watching me buck against the table, arch up and cry out. You pulled your fingers out, and flipped me over. I waited in anticipation for you to slide your cock into me...but you didn't, not right away. First, you licked all that sugar off my body, off of my back, off of my ass. I gasped when you first licked my back, whimpered when you licked the powdery tart sugar off of my ass, and I moaned when your tongue flicked against my hole. You pushed your tongue in a bit, causing me to arch upwards and cry out. That was enough you figured... I guess. You gripped my hips and shoved your cock into me.

I placed my forehead against the table and found it coated in powder. Every time I breathed, I blew a bit more away from me. When I let out my gasps and cries as you fucked me, I ended up blowing more away from me. But you, I could feel you licking at my skin, tasting the sugar that was still there.

I impaled myself further onto your cock when I felt your calloused hand slip around my cock. You began stroking me, your skin, felt weird, and rough, gritty but oh so good.

It was just before my orgasm hit me that it dawned on me, that you had put your hand in the sugar on the table, and then proceeded to stroke me with that same hand.

I arched into you, my arms bending back, gripping your shoulders as I came onto the sugar-coated table. You finished almost right after me, your cries, my name, escaping from your lips...

You pulled out, and leaned against my back, your fingers coming around to the front, to trail through my come on the table. You licked it off of your fingers, and fed some to me. I could taste the pixie stix flavour of cherry.

We made our way to bedroom. Collapsed into your bed, and then I asked about the bite marks on your body. You had told me, those were from the others.

I was surprised. I never would have pegged you as a slut...but then, I know better. You were on a sugar high. The flavoured pixie stix made you loosen up...

And, that's what I remember.... that was my recollection of what happened with you last night.

You sit, a bit stunned and slowly you nod.

"I need to find the others...find out what they remember..."

You walk into your bedroom and get dressed. I, however, reach over and pluck up a pixie stix tube from the counter. I down the sugar and grin.

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