Somewhat Damaged

Part Sixteen

By Scarlet Fever

Seifer sighed, checking his watch again. It seemed that he had checked it a million times in the past five minutes. The warm June air caressed his handsome face as he waited at the Deling Station. He was waiting for Squall. His lover had called him the night before from Balamb and said that he had been transferred. Seifer was now overjoyed. For the past six months, they had been doing the long distance thing, which was driving both of them retarded. Only seeing each other for a weekend every now and then wasnít doing it, and phoning every night wasnít the same as having a warm body next to you while you slept. It had been a two months since Seifer had last seen Squall, and his level of sexual frustration was through the roof. It didnít help that Raijin and Fujin were all lovey-dovey now. Over their vacation, Raijin had proposed, so now they were getting married.

Seiferís eyes lit up at the train entered the station. He wanted to feel Squallís body in his arms so badly. And he was getting tired of ranting and complaining to Zell, who now lived in Deling, who in fact now lived in Seiferís spare bedroom. He had decided that military life wasnít for him and entered university, where he was majoring in psychology. Quistis was now a teacher at Galbadia Garden, and lived there, too. Seifer sort of rolled his eyes, thinking about them being one big happy family, but he didnít care, as long as he was with Squall.

For the first time in a really, really long time, Seifer was completely content. He wasnít letting things bother him anymore. He would still get depressed at times, but it never reached the fathomless magnitudes that it once had. He didnít think about ending his life on a daily basis. It was just too good right now. Things were finally working out for him.

Things had been bad when Squall had first gone back to Balamb, and the Phaelan thing was still an issue. Seiferís loneliness was staggering, and his nerves were on edge because he was afraid he would get caught. Phaelan had died from Seiferís attack, and the case had been closed. His former lover had many more enemies that just Seifer, and the officials just let the issue die. Seifer never felt any remorse for what he had done. He had killed more worthwhile people that Phaelan when he had been under Ultimeciaís control.

He looked up, breaking his reverie. Squall was getting off the train, his carry-on bag flung over one shoulder. He looked up, happiness flushing his features. He walked over to Seifer, resisting the urge to run to him. He put his bag on the ground, embracing his lover. Neither of them cared if anyone was watching. He tilted his face up, meeting Seiferís lips in a hungry kiss. Seifer tangled his fingers in Squallís brown hair, which was now highlighted with streaks of fire engine red.

"Did you miss me?" Squall asked lazily, pulling away.

"No." Seifer sighed. "I was hoping you wouldnít come. Zellís looking good to me, now."

Squall laughed, picking up a couple more suitcases. Seifer picked up the rest. "You are such a bastard."

Seifer smirked. "Thatís why you love me."

"No," Squall protested, putting his suitcases in the back of Seiferís Jeep. Raijin and Fujin had sold Seifer the car when they had bought a new Explorer.

"I love you because you give good head." Squall stated, getting in the car.

"Oh, I thought it was because you liked actually spending time with me."

"Well, you were wrong." Squall grinned, kissing Seifer passionately, his hands reaching for Seiferís groin.

"Hey now!" Seifer feebly protested. "Wait until we get home."

Squall simply smiled, settling back in his seat, letting his happiness wash over him. He was actually going Ďhomeí with Seifer. Not just staying for the weekend. That feeling was the best feeling he had ever experienced, next to the first time Seifer had fucked him. He looked over at his lover as he started the car.

"I love you, Seifer."

"I know. I love you too, Squall."



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