Chapter Eleven

By Sniffles

I wake when something wet touches my cheek. Confused I blink my eyes open and stare up at Kiros.. and Seifer? What the hell? How did he get here? What is he doing in Esthar... wait?... I'm not in Esthar. Confused, I sit up and look around. "You're awake." Kiros' voice breaks as he reaches up and cups my cheeks in his hands. He looks like he's been crying.. but why would he be crying?

Where am I? What's going on? The last thing I remember is... is kissing Kiros, but he pushed me away and I must have passed out. Erg. How embarassing. I feel my cheeks heating. And now he's sitting here, so close to me, holding my face in his hands. "K-Kiros? What's... what's going on?" I stutter, glancing from Seifer, back to Kiros.

Kiros frowns. His hands drop to my shoulders. He looks at Seifer. The two share a look, then two sets of worried eyes focus on me. Ah! I hate being the center of attention. It makes me nervous. "Where are we?" I look around curiously, I really don't remember this place. It looks like a park or something.

"You're at Balamb Garden... Laguna... what is the last thing you remember?" Seifer asks softly. His voice makes me shiver. There's something about that voice. It's incredibly sexy. I glance at him out of the corner of my eye. Down boy! Down! I tell my rebellious body, but it doesn't listen... of course.

I'm turning into such a sick pervert. Ah well. There are worse things. I could be attracted to females....

"Well uh.... Kiros and I were... uh... in my office in Esthar.." I know I'm blushing. Damn. If it was dark out my red face would light up the area.

"And you kissed me. I pushed you away? Is that the.. last thing you remember?" Kiros asks softly, his voice hitching strangely.

"Um.." Since when has Kiros been blunt? He's got this really odd expression on his face. He looks.. hopeful? "Y-yeah..."

Kiros sighs deeply, his eyes slide shut. His hands squeeze my shoulders so hard it's almost painful. Seifer shakes his head slowly, "All right..."

"A lot has happened since then Laguna." Kiros whispers, he opens his eyes and he's smiling. I've never seen him smile like that before. That silly, joyful smile makes my stomach lurch. I wanna' kiss him. I start to lean towards him and quickly stop myself, remembering what happened last time I kissed him.

"Why.. why can't I remember?" I ask him softly, more to divert my attention than anything else. Right now, I don't really care. I just want to kiss Kiros silly... or maybe kiss myself silly?... does that make sense? I suppose not. But then I don't make sense very often. Kiros complains about it bitterly... heh...

"You were... surprised by something and passed out. You hit your head on a rock when you landed. You had another head injury a few days ago and I think this new bump just wiped your memory..." Kiros' hands trail into my hair. He cradles the back of my head, his fingers brushing a sore spot near my neck.

I wince in pain. He quickly pulls his fingers away. I glance at his fingers and shudder in horror. "I'm.. bleeding?" Ah shit. I can't stand blood. Especially MY blood. Ugh...

Kiros quickly wipes his hand on the grass. "Just calm down. You'll be all right."

"We should get him to the doctor." Seifer says quietly.

"Right." Kiros stands, pulling me to my feet as he does. Suddenly he bends down and I find my feet in the air. Surprised I look at Kiros with wide eyes.

"Wh-why are you carrying me?" I stutter, embarassed and yet delighted at this strange move.

"Because I want to." Kiros says, he's smiling warmly at me, and my brain shuts down.

"Before we go... Laguna... I love you."

"wh-what?" I'm hearing things. I MUST be hearing things.

"I. Love. You." Kiros repeats, placing a soft kiss on my forehead. Then he started to walk and I had no chance to respond intelligently... not that I could respond intelligently if I did have the chance.

I'm not known for being intelligent.

Seifer follows us to the infirmary.

And I'm left to wonder why.

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