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Author's Notes: um.. well, it was a birthday ficcie.. and the idea of Squall being on a sugar high, just kinda got me wondering, what would happen. And much thanks to Gnome for pushing, and reading, and for Lex, who also read.

Sugar High

Part 3

By Hecate's Brat


I get dressed and leave Zell in my room. I start walking towards the Quad, my mind still sorta reels from the information that Zell told me. And he mentioned that there were others. I was now on a quest to find out what all happened last night.

My footsteps echoed slightly in the hallway then dull as I enter the Quad. The sound of water flowing calms me a bit.

I go down the steps and hear laughter. In the distance I can see Selphie and Irvine cleaning up and laughing.

They look up when they hear my footfalls. Selphie drops her armload and tackles me. I brace myself for the fall and she lands heavily on me.

"Oomph, Squall! You're awake! How do you feel?" She asks me, smiling brightly. I don't know how she gets her teeth so damn bright, but they shine, and it being early, its just wrong.

I look over at the auburn cowboy, looking for help with Selphie. He grins a bit wider and shakes his head.

I sigh and sit up, letting Selphie slide to the floor between my legs. Suddenly she stands up and puts her hands on her hips, glaring down at me.

Slowly I get up, my body deciding to show me how much in pain it is. I wince and nearly stumble. Irvine quickly drops his armload of trash and runs to my side, helping me up. He gets me into a standing position and smirks a shy smile at me. I grin back, but I'm uncertain of why he's grinning like that at me. His eyes hold a secret too. I wish I remembered more of last night. I know that his smile and secret bedroom eyes hold something of me there.

"Hey! Squall!" Selphie grabs my arm and turns me around to look at her.

"Yes?" I blink and look at her.

"You took off so many times last night! I set this party up for you and you kept taking off! Where did you go!?"

I blink at her. I kept taking off? My mind sets up images for me. Trying to put together why I have bite marks all over my body, and the new fact of me taking off during the night. That just leaves a thought lingering in my mind of how many other people do I have to talk to?

"SQUALL!!" I blink out of my thoughts and look at Selphie

"I'm sorry. I don't remember much from last night. I'm trying to get everyone else's view of what happened, so I can figure out what happened to me."

A brief look of worry flickers over the short brunette's face. I give her a small smile, to try to relax her.

"Don't worry. I remember most of the party, but it's later that I don't remember."

A rich baritone voice gets my attention, and I turn to Irvine. "That would be from your sugar high... coz, you didn't drink lots. You had maybe three coolers, and a bit of whiskey with me."

"Whiskey with you? Umm... okay, I guess I have to talk to you next then." I whisper.

Irvine laughs a deep and wonderful throaty laugh, then says, "Nope...you need to talk to two other people before you talk to me. I mean, if you want the events in a semi chronological order."

Selphie blinks and her jaw drops open at Irvine's comment. "What are you talking about!? You know why he kept leaving all night?! IRVINE KINNEAS!"

Irvine dips his head and grins. "I um, need to go and clean up more..." he quickly jogs to the pile of trash he dropped, just barely missing Selphie's foot connecting with his ass. Selphie turns and looks at me. "Well, this is a story I need to hear later!"

I just grin at her and start to leave.

"Look for Nida!" Irvine calls out, picking more streamer tatters off the floor. I nod and decide to head for the bridge.

I wait as the elevator reaches the metallic cockpit and locks. I look at Xu and nod.

She smiles at me and nods. "How are you feeling? Any older?"

I roll my eyes with a grin. "No. I am thankful, however, that you didn't give me the bumps last night."

Nida chuckles from the helm.

I turn my attention to the dark haired pilot. "I need to talk to you."

I can hear him sigh softly.

"Xu, can you please excuse us? And don't even think of turning the intercom on." I wink at her. The petite brunette smiles and takes the elevator platform down.

I wait till I hear it docking down below, and then I turn to Nida. I sit down where Xu was standing. I hear Nida place the autopilot on and turn towards me. He sits down beside me.

"So, what did you need to talk to me about?"

I swallow, feeling nervous. I have no idea why I feel nervous around Nida, but I do.

"Okay. I can't remember much of last night, because of my sugar high. So, I'm going to people, and asking what happened. Irvine told me to come to you. So, I'm here. What do you remember?"

Nida's chocolate brown eyes widen in surprise then close while he chuckles.

I sigh. "Everyone finds that funny apparently."

Nida sighs a bit and smiles. I watch his full lips spread in a smile and my mind flashes me an image of those lips, swollen and sucking on fingers. I shake my head and turn to look at him.

"Well let's see. What do I remember?" he rolls his shoulders and starts undoing his jacket. My eyes are glued to him, watching him slowly pull his jacket off. He's dressed in a white muscle shirt, a simple wife-beater. But he looks amazing wearing that and his SeeD uniform pants. His muscles are nicely toned. I look into his face, that stunning face that looks Asian. His cheek bones, high and elegant, and his eyebrow, expressive and oddly thin.

He smiles at me.

"What?" I ask.

"You gave me that same look last night."

"I did? And what look is that?" I rest my arms behind me, and relax a bit. All nervousness has left me now.

"The look like you want to eat me alive. And in some sense you did."

I blink and feel another look of surprise slip over my face. He laughs then pulls up his shirt hem, revealing nicely developed ab muscles and a couple bite marks.

"I did that?" I ask as my pale fingers run over his tan coloured skin.

He inhales sharply as my fingers slide over the bite marks.

He lets his shirt drop. "I gave you a few at your request also. A couple on your bicep, and one on your shoulder. Of course, you came to me with lots of bites already...and I'm sure you would have gotten more."

I nod. "Tell me what happened."

"Alright. This is what happened when you were with me."


I was coming off the bridge to join the party for a bit; I barely got through the door when I got paged. I had seen the streamers and the lights going to the beat of the music, which was picked out well.

I made my way back to the bridge, wondering what had happened. I didn't recognize the voice, though I should have, everyone should have. It was your voice.

I got up to the bridge, to find your jacket hanging off of the helm. I looked at you, asking you if you were all right. You simply nodded and smiled wider. You handed me these tubes of paper and downed a few yourself. I asked what they were. I didn't want to be taking drugs while I was supposed to be working.

"No, they aren't drugs silly Nida. Its sugar. They're Pixie Stix." And saying that, you downed more.

I opened one and tried it. It was, different. The pooling of powdered flavoured sugar around my tongue was...an interesting sensation.

We sat and talked for a while. It was all nonsense stuff. Our work mainly. You asked if I wanted to do more than just drive the Garden, or if I was content doing that. I said it last night, and I'll say it again. I love driving the Garden.

You had a few more pixie stix and then, you gave me this look. It was one of hunger. I was shocked. I've never seen that look on your face, until a few moments ago.

You slid closer to me, and leaned in closer to me. I tilted my head and just watched you. You smiled, a mischievous look in your eye and then you pressed your lips against my shoulder. I didn't know what you were trying to do. Suddenly, you bit me. I gasped in disbelief, more from the initial shock from it than the bite itself. You pulled away and grinned at me.

Suddenly, I felt passion run through me. I tackled you and pinned you to the ground. You looked up at me with disbelief in your eyes. I leaned over you and bit you back, on the shoulder, where you bit me.

As I bit you, you arched your back under me, moaning.

I sat back and looked at you. Mischief was coursing through my veins like the sugar I took in, followed by lust.

I locked the elevator up here and stripped you naked. I remember you gasping when your bare ass hit the cold metal floor. I laughed. You smacked me for laughing. I smacked you back. You grinned at me.

I got off of you and slowly took my clothes off, dropping them to the floor. I watched you, your body as I disrobed. Your cock grew and the tip grew shiny with pre-cum and you started panting. I started taking my boots off, but you told me to stop. I believe you said, "I want you to fuck me with your boots on." And of course, how could I deny you that?

I took your belts and tied your wrists to your ankles. I slowly rolled you over onto your knees, letting your ass stick up in the air. Your shoulders pressing against the cold metal floor.

I barely heard your voice as it asked me, "What do you plan on doing with me now?"

I pretended to think a bit, and then asked you, "What do you think I should do with you?"

You chuckled a bit, then said, "Spank me."

Well, I could feel my jaw drop at that one, but again, I didn't deny you it. I geared up and slapped your ass. I heard you cry out, the sound echoing in the small area. I was going to stop, but then I heard you whisper out, "Again. And do it harder."

I felt a grin spread over my face and I did. I slapped your pale ass as hard as I could. You whimpered and moaned like a whore. I had to stop for a moment. Your pale cheeks were glaringly red, handprints on them. You whimpered for more, but instead, I licked where I had just slapped, and then blew cold air over them. You mewled like a cat in heat. You started wiggling your ass in the air at me.

I refused to fuck you then. I moved in front of you and made you suck on my cock for a while. I shuddered when your lips wrapped around my cock, and the way you sucked on me. I could only take so much. I had to stop you.

You whimpered and moaned. I lay down and positioned myself under your hips; I leaned up wards and sucked on your dripping cock. I could feel your hips trying to buck, but you were held back by the way you were bound. I moved my mouth away and asked you, "Do you want me to fuck you now?" Every word I spoke I let my hot breath flow against your cock. You whimpered and moaned out a...how did you put it. "Yes, fuck yes!"

I moved myself from under your body and reached into my boot. Your eyes squinted in thought at that. I pulled out some kiwi lube and grinned at you. I moved behind you and again, licked at the fading handprints. I blew across them again and slid my fingers into your ass. You arched and pushed back onto them. I thrust my fingers in and out of you, lubing you up. I could feel that you didn't really need it. I pulled my fingers out, and parted your cheeks, and let my tongue flick against your hole. You howled and tried to move away from me. I gripped your hips and licked again. I could taste the kiwi I just put there, and cherry flavouring too. I wondered who used that. You didn't tell me though.

I lubed up my cock a bit and slide it into you slowly. You tried pushing back onto me, but I refused to let you do that. I went slower as a bit of punishment. You whimpered out for me to take you faster. I told you no. Finally when I was fully in you, I reached around your body and slowly stroked your cock. I stroked you in a slow rhythm, same pace as my hips pumping against you.

I remember what you said next. "Nida, if you don't hurry up and fuck me hard, I will demote you." I was in shock. I never thought you would say that. I was scared a bit.

"Really? You would demote me?" I asked you, fear, evident in my voice.

"No." you told me. "I couldn't do that. But please.... I'm sorry Nida... please fuck me."

I was a bit upset by that, and I slapped your ass again. You jumped and then begged for more.

I slapped your ass with one hand, stroked your ass and fucked you all at the same time. I think me slapping your ass was the thing pushed you over the edge.

I could hear your screams echoing in the cockpit and it made me shiver. I had to stop slapping your ass, gripped your hips, and thrust into you for all I was worth.

I could feel your come shoot over my hand and you shudder and that moan you let out was... amazing. That's what pushed me over my edge. I had to grip your hips and let my orgasm rip through me.

I waited a bit, and then pulled out of you. I leaned into you, and licked at a bit of my come that started flowing down your thigh. I let my tongue flick to the bit of come on your hip from my hand. I let you suck on my fingers, let you lick your come off of my fingers.

Afterwards, you struggled against the belts, and I undid them. We sat on the cool metal flooring and let our breathing return to regular. You slowly got dressed and handed me my clothes. I dressed slowly. I had nowhere to go.

Before I let you go, I kissed you softly and thanked you, and wished you a happy birthday. You nodded slowly and handed me another pixie stick.

I did notice the bite mark on your inner thigh though. Do you remember who gave that to you?

I watch you shake your head at me.

And so, that's my tale of my time with you. You should probably seek out Irvine or Seifer.

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