Soap Opera

Chapter Four

By J. Marie

Warning!!!!!!!! This is a lemon yaoi fanfiction starring Seifer Almasy and Squall Leonhart from Final Fantasy VIII, and featuring supporting roles by, um, well, everybody. It is rated NC-17. If you guys don't know what yaoi is, or how old you need to be to read this story by now, you are truly a stupid person. And if you are said stupid person, allow me to give you one final piece of advice. Don't breed. Spare humanity the suffering of the continuity of your bloodline. With that said, I would like to say thanks to a lot of people before I write this story. Damn, I sound like I'm taking an Emmy home or something. Anyways, I would like to thank Dark Angel Genesis, who I don't really talk to anymore, but I would still like to thank her. A lot of these characterizations are inspired by her own. And Selphie's "little touch of sunshine" line came straight from Dark Angel Genesis' mouth (it comes later in the story). I would also like to thank Scarlet Fever, who wrote this awesome story called "Somewhat Damaged" on her site and I read it. Not only did I enjoy it, but I was bitten by the Seifer x Squall muse again. Gods, I love this pairing. I would also like to thank SorceressKnight, my new, and much harried, assistant. He works really hard, guys. This is a truly nice person. I don't deserve help like this. With all my thanks said, I would now like to prepare you for this story. Not only will this fic be filled with romance, angst, hot lemony sex, and my own sly sense of humor (I wonder if anyone else thinks I'm funny?), but I will be Rinoa bashing. I'm gonna rip her up one side and down the other. And I'm gonna enjoy doing it. I'll do a little Selphie bashing for good measure, but Rinoa is going to get crucified. *wicked grin* The story takes place six months after the end of Final Fantasy VIII and has nothing to do with my other FF8 stories. Oh, Dirk and Madison make a return in this story, but they're not father and son in this story, so don't worry. And this story will be long and in a few chapters..... So don't worry, the bashing may not be immediate, but I'll get meaner and meaner.....

Squall returned to Balamb Garden with his heart doing flip flops.

He was going to talk to Seifer. What was he suppose to talk about? That the fact that just seeing Seifer drove him wild? The fact that Squall wanted to be stripped naked and have Seifer fuck his brains out? How he felt about Seifer?

This was not going to be easy.

Squall made it to Seifer's door, grateful that Seifer had been moved to a private dorm since his promotion to SeeD. He stared at it for a while, trying to get the nerve to knock. It was the middle of the night.

Squall swallowed, and knocked on the door timidly. He felt like an idiot.

The door opened after a couple minutes, revealing a sleepy looking Seifer. Seifer immediately snapped fully awake when he realized who was standing at his door. Seifer was wearing only a pair of jogging pants.

"Um, hi," was all Squall could think of to say.

"Hi..." Seifer grinned, opening the door wide. "Want to come in?"

"Um, sure," Squall mumbled, trying to slip past Seifer without brushing against him.

"I thought you were on vacation," Seifer said, clearing a space on his couch for Squall to sit down on.

Squall sat down tentatively, feeling foolish. "I, uh.... still am," he said nervously, chewing on his bottom lip.

Seifer's eyes involuntarily roamed Squall's figure. Squall was wearing a pair of baggy black pants, and had on a white shirt and black vest. He smelled of Tommy Hilfiger cologne. Seifer resisted the urge to rip the sexy brunette's clothing off.

"So what brings you to me?" Seifer asked, sitting down next to Squall, relaxed.

Squall seemed coiled like a tight spring, and as jumpy as a Mexican jumping bean. "I, uh... talked to Quistis," Squall said quietly, staring at his hands.

"So did I. She told me you ran away from everybody this morning," Seifer said coolly.

"I was upset. I found Laguna fucking Sis," Squall said, still angry.


"So, Laguna's my father. Ellone's practically my sister. And he was shagging her like a whore," Squall muttered.

"Good for him. Practically and is are two different things, Squall. Laguna did nothing wrong. Sure, maybe it's a little odd for him to be dating someone he took care of as a little girl, but it's not unheard of. As long as she was willing, I see no problem," Seifer shrugged.

Squall swallowed and sighed. "She was willing. She said that they loved each other....."

"That's even better. At least your father won't be lonely."

"Yeah, I guess."

"I don't think you came here to tell me that."

"No... I didn't...." Squall sighed, and closed his eyes for a moment, trying to compose himself.

"Then what....?"

"I talked to someone else today too. Kiros."

"Really? What about?"

Squall closed his eyes again, garnering his inner strength. "I told him I had a sexual dysfunction, because of my inability to perform for Rinoa," he said quietly.

Seifer blinked. This was not the sort of thing Squall talked about. "What'd he say?" Seifer asked gently.

"He told me I was gay. I told him he was wrong." Squall stared at his hands.

"I see."

"He might have been right."

"Might?" Seifer raised an eyebrow.

"When we kissed that night... It... it...." Squall trailed off, not looking up.

"It was incredible," Seifer whispered, reaching out and pressing his hand against Squall's hot face.

"Why do you do this to me, Seifer? I want you... I was fine until you showed back up. What'd you have to go and wake up my sex drive for?" Squall muttered with bitterness.

Seifer leaned in close, not taking his hand from Squall's cheek. "I've dreamed of you every night since I was twelve years old...." Seifer whispered.

"I'm going to get married, and you had to come along, all grown up. Why can't you act like the jerk who use to beat me up?" Squall moaned, feeling Seifer pull his smaller body against the blonde's naked chest.

"I used to beat you up because I wanted to stop wanting you back then..... I didn't want to be gay back then either. Especially since you seemed not to care about anyone but yourself. I was an asshole then....." Seifer whispered, nuzzling his face against Squall's soft brown hair, smelling coconut shampoo.

"You make me feel alive, Seifer..." Squall said, closing his eyes, feeling tingly at Seifer's touch.

"Let me make love to you, Squall..... Please..." Seifer pleaded.

Squall looked up into Seifer's cat green eyes. "Make love to me, Seifer..." Squall whispered, never having wanted anything so badly in his entire life.

Seifer brought Squall into his lap, tilting the sexy brunette's head up. Their gazes met even as their faces drew closer. Their tongues slid out, meeting each other in the small space between their faces. Their lips met and enveloped the other's, their tongues never parting. Seifer found Squall's face to be incredibly smooth.

Seifer let his hands wander to Squall's vest, and pulled it off, even as they kissed. Seifer wondered how anyone could taste so good, feel so good. Seifer's hands dropped to Squall's belts and began to unbuckle them, wishing the pretty boy would stop wearing so many.

Squall's hands explored Seifer's naked chest, massaging the toned muscles he found there. Seifer's body felt incredible against his hands. While touching Rinoa made Squall nauseous, touching Seifer made Squall incredibly aroused. Squall felt his belts removed and moaned softly, his entire body feeling hot at the mere thought of what Seifer was going to do to him.

Seifer practically ripped the rest of Squall's clothing off, but was careful not to tear them. He gazed down at the blushing Squall, admiring his naked form. "Christ, Squall... You're like a wet dream come to life," Seifer sighed, running a hand down Squall's smooth chest.

"Um, thanks......" Squall said timidly, dropping his eyelids. He felt exposed and vulnerable.

Seifer sighed and leaned over to nibble on Squall's earlobe, his hands running across the smoothness of Squall's chest. He gently pushed Squall down on the couch, laying the sultry brunette flat against the cushions. Squall squirmed slightly, staring up at Seifer. Seifer was already panting, just staring at him. Squall was so beautiful. His porcelain skin was framed against the dark cushions of Seifer's couch, flushed with body heat and arousal. Squall's eyes were a deep blue, and giving Seifer the most sultry look anyone had ever given him.

"Are you going to stare at me all night?" Squall whined.

Seifer smiled. "Only part of the night... The rest of it, I'm gonna shag you rotten, baby," the tall blonde chuckled, kissing Squall gently on the lips.

Squall sighed, pressing his body against Seifer's, irritated that the cloth of Seifer' pants blocked their bodies from completely touching. He slipped his hands down and began to tug the pants down, wanting Seifer naked. Seifer chuckled and helped Squall remove his pants and threw them to the side, in the direction of Squall's.

Squall looked down, admiring Seifer's perfect body. It was muscular, yet still slim. His peaches and cream complexion shone in the dim light, without blemish. Squall's breath caught at the sight of Seifer's endowment, nestled beneath a triangle of curly golden hair.

"Like what you see, Squally?" Seifer whispered, moving his lips down to Squall's collarbone, nibbling softly.

"That could be considered a dangerous weapon in some circles," Squall giggled, his entire body flushed with sexual energy.

Seifer had never heard Squall giggle before. It pleased him. "It'll feel great once you get used to it's size..... Then you'll be glad I'm such a stud," Seifer laughed, kissing Squall's pectoral muscles.

Squall ran his hands through Seifer's hair, smiling. He felt free with Seifer, free of his responsibilities and the shackles of society. Just touching Seifer was erotic. He gasped when Seifer found a nipple with his soft lips. Squall felt Seifer spread his legs wide, and slipped his strong form between them, resting his larger body against Squall's smaller one. He returned his attention to Squall's right nipple, snaking out his tongue to meet the warm flesh, lapping slightly at the sensitive bud. Squall moaned, arching his chest to meet Seifer's mouth. Seifer gently took the nipple in his mouth, sucking on it gently, and bringing up his other hand to squeeze and caress the other nipple. Squall gave a few short gasps, this simple introduction to pleasure more than he had ever experienced before.

Seifer felt Squall grow completely hard against his stomach, and pushed himself up, smiling down at his sexy lover. Squall moaned in disappointment as Seifer's mouth left his nipple, giving Seifer his best pout.

"Do you have any fantasies, Squall?" Seifer whispered, running his hands up and down Squall's chest and stomach, careful not to go too far south.

"I.. No..." Squall whispered, blushing furiously. How was he suppose to answer a question like that?

"I know you do, Squall. Tell me about one. I'll see if I can fulfill it....." Seifer whispered, kissing Squall gently on his lips.

Squall closed his eyes. Seifer was between his legs, the blonde's washboard stomach pressed up against his erection. Squall could feel Seifer's. They were completely naked. But Squall still felt embarrassed to talk about it. "I..... have this dream, sometimes," he whispered, licking his lips.

"What do you dream about?" Seifer whispered, stroking Squall's sides.

"I dream about you..... You.... I can't say it," Squall sighed, finding the the words unable to leave his mouth.

"What? I'll do anything you want me to do, Squall. I'm your slave tonight. Give me a command," Seifer purred, running a tongue down Squall's throat.

"It's kinda weird... You probably won't want to do it," Squall sighed. He had always been ashamed of the dream, but it had always turned him on.

"Tell me, and I'll decide," Seifer whispered., stroking the outside of Squall's thighs now.

"I dream... about... you're sucking on me....." Squall sighed, turning red. Trying to be open about sexuality was so foreign to him.

"That's all? I dream that all the time, too... Pretty common...." Seifer chuckled. Squall's embarrassment was actually turning him on.

"But you move down.... past my balls... to my..." Squall stopped, closing his eyes in embarrassment. He was suppose to talk about this out loud?

"I see. It's called rimming, Squall. And it would be my pleasure...." Seifer chuckled, kissing Squall on the lips. He kissed Squall's throat then, moving down to his collar bone and kissed the indentation there. He moved down the line between Squall's pectorals, kissing his way to Squall's stomach, kissing his abs before moving down to lick out Squall's belly button. Squall moaned, unable to believe this was really happening. It was too much.

Seifer left Squall's belly button, kissing his way through Squall's chocolate colored pubic hair, and found the base of Squall's erection. Squall moaned again, arching his hips up slightly to meet Seifer's questing lips. Seifer grinned, and kissed his way up the shaft of Squall's cock, resting his lips on Squall's tip. Squall gasped loudly, arching up again. Seifer couldn't believe his fortune. Having Squall moan to his every action was a dream in reality. He only prayed he wouldn't wake up.

Seifer slipped his tongue out, tasting Squall's slit. The sexy brunette cried out loudly, his body quivering beneath Seifer now. Seifer explored the slit for awhile, tasting Squall's precum. Seifer had always liked the taste of cum, but Squall tasted like an addictive drug Seifer couldn't get enough of. Seifer opened his mouth slightly and suckled gently on Squall's tip, pressing Squall back down when the brunette tried to arch up to be engulfed. He reluctantly withdrew from Squall's tip and licked his way down the underside of Squall's shaft. Squall didn't seem to stop moaning.

Seifer paused to lick the area between the base of Squall's shaft and his scrotum. He could feel Squall's thighs tighten around his shoulders. He moved down again, lapping at the soft flesh of Squall's scrotum, listening to the symphony of Squall's cries of pleasure. He suckled gently on the flesh, listening to Squall suck in his air before crying out again. Seifer chuckled and withdrew, pinching Squall's butt.

"Hands and knees..." Seifer ordered. Squall blinked, not entirely lucid with all the blood drained from his head, but did as he was told, rolling over and coming to his hands and knees.

Seifer grinned at the prize that was presented to him. Squall's ass had quite the fan following in Balamb Garden. He gripped Squall's cheeks, squeezing gently, listening to Squall pant. He leaned over and pressed his face against the soft flesh, rubbing his cheek against Squall's cheek. Squall moaned, more from neglect than anything else. Seifer grinned and spread Squall's cheeks, snaking out a tongue to meet Squall's virgin entry.

Squall bucked, and cried out when Seifer lapped at his opening, digging his fingernails into the cushions of Seifer's couch. He felt the tongue probe inside him and Squall thought he was going to die. The wet tongue rubbed inside him and Squall thought he was going to scream himself raw. It was better than Squall's fantasy, by a thousand fold. Seifer seemed completely engrossed in licking him out, his tongue alternating from probing Squall's entry to lapping at the surrounding area. Seifer was driving Squall crazy with pleasure. The brunette was dripping onto the cushions, pressing back against Seifer's mouth.

Seifer reached up and stroked Squall's leaking shaft, pumping the organ in his hand. Squall cried out loudly, coming hard, exploding onto Seifer's hand. Squall's body gave out and he collapsed onto Seifer's couch, still breathing heavily.

"Oh, god, Seifer......... I thought I was going to die..." Squall moaned, feeling his lithe body picked up in Seifer's strong arms.

"I am going to die if I don't have you right now...." Seifer said in a hoarse voice, his own erection throbbing in need.

Squall was placed gently down on Seifer's bed, enjoying the sensation of Seifer's soft linen sheets against his bare flesh. Seifer reached over to turn on his stereo, and Squall sighed at the soft sounds of Seifer's Delirium CD. Seifer pulled out a bottle of strawberry flavored oil, and smiled seductively at Squall.

"Now you're going to fulfill my fantasy, Squall. It's simple, but I've wanted to do it to you for too long to be denied," Seifer moaned hoarsely, spreading Squall's legs wide.

Squall closed his eyes when Seifer's finger slipped inside him, lubricating his entry. He was already completely relaxed, so the probing didn't hurt at all. Squall opened his eyes when Seifer handed the sultry brunette the bottle. "Put it on me, koibito," Seifer whispered.

Squall smiled his sexiest smile and dripped the oil onto his hands, then reached over to gently rub it on Seifer's impressive length. Seifer sighed happily, closing his eyes at Squall's delicate touch. Squall's soft, delicate hands worked the oil in gently, and Seifer thought he would go mad. He grabbed the smaller man's slim wrist and took his hand away.

"No more, or I'm not going to be able to hold out....." Seifer moaned, taking the bottle away from Squall and throwing it to the side.

Squall smiled again, feeling aroused again as Seifer pressed him back down into the sheets. Seifer spread the brunette's thighs as wide as they would go, positioning himself between them. Squall wrapped his legs around Seifer's waist, and lifted his hips as Seifer pushed against his virgin entry.

"Take me, Seifer... Please......." Squall mewled, wanting to know what it felt like to have Seifer inside him.

Seifer's face contorted at the words he'd only dreamed of hearing. If this was a dream, he never wanted to wake up. He slowly slid inside Squall, trying to be as gentle as possible. Squall's body quivered and he gasped in a mix of pain and pleasure. He was completely relaxed, but the shock of stretching to accommodate Seifer's size still hurt.

"Shhh... Shhhh... It'll fade," Seifer cooed comfortingly, hating to see his beloved Squall in pain. He took a hand to Squall's growing arousal and began to massage his shaft and scrotum, giving Squall more pleasure. Squall mewled, squirming as his body adjusted. Seifer began to thrust gently into Squall's slender frame, thrusting to the rhythm of the ethereal music of his Delirium CD.

Squall arched back, pleasure overcoming pain as Seifer massaged his balls. Seifer arched slightly, and found Squall's spot almost immediately, and thrust right into it. Squall's eyes fluttered as Seifer thrusted deep within him. He felt incredible again. Like his body was floating in a sea of pleasure. And he was drowning.

Seifer cried out, never having been in anyone so tight. Squall lifted his hips up a little more, allowing Seifer to come completely inside the slender brunette. Seifer didn't think he was going to survive the night like this. Never had he suffered so completely from such ecstasy. He cried out Squall's name like a litany.

Seifer massaged Squall's cock avidly, feeling Squall drip all over his hand. Squall felt the hot trickle of Seifer's precum inside. His body kept rocking with the force Seifer was thrusting into him. Squall felt complete. He didn't want it to end.

They came at the same time, Squall clutching Seifer's arms as he orgasmed, and Seifer pressing his torso against Squall's, their lips meeting as their bodies released. Their orgasm seemed to last forever, making them both come with such force their entire bodies pressed into the other as if they wanted complete and utter union.

They lay tangled in each other's arms, neither wanting to become a separate person just yet.

Squall stroked Seifer's face tenderly, smiling tenderly at his lover. He'd never felt so happy in his entire life.

Seifer opened his eyes again, and kissed Squall's mouth. They had made love several times throughout the night, resting periodically. Seifer's pale green eyes gazed deeply into Squall's dark blue eyes, and he stroked the brunette's face, tracing the scar he had given him last year with his thumb.

Squall sighed contentedly. He was feeling so much, so intensely. How could he put it into words? How could he say what needed to be said?

"I love you, Seifer," Squall whispered, finding the words for his emotions finally.

He felt Seifer's body tense and the saw the pale green eyes widen in surprise. Love? Squall loved him? This wasn't right! Love meant so much, it meant everything. How could Seifer give everything to Squall? How could he let Squall have so much control over him? Love? This was too much, too soon. He felt terrified.

"Don't say that, Squall....." Seifer moaned, pulling away, looking away from the most intense emotions he ever saw in another human being.

Squall sat up, feeling ice grip his heart. "Then what the hell am I suppose to say?" he asked slowly, realizing that Seifer was pulling away. This wasn't right. Squall was the cold one, and Seifer the passionate one. How did this role reversal happen?

"I..... god, Squall. This is too much.. How am I suppose to deal with that? With letting myself be at your mercy? I like you, I like you a lot. But love is a lot to ask of me right now....." Seifer said, facing away.

"I see."

Seifer felt Squall stand up, leaving him. He looked up to see Squall getting dressed, his face colder and more sour than ever before.

"Where are you going?" Seifer asked weakly. He had to stop Squall somehow. Squall couldn't leave him. This was too much, too much emotion, too much feeling. He wasn't ready to commit.

"I'm going back to the woman who's going to be my wife in two months. At least she loves me," Squall said coldly, turning on his heel and quietly walking out of Seifer's room.

Seifer began to sob, not knowing what he was suppose to do now........

Seifer sat in the cafeteria, staring at his new assignment.

He shouldn't have been surprised. The tall blonde angrily crumpled up the paper in his hand. As soon as Squall had come back from vacation, the first thing he did was send Seifer out on assignment for two months. He wouldn't come back until the day before the wedding.

No, Seifer wasn't surprised.

"I can't believe you, Seifer. You had him, and then you let him get away. Do you know he barely talks anymore? He spends all his time by himself, or with Rinoa."

Seifer looked up bleakly at Quistis. The blonde woman looked pissed.

"What the hell was I suppose to do, Quistis? He wanted me to tell him I love him, and I'm not ready for something that deep," Seifer sighed, finishing his cup of coffee.

"So this entire time, all you wanted from him was sex???" Quistis demanded, her eyes flashing.

"No... That wasn't it... I just... Leave me alone, Quistis," Seifer sad, turning his face away.

"You're a coward, Seifer. He scares you, doesn't he? The thought of how you could actually get hurt by him? That night scared the hell out of you, I think. Because you realized that he made you feel vulnerable. And you're scared of being under someone's control again....." Quistis spat.

"Fuck you, bitch. You have no idea what it was like having to be Ultimecia's little pet!! You have no idea how I felt back then!! I was helpless against her!!" Seifer shouted, jumping up from his chair and glaring down at the woman, dwarfing her with his size.

"And the thought of loving Squall makes you feel like that again. Helpless and under someone else's control...... But Squall's not Ultimecia.. He would never use you, Seifer.... Because he's vulnerable to you, too.... And you broke his heart. Congratulations. I always thought you were an asshole as a child, but I see you for the filthy coward you really are. You're just a scared little boy!" Quistis shouted back, not intimidated by the eight inches and one hundred pounds Seifer had on her.

Seifer slapped her before he could stop himself. Quistis fell to the ground at the force of his blow, looking up at him with an expression of anger and shock. Seifer's cat green eyes widened in horror.

"Oh, Christ, Quistis.... I am so sorry...." Seifer said, bending down to help her back up.

Quistis wrestled free from his grip and gave him an almost pitying look. "You got that right, Seifer. You are sorry," she spat and stalked from the cafeteria.

Seifer left that evening, without speaking to anyone.

"Is there a particular reason why Zell and Irvine are sitting across the room from each other?" Rinoa asked.

Quistis looked up from her food. Selphie scowled at her dinner plate. Squall shrugged.

"I mean, they can't even seem to look each other in the eye anymore... What happened?" Rinoa continued.

Quistis cocked her head at Irvine, who was actually sitting alone at a table with his dinner. Not even one girl was nearby. Zell was at a table on the other side of the cafeteria, with a plate of barely touched hotdogs.

"Careful, Rinoa. That was almost observant of you. We might actually start to think that you might just be smarter than your dog," Quistis remarked sarcastically.

"Hey!! That wasn't funny!" Rinoa glared.

"I'm sorry," Quistis smiled, not wanting to admit she wasn't joking. "But you have a good point. I was wondering the same thing myself."

Squall ate silently beside Rinoa. He seemed to have almost completely withdrew back into his shell. He didn't even seem to care that two of his friends seemed to be having problems.

Selphie sighed. "Let's just say it was the reason why me and Irvine broke up," she said.

"Ah. Care to elaborate?" Quistis asked with an arched eyebrow.

"Not really."

Quistis nodded and wiped her mouth delicately with her napkin and stood up to leave.

"Where are you going?" Selphie asked.

"When one wishes to break the chain, one must find the weak link...." Quistis smiled.

"Oh. That's sounds wise. Who said that?"

"I did," Quistis grinned and headed over to sit next to Zell.

Zell was picking despondently at his hotdogs, occasionally looking over at Irvine. "Hey, Quistis," he smiled, lacking his normal exuberance.

"Alright. What's going on?" Quistis asked, getting right to the point.

"What do you mean?" Zell's eyes widened.

"I'll find out one way or the other. And don't play stupid. I'm not talking to Rinoa, I'm talking to you. Now tell me what's going on between you and Irvine," Quistis said, sounding maternal.

Zell looked down at his plate of hotdogs. "Oh. You wanna know about that....." he sighed.

"Out with it. Don't make me get out Save the Queen."

"I slept with Irvine."

"I'm sorry. I must have had wax in my ears or something. I thought you said that you slept with Irvine. What was it that you said?" Quistis blinked. Was every man she knew turning into a homosexual?

"After the SeeD ball, where Seifer made it to SeeD.... We left together cuz Selphie was mad at Irvine, and Heaven kicked me in the balls. We got smashed back at his dorm, and next thing I know we're in his bed sucking each other's dicks......" Zell sighed.

"That was a little more info than necessary, Zell, but thanks. Selphie found out?"

"She walked in....."

Quistis winced. No wonder Selphie had been so pissed. But then again if Quistis had walked in on Kiros fucking Laguna she would have hit the roof. "And now you two don't talk....." she said, as a statement.

"Exactly.... I can't even look him the eye. Every time I do, I keep thinking about it.. I guess he does too," Zell sighed.

"Did you enjoy it?"

Zell started. "Enjoy it? What the hell kinda question is that?" he asked warily.

"The truth now. Did you enjoy it?" Quistis asked.

"Of course I did! It was the best sex of my life.." Zell sighed, turning red and hiding his face.

"So you're real problem is the fact that you're wrestling with the fact that everytime you look at your best friend, you can't stop thinking about how much you want to fuck him....."

"Is Kiros' psychology degree rubbing off on you or something?" Zell asked sourly.

"I'll bet he has the same problem...."

"I'm going to die of embarrassment. Right here, right now. I'm going to just keel over and die."

"Come on, Zell. How loyal is Irvine to a woman? We're walking sex toys to him... He might actually take a relationship with another man seriously, however....." Quistis grinned. She wondered if she was turning into some sort of gay man's matchmaker.

"I don't like where this is heading, Quistis......."

"And you can't keep a relationship with a girl longer than eight months, and I've counted....."

"I'm not gay, Quistis!"

"No, but you're obviously bisexual. And so is he. Do you really want to lose your best friend?"

Zell swallowed. That thought had occurred to him. In fact, the depression over losing Irvine had caused him to lose his appetite.... for everything. "I guess I should go talk to him, huh?" he sighed.

"There's hope for you after all...." Quistis smiled as Zell got up and headed over to Irvine's table.

She only hoped this relationship would turn out better than her past matchmaking experience. But then again, neither Zell or Irvine were as stubborn as Seifer or Squall.

The invitations had been sent, the caterers called, his tuxedo fitted, and the Quad decorated.

Everything was set. Squall was going to get married tomorrow. He was suppose to be happy, ecstatic, excited, nervous. But Squall was none of these things. He just felt empty.

After Seifer had left, Squall had dully performed his sexual duty to Rinoa. He dully had sex with her, even though he felt sick the entire time. He dully helped her plan for the wedding, and dully went about his job as Headmaster of Balamb Garden.

Now he was dully staring out at the sky from the balcony of his room.

Seifer had returned to the Garden from his mission that afternoon. He nodded to Squall but said nothing. Squall felt every bit of hope for Seifer's proclamation of love drain out of him at that moment. All that was left was his miserable existence as Rinoa's husband.

He didn't really hate her, but Squall had learned to despise Rinoa Heartilly. He didn't know why. But it seemed right that he stay with her. At least she would never break his heart. He was guaranteed of that.

Because his heart belonged to Seifer Almasy.

Squall stared at himself in the mirror. He looked at himself blandly. He saw nothing that he liked.

He turned away from the mirror and put on his tuxedo, and stared at the tie. He was going to need help to put that on. He looked around for his best man, Zell, and his usher, Irvine, but they had disappeared.

Squall heard a noise in the closet, and what sounded remarkably like moaning. He walked calmly over to the closet door and opened it.

Irvine and Zell paused and stared absently at Squall. Zell's pants were around his ankles and Irvine's fly was open. Zell was sitting on the slender cowboy's lap, while Irvine thrusted into him. Zell was grabbing the hanging bar for stability.

"Would the two of you like to come out of the closet?" Squall asked with the barest hint of a smile, fully appreciating the irony of the situation.

"Um, in a few minutes....." Irvine grinned, lowering his cowboy hat over his eyes.

"Would you please close the door, Squall?" Zell whined, sounding put out.

Squall obligingly closed the door, listening to Zell and Irvine make love to each other in his closet. It made him feel even more lonely. He heard knocking at his hallway door and opened it up.

Laguna grinned up at him. "How's my baby boy?" he asked cheerfully.

"Call me baby boy one more time and I swear I'll use Renzokuken on you," Squall said sourly.

"And as cheerful as ever. Is that a smile on your face?" Laguna grinned as Squall let him in. He gave the closet an odd look.

"Wanna help me with my tie?" Squall sighed.

Laguna nodded and began to tie his firstborn son's necktie. "Nervous?" he asked.

"Not really. How's Sis?" Squall asked.

"She's fine. Doctor says she's due next March."

"Boy or girl?"

"Boy. I'm gonna name him Storm."

Squall nodded, expecting something as silly from his father. He had gotten used to the idea of Elle and Laguna's relationship, especially when Elle had announced she was pregnant. Laguna and Ellone had eloped the month before.

Laguna chewed on his bottom lip. "Are you sure you want to do this, Squall?" he asked gently.

Squall looked sharply at his father. "What do you mean?" he asked quietly.

"I mean that you don't love Rinoa. Why are you doing this? It will only lead to heartbreak...." Laguna sighed.

Squall turned his face. "My heart's already broken. I'm now ensuring it will never be that way again," he said seriously, looking into his father's aquamarine eyes.

They both turned at the sound of the closet door opening, and watched as Irvine and Zell filed out. Irvine was zipping up his fly and Zell was adjusting the sash of his tuxedo.

"Nice to see you two finally came out of the closet," Squall remarked sourly, enjoying the irony immensely.

"That's not funny, Squall," Zell pouted as he left the room.

"Everybody thinks they're a comedian," Irvine shook his head, following.

"Do I want to know?" Laguna blinked.

"Not really," Squall smirked.

Laguna sighed and smiled at his son. He impulsively gave him a hug. For the first time since he'd known him, Squall returned the hug, clutching his father tightly.

"Just remember, Squall, no matter what decision you make, I'll always love you. And I'll always be proud to be your father....." Laguna whispered in his son's ear, patting him on the back and stepping back.

"That's really corny. It's nice to know, but it's still corny," Squall sighed, wiping away a tear from his eye.

Laguna didn't bother to wipe his away. "Your mother would be so proud right now..... But she would want you to be yourself, same as I do," Laguna smiled and left Squall alone.

"Be myself...... That's what got my heart broken in the first place," Squall sighed softly to himself.

Quistis smiled at Kiros, hugging him impulsively.

The tall black man grinned down at her. "Have I told you how great you look in pink?" he asked, admiring her shapely form in her pink bridesmaid gown.

Quistis laughed. "Everybody else thinks it's not my color...." she giggled.

"I think you look good in every color.... But I especially like you naked," Kiros grinned wickedly, kissing his blonde lover.

"I like you naked too," Quistis whispered, kissing back.

"We better behave or I'm going to have to kidnap you and not let you come back until I have my way with you," Kiros grinned.

"Well, since I'm in the wedding party, that might be a bad idea.... But I wanted to tell you something," Quistis grinned.

"What? You're not pregnant, are you?" Kiros asked quickly.

"Oh no, not yet.... But we'll have more time to work on that if you like," Quistis bit her bottom lip.

Kiros blinked. "I certainly wouldn't mind, but I don't understand....." he said slowly.

"Well, since I'll be stationed in Esthar and all, we'll have more time to devote to such activities," Quistis grinned.

Kiros grinned like a fool and picked up the stately blonde and spun her around. "This is wonderful!" he cried ecstatically.

"But, I have a question for you too...."

"Yes. What?"

"I want to stop living in sin...... So make a proper lady of me, and marry me, already..." Quistis grinned, blushing slightly.

Kiros laughed. "Done. Next?" he grinned.

Quistis hugged her lover tightly, feeling happy. It was nice not to be alone anymore. And then her eye caught an incredibly handsome tall blonde man sitting down in the back row of the church, looking morose.

"One more favor, Kiros...." she said, turning to watch Seifer stare bleakly at the pink flower arrangements.

"Yeah?" he asked, following her gaze.

"Hum the song "Matchmaker, Matchmaker" from Fiddler on the Roof for me while I go talk to Seifer."

"Hello, Seifer."

Seifer snapped his head up, staring at Quistis with surprise on his face. "Quistis! You look great! How are you?" he asked quickly.

"I'm fine. It's nice to see you again.. You just dropped off the face of the planet there for awhile," she grinned, sitting beside him.

"Yeah, well, I figured you wouldn't want to see me anymore....." Seifer sighed.

"Oh, please... I was pissed, but I got over it. Besides, I've gotten hit harder. You remember that I've defeated three Sorceresses in battle..." Quistis grinned.

"With help," Seifer smiled.

"You look nice," Quistis said.

"Wouldn't do to show up to Squall and Rinoa's big wedding looking like a bum..." Seifer said.

"Have you talked to him?" she asked gently.

"No. What would I say? I can't tell him what he wants to hear...."

"Can't you?"

Seifer sighed and turned his face. "He's getting married to a woman that will worship him. I have nothing to offer him. Just let it be, Quistis," he sighed.

"Listen to your heart, Seifer. I know it sounds trite, but do it anyways...... I hope you do the right thing," Quistis sighed and kissed the blonde man on his cheek and got up to join the wedding party.....

Seifer watched Squall come out and take his place at the altar with a lump in his throat.

Squall glanced once at him before turning back to watching the door, waiting for Rinoa to come out. Seifer couldn't take his eyes of the sultry brunette.

Rinoa came out, wearing a huge old-fashioned wedding gown and a big grin. Selphie was her maid of honor and was carrying her train. Quistis preceded Rinoa, and gave Seifer an imploring look as she passed him.

Seifer felt his breath shorten, and his chest tighten. He kept staring at Squall, who kept his icy gaze focused solely on Rinoa. Seifer kept admiring him. His unkempt chocolate hair. His gray eyes that had shown deep blue when Seifer had made love to him. His porcelain skin, that gleamed above his black tuxedo. He was so beautiful it made Seifer want to cry just looking at him.

"Ladies and gentlemen, we bring you here today....." the preacher began.

Seifer just stared at Squall, not noticing that Laguna occasionally looked back in his direction. He kept feeling things. So many things. they were so intense Seifer thought he would drown.

"If any man whatsoever objects to this union, speak now, or forever hold your peace."

Quistis stared at him, silently imploring him to say something, but he couldn't.

Seifer couldn't speak. All he could do was feel. He kept thinking of how Squall felt when they made love, of how he looked at Seifer. How Seifer felt when he held Squall in his arms, sharing unspeakable pleasure.

Quistis was right. He was just a scared little boy, and Squall terrified him.

"Do you, Rinoa Caraway, take this man to be your lawfully wedded husband?"

Seifer was choking. He was choking on emotion. If he gave himself to Squall, he was giving the control of his life over to another person. Like with Ultimecia.

But Squall wasn't Ultimecia. He was Squall. And Squall said he loved Seifer.

What was this feeling, that he was choking on?

He realized he was losing Squall........

"Do you, Squall Loire, take this woman to be your lawfully wedded wife?"

Squall opened his mouth to speak.


The whole wedding audience turned their attention to a tall blonde in the back who stood up, looking desperate.

"Squall, wait!!!"

The tall blonde tripped over a few people in his row, stumbling out onto the aisle.

"Squall, don't do this!!" Seifer shouted, heading up to the altar, feeling like he was going to die from the intensity of his emotions. The entire wedding party had been stunned into silence.

"And why not?" Squall said sourly, turning his face away.

Rinoa looked between Squall and Seifer, confusion written across her face. "What's going on here? Seifer, we've been broke up for years... I love Squall! You can't have me!" she said.

"I don't want you, you stupid bitch, I want Squall......" Seifer said, grabbing Squall's wrist.

Squall looked over at him, tears pouring down his beautiful face. "Why..?" he sobbed.

"Because I love you, Squall. I love you more than life. I love you more than myself. I would die for you. And I trust you. I trust you enough that you won't abuse my love...." Seifer said, tears pouring down his face.

"Oh, god, Seifer.... I love you so much... Don't you ever leave me again......" Squall sobbed, and threw himself on Seifer, hugging and kissing him fiercely, neither caring who saw.

Rinoa stood there at the altar, her eyes wide in disbelief. This couldn't be... Squall wasn't gay....... Was he?

Quistis cheered, and ran over to hug both of her closest friend's, who drew her into their hug.

Laguna stood up and grinned, clapping. Elle smiled big, joining in on the applause. Zell and Irvine cheered as well and ran over to get involved in Seifer and Squall's group hug. Cid and Edea Kramer stared at each other, trying to figure out what exactly was going on. Dirk and Madison were hooting and cheering.

Selphie threw down her bouquet. "Is everyone of my male friends a fucking homosexual???" she demanded, before running over to get pulled into her friends' group hug.

Rinoa threw her bouquet on the ground and stomped on it. "Squall!!! You fucking faggot!! How can you do this to me????" she whined loudly.

"I'm sorry, Rinoa.... But I never really loved you..... I thought I could force myself to, but I love Seifer.." Squall said, laughing and crying at the same time.

"Look here now! You can't treat my daughter like this!!" General Caraway cried, standing up and barking at the group with a look of anger.

"Oh, fuck off, Caraway.... And take your whiny little brat of a daughter with you," Laguna said, glaring at the man. No one was going to take away his son's happiness.

General Caraway drew back and grabbed Rinoa's hands. "He's suppose to like me, daddy!! Me!! Me!! Me!! ME!!" she screeched, stomping her feet like a little girl.

"Let's go, sweetheart... These people don't deserve a princess like you......" the General coddled her and stormed out, a crying Rinoa at his heels.

"And don't let the doorknob catch you on the ass on the way out!!" Kiros grinned to the retreating Galbadians.

He'd never really liked Rinoa.

Squall sighed contentedly in his lover's arms.

He was sitting between Seifer's legs, his back to Seifer so the tall blonde could massage his back. They were both nude, and sitting on the soft waterbed of the Balamb hotel. The bay window beside their bed was wide open, so they could watch the water lap at the beach shore as the sun set.

"Do mortals have a right to be this happy?" Squall smiled, arching his back like a cat to Seifer's gentle touch.

"Oh, I don't know..... I think we should, considering all the shit we've had to go through in our lives.... We deserve a happy ending," Seifer chuckled, kissing the back of Squall's neck.

"True. Our life has been just one big soap opera....." Squall chuckled.

"Oh, definitely. One Life to Live...... Let's just pretend we've left the show, so we can be left alone," Seifer purred, moving his hands lower.

Squall sighed again. "I think it's funny that Irvine and Zell wound up together. They seem so happy with each other, too..... I have a new baby brother.... Quistis and Kiros just got married, and are expecting twins..... Selphie's dating Heaven....."

"You're lying!" Seifer laughed.

"Okay, I'm lying. She's actually dating Hades. Dirk and Madison are getting married on the same day as us, so Madison can plan his big double wedding...."

"I think you agreed to that because neither of us was inclined to prepare for it, so Madison was the perfect wedding coordinator...."

"True.... Heaven's dating Nida..."

"Someone noticed him?"

"Xu's dating another girl......"

"You're lying!"

"Nope, not on this one..... And who am I missing?"

"Well, Matron and Cid are as happy in retirement as possible, Ward's still single, and Fujin and Raijin are expecting....."

"They're breeding? That's a frightening thought!"

"And I think Rinoa is dating Zone."

"Should we send him a sympathy card?"

The two men began to laugh hysterically. They soon calmed down, resting against each other again.

"So does this constitute a happy ending?" Squall asked after awhile, leaning back to look upside down at Seifer.

Seifer moved his hands down to massage Squall's rear, smiling down at the love of his life. "I think so, koibito," he whispered, kissing Squall on the lips.

"I love you, Seifer."

"I love you, Squall."


The End. ^_^

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