Chapter 12 - Coming Up Roses

By The Wandering Englishman

"Laguna, open the damned door!" He slammed his fist against the door one more time, hard enough to put a dint in the metal.

Sleepily, the greying man pulled himself from the bed and pulled on his pants before walking to the door. As the door slid open he was greeted by a fist and then by the floor.

"Oh Hyne, Seifer...lower..." Squall arched up as the tall blonde attacked his nipples; one with an expert tongue the other with a free hand. All the while Seifer was silent, though the brunette could feel him smirking around the rose-coloured nub.

But, much to his anger and disappointment, his lover refused the touch he so desired. He needed the friction, and he needed it now, and was very audible with his request. Right now, he didn't care if all of Garden heard, he just needed Seifer to touch him, and he needed it now.

"...Stop...teasing..." Squall breathed, reaching down, eyes closed, hoping to get Seifer feeling the same way. As he grabbed the large penis in his hand he began to stroke instinctively, the taller man above him moaning in response.

Squall groaned loudly as the blonde moved away from his chest and up to his neck, placing long sucking kisses on the brunette's collarbone. Opening his eyes finally, the smaller man looked up, his gaze catching with his lovers and instantly knew what he wanted.

"Do it now, Seifer." The shorter youth whispered, smiling lightly before his eyes rolled back into his head with pleasure.

"...Time..." Seifer mumbled, moving down Squall's body.

"I didn't...nnh...hear that, Seifer..." The brunette opened his eyes again, watching his boyfriend smirking back at him. As the blonde opened his mouth to speak, a strange ringing tone penetrated the air, stopping and starting again.

Squall dropped his head back and sighed, shaking the sleep from his brain.

"There goes a perfectly good dream, and a perfectly goo..." The phone rang again. Picking it up, the brunette stifled a yawn before placing the receiver next to his ear.

"Squall? It's Quistis." Squall winced, and looked over to the other side of the bed for Seifer, only to see rumpled sheets and a dented pillow of where the blonde should have been.

"What is it?"

"You're needed in the briefing room. How quickly can you get here?" She asked, not caring to hide the sound of urgency in her voice.

"Give me five minutes." He replied, already standing up and putting the first of his belts on.

"Make it two." She ordered, hanging up the phone on her end. Squall laughed; she'd definitely come into her element as acting commander. Pulling on a teal v-necked T-shirt and his griever necklace, the scarred brunette grabbed his gunblade and entered the hallway, heading for the lift that would take him to the conference room.

"You and Seifer are to leave at once for Deiling. A car is waiting to take you to the Timber train station. You are to report in when you have contacted Leone; he will have further instructions. You and Seifer are the only ones that are to know about this, is that understood?"

Both the blondes nodded, looking at each other before looking back at the acting commander.

"Good." Quistis stood from her seat, handing over the files of the mission before saluting.


Standing at attention, both Zell and Seifer saluted before they left through the door.

Moments later, Squall walked in through the glass door, taking one last glance at his boyfriend as he entered the lift with Zell at his side. Once inside, he noticed his former instructor looking at him oddly; obviously noting his hair was looking sleep worn and his pants noticeably tighter than they should have been. Quistis giggled behind her hand before her face dropped into cold seriousness.

"Squall. Sit down."

"I'll stand."

"Very well. You're probably wondering why I called you here?"

"Actually..." Squall began, placing one hand on his hip in an effort to make himself comfortable, "I want to know where Seifer and Zell are going."

"Classified." The sharp reply came before she handed over a manila folder. "These are the details of your next mission."

"I'm not allowed to teach classes, but I can do field missions? What did Kadowaki say about this?" He asked opening the folder.

"She doesn't know. We thought that you would be the best person for this job..."

"And the Job is?" Squall asked, looking up from the file.

"Search and rescue."

"Who is-" Squall was silenced with a glare from his blonde counterpart, the air about her made the room drop several degrees.

"Laguna was kidnapped at 5am Balamb Standard time."

Squall wished he'd been sitting down.

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