Chapter Six

By Sniffles

Sometimes I really hate my life.

It's not moments like these that I do though. Kid Wonder is leaning over me, his hands on my face. "Laguna? Laguna, wake up." He sounds anxious. I like the way he sounds when he's anxious. It's kind of nice.

"Please." He begs softly.

Sure, babe. He's so close, and so cute. And I'm so fuzzy from passing out. Damn it all, I'll just excuse it on disorientation. Heh.

I reach up, with arms that are shaking, grab his head and pull him down until our lips meet. His lips are soft and sweet. They taste good. Almost as good as Kiros' did. But kissing him brings none of the excitement or joy that kissing Kiros had brought. Oh well. Guess I'm a one-man kind of guy.

After a moment of playing with those delicious, stiff lips I pull back. Reluctantly I open my eyes. Kid Wonder has his eyes tightly shut, he looks like he's in pain. Oh shit. "Seifer?"

His eyes flutter open. He's panting for air. His eyes are.. so naked. So full of pain and confusion. I run my hand down his cheek. Now I really feel like shit. I shouldn't have kissed him. Dammit, what's wrong with my head?

Oh. My stomach. Moaning softly, I squeeze my eyes tightly shut as the most intense pain grips my stomach. Shit, shit, shit. That hurts.

"Laguna?" His voice is breathless, concerned.

"Holy christ." I gasp through tightly clenched teeth. "What...what the hell... do they put.. in those hot dogs?"

"Hey man. We should take him to the infirmary." A student kneels beside Kid Wonder, he looks down at me worriedly.

"I'll take him." And suddenly I'm in Kid Wonder's arms.

I think I'm turning into a hentai.

Despite the fact I -know- I'm not in love with the kid I still find myself wanting to wrestle him to the ground and-ouch! "Ooo... kill me. Please?" I look up at him hopefully, pressing against my stomach with all my strength.

His lip curls up in a sneer, "Quit being a goddamn baby and shut up." He snaps.

"Who shoved that-ow ow ow-stick up your ass?"

This time his lip is curling in something closer to a smile. Very softly he whispers, "You."

I wish.

And from the look on his face, so does he.

"Hmph. I don't know why you're in such pain." Dr. Kadowaki shoves another needle into my arm, in this day and age I can't imagine WHY they're still used, and frowns. "The scans show nothing."

"It's those damned hot dogs." I'm feeling better. Even though I hate those stupid needles, whatever is in them has taken away the pain in my stomach almost completely. But it hasn't helped the light-headness or horniness.

Horniness? Is that a word? Wish I had a dictionary.

Not that is really matters. Who's going to correct me?

Sometimes I worry about things that shouldn't be worried about. Know what I mean? Stupid things that don't matter in the end anyway.

"OW!" He pokes me in the arm to get my attention.

"Hm. I recommend bed rest, and that you stop daydreaming." Dr. Kadowaki says with the faintest smile.

"What has daydreaming got to do with my health!?" I snap in response. Dammit, why does everyone bug me about daydreaming?!

"Let's assume you're in the middle of a battle, right? You're fighting, and then suddenly your mind wanders off into daydream paradise. WHAM! You get hit in the head and you're dead. Hm? See my point. Daydreaming isn't good."

Oh yeah. The doc sure is a card.

A sick, nasty, sharp edged card.

"Seifer, see to it that he gets to his room and rests hm?"

"Right." Kid Wonder nods.

Then the doc is gone and I'm left alone... with -him-. What do you say to someone you've just kissed? "I'm sorry." He speaks before I can think of anything -to- say. "Shit Laguna, I didn't mean to say that. I certainly didn't mean to hurt you..."

"Hey! It's all right. Hakuna matata." I shrug with a big grin. I hate to quote my son but; Whatever. It really doesn't matter. Not anymore. What matters is- "I'm sorry for kissing you." Yeesh. I'm one rude bastard. Interrupting myself even!

He looks away, turning his back to me and walking to the window. "Are you?"

"Well... not really. You taste real good but... ah shit!" I did NOT mean to say that. I watch his back anxiously, "Er, I mean... uh.. Look, I was disoriented from passing out and for a moment I thought..."

"I was Kiros?"

His voice is sharp, angry. What the hell? What is angry about? Me kissing him? Or me kissing him because I thought he was Kiros? "Er... yeah."

"It doesn't matter." He whirls around, stalking to the bed, "C'mon. You need rest."

"Right." I slide off the side of the bed and slowly follow him out of the room.

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