Seifer's Little Secret

Zell and Seifer Collaborate

By fyre byrd

Seifer sighed and came around the counter towards Zell still frowning slightly.

"Are you a bit reluctant to do this Seifer?" Zell asked as he approached the tall blonde menacingly.

"Hell, yeah." Seifer said, backing into the counter as Zell came closer. He gripped the edge of the counter tightly and considered his options. He could always just punch the chicken in the face, that'd get rid of any romantic notions left in his head.

"Perfect," Zell said with a hungry looking grin. "In romance novels the heroine is always slightly unwilling, isn't she?" Zell placed his hands on the counter to either side of Seifer's effectively hemming him in. "Allow me to convince you."

Seifer's eyes closed immediately as Zell's lips came down on his. Seifer's doubts fled as Zell's heated mouth consumed his greedily, but without unnecessary force. He felt dizzy as Zell's strong hands slid up his back dragging the silky material of the shirt up with them. Somehow, Seifer remembered a conversation he'd started with Squall about their dreams for the future. Zell had been interested, but Seifer had rudely excluded him from the discussion; however, that parting shot as Seifer ran off into exhilarating battle had been for Zell. 'Maybe some day I'll tell you about my romantic dream.' It had just been a joke, a sort of outrageous comment to offer them as Seifer felt adrenalin pumping through his veins, but now it was as is Seifer had revealed his every romantic wish to Zell that day and now Zell was telling them back to him through his kisses and caresses.

Impatient with Zell's inability to remove his shirt, Seifer pulled back from Zell's mouth.

"Still resisting?" Zell asked, his eyes velvety blue with lust. Wordlessly, Seifer lifted his arms and pulled off the shimmery green fabric, dropping it on the floor. Seifer had no words to say to fit the occasion. He'd never dreamed he would find someone who could dominate him in any arena, although that was what he'd always longed for. Even Squall, although he'd beaten Seifer in fights was unable to stop him from fighting back. As Zell refitted his lips to Seifer's, Seifer felt his violence and brutality fleeing from that intoxicating touch. He couldn't push Zell away or make this into a competition that he could win. This was Zell, the little Chicken wuss and he was stealing every thought from Seifer's head, making him over into something that Seifer himself couldn't even recognize and all from just a kiss. Zell pulled back and Seifer watched as if through a veil as he kissed Seifer's neck and along his collarbone. Zell's spikey hair was messier than usual and the angle of his head struck Seifer as an attitude of near worship. Seifer's heart leaped briefly as Zell stood back as if studying his work.

Zell was amazed at Seifer's sudden pliability. The gorgeous blonde leaned against the counter his lips damp and flushed in only a skirt and glittery sandals. He was watching Zell from beneath his thick dark lashes with a wary, half-tamed expression as though he still might escape somehow if Zell turned his back on him. Zell sucked in a breath and wondered if he'd be killed for what he was about to say, "you're beautiful."

Seifer frowned slightly as though unsure of what to make of this. "Is this part of your game?" he asked, green eyes glittering suspiciously.

"No, gods, no. I just think you are, beautiful. Like a Greek statue, too good to be true."

"But warmer," Seifer corrected him, pushing off of the counter and wrapping his arms around Zell.

"Come on, let's go," Zell jerked his head towards Seifer's bedroom and gathered the taller man against his side with an arm around Seifer's waist. Seifer followed him to the bedroom and sat down on the bed as directed in a sort of daze. He was calling himself fifty kinds of fool and wondering when exactly he'd regret this easy compliance, but he also needed it. Seifer needed Zell to make him feel good, to make him feel cherished, maybe even to make him feel a little weak. Zell knelt down on the floor and eased the sandal from Seifer's feet. "These must be uncomfortable," he said, running his hands up Seifer's calves.

"How far will this go?" Seifer wondered, abstractedly, knowing that he'd been hard for some time now and that Zell had been eyeing his erection where it disfigured his little green skirt.

"As far as the story went," Zell answered, pushing Seifer back onto the bed and straddling his hips. "You know what always happens to the women in romances, don't you Seifer?" Zell asked rubbing his erection against Seifer's. The taller blonde just nodded, his eyes closed against the feeling of Zell's jeans pressing against his thighs. "No, tell me." Zell insisted, easing his shirt off one arm at a time and using the other hand to support himself as he ground his body against Seifer's.

"They get . . . fucked," Seifer gasped as Zell thrust particularly hard against him.

"Oh, you're going to talk dirty too?" Zell smiled and stood up. Seifer groaned at the loss of the sweet pressure against his crotch. "Relax, baby." Zell said, taking his jeans off, and palming Seifer's cock through the silky skirt as he climbed back onto the bed beside him. "Gods, Zell moaned, "I knew you weren't wearing anything under that. Zell slid his hands beneath the skirt and wrapped them around Seifer's cock. Seifer thrust involuntarily, needily into the circle of Zell's hands. It seemed that it was Zell's gift to make him react without thinking. Seifer wondered if Zell could even make him beg.

"Do it Zell. No more playing around. I need you to."

Zell closed his eyes for a moment. It was the closest Seifer would ever come to pleading and he felt like he should savour it. Zell knelt on the bed between Seifer's legs and drew them up over his shoulders. Seifer's skirt slithered over his mid-section as his lower body was angled upwards. Seeing the man who he'd always thought of as the toughest person he knew so vulnerable like this made Zell harder than he'd ever been in his life. Green eyes held his beseechingly.

"Fuck me," Seifer whispered rubbing his ass against Zell's cock. Zell moaned and carefully entered Seifer, feeling like the pressure around his cock was going to kill him. Zell took his time pushing in to Seifer until he'd entered Seifer's body to the hilt. The blonde was actually whimpering beneath him incoherently. Seifer had wrapped a hand around his own cock and was sliding it up and down slowly. He looked absolutely delicious with his eyes closed and his head thrown back. Zell took pity on them both and quickly picked up the pace, thrusting in and out of Seifer's ass till his eyes threatened to roll back in his head. It felt so good that it seemed Zell must have dreamed up the whole thing while he lay in his bed and stroked himself to completion. That seemed more likely than what was actually happening. Seifer, laying beneath him moaned softly, as he fucked him across the sheets with nothing on but a little scrap of shiny green fabric rolled up around his waist. They came at nearly the same time. Seifer called out Zell's name as he squeezed his cock one last time, hard and come dripped down his hand. The sight of Seifer's orgasm was enough to send Zell along with him, crying out and filling Seifer with his seed.

Afterwards things became even more unreal when Seifer pulled the shorter man close to him and kissed him, sifting blonde spikes through his fingers. "The story isn't over, is it Zell?" Seifer asked quietly as Zell traced the hard lines of his body with a fascinated air.

"No, I don't think so." Zell replied rubbing his leg against Seifer's thigh. "I have a feeling that this one will need a lot of sequels."

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