Somewhat Damaged

Part Fifteen

By Scarlet Fever

Two weeks had passed, and Squall noticed that Seifer seemed to be doing much better, although there was some untapped emotions hidden far below the surface. Squall himself was starting to feel kind of antsy. He and Seifer had yet to have sex. First it was because Seifer wasn’t really in the mood, what with his body being sore from the attack and his ass still being tender, and secondly it was because Seifer had to wait for an AIDS test, and he didn’t want to risk infecting Squall with anything. The other tests had come back negative.

Squall now sat in Seifer’s room, which his boyfriend insisted he think of as his room, too. At least for now. Squall didn’t even want to think about when he had to go back to Garden. So far, they hadn’t received any calls, and no news was good news. He was all alone in the apartment. Zell and Quistis had gone out for a "romantic" dinner, as Zell had put it. Quistis considered it a bribe for sex, but wasn’t going to pass up free food. Selphie had gone out somewhere with the guy she had met at the rave. His name was Trillion or something, and Seifer had gone out to get some food for them to eat. Zell had eaten the cupboards bare.

Squall sighed, tossing away the magazine he was pretending to read. He looked over at the dresser, where a statue of Griever sat. It had been Seifer’s Christmas present to him: a one of a kind statue of the Guardian Force. He got up and ran his fingers over the carved surface. Squall had been totally shocked when he had opened it, never receiving such a thoughtful, beautiful gift before. Squall had thanked Seifer with quite the hand job. Thinking about it now caused Squall’s crotch to stir. He practically cried out in joy when he heard the door.

"Seifer?" He called.


"Oh, good, it’s you." Squall answered, biting his lip as a full erection pressed against his underwear.

Seifer entered the room. "What is it? I got pasta, if that’s okay."

Squall nodded absently, pulling Seifer close to him. "Fine, whatever." He stood on his tiptoes, kissing the tip of Seifer’s nose, trailing his lips to the blonde’s mouth.

Seifer moaned softly with pleasure. "What was that for?" He asked after the kiss had broken.

"No reason. Because I love you."

"I love you, too."

"Did you get your results?"

Seifer placed a single finger to his cheek, running the other hand along the curve of Squall’s ass. "Now what results would those be?"

"Don’t tease me! I’m guessing you don’t have it, or you wouldn’t be in such a good mood." He kissed Seifer again.

"You guess right, my dear." Seifer smiled teasingly, but Squall could tell that he was relieved.

Squall removed Seifer’s studded belt. "Then I guess I’ll have to break down and have sex with you."

Seifer smiled, but a far off look entered his eyes. Squall could tell he was still thinking about what happened in the back of his mind. Squall kissed him, trying to chase away the memories. Seifer felt his body going limp as the blood rushed to other areas. Squall smiled into his mouth as his arousal became evident. The shorter man pressed Seifer against the wall, slowly sinking to his knees in front of him. Seifer pressed his back to the wall as Squall roughly pulled his pants down, freeing his erection. He could feel Squall’s breath on his shaft, which caused him to bit his lip, rolling his hips in anticipation. Squall began to lightly kiss the head, moving his mouth to the underside of Seifer’s length, very gently tugging on the P.A. rings that hung there. Seifer moaned, arching his body out towards Squall’s mouth. Squall then covered the head with his mouth, caressing and sucking at it hungrily.

"Fuck…" Seifer trailed off, losing himself in the feeling.

Squall would have smiled if his mouth wasn’t full. This thought caused him to hold back a mirthful laugh. He returned his concentration to Seifer’s cock, sliding his mouth farther down the length. As he continued to suck and lick, his hands reached up; one stroking the rest of Seifer’s large penis, the other fondling at his balls. Squall tried to bring more of Seifer into his mouth, but had to stop halfway down. He couldn’t fit more in without hitting his gag reflex. He also felt the corners of his mouth beginning to stretch. It wouldn’t be attractive to be walking around with his mouth hanging open because it got stretched out. Squall began to rhythmically jerk and suck at Seifer’s cock. He repeated this pattern over and over, steadily increasing the pace until he felt Seifer grip a large handful of his hair, tugging at it.

"Squall…." Seifer muttered as he came into his lover’s mouth.

Squall immediately swallowed, pulling off. He rested his head against Seifer’s thigh, gently kissing the softening member. He got up so he could look Seifer in the eyes. "I love you."

Seifer opened his sea-coloured eyes dreamily. "I love you, too." He did up his pants again. "Are you hungry?"

Squall smiled wickedly at him.

"For actual food…" Seifer trailed off, slapping Squall’s ass playfully.

The smaller man kissed him lovingly. "Okay."

They ate in basic silence, just giving each other meaningful stares. The phone broke their happy silence.

Seifer got up, answering it. "Yes?"

Squall got up and began to touch Seifer, not wanting to be away from him.

Seifer slapped at his hands lightly. "Where are you?"

Squall kissed his chin. "Tell them to get lost."

Seifer craned his neck away. "Huh? Yeah, okay." He hung up. "Wanna go pick up Zell and Quistis?"

Squall smiled. "Yes, I want to go to bed with you right now."

Seifer groaned, getting his coat. "Do you want to or not?"

Squall sighed. "Fine. Why didn’t they just take the bus?"

"The buses aren’t running, remember." Seifer picked up the keys to Fujin’s Jeep. He was using it while they were away.

"Fine. Whatever." Squall crossed his arms, pretending to be cross.

"Let’s go, pouty."

Squall kissed Seifer deeply before they left. "Have to tide myself over with something."

Seifer grinned as they left, hand in hand. After a while, they were driving down a swanky looking street, peppered with trees and fancy looking bistros. The car ride had involved Squall’s hands being attracted to Seifer’s crotch like it was a magnet, and Seifer sighing, saying "I’m trying to drive, Squall."

"Finally." Seifer muttered as he saw Zell flagging them down.

"Thanks, buddy!" Zell smiled as they climbed in. "We didn’t interrupt anything, did we?"

Squall shot him an evil look.

"Ignore him." Seifer drove for a while, stopping at the liquor store. "Want anything?" Seifer asked, getting out.

Zell shrugged. "What are you getting?"


"That’s fine."

The three of them waited in silence for a while, until Zell couldn’t take it anymore. "What did we interrupt."

"Nothing. We were eating."

The tattooed blond laughed.

"Get your mind out of the gutter." Squall commanded, smiling. "How was dinner?"

Quistis sighed. "Expensive. I felt my bank account emptying with every bite."

"I was the one paying!" Zell cried.

Quistis held up a finger. "That’s my point. It was that expensive."

Squall’s face lit up as Seifer approached the car. His face then fell in confusion.

"What?" Quistis asked, leaning forward.

"Seifer just acted really oddly." Squall pointed. Seifer was staring at something, standing like a deer caught in headlights.

Squall’s eyes followed the line of Seifer’s vision to a man across the parking lot. "Who’s that?"

Quistis took in her breath nervously. "I don’t know. I can’t see."

Squall got out of the car. "Seifer, what’s going on?" He looked over to see the man approaching. He had jet-black hair, and an imposing look. He was taller and more muscular than Seifer, and his body movements oozed contempt.

"Well, well. You must be Squall. Seifer, I can see why you like him."

Seifer just stared, not moving.

"Oh, I’m sorry." The man stuck his hand out to Squall. "I’m Phaelan. Nice to meet you."

Squall just stared at his hand. When he heard ‘Phaelan’, his heart skipped a beat. His entire body became hot with rage. "I’ve heard about you."

Phaelan smiled wrathfully, watching as Zell and Quistis both got out of the car. "Have you? I haven’t heard about you. Seifer here doesn’t speak much to me anymore."

"I wonder why…" Zell muttered.

"Stay out of it." Seifer commanded, his voice low and angry. It was a command that Zell obeyed.

Phaelan strolled up to Squall, eyeing him up and down. "Ooh, Seifer sure can pick them." His hand reached up, cupping Squall’s chin as he studied the man’s face. "Nice."

"Phaelan…" Seifer growled, sounding almost inhuman. He was now beside Squall and the imposing man.

Squall began to feel nervous. There was a frightening look in Seifer’s eyes, which was matched in Phaelan’s, and there was nobody else around.

"Yes?" Phaelan’s tone was purely mocking. "I can’t even compliment you on your choice of companion?" He turned to Squall. "He’s a good fuck, isn’t he? Nice and tight."

Seifer’s eyes narrowed, while Squall looked down.

"Oh, I see. You haven’t yet, have you? Don’t you want him?" He pointed a long finger at Seifer. "He’s by far the sexiest man around. Or is it that he doesn’t want you after he’s had me again?"

Squall looked up at the much taller man defiantly, while Seifer’s anger only continued to fester. Zell and Quistis stood back, expecting a messy explosion.

"Or maybe Seifer’s afraid he can’t satisfy you…" Phaelan traced a finger down Squall’s torso. "I could show you a thing or two. Just ask Seifer." Phaelan then grabbed Squall roughly by the wrist, yanking it painfully. His eyes were wild with anger and… jealousy. He twisted Squall’s arm, which caused the smaller man to cry in pain.

Squall could swear that he heard the last bit of Seifer’s restraint snapping. Seifer’s arm moved to quickly for Squall to see, but his fist made heavy contact with Phaelan’s jaw, making a horrible cracking sound.

Phaelan reeled backwards from the blow, sprawling on the pavement. Seifer was quickly beside him, his combat boot kicking Phaelan swiftly in the gut. "If you ever touch him again, I’ll make your life hell." Seifer threatened.

Phaelan coughed in response, spitting up blood. Squall was about to try to stop his boyfriend, but felt afraid. Seifer had tapped into the anger that he had been ignoring, letting build, and it was volatile. Seifer kicked Phaelan again and again, each blow heavier, harder than the last. A kick to the ribs got a cracking from the sprawled man. Seifer picked him up and flung him against a concrete column. Phaelan’s head bounced off the hard surface roughly. Seifer then kneed him hard in the groin, causing the beaten man to moan in pain. The blonde let Phaelan’s body sink to the concrete. He looked down, a scary look on his face. The heel of his boot came down, smashing into Phaelan’s cheek. Quistis and Zell looked away, knowing that many of Phaelan’s bones were now broken.

Seifer stopped, looking down at what he had done, the rage leaving his face quickly. "My God…" he trailed off.

Squall cautiously approached him, putting a tentative hand on Seifer’ cheek.

"Are you okay?" Seifer asked, noting that Squall was holding his other arm gingerly.

"Fine. Are you okay?"

He looked down at the unconscious Phaelan again. "Shit. I could go to jail for this."

"It was self defense." Zell piped up. "Quistis and I both saw him attack you and Squall."

Seifer looked up, a scared look coming into his eyes. "What if I killed him?"

Squall pressed his body against Seifer’s. "Then he deserved it."

"Uh, I think we should get the hell out of here." Quistis suggested.

"But…" Seifer trailed off.

"No buts. Look, if the cops come and Phaelan rats you out, the whole rape thing will come up. It’s not in his best interest, and it was self defense." Quistis gave him a meaningful look. "Now, let’s go!"

Zell looked around. "There’s nobody around. If we go, we won’t get caught."

Seifer nodded absently, getting in the car. He drove away at a regular pace, not wanting to arouse attention to them. They drove in silence all the way to Seifer’s building. Squall watched as his lover drove, studying the emotions that passed over his statuesque features. Squall could tell that all of Seifer’s pent-up emotions were about to come flooding out again. He just hoped that they weren’t in the middle of the road when it happened.

Seifer reached the parking garage of his building, parking the car. He cut the engine, sitting in stony silence for a few moments.

Neither Squall, Quistis nor Zell said a word. Squall looked at Seifer’s hands, which were gripping the steering wheel tightly. He gently stroked Seifer’s closely cut hair, saying nothing. Seifer then looked over at him, smiling sadly. "Okay, let’s go." He got out of the car.

Squall followed beside him, taking Seifer’s shaking hand. Zell helped Quistis out, making an exploding motion with his hands, mouthing the word ‘boom’. Quistis nodded sadly. They walked ahead of Seifer and Squall through the deserted parking area, heading towards the door to the hallway.

Seifer paused, collecting himself. He nodded at Squall, then continued. The elevator ride was painfully tense. Zell almost wanted Seifer to break down. This pins and needles stuff was too much. In the apartment, Seifer sank down on the couch, resting his elbows on his knees. He put his face in his hands, breathing deeply.

"Want a drink or something?" Quistis asked of everyone.

Zell shook his head, sitting beside Seifer. Squall sat on his other side, patting Seifer’s leg gently, kissing his cheek. He noticed that it was wet. Seifer was crying. He breathed in deeply, wiping his face with his palms. He slowly and silently got up, leaving the room. He went into his bedroom, closing the door.

Quistis and Zell looked at each other sadly, then at Squall. He nodded, getting up. Zell turned on the television. Quistis raised an eyebrow.

"Anything’s better than this silence and tension."

She nodded, sitting beside him. She wearily rested her head on his shoulder.

Squall quietly turned the knob, entering the room. Seifer was perched on the edge of the bed in the same position he had been in before. Squall sat beside him, pulling Seifer’s hands away from his face. Seifer’s cheeks were streaked with tears.

"Squall, what have I done?"

Squall sighed, pulling Seifer’s body against his own, cradling it. He kissed Seifer on the lips, remaining silent.

"I…" Seifer’s words were broken by a choked back sob. Now, the dam had been broken. Seifer wept openly and bitterly, his muscular body racked with sobs of agony, his tears soaking the front of Squall’s shirt.

Squall stroked Seifer’s hair, rocking him gently as he cried. Now that he was crying, letting out all this emotion, Seifer didn’t know if he’d be able to stop. The tears and sobs just kept coming out. He now knew that he was crying for more than just what he had done to Phaelan, more than the rape. He hadn’t let go in a long time, and having Squall there to let him release brought everything out. After a long time, Seifer became silent, gripping Squall for dear life.

Squall tilted Seifer’s face upwards. "I love you."

Seifer wiped his eyes. "I love you. Thank you."

Squall smiled sadly, letting Seifer get up to go wash his face. When he came back, he lay on the bed, bringing Squall with him. Squall lay on top, looking down at the blonde. Seifer cocked his head, studying his lover’s features. He sighed shakily, which caused Squall to hug him tightly, pressing his cheek against Seifer’s.

He closed his ocean-like eyes, breathing in Squall’s scent, letting it envelop him like a blanket. He noticed a raw need in the pit of his chest, where all his emotions had been drained.

"Squall.." Seifer whispered, pulling him closer. He kissed Squall deeply, taking the smaller man’s breath away. Squall slowly began to grind his crotch against Seifer’s surprised that Seifer was hard.

"Make me forget…" Seifer breathed, kissing Squall again.

Squall paused. "Huh?" His mouth traced a lazy trail down Seifer’s throat.

"Make me forget…" Seifer whispered again.

Squall sighed, knowing what he meant. He slowly removed their clothes until they were both nude, then returned to kissing the man under him. Seifer sighed, wanting this so badly, wanting to replace the feeling of Phaelan’s rough touch with the feeling of Squall’s gentle caresses. The blonde reached over, not breaking the kiss. He opened the drawer in his nightstand, pulling out a tube of lubricant. He broke the contact between their lips and handed it to Squall.

The brown-haired man smiled and unscrewed the cap, kissing Seifer’s chest as he did. He pried Seifer’s legs apart gently. Seifer eagerly spread farther, giving Squall better access. Squall placed a healthy amount in his palm, taking one finger from the other hand and coating it in the thick liquid, which smelled like blueberries. He gently stroked the outer edge of Seifer’s opening, which caused the blonde to sigh happily. When Squall was satisfied, he inserted one finger slowly.

"Squall.." Seifer sighed again.

Squall then inserted a second coated finger, moving them within the tight channel, stretching it out slowly. Squall was actually enjoying just fingering his lover. For good measure, he inserted a third finger, relishing the feeling of Seifer’s internal muscles rhythmically clamping down on him. Squall knew that he might spill soon, just from the yearning in his chest, so he pulled his fingers out, replacing them with his throbbing penis.

Seifer moaned softly, feeling Squall enter him. He sighed, closing his eyes. His lashes fluttered as Squall’s mouth played with his nipple rings, while his hands played with Seifer’s cock. The blonde then coated his own fingers with lubricant, gently stroking the opening of Squall’s rectum. In response, Squall groaned and thrust himself in all the way. Seifer pushed one finger in, then a second, marveling at his lover’s heat and tightness. He crooked his fingers, finding Squall’s prostate, stroking it slowly.

"Holy fuck…" Squall murmured, his words dying against Seifer’s mouth. He slowly began to thrust into Seifer, not wanting to hurt him.

"I’m not a china doll, baby…" whispered Seifer, working his fingers a bit faster.

Squall bit back a moan, realizing that Zell and Quistis were still here. He almost had to completely stop thrusting, the sensation of Seifer’s fingers moving against his A spot debilitating. He made himself concentrate on Seifer, wanting to pleasure him. He pulled out, then pushed himself back in, this time with much more force. Seifer cried out, not caring if Zell and Quistis heard him. Squall began to thrust into him quickly, the pace becoming more and more blinding. Even if Seifer asked him to stop, which he didn’t want to do, he knew Squall wouldn’t be able to. He began to move his fingers in tight circles within Squall’s ass, which caused Squall to let out a choked sigh and thrust even faster. Squall’s hand gripped Seifer’s cock tightly, jerking it just as quickly. His mouth, however, was moving as slow as honey. He trailed it along Seifer’s collarbone and chest, stopping at his pierced nipples, loving the taste of his skin. Seifer’s nipples seemed to taste so much better than the rest of his body for some unknown reason. Squall then moved his mouth up, capturing Seifer’s in a gentle kiss that was completely opposite to the furious pace of their fucking.

Squall groaned, letting go of Seifer’s cock. He gripped the blonde’s hips roughly and began to pound his pubic bone against Seifer’s, trying to go in as deeply as possible. He felt the beginnings of bruises on his thighs, but he didn’t care. The feeling of Seifer’s fingers internally massaging him, compounded with the feeling of actually being inside his lover became too much, and Squall knew he couldn’t hold back his orgasm much longer. Any restraint he had flew out the window as he felt Seifer’s warm release against his belly. He came with a cry, his vision becoming distorted and blurry. Seifer’s entire body spasmed around him as he released deep within the blonde.

"Squall…" Seifer whispered, his arched body slowly sinking back down to the mattress.

The smaller man sighed in contentment, remaining inside Seifer until he was soft. He pulled out and began to lap up the white fluid on Seifer’s stomach. After he had licked it all up, he curled up next to his lover, in pure heaven.

"You’re not going to sleep yet…" Seifer muttered, determined. He kissed Squall, biting at his lips.

"Huh? What do you mean?" There was a playful glint in Squall’s eyes.

Seifer just smiled, kissing him with force. His hands traveled down to Squall’s cock, which was already becoming hard again. Squall could tell that his companion was already getting aroused again as they continued to kiss.

"Is it my turn now?" Squall asked lightly as Seifer rolled him over. The feeling of Seifer’s lips moving down his spine was infuriating. "Seifer.." It came out as a desperate, strangled cry.

Seifer moved off of his partner, reaching for the discarded tube of lubricant. He coated his fingers, inserting them one at a time. Squall moaned into the pillow, sitting up somewhat. He positioned himself so that he was holding up his weight with his knees and bracing himself with his arms, using the wall above the headboard. He curled his fingers, his nails running down the wallpaper. Seifer’s three fingers scissored smoothly, stretching Squall’s virgin entry. He then coated his erection with the blueberry fluid.

"Squall… If you want to stop, just say so…"

Squall snorted. "I doubt that will be happening."

"Well, I meant if it hurts too much."

Squall closed his eyes, becoming impatient. "Just fuck me… Please."

Seifer obeyed Squall’s plea, easing himself into Squall’s tight ass, which got a strangled cry from Squall. He cried out again, both from pleasure and pain. The pain radiated throughout his entire body, but it didn’t hurt. It added a heightening bite to the pleasure, which was now staggering. The feeling of his body stretching around Seifer’s, molding to his shape was amazing. He curled his hands into fists, banging absently on the wall. Seifer began to slowly thrust, keeping the pace even and agonizing. Squall began to rock his body, trying to get Seifer to go faster. The blond smiled, keeping it slow, which was driving his lover insane. He gripped Squall’s hips, guiding their motion, making Squall slow down.

Squall moaned, clamping his muscles down on Seifer’s thick cock, which made the man behind him moan softly. He began to thrust faster, his own slow fucking driving even him insane. Squall bent his torso, pressing his face into the pillow in order to get deeper penetration. He cried out. It felt like Seifer was thrusting into his chest, his cock reaching all the way into the middle of Squall’s body. Seifer began to move faster, wanting to release, feel an orgasm right now. Squall’s fingers curled around the fabric of the pillowcase, the feeling of Seifer fucking him more intense than anything he had ever felt before. The slightly chilled metal of Seifer’s piercings tickled the walls of his rectum, adding even more to the feeling.

"Oh fuck.." Squall moaned, letting Seifer completely control things, his nerves completely shot. He felt like he couldn’t do anything except let Seifer fuck him, which wouldn’t be a bad existence.

Seifer drove into Squall mercilessly now, trying desperately to reach climax. He felt all his muscles tighten, and they relaxed all at once, his orgasm coming in powerful waves. Seifer felt like he was about to pass out, and he collapsed on Squall’s back.

Squall sighed, his orgasm also coming. But his was in small ripples, which lasted for a minute or so. His mind reeled as he continued to feel the electric shocks of pleasure run through his veins, his cells, and every fiber of his being.

Seifer pulled out slowly, wanting to savor the feeling of Squall’s body for as long as possible. The blonde reached his hand out as he settled his body over Squall’s back, feeling spent and exhausted. He curled his fingers in with Squall’s.

"I love you." Squall said, feeling sleepy.

"I love you, too." Seifer closed his eyes, falling into a deep sleep.

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