Chapter 30 - Eternity in Yesterday

By The Wandering Englishman

"I wondered when you'd return, traitorous knight." The mocking woman screeched, looking at the blonde as he walked into the door.

Scowling, Seifer looked over the prone woman, as he stepped into the chamber. He almost smiled when he saw the sweat on her forehead pouring into her eyes, her knuckles white with her grip on the bloodied sheets below her.

"I'm not your knight anymore."

"Stupid have been from the beginning." The sorceress grinned maliciously. As the blonde opened his mouth to form a reply, the woman screamed, her head slamming against the headboard hard enough to cause white lights to dance before her eyes.

Running to the bedside, Seifer took the woman's clawed hand, holding it tightly as a wave of guilt passed over him.

"You were always mine..." She hissed in the SeeD's ear, almost biting it as the pain subsided.

"Adel, my sorceress..." Seifer began, lowering his head, not releasing the paling hand. "I've only ever belonged to one Sorceress. And he's now your knight."

" came here. You found me..." She pleaded, closing her eyes as she tried to will the coming pain away.

"I was sent here." The blonde replied, matter-of-factly. "Just after Squall's accident. He told me to come here. That you'd take Zell..." Tears stung at the corners of his eyes as he remembered his fallen friend, squeezing the thin hand within his own tighter as the next wave of screams began from the woman on the bed.

" didn't get Laguna, did you? Didn't turn him like you planned..."

The sorceress bit her lip, shaking her head, the agony coursing through her.

"It's coming..."


Squall looked out into the empty hallway.

"It's not here at all, Kaien." He whispered, making sure not to wake the deeply sleeping sorceress.


Squall turned back around the door, his gaze instantly flicking to the bed.


Snapping his head up from the sorceress, Kaien blinked at the elder man, his usually purple eyes marred with the bright yellow that seemed to illuminate the whole room.

Grinning, the Estharian SeeD raised his sword, looking back down at the dark-haired witch below him. Energy seemed to crack around the bedroom as the metal cleaved the woman's head from her dainty neck.

Before Squall could even approach the boy, an unseen force thrust him into the wall, leaving the SeeD only able to watch as the sorceress' body evaporated, leaving only a red, sweet-smelling dust floating around them.

The air around them seemingly exploded, the dust covering everything before being absorbed by the brunette on the bed, his mouth wide open in a silent scream as his grip on the sword's hilt tightened.

When Squall was able to breathe again, he pulled himself off the wall, stumbling slowly towards Kaien.

"Carson..." The Commander whispered as he reached out to grab the teen's shoulder. Cocking his head up, Kaien pushed Squall, quickly jumping to his feet, his weapon raised.

"Lieutenant Kaien Carson, I order you to stand down."

Hesitating, a confused look passed over Kaien's face, the yellow dropped from the orbs, replaced by the soft blue-grey of his father.

"Dad?" He murmured, his gaze shifting as movent in the door caught his attention.

Squall smiled at the youth, barely able to catch him as he fainted dead away.

"He has a nasty habit of doing that, don't 'e?" The blonde asked, cradling a small bundle in his arms.

Looking up, Squall nodded, a half smile still on his face as he brushed the boys' bangs from his face.

Stepping forward, Seifer held out the sheets, nodding lightly.

"I believe this is yours."

Taking the child eagerly, Squall cooed at the sleeping bundle.

"Hyne, he's adorable."

"Like his father." Seifer smirked, patting the brunette's head. "Whatchya gonna name 'im?"

Kissing the baby's forehead, Squall closed his eyes, breathing in the boy's scent.

"Kyle Ien Leonhart."

"I'm touched...I didn't think you remembered."

"Now we're even." The brunette smirked, careful not to wake the sleeping boy.

Purple eyes opened up to a bright, yet familiar room. Although clarity was far from him, Kaien knew he was safe for the moment.

There had been no dreams this time. For the first time since coming to this time, there had been no screams: no pain. But even then...something wasn't right.

"It's okay, you're safe." The unexpected voice came from behind him, placing a comforting hand on the Teen's shoulder.

"Squall?" He asked, trying to focus on the blur beside him. A smile broke out on the tired face as a small yawn filled the room.

"Is that...?" He began, silenced by the elder SeeD nodding.

"You saved him."

But, look what I have to look forward too. I can't let him grow up to live in a world like that...

"Woah, woah, easy there." Squall said, pressing the SeeD back into the bed.

Closing his eyes, he let the world stop moving; taking deep breaths before opening his eyes to settle on the now solid shape next to him.

"Is everyone else...?"

"They're fine. We're the last two still here. You gave us quite a scare, Lieutenant. You've been asleep for the last week."

"It's nothing I haven't done before."

"Care to explain that?" Squall asked before the small bundle in his arms began to wail.

Looking at the tear-soaked grey eyes a moment, Kaien frowned.

I have to give him the chance...

"Take care of him, Dad." Kaien mumbled before snapping his purple eyes shut once more. Both father and son watched the bed intently as blue sparks flew from the body becoming more transparent with every breath.

A small wind picked up, the world sighing in relief, as the SeeD completely vanished from its surface.

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