Chapter 11 - Pressure

By The Wandering Englishman

Switching off the monitor, the young Doctor turned back to the observation window. He looked at the young brunette tied to the chair, looking blankly at the opposing wall, with sadness. The youth had been through so much, and there was very little they could do about it.

So he sat there, watching the youth, day in, day out in the hopes of some response to the new therapy. The Doctor removed his glasses, rubbing his eyes hard before picking up the paperwork for patient number 8276.


He never understood why they didn't just use his name. Or why no one here actually recognised him. Maybe the President had paid them to forget? But then...why would they treat him like the others? You wouldn't put someone like him in a hospital for the criminally insane...

But obviously someone had. Thrown him in, given him a number and thrown away the key. The Doctor sighed, going back to the screen and going back to the nightmares. The drugs had started to take effect, but not in the way Odine had predicted.

Schizophrenia had totally set in within the scarred youth's mind, yet on the outside, the brunette was totally vegetative. Sometimes, the young man would cry silently, when his mind considered itself asleep, which made the Doctor wonder what had happened that was so devastating.

"Status report." Came the accented voice from behind him, startling the Doctor out of his reverie. He turned to look at the newcomer standing in the doorway: the still balding, squat figure of the world's greatest scientist.

"Subject is still vegetative, Sir."

"And ze location?"

"Still unknown at this time sir."

The penguin-like man huffed, mumbling something in some weird language before leaving the room, slamming the door, leaving the Doctor slack jawed and really confused.

"Post traumatic stress. It's all I can attribute it to." The Doctor handed Laguna the file, open at the page of Squall's symptoms. "It's not the first time, either..."

Laguna looked at the doctor confused, handing back the notes.

"What do you mean?"

"Well...last time..." Kadowaki looked down, fidgeting with a pencil, "Last time he tried to stop the nightmares by taking sleeping pills with the last thing in his fridge." She took a sharp intake of breath.

"A full bottle of '63 Merlot." She frowned.

"...The esuna..." Laguna mumbled, running a hand through his hair. He looked up at the aging woman, licking his lips. "Can you tell me about the mission?"

"I'm afraid not. I don't know about it. All I know is that he came in here complaining of no sleep and a constant headache, so I gave him some sleeping pills." Scratching her chin, she stood up.

"If you can get him to see me, I can help him."

Standing up, Laguna shook the Doctors hand, nodding.

"I'll see what I can do. Thanks Doc."

"Squall, wait!"

The brunette turned around at the familiar voice, though he didn't really feel like talking to Quistis right now. Placing one hand on his hip, he stood, waiting for the blonde to catch up to him. Once she was within talking range, Squall started walking again, not wanting to keep his class waiting.

"Talk fast, Quistis."

"We found the person who tried to kill you." She started, hurrying her stride to keep up with the leather-clad SeeD.


"Dead." She replied coldly, causing the usually stoic youth to stop in his tracks.

"What do you mean dead?" He asked, glaring at the shorter woman.

"Poison. Scorpion venom to be exact."

"Immune to Esuna and makes revival with a phoenix impossible. I thought they destroyed all the research on it." Squall recited, as if reading directly from a textbook.

"That's not the most interesting bit. He left this note for us." She pulled the rumpled paper from her pocket, handing it to Squall.

"Us?" He asked, before opening the note and reading over it. His head darted up, looking into Quistis' eyes.


Reluctantly, she nodded, lowering her head to hide the tears welling there. She almost jumped when arms wrapped around her, but allowed comfort by the leather-clad arms as they pulled her close to his warm chest.

"I'm sorry, Quissy."

"I don't even know why I'm crying..." She sniffed, wiping her eyes with her free hand. "I mean...I haven't even met him yet." She laughed lightly, despite herself. With one last sniff, she stood back away from Squall.

"Oh, one more thing...Zell has taken over your class until the end of the semester. Doctor's orders." She smiled lightly, not knowing what to expect from Squall. He'd been acting strangely since the incident.

"Oh." He nodded. "I'll be in my room then. Call me if you need anything." He left without another word, folding the letter closed and placing it in his pocket before he turned around the corner out of Quistis' view.

The door slid closed behind him in a satisfying swish. Taking off his jacket and throwing it onto his chair, the brunette walked to his fridge and pulled out a mountain dew. Cracking the top, he sat at the kitchen table, flicking on his TV and pulling out the note.

Oprah. Fantastic. Though, Squall figured it was always better than Jerry Springer. He never knew what attracted people to be on, or watch that show. Sighing, he opened the note again, reading from where he left off.

The room grew dark, clouds swirling overhead as the room morphed into the Centran desert, Squall sitting on a rock as he continued to read the note. Bars exploded from the ground, surrounding Squall as he continued to read intently.

Thunder cracked overhead, and rain began to fall; making the ink on the note run before Squall had a chance to get to the end.

"FUCK!" He screamed as he looked up, his eyes widening as he took in his surroundings.

"You finally arrived."

"Who are you?" Squall asked, his voice small, the pressure in his chest becoming so great he couldn't breathe.


The stranger laughed, the sound echoing into the nothing surrounding them both.

"You'll find out in time." He laughed again, harder. As if what he'd just said was one cosmic joke.

Closing his eyes and reaching his hand towards his chest, the brunette slid down the bars onto his knees and leant forward, the world becoming infinitely warmer as he blocked out the sounds.

But one sound managed to pierce his ears as something warm was thrust into his mouth. Without thinking, he sucked on it, as he'd done many times before. Mewls of pleasure became louder as Squall moved his hand to the base of the warm flesh, sucking on it harder.

Soft hands wove through Squall's thick brown bangs, pulling at them almost painfully as the man above him kept his head moving.

The SeeD paid close attention to the slit; exploiting it and the sounds it procured, slowly nibbling at the edge of the head. Snaking his free hand around his companion, Squall began to knead the muscled ass he found. Becoming more adventurous, he slid a finger into the puckered opening, causing the man to buck deeper into his mouth.

"Hyne, Squall..." The husky voice shouted above him as the talented youth found the older mans sweet spot. A Second finger joined the first, the yelping and the moaning becoming deafening.

After one more finger, the other man stiffened, emptying himself into Squalls waiting, eager mouth. The brunette swallowed every drop, pulling away from the now limp member. He stood, opening his eyes for the first time to look down on the man he's just pleasured.

"Shit, Squall...that was amazing. You should propose to me more often so you can thank me for saying yes again..."

"Hyne...Laguna?" Squall asked, the blood draining from his face. Laguna pulled up his pants, doing up the button before he kissed the brunette passionately.

When Squall didn't respond, Laguna swallowed and stepped back, looking at the scarred face of his fiancÚ.

"Squall...what's wrong?" The man asked, in a voice that wasn't his own.

The sound played over in Squall's head. He knew that voice.



"SQUALL!" The frantic blonde called, trying to wake his boyfriend from his waking nightmare. He had thought the small boy awake when he opened his eyes 15 minutes ago, but when he didn't respond to the gentle nudging, Seifer knew something was up.

Hyne...he hadn't even blinked.

"Seifer..." The soft voice called as the thin fingers curled around the tall blondes calloused hands. Squall blinked, looking finally at Seifer, who was now wearing a relieved smile.

"Never, ever do that again. You scared the crap out of me, Squall."

"Sorry?" He offered, not even sure of what he'd done.

Bringing the smaller man towards him, Seifer kissed his forehead.

"Go back to sleep. We still have a couple of hours to kill until breakfast, and you look exhausted." He helped Squall lay back down on his pillow and pulled the blanket up before settling down next to him, wrapping a protective arm around his boyfriend's torso.

Sleep wasn't going to come easy to Squall. He stared at the clock: 4:30am. His thoughts kept going back to his supposed dream.

It seemed so real.

He'd have to see Laguna about it later.

As Squall closed his eyes, he listened to Seifer who was well and truly asleep and snoring softly.

As both the SeeD drifted off into sleep, the dark in the window lit up; a pair of violet eyes looking into the room and focused on Squall.

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