Soul of a Sinner

Chapter 7 - I'm so confused

By Redrum

Once Ellone was gone, Seifer pulled Squall tightly against him and murmured, "you are such an idiot, don't ever scare me like that again.   You could have died!"  Now that Seifer knew everything, the only thing that bothered him was that Squall could have died and he would have lost him.  His past was actually pretty interesting and while he was sorry Squall had suffered, he knew they probably wouldn't have met any other way.

Squall sighed and turned in the embrace.  Resting his head on the man's shoulder, he hugged him tightly, wings automatically following his movements and pulling the other man tighter against him while also shading them.

"But you would have lived," he said finally.  He knew Seifer wouldn't understand, but he'd rather die saving Seifer, then let the other man die when he could have had taken the chance to go to Hell by healing him.  Seifer's life was more important to him.  But he also didn't want the other man to grow lonely and depressed when he finally realized that living for a long time meant seeing others around you die, so in the end, he was glad that he had received his request to have the same life span as Seifer.  He wouldn't have it any other way.  Now all he had to do was summon up the courage to put his wings back.  He didn't want to let them go just yet, it had been too long since he'd last flown in peace, without worrying about having to rescue someone from death.

"You're an idiot," Seifer repeated, hugging him close, "but I love you.  That will never change."  Leaning forward, Seifer captured Squall's lips in a deep, slow kiss.  Pulling back, he met his gaze and smiled, running one hand smoothly over his boyfriend's wings.  "Beautiful wings you have there."

Shivering at the touch on his sensitive wings, Squall blushed lightly, ducking his head in embarrassment.  Angels didn't often receive or give compliments on another's wings, since they had seen them all.  Every angel's wings looked similar to the time period or event they had been created from.  Squall's looked like dark storm clouds.  Although for some reason, the tips of each feather were dusted with sparkling gold.  Maybe they were the effects of using his full power on Seifer?

Folding his wings back self-consciously, Squall frowned when Seifer laughed.  *Now* what was so funny?

"You're always shy aren't you?"  Seifer chuckled, "even after last night?"  Not that Seifer didn't like Squall the way he was, he couldn't imagine him any other way, but he was still amusing.  Smiling, Seifer leaned in to steal another kiss from Squall before pulling back and murmuring, "so, you can actually fly with those?"

"Of course!"  Squall cried, somewhat insulted.  It was an insult to even suggest that an angel was incapable of flying.  Of course, Seifer didn't know that.  Stupid, Squall, real stupid.  Shaking his head, he mumbled an apology.  Seifer just laughed and shrugged it off.

Squall frowned, thinking...  It would be a misuse of his power, but he knew that the high council would let him off since they owed him a great deal, for both his services, and the hell he had been through while down on Earth (although.. with Seifer, it wasn't so bad).

Standing up, Squall pulled the large blonde to his feet.  Hopefully he trusted Squall enough to not drop him.  "Would you   like to try?  It's not as good as flying with your own wings, but I assume its close enough."

"Really?  Right here?  Right now?"  Seifer asked with excitement and absolutely no nervousness.  Really he wasn't nervous...  He met Squall's amused gaze and grinned.  Well, he would've had to fly him back here from the church...  Stepping forward, Seifer wrapped his arms around Squall's neck and left a quick kiss on his lips, "sure, I'd love too."

Smiling softly, Squall bent down slightly and scooped up Seifer, who gave a cry of surprise.  Laughing, Squall said, "relax.  I know it's not every day someone smaller then you actually picks you up without any strain, and it's definitely not every day when your boyfriend offers to take you up in the air, but you'll be safe.  I promise.  After all, I am stronger then I look," he smiled when Seifer laughed and nodded in agreement.

Extending his wings, he flapped them a few times before he finally lifted off from the ground.  Seifer's grip around his neck tightened, but a whispered word of, "relax," had him loosening his grip enough to let the angel breath.

Squall, carrying Seifer 'bridal style' (as Seifer had once told him that's what it was called), flew up into the air.  Using some minor power to make them invisible to others, the brunet flapped his wings leisurely, the strong appendages easily held him and Seifer up without any strain.  He flew over the ocean, enjoying Seifer's pleased murmurs.  It really was different to see the ocean from above.  Swooping down, he skimmed the water, making the human laugh as his wings splashed water when they broke the surface.

Smiling, Squall flew back up, high enough that everything that was of medium height appeared to be a hell of a lot smaller then it was.  Flying over the forest, Seifer expressed the urge to look down, so Squall quickly shifted his position, causing the blonde to let out a yelp.  Easily holding the man up by wrapping his arms around his waist and chest so that he was level with the ground and could clearly see it, he smiled when Seifer finally relaxed in his strong hold, trusting that the angel could easily lift him.

The man pointed out the various animals, which humans often didn't see in their natural state since they always disturbed them.  Since animals were naturally friendly around angels, the various deer grazing along the grass looked up, saw past the spell and looked back down disinterestedly.  Squall smiled at the other's delighted laughter.  He was happy that something so simple could bring such joy to the other man.  He'd be even more surprised at the city's beauty when he saw it from above at night with only the city lights on.

After a bit more flying, Squall finally came to rest on a cliff near the orphanage that overlooked the sea.  They stood, Squall hugging Seifer from behind, his wings partially wrapped around him, looking out over the sunset.

Turning slowly into the embrace to face Squall, Seifer smiled down at him, slowly sifting his fingers through his beautiful auburn hair.  "It's hard to believe you're really an angel," he murmured, thinking out loud.  Squall arched an eyebrow and gave a meaningful flutter of his wings before wrapping them around Seifer again.  Seifer chuckled, "well, I mean I believe it, but it's never something I expected."  Seifer paused for a moment then asked, "what was it like in Heaven?  How were you born?  When were you really born?"

Squall sighed.  He knew these questions would come from the blonde sooner or later.  Lightly pushing Seifer down so he was leaning against the smooth wall of the cliff, Squall took a deep breath and took his wings back within himself.  There was a small bit of pain, but only enough to make him give the barest of winces.  He'd grow them back when they needed to get back, until then, Squall wanted to go back to his favorite position, one that wouldn't be comfortable for either of them with his wings extended.

Sitting down so his bare back was flush against Seifer's naked chest, the small droplets of blood leaking out over the fresh scars smeared over the other's tanned skin.  Obviously, he would always have those lines there, but he figured it wasn't a bad deal to be able to have his wings back without the extensive amount of pain.

Seifer wrapped his arms around the brunet's waist and laid his chin on top of Squall's head, waiting for him to start answering his questions.

"Heaven is like...  well... it's loud and bright."  Squall finally said, at a loss for words.  Seifer snorted.  There wasn't much else he could say about it.  "It's kind of like the human world, only without the excessive violence and bloodshed.  But as you just witnessed, there are those of us that are evil and really should be with the Demons in Hell, but for one reason or another, they stayed there in Heaven until their evil souls finally consumed them and made them fall from Heaven, all on their own.  But mostly, it's basically a paradise.  Everyone is happy and wears excessive white," he grumbled.  Seifer laughed and nuzzled his head affectionately.

Squall paused, searching for how to describe being 'born.'  "For your second question...  Well, the right word for it is 'created.'  Angels don't get 'born,' they are created from a specific time period or a major event.  I can't fully explain how an angel comes to be, since that is in the hands of nature and God and only they understand the whole logical explanation behind it.  But I do know that I came from the most major thunderstorm to ever grace this Earth.  It unfortunately killed billions of people, animals, plants and trees, but it was still the most beautiful thing you ever would have saw.  I know you like being amongst thunderstorms for the adrenaline rush; well this one definitely would have got you high."  He gave a small smile at Seifer's quiet chuckle.

"So, somehow, during that storm, I was created.  My wings show that.  Kind of like a birthmark on a human, or even a scar.  It comes from a certain event.  Well, the color of my wings show a storm cloud, thus projecting the event that ended in my creation.  The gold tips you might have seen on the tips of the feathers are a residue of using my full powers to heal you.  I'm not positive in the 'hows' and 'whys', but that's not really important."  Squall sighed, realizing he was rambling, even if Seifer was completely enraptured in the tale.

"Now... you ask *when* I was really born?"  Seifer nodded against his head.  "Well, I don't know the exact date, since back then; they had no months or time periods.  People just lived in the moment.  But I do know I was created before the very first dinosaur appeared."  The man holding him gasped.  "Yes, I'm old aren't I?  Anyway, at those times, humans were around.  They didn't have a lot of the qualities that people have today."  Sensing Seifer's confusion, he continued, "they had no modesty, no sense of hate, love...  well, really, they had no feelings at all.  They were a mutation of the prime mate race.  While gorillas are very intelligent and emotional creatures, humans didn't inherit any of those qualities.  They had no personality, nor soul.  But they were still animals, living and breathing.  After the thunderstorm hit, it killed off many of those... drones, I guess you would call them.

"Shortly after that, Lucifer decided that humans should have souls too and be able to think and feel like any other animal.  So, he went against God's orders, to not give the humans anything and let the animals live in peace, even if they were all but brainless, and gave humans souls, resulting in them getting emotions, and all that other stuff that comes with souls.

"Of course, later on, God got extremely pissed, to use one of your popular sayings, and sent Lucifer down to the Earth, well, really, he sent him to the depths of Earth's core, which is a lot bigger then most people think.  With those actions, Lucifer changed as he was forced to take care of the humans whose souls had turned evil.  God later came out with the whole thing about how he had created humans and all the animals, but he never did mention who had really created the souls for the humans."

Squall sighed and leaned back against Seifer's broad chest.  He could almost *feel* how the other man was soaking this all up like a wet sponge, craving even more information that humans had never been privy to before.  "That's all I'm going to talk about that subject.  You're not even supposed to know about it."  Squall murmured, turning his body around so he was sitting curled up against Seifer's chest.  "You can go ahead and ask anything else.  I'm sure you have a lot of questions.  After all, it's not every day a human gets abducted by an evil angel, gets tortured, finds out why his boyfriend of two months is so weird because he's an angel, and gets to fly."  He'd actually only been talking for that long just so Seifer wouldn't have the chance to yell at him for completely changing his life around without his consent..

"Interesting,"  Seifer murmured, stroking Squall's back softly while gazing out at the horizon. He then shifted his gaze back to the auburn haired angel curled up against him.  "Not many really, there's some fun in not knowing for now."  This caused Squall to look up at him strangely and Seifer just laughed.  "All I really want to know about is you is what you're willing to tell me."

Hooking a finger under Squall's chin, Seifer brought their gazes level and added with a smile, "by the way, I don't think I thanked you for saving my life earlier.  Thank you Squall, really.  I don't think there's anyone one else who would've done something so brave for me.  You really are..."  He paused, tempted to fall back on his original phrase, 'Something else,' but decided instead to use, " angel."

Squall frowned in confusion.  Why wasn't Seifer yelling at him?  He knew how much the man hated being controlled.  Maybe he was so traumatized by everything that happened, that he hadn't really been thinking about what Squall had told Ellone about the side effects of using his full powers to heal Seifer.

But he couldn't lie to him anymore...  not even omission.  He looked up intently, meeting the other man's gaze steadily.  "Don't thank me.  I've changed your life drastically, and without your permission.  You don't have to thank me for saving your life, when I've only made it worse by making you different from the other humans."

“Squall,”  Seifer said softly, gathering Squall’s face in his hands, “you healed me when I would have died and now I get to spend a long, virtually pain free life, with you.  That’s all I care about.”  Seifer smirked before adding, “and when has being different ever bothered me?”  He asked, indicating his choker, a blatant advertisement of his individualism to whoever cared to notice.

“I love you,” Seifer continued, “nothing is ever going to change that.  Ever."

Squall sighed, resting his head back against Seifer's chest.  "I guess I should have realized that when you didn't scream when you first realized I was an angel," he gave a small grin when Seifer chuckled.  "I guess you also understand why I'm not too... up to date on some things."

“Yes,” Seifer said, smirking down at Squall, "that does explain a lot.”  Seifer did wonder exactly what that Ultimecia bitch had done to make Squall cast out of Heaven in the first place, but he wouldn’t ask.  Considering the day they’d just had… well… they’d been through enough.  As long as they were together and happy he really didn’t care.    “A five billion or so year old virgin,” he mused allowed, “will wonders never cease?"

Squall laughed and smacked Seifer on the head, "shut up.  It's not like angels are capable of having sexual intercourse."  The brunet shuddered, "we wouldn't want to anyway.  Too messy.  Besides, almost everyone in Heaven has a male physique, but without the penis.  Fornicating is between a human man and a woman."  The angel paused, frowning, "that's why I never understood some human's fascination with homosexuality.  Two humans of the same sex cannot have intercourse.  It's not possible," Squall frowned when Seifer almost keeled over in laughter.  Jeez... he was starting to see why all those humans made jokes at a blonde's expanse.

He raised an eyebrow when Seifer started rolling around, holding his stomach and laughing.  Really, it wasn't *that* funny.  And what the hell had he said?

"For a five billion year old being, you," Seifer paused to snicker and wipe some tears of laughter from his eyes, "are sure naive about the most random things."  He waited until Squall had formed his trademark insulted pout, before leaned in to capture his lips briefly.  Pulling back, he met Squall's eyes straight on with one of his more arrogant smirks.  Trailing his hand down Squall's chest he murmured, "I guarantee you it is quite possible for us to have," his smirk widened a little bit, " 'intercourse,' as you call it.  It just works a little differently than usual."

Squall scoffed.  It wasn't possible for two humans of the same sex to have intercourse.  Intercourse was to make babies.  Homosexuals can't make babies, thus they can't have intercourse.  Silly human.  And did he really have to laugh at *every* *single* *thing* he said that made him look 'naive' (to quote Seifer's word)?  It wasn't his fault that Squall didn't actually get involved in human's lives until a few hundred years ago?  Really, how was he supposed to know how they had sex?  It wasn't like he'd... well, there was the one time, but he had only stayed long enough to realize how messy it was and other then the whole hip thrusting movement, he didn't really know much else.

Turning away from the hand that was slowly trailing down his stomach, Squall sat facing the ocean, back rigid and pride slightly wounded.  Stupid human qualities.

Seifer crawled up behind Squall and gently wrapped his arms around he stiff brunet.  "Look," he said softly, but still with a slight smirk, "I'm sorry.  I shouldn't have laughed... so much.  I have no idea how much contact you've had with humans and I'm sorry if I hurt your feelings."  Seifer gently, stroked Squall's arms and didn't relent at trying to make eye contact until he felt the brunet relax in his arms and saw him smile a little bit when he casually grazed a ticklish spot on his stomach.

"And it is true, Squall," Seifer added softly after a few more moments, pressing a light, sucking kiss to his neck.  "We can have sex as easily as the next couple."  He chuckled softly then, but it was not directed at Squall, "I'll prove it to you if you like."

Squall sighed and rested his head against one broad shoulder, allowing Seifer more room to suck on his neck.  He felt stupid for letting his feelings get the best of him and actually allowing himself to be hurt by such an insignificant reaction to his words.  But he did feel strangely better at hearing the apology, even if it wasn't entirely sincere.

Resting his hands over Seifer's, Squall sighed and glanced out into the ocean again, enjoying the quiet sounds of the waves lapping at the cliff's rocks several feet below them.  The smooth expanse of rock was vaguely circular, with one half of it blocked off by a large jagged wall that lead up to an even taller clearing.

Coming back to the present moment, with Seifer sucking on the junction between shoulder and neck, Squall finally said, "if you want to," not overly excited at the prospect of getting sweaty and making a lot of noise.  But if it was anything similar to what Seifer had done to him not that long ago, then maybe it wouldn't be so bad.  Although he had gotten sweaty and been incredibly loud, it had felt good.

Gently, Seifer urged Squall to turn in his embrace so they could talk face to face.  "Not unless you're sure; it's a big deal as far as humans and all of our screwed up emotions go.  I may be an arrogant prick a lot of the time, but I don’t take advantage."  He paused to caress the side of Squall's face and added, "and not here.  Call me a romantic, but I think a bed or a blanket by the ocean would be better.  Not to mention I don't make a habit of carrying lube on me."  At Squall's look of confusion, Seifer smiled good naturely, but didn't mock.  Instead, he simply started tracing the curves of Squall's face, “it's painful without it," he explained patiently.

Still a tad confused, Squall leaned into the caress, smiling slightly.  He figured if he knew what lube and romantic meant, then he'd understand more.  He didn't understand why they couldn't just have... whatever they would have, right here.

Sighing, Squall frowned, preparing for the pain of brining back his wings.  He knew Ellone had said that it wouldn't hurt... but hell, he'd already been lied to and he *really* didn't want a repeat of what happened last time.  It had hurt so much he'd almost passed out.  The warm fingers caressing his cheek gave him the courage he needed.  His large ebony wings sprouted from his back, the long feather tips still coated in sparkling gold dust.  Flexing his wings, he was surprised that there had only been the same amount of pain as when he'd retracted them.  There wasn't even any blood.

Smiling softly at Seifer's awed expression, Squall stood up and extended a hand down to help the other man up.

Returning the smile, Seifer pulled himself upright with Squall's help and, after wrapping his arms around Squall's neck, leaned in for a kiss.  At least this time he wasn't as surprised when Squall picked him up in his arms and was more content to relax and enjoy the ride.

The flight back to the orphanage was smooth and relatively uneventful except for the occasional bits of quiet conversation that they were prone to and soon they were peacefully back on the roof. *Their* roof, as Seifer was starting to think of it.

Seifer smiled gratefully at Squall and slipped his hand over his boyfriend's shoulder and down his silky wings.  "As much as I love these," Seifer commented, meeting Squall's gaze, "I really think it would be easier to sneak in the window without them."

Squall couldn't surpass the moan that came from his parted lips when Seifer ran a hand over his wings.  Damn sensitivity.  The blonde just smirked at him and continued to run his fingers through the thick fluff of feathers.  Biting his lip to hold back the moan, Squall stepped back, away from Seifer's wandering hands and retracted his wings, not even wincing at the small pain now that he knew what to expect.

Smirking at the other man, Squall jumped off the roof and grabbed onto the drain pipe a little above the window.  Hearing Seifer's angry yell, the brunet's smirk widened as he jumped into the still open window.  He laid down on Seifer's bed, head resting on his crossed arms as he waited for Seifer to slowly climb down the drain pipe.  Squall knew he couldn't get seriously hurt from the fall, since Ellone had told him he was mostly going to remain as he was.  Meaning he could still heal, but he would also age.  Albeit, slowly, but still.  Seifer didn't have those qualities though, so he'd still have to be careful.  Squall would watch over him though...  he'd have to make sure the other man didn't get careless and start thinking he was invincible simply because he aged slowly, was resistant to illness and wouldn't suffer from the havocs of old age, but he was still susceptible to injury.

Seifer growled in mild frustration at his boyfriend and made his way expertly, albeit more slowly, down the drain pipe.  He slipped easily inside the window, closing it behind him, and crossed immediately to Squall.  Laying his hands on to brunet's hips and thus pinning him to the bed, Seifer kissed him deeply before pulling back, brushing some hair out of Squall's eyes and murmuring, "what did I say about scaring me?"

Squall feigned innocence, "not to?"  He laughed when Seifer growled and started tickling him in spite.  "It's not like-" he broke off in giggled when the man above him hit a sensitive spot on his stomach, "I-I can get hurt or anything,"  When another jab at his stomach made him cry out in laughter, Squall grabbed Seifer's wrists and held on to them, making sure that he couldn't tickle him anymore.

Seifer pouted and sighed dramatically when Squall held back his wrist, but, used the leverage to straddle said boyfriend's hips.  "Won't you let me have any fun?"  He mock-whined; fighting not to smirk down at Squall.  It still surprised him what a lithe form he had and how strong he was.  But, for him at least, it was a pleasant surprise during sparing and...other activities.

The angel sighed and let go of the other's wrists.  He gasped when Seifer relocated them to his chest with a quiet 'thump,' taking all the breath out of Squall's lungs.  Pouting, the brunet rolled over, almost dislodging Seifer's placement on his hips.  “Is this where I complain of having a headache?"  Squall said, thinking back to the past, "I heard that was the excuse most people come up with if they don't want to have sex.  At least, that's what Laguna was always telling me...  well, more like complaining...”  He added, his mood dampening somewhat when he thought of what had happened to Laguna in the end.

Seifer saw the darkened look cross Squall's face and reached up to caress his face and bring his attention away from bad memories.  "No, you can always be straight forward with me, Squall.  As you saw yourself this morning, I'm quite capable of taking care of myself if you're not in the mood."  He ran his hands lightly down Squall's arms and brought them to rest over his hands.  "Not that *I'd* ever not be in the mood.  I mean look at you; you're absolutely gorgeous.

Squall blushed and buried his face in the pillow, trying to hide the damn reaction.  Seifer just laughed and laid out over top of him, his front flush with Squall's back.  Feeling the blush start to fade, Squall sighed and turned his head so he was lying on his cheek and looked at Seifer's face from the corner of his eye.

"I want to... but...” the brunet huffed in frustration, "I don't even know why I'm nervous!" He exclaimed angrily.

"It's okay," Seifer said soothingly, gently rubbing his back.  "That's human instinct; it's a very intimate thing, sex.  If you don't trust you partner explicitly they could really hurt you."  Seifer turned his head and pressed a kiss to the tip of Squall's nose.  "I would never hurt you though Squall, not if I could help it."

Squall frowned, thinking about that.  Seifer moved down from his back so he was lying beside him, half on top of him, while his face was incredibly close to Squall's.  "Were you ever hurt?"  He finally asked, wondering if someone had dared to hurt this caring human.  If they had, then it only proved his thoughts that the Earth and the human inhabitants weren't worthy of having the souls that Lucifer had given them.  Using their new found intelligence just to berate someone else.  Using their strength and power and holding it over someone else.  Squall sighed, waiting for Seifer's answer.

Seifer shrugged, "I've had my share of bad romances, but no one ever hurt me intentionally if that's what you mean."    Seifer reached out and trailing his fingertips over Squall's cheek bones.  "Humans may not be the greatest being in the universe, but we aren't all bad."  He paused to lean in for kiss before pulling back and finishing, "the good ones of us can do some pretty amazing things sometimes."

Squall raised his brow in doubt.  Shaking his head, he reclaimed Seifer's lips before he could say anything to doubt the other man.  He'd seen enough hurt on the Earth for the last billion or so years, and he knew that not *all* humans were bad, but most of them were.

"Besides," Seifer added when they pulled back, still running his fingers over Squall’s skin, "I'm human and you don't hate me."

Squall frowned, thinking about that.  Seifer was human, but he wasn't like the others.  "You're not completely human anymore, so that doesn't count," he smiled softly when Seifer laughed, shaking his head at Squall's logic.  "But before that...  well, I guess it was actually thanks to Ultimecia that we even ended up together.  If it hadn't been for her, you would have stayed away from me like everyone else because of my aura."  Squall continued, somewhat sadly.  Imagine... it was his due to his greatest enemy that he had gotten the chance to love someone.  If it hadn't been for her... Squall would still be lonely, miserable and cynical of everything human.  It was definitely ironic.

"That's not true," Seifer said, gently running his hands across Squall's back.  "That bitch gloats an awful hell of a lot out loud and in the time it took you to find the church, she told me she hadn't been able to block your aura until after our first day together.  You know how stubborn I am, I would've kept pursuing you."

So... even when his aura had been in plain sight, Seifer hadn't backed off...  but why?  What was different about this human then the others?  The other roommates Squall had, ended up either being scared of him or found themselves being mad at him for no apparent reason.  And just because of his aura.  Most humans couldn't handle the magical signature.  That's why Squall got along so well with animals, they sensed the magic, but they were actually attracted to it, rather then repelled.

Sighing, Squall shifted over until he was closer to Seifer and his large body was covering more of Squall's smaller frame.  Curling his hands underneath his chin, Squall pressed into the broad chest, tucking his head underneath Seifer's chin.  He gave a small smile when muscular arms wrapped around him, pulling him closer to the bare chest.  Oddly enough, in the warm embrace, Squall actually felt almost all the tenseness leaving him from earlier.

Seifer smiled warmly as Squall relaxed underneath him.  Now that he knew all the things Squall had gone through recently, he was glad to see him relax so easily.  Sighing contently, Seifer continued to gently run his fingers over Squall's bare skin, as though trying to memorize it by touch alone.  He smirked at the occasionally small squeak on the part of his boyfriend, because he'd touched a rather sensitive spot, but he didn't start tickling him again.  Right now he just wanted to hold him without worrying about angels, or homophobes, or any other problem they'd faced.

Smiling, Squall tilted his head up from the warm cocoon he had been wrapped in, and slowly started to lick the sensitive junction between neck and jaw, enjoying the small shivers it produced from the man covering him.  He bucked his hips when a long finger grazed over the small of his back.  Damn ticklish spots.

Seifer moaned softly when Squall's hips bucked into his and tightened his grip on the brunet slightly.  As Squall resumed his attack on Seifer's neck, Seifer slid one hand up, over his chest, brushing over one light nipple.  He smirked when he heard a hitch in Squall's breath and proceeded to slowly, slowly take the nub and roll it between his fingers.

Moaning at the small sparks of pleasure that shot down to his groin every time Seifer played with his nipples, Squall nipped lightly on the man's neck and finally moved away, pulling the large over top of him.  Seifer smiled at the second show of strength and bent to take a nipple into his mouth.  "Seifer!"  Groaning, the brunet arched up into the mouth, seeking more contact.  He would never fully understand why male's had nipples, but damn, they sure came in handy sometimes.

Seifer smirked inwardly and continued to suck slowly at Squall's nipple, tugging at it lightly with his teeth and drawing slow circles around it with his tongue.  When he had Squall writhing beneath him, he slowly trailed kisses to his other nipple and treated that much the same as the first.  His hand slid all along Squall's chest, assaulting the most sensitive spots before moving south and focused his attention on Squall's fly.

"Seifer," he whispered when the pants finally came away.  Seifer tossed them onto the floor, leaving him in all his naked glory, withering and moaning for more heat from that mouth suckling on his nipple.  Said mouth traveled south, prodding his navel with a wet tongue, before moving southeast to lick at the thin skin covering his hipbones, before exploring further, tasting the thick muscles of his near-hairless thigh, licking and nibbling on the inside, so close to his penis that Squall was whimpering at the heat of the other's head just being so close to him.  Not to mention the thick strands of blonde hair brushing against the very head of his member.

Wait... why was Seifer going *under* his penis, stopping to lick at the testicles, before he moved underneath..  "Fuck!"  He screamed when a sharp prod of Seifer's tongue poked at the sensitive skin behind his testicles.  Who knew that spot would also be sensitive?

So focused on the suckling and nibbling on the skin behind his testicles, Squall almost missed the movement when Seifer pushed his legs up closer to his chest.  Confused, the brunet held onto the underside of his knees, spreading them apart, with a small blush, when Seifer motioned for him to do so.  Why was - shit!  What the hell was he doing?!

Seifer glanced up at Squall when he felt him tense slightly.  "Shh, I won't hurt you," he said, gently running his hand across Squall's side.  With a reassuring smile in Squall's direction, Seifer gently lowered his head, his hands braced over Squall's hips to steady him, and poked at his entrance with his tongue again, bringing forth a similar reaction as the first time.  Seifer just smiled and slowly pushed his tongue inside, withdrawing it, and pushing inside again; trying to be as gentle as possible.

Squall was bucking against his hands and mumbling incoherently, a thing Seifer was proud to have caused, but Seifer didn't relent in the slow, steady, sweet torture.  Seifer, the impatient hot head that he was, was partial to long, slow love making more often then not.  He wanted to give Squall as much pleasure as he could.  After all, five billion years is a long time to wait, even if you could only actually have sex for about two months of it.

"Seifer!"  Squall screamed when Seifer started thrusting his tongue inside him.  *Inside* him!  He couldn't believe why anyone would want to do that, but fuck... it sure felt nice.  Even though he did feel somewhat disgusted to have Seifer... down there.  It was less clean then taking his penis into his mouth.  Sure, he washed, quite thoroughly if he did say so himself, but still...

His thoughts were completely swept from his mind when Seifer slowly pushed a finger inside of him, changing his tactic, instead, he was sucking and nibbling while thrusting a finger inside the wet entrance (that really should only be an exit), and why was Seifer doing this?  Was this intercourse between two men?  It didn't look like anything like the hip movement he had witnessed between Laguna and his girlfriend.  Although, Squall's hips were moving an awful lot...

He winced when two fingers were added.  Seifer saw the reaction and slowed down his pace, though he continued to suck, nibble, and do just about everything else with his tongue while slowing down the pace of his thrusting fingers.

The pleasure built up until Squall was almost yelling at the top of his lungs.  God... he really hoped the walls were at least somewhat soundproof. That, or they had the decency *not* to interrupt.  When Seifer curled his fingers and touched something inside him, the angel reached new heights and came with a loud scream of the human's name.

Seifer retreated from Squall's entrance as he came down from his orgasm, not wanting to overwhelm him, and began to slowly lap at his spilt come; making a noise akin to purring.  When he was finished, he crawled up Squall's body slightly and pillowed his head on Squall's stomach, simply smiling up at him.  Reaching up and caressing Squall's flushed face  purred, "beautiful..."

He was tempted to kiss Squall again, but he knew of his adversity to certain aspects of anatomy, as he'd seen the disgust on his face when they both were using the bathroom and he didn't think anyone was looking.  Instead, he just traced his hands across his torso and looked up at him with a smirk as he recovered from his orgasm.

Blushing as he caught his breath, Squall leaned into the hand caressing the side of his face.  Some what glad that Seifer hadn't decided to kiss him, even if he did... kind of want to.  He was still a bit disgusted by the fact that Seifer's mouth had been... well, *there* of all places.  Even if it had brought him a lot... well, a hell of a lot of pleasure.

Blush deepening when he remembered his screams, Squall pouted when the man lying on his stomach started chuckling.  Looking down at the shirtless man, Squall frowned, adding to the comical pout, making Seifer laugh harder.  "Why are you still dressed?  I shouldn't have to be the only one naked," he added, puckering his lips indignantly when Seifer kept laughing.  Although he was shivering slightly from the cold, due to the sweat now cooling on his body, and because of the breath coming out of the blonde's mouth in gasps onto his stomach, tickling the fine hairs there.

Seifer's laughter died off into light chuckles and he smiled warmly up at Squall.  "Well I guess fair is fair," he murmured, pulling back just long enough to rid himself of his pants before he lay down beside Squall and gathered him in his arms.  "I must say Squall," he murmured, gently tracing the lines of his back, "I really enjoyed your...commentary."

The blush that had begun to fade, quickly came back, spreading all the way from his cheeks to the tips of his ears and fading as it ended completely at his shoulders.  The hard member poking his stomach made him shiver with a short of anticipation.  For what, he didn't really know.  But it was there, burning away inside him.

Ducking his head to hide the blush, Squall breathed in the scent of the other man.  Hesitating, before asking, "Why did you do....  *that*?"  He shuddered involuntarily.  Both from disgust and remembering how pleasurable it had been.  He didn't understand why Seifer would want to pleasure him like that... using his mouth on both those... areas.  It didn't bring *him* pleasure, though it sure as hell brought Squall pleasure.

Seifer smirked and pressed a gentle kiss to Squall's forehead before replying in a low, husky voice, "because I like to hear you scream in pleasure."  Seifer's smirk widened as Squall's blush got all the more deeper.  "And because," he continued, trailing kisses over Squall's neck, "when two men have sex, one of them must be stretched first; it hurts otherwise."

Blush still bright, but beginning to fade (again), Squall tilted his head back to look up at Seifer.  "Why does one need to be stretched?  And what does you doing... *that* have to do with 'stretching' me?"  He asked, completely confused.  What did Seifer's tongue in his... well, that place, have to do with 'stretching' him?  And for what?

"Well," Seifer continued, gently sucking on Squall's neck, "putting my tongue in your arse is called rimming, that was just to give you pleasure."  As he explained, he reached over to the nightstand, retrieved a bottle of lube, and coated his fingers.   "My fingers," he murmured, nipping at Squall's nipple and inserting three to gently stretch Squall and assault his prostrate, "stretched you because when two guys have sex, one guy must put his cock up the other one's arse."

Squall broke off in mid moan, pushing against Seifer's chest to make him back up.  Seifer looked up, frowning in confusion.  Wide, dark grey-blue eyes met jade green.  Shaking his head, Squall looked down in between them, before looking back up, eyes wider still.  "That's impossible... that... it... it won't fit inside me, no matter how much you 'stretch' me."  Squall could actually feel his heart speed up in his nervousness and slight fear.

Seifer saw the trepidation building in Squall and gently removed his hand so that he could gently caress Squall's hip and with his other hand caress his face; trying to calm him down.  "Yes it will Squall," he said gently.  "It might hurt a little because you're a virgin, but not long and not much."  He pressed a gentle kiss to Squall's forehead, before continuing, "if you feel more comfortable with me being on bottom or simply waiting for now, that's fine, I won't pressure you into anything, but I promise you it will fit."

Biting his lip, Squall fought the urge to ask what 'bottom' was.  He did want to wait, but he knew that was only putting it off.  Sooner or later, he would have to go through it.  And if he never did, well, it would be fair to Seifer.  But if he said that it would fit... well, then it must.  He had promised after all.  Looking down again at the member jutting into his stomach, Squall finally sighed shakily and nodded.  "Okay...  now... now is okay."  The large hand on his hip moved to caress his buttocks, making Squall moan softly.  The slightly rough calluses on the blonde's hand added to the sensation as it rubbed up and down.  And slowly, most of his nervousness disappeared, though certainly not all of it.

Seifer didn't enter right away, instead he lingered to caress and kiss his way along Squall's body a bit longer.  Then, after lubricating himself when Squall was distracted, Seifer latched onto Squall's nipple and slowly, very slowly so as to cause the least amount of pain possible, he entered the angel.    Once he was fully sheathed, Seifer remained very still, shaking slightly, lifting his head to meet Squall's gaze.  Seifer smiled softly, caressing Squall's face and asked in a husky whisper, "alright there sweetheart?"

Through gritted teeth, Squall replied, "don't call me sweetheart."  While Seifer had gone slow, trying not to hurt him, it still hurt...  and he couldn't get over the thought that... something that... well, big, could fit inside...  well, his 'arse' (to use Seifer's word).

Seeing that Seifer was straining to hold back, Squall sighed silently, hesitated briefly, before thrusting his hips forward.  While the brunet bit the inside of his cheek from the stab of pain shooting up his back, Seifer moaned loudly at the pleasure.

Since Squall had initiated the movement, Seifer deemed that he was ready and started to thrust slowly.  Gritting his teeth against the stabs of pain, Squall met the movement and tried copying it.  He fumbled for a bit, before he finally got the hang of it.  When Seifer changed his angle to hit his prostate, Squall gasped.  The pleasure soon overrode the pain, even though there was still a burning sensation, probably because he was still semi-tense or nervous.

Moaning loudly, Seifer groaned out Squall's name before coming.  The brunet gasped at the feeling of the hot rush of liquid inside of him.  While only half-hard, Squall had enjoyed it somewhat, though he didn't seen the very big appeal in it.  It was true the prostrate gave a lot of pleasure, but the initial pain had ebbed it somewhat.  Maybe if he hadn't had been so tense, it wouldn't have been that bad.

Sighing, Squall tucked his head underneath Seifer's chin and breathed in the sweaty scent of the other man.  He winced when the penis slipped out with a weird sound, but other then the heavy panting of Seifer's that was slowing down somewhat, the room was silent.

Seifer wrapped his arms around Squall and gently cradled him to his chest as the afterglow faded.  "Are you alright Squall?" He asked softly.  Seifer knew, by experience, that no matter how careful your other partner was, the first time always hurt.  There was really nothing that could be done about that.  His own experience had been too uncomfortable to be enjoyed too much; that's why he'd done things so slowly and thoroughly for Squall.  He just hoped he hadn't hurt Squall too much.

Sighing, Squall followed Seifer's movement when he rolled over onto his back, wincing when a stab of pain shot through him, originating from his lower back.  Lying his head down on the other's chest, Squall mumbled, "I've felt worse," avoiding the question.  He didn't want Seifer to worry about him.  He believed that the blonde had done everything he could to lessen the pain, so obviously, it was inevitable.  It was probably his fault anyway for remaining tense and nervous.

The warm, slightly sweaty hand running up and down his lower back helped somewhat to ease away the pain.  He found that if he just lay still, the pain wasn't too bad.

Seifer sighed softly and gently kissed the top of Squall's forehead.  "I love you. I'm sorry if I hurt you. I can bottom next time if you like.  I know it's uncomfortable the first time."

Squall's eyes widened at the realization, "So *that's* what bottom is!"  He pouted when Seifer started laughing.  He hadn't meant to say that allowed, since he knew the kind of reaction he would receive for admitting that he didn't know what it meant.

Seifer continued chuckling and smiled warmly down at his boyfriend. "I love you, don't ever change," he murmured, hugging him closely.  It was a little odd knowing Squall was billions of years old and seeing him so innocent, but there was such an endearing quality about that, that Seifer loved.  Squall was one of a kind.

Blushing lightly, Squall smiled and nuzzled the warm chest underneath him.  "Technically, as the years progress I will change.  I'll get to understand more terms, so I won't be as... naive as I am now."  Squall looked up with a mischievous glint, "even the more vulgar ones that you seem so fond of using," he grinned when Seifer chuckled.

Not being able to resist, Squall leaned up and pressed his lips to the other's, trying to ignore exactly where that tongue had been, when it slipped into his mouth.  It wasn't that bad really... Squall could barely taste anything abnormal on the blonde's tongue.  Although it did taste slightly bitter, rather then the usual sweetness that lingered due to the blonde's sweet tooth (not literally of course, as he'd learned after an embarrassing session with Seifer).

He winced and pulled back with a small frown when Seifer moved him to get better leverage, causing a spark of pain to go up his back at the movement.

"Sorry," Seifer murmured settling back down quickly so as not to further jostle his boyfriend.  After a few moments, he felt Squall relax a little and he decided he wouldn't be moving for the rest of the night.  He didn't want to provoke any more pain.  He resumed gently rubbing Squall's back, listening to his breathing slow as he relaxed on top of him.  "It might be a little hard to walk tomorrow, just so you know," Seifer explained softly at length.

"Something to look forward to," he mumbled in reply.  Seifer chuckled softly and continued to run his hand over his back, occasionally rubbing his arse, which amazingly enough, distracted him from the pain.

Curling his arm underneath his chin, Squall took a deep breath, taking a new liking to the musky smell of sweat and sex.  "Love you," he whispered, breathing in the other's scent again, basking in the warmth.  Heaven had always been so cold to him.  It was nice to finally be warm.

Seifer smiled and, without moving Squall reached over to turn out the lights. "I love you too Squall."

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