Chapter 6 - Etched

By The Wandering Englishman

The book thudded to the floor as the door swished open, startling the youth. He looked up at the now open door, acknowledging the tall blonde who’s facial scar mirrored his own. Looking down at the book, the brunette scowled.

"What? No ‘ello?" The English man at the door asked as he watched Squall pick up the book from the floor and straighten out the pages that had folded over.

"Go away, Seifer."

"Oh, you remember me, do you?" The taller youth asked.

"I did." Squall lifted the book to give Seifer a better look. "It seems I had a very good memory from the last time."

"So, it’s true then?" His companion asked, taking a seat inside the room before looking back up at Squall. "You don’t remember anything?"

The brunette shook his head, placing the journal back on the table before sitting on the bed, his head in his hands.

"Come with me." Seifer ordered, standing up and walking over to the bed, holding out his hand for the brunette to take.


"No Questions. Just come."

Reluctantly, The younger man took the blondes hand, allowing himself to be hoisted up and lead out of his room.

"Hopefully this will jog your memory…" Seifer said as they entered the courtyard.

Looking around, Squall couldn’t see anything familiar. There were people in uniform similar to his own; the navy blue and gold collars, each with a different pin to indicate which classes the people were in. As well as people, doctors, in white coats and clipboards looking up at him every now and again, scribbling down random comments before moving a little.

Seifer lead his unwilling companion closer to the rail that looked over the ocean behind the Garden.

"This…is where you told me you were in love. Do you remember?"


"Well then, look at this." Seifer lifted his hand from the rail, revealing the etching in the brightly painted wood. As Squalls eyes traced over the carving they became impossibly wide. It had to be a joke. The Journal had said that the blonde in front of him was always tormenting him in one way or another…was this one of those times?

Looking up into the emerald green, he knew. It was not a joke.

"…Squall?" Seifer asked, noticing the younger man had become pale.

"I…uhh…have to go." The brunette called back, already heading towards the exit, but not before stumbling into an old, white-coated man.

"Sorry." He said, leaving the man to pick up his dropped clipboard as he left the quadrangle.

Looking up at the exit with a curious expression, the greyed man frowned.

"He’ll have to know about this…"

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