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Updates | 9 December 2005 - 12 new authors and 87 new fics

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- New Fics -

Mistletoe and The Morning After [both Sephiroth/Cloud], and Storm Front [Seifer/Squall]
by Aphelion Orion - Final Fantasy VII and Final Fantasy VIII

Fallen Flying [Harry/Draco]
by arca - Harry Potter

Hide and Seek [Laguna/Squall]
by BlackRose - Final Fantasy VIII

Hallway Hookup [Seifer/Irvine]
by CalliopePurple - Final Fantasy VIII

The Voyeur of Utter Destruction [Kain/Raziel], Bottle Blonde [Tifa/Elena] and Isoceles Syndrome [Vincent/Shera, Tifa/Cid, unrequited Vincent/Cid]
by Cendrillo - Final Fantasy VII and Legacy of Kain

Regulus [Regulus/Sirius, Regulus/Tom]
by Circeniko - Harry Potter

It felt like the end, Once a Knight, Always a Knight, Hurt, , Timing, What They Say About the Quiet Ones, Sunrise, I Never Said I Loved You, and The Birthday Arc [all Seifer/Squall]. Also, Foolish Games [Laguna/Squall], Midlife Crisis [Ward/Squall], Wanted and The Word [both Seifer/Squall/Irvine], and 'Twas the Night Before Christmas [Irvine/Squall]
by darksquall - Final Fantasy VIII

Actors on a Stage [Sephiroth/Vincent], Apologies and It's Been Great [both Cid/Vincent], Fluff [Zack/Aeris, Zack/Cloud], and Value [Zack/Sephiroth]
by Emerald Embers - Final Fantasy VII

Fragile Circle [Selphie/Quistis], Guardian [Squall/Rinoa], and Eyes [None]
by fyre byrd - Final Fantasy VIII

Shiver [Harry/Snape]
by Green - Harry Potter

An Understanding [Laguna/Squall], Dancing Chicken [Seifer/Zell], Hard and Fast and Magic 8 Ball [both Seifer/Squall], Zell's End [Seifer/Zell, Squall/Seifer], Edea Drabble, Undisputed, Ultimate Magic, and Sephiroth [all None]
by Hecate's Brat - Final Fantasy VII and Final Fantasy VIII

Push The Limits, I Love You... I'll Kill You, and Head Like A Hole [all Seifer/Squall], Idol Worship Arc [Sephiroth/Irvine], and The Games We Play [Seifer/Squall/Irvine/Zell]
by Iron Dog - Final Fantasy VIII

Naughty and Nice [Sephiroth/Cloud]
by Kenji - Final Fantasy VII

Tears of an Angel [Squall/Nida]
by Lady of the Phoenix - Final Fantasy VIII

A Bitter Taste [Lucius/Snape, Lucius/Narcissa], Dinner Entanglement and Sometimes Broken Things [both Snape/Lupin], Comforts in the Night [Sirius/Harry], and A New Toy for Draco [Draco/Seamus, Snape/Seamus]. Also, A Son's Love, All is Right With the World, and Delectationis Draconigenae [all Lucius/Draco]. Also, Battles [Elrond/Thranduil], Light and Love [Celeborn/Rúmil], and Pleasures... [Legolas/Aragorn]
by LdyBastet - Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings

The Redemption of a Snake [Lupin/Draco, Snape/Draco]
by Kanui - Harry Potter

Tops and Tails [Snape/Black]
by Magalud - Harry Potter

The Hunger [Snape/Harry, Harry/Draco, Ron/Hermione]
by Mallory - Harry Potter

Born and Bred [Voldemort/Lily, Lucius/Sirius]
by Paradox - Harry Potter

Cradle [Lucius/James], Days of Serenity [Pansy/Hermione], The Candle Burns [Lucius/Draco], These Dreams [James/Remus], love in lower case, Red Cape, The Diary of a Mad Wizard, and Without Words [all Tom/Harry]. Also, Sway, The Epiphany of Draco Malfoy, The Place Where Harry Popped His Cherry, and Through Mirrors [all Harry/Draco]
by Passo - Harry Potter

Knowing You [Kiros/Squall]
by Purple Penguin - Final Fantasy VIII

Wordless [Cloud/Squall, Cloud/Seife/Irvine/Zell/Squall]
by Resonae Eoir - Kingdom Hearts

Snow [Irvine/Squall]
by Sodoshiin - Final Fantasy VIII

Desire, Meant To Be, and Time Alone [Kurogane/Fai]
by sugahcat - Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle

The High Price of Love [Seifer/Squall]
by Sukunami - Final Fantasy VIII

Squall Almasy [Seifer/Squall]
by Takira - Final Fantasy VIII

Office Blunder [Seifer/Squall]
by VampireSyra - Final Fantasy VIII

Eventually [Seifer/Squall, Irvine/Selphie]
by The Wandering Englishman - Final Fantasy VIII

Eroticism [Seifer/Squall]
by xxperfectxdrugxx - Final Fantasy VIII

A World Apart [Seifer/Squall]
by Zen - Final Fantasy VIII

- Updated Fics -

Chapters 2 to 28 of One Moment, And A Year [Seifer/Zell] [COMPLETE]
by Akare - Final Fantasy VIII

Part 13 of Whispered Screams [Seifer/Squall]
by Angry Angel - Final Fantasy VIII

Part 2 of The Redcrosse Knight: Interlude [Seifer/Squall]
by fyre byrd - Final Fantasy VIII

Chapters 2 to 5 of Faint of Hearts [Harry/Draco]
by Helena_Is_Dead - Harry Potter

Parts 7 and 8 of The Push It Arc [Seifer/Squall]
by Iron Dog - Final Fantasy VIII

Parts 13 and 14 of Fusion [Sephiroth/Cloud, Sephiroth/Zack]
by Knowing Shadows - Final Fantasy VII

Chapter 3 of Desperately Seeking Squall [Irvine/Squall, Zell/Selphie]
by Kris - Final Fantasy VIII

Chapter 3 of Shelter [Seifer/Squall]
by Mikata - Final Fantasy VIII

Parts 9 to the Epilogue of Deep End [Seifer/Squall, Irvine/Zell] [COMPLETE]
Part 4 of Want Me, Have Me, Crave Me [Seifer/Zell, Squall/OC]
by Purple Penguin - Final Fantasy VIII

Parts 15 and 16 of Blind Sight [Seifer/Squall] [COMPLETE]
Parts 3 to 7 of For Nothing, For Everything [Seifer/Squall]
by Sukunami - Final Fantasy VIII

- Last Update -


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