Summary: A look at the development of the relationship between Lucius and Draco, spanning 10 years in the process. It starts with a rather normal evening in the lives of Lucius and Draco; they play 'games' before Draco goes to bed instead of reading stories.
Warnings: Incest. Chan! Shota! Draco is very young. 8 years young, in fact, in this part. Also, oral sex, light bondage, rimming.
Disclaimer: All characters belong to JK Rowling, no copyright infringement is intended. I play with them, without permission, in my head and for fun; not earning money from sharing it. No real people were harmed in the writing of this story.
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Delectationis Draconigenae I

By LdyBastet


Draco was eight years old, and he didn't like it when Daddy tied him up.

It didn't happen often, but when it did, Daddy was always very gentle with him. It was just that Draco couldn't understand why his father would feel he needed to be restrained. He wasn't going anywhere; writhing and moaning under his father's caresses, there was no other place Draco would rather be. Whether he was restrained or not, Draco only ever wanted to please his Daddy.

Even though those games felt good, there was the nagging doubt that perhaps Daddy didn't trust him.


"Daddy?" Draco was sitting in Lucius' lap. Lucius was sitting on Draco's bed. The boy leaned against his father, enjoying the feeling of warmth and safety. Lucius Malfoy was his father, and Draco's father was his hero. In Draco's eyes, there was nothing that his father could do that was wrong. If Lucius was doing something it must therefore, naturally, be right.

"Yes, Draco?" Lucius said softly, his lips brushing against Draco's hair. He had his arms around his son, cradling him close to his chest.

"Are we playing a game tonight?" Draco loved sitting like this, in his father's lap, but there were some things that felt even better than the gentle stroking of his hair, the hand moving over his back. Draco's favourite games with Lucius were played in the nude and had very little to do with toys.

"If you want to." Lucius inhaled the scent of Draco's hair, then kissed the boy's cheek. "Do you want to play with Daddy?" He was always asking that first, letting Draco choose, and the few times that the boy had said he was so very sleepy, and could they play tomorrow instead? Lucius had smiled reassuringly and simply kissed his son good night, promising that they would play the next day.

"Oh yes! Yes, I want to." Draco smiled happily at his father and kissed him soundly, if a little clumsily, on the mouth.

Lucius laughed fondly at the show of enthusiasm. The slight bouncing and wriggling of the slim body in his arms was like a signal to his own: it's time, time for play, time for games, for fun and pleasure... He was growing hard against Draco's hip as he began to open Draco's clothes, revealing his body, unwrapping it from the soft fabric like a precious gift. Draco pulled his arms out of the sleeves, and the robe draped over Lucius' legs.

Draco sighed softly and moved a little closer, rubbing against his father's growing erection. Oh yes, Draco knew how much Daddy loved him; he could feel the proof of it pressed against his body. Daddy told him that hardness was because he loved Draco so much, and Draco didn't question that. The thick heat felt good next to Draco' skin. Draco liked that just the thought of playing with him had that effect on his father, made him big and hard, and he liked the way that Daddy's hands were moving over his naked skin - so gently, giving him gooseflesh, making his whole body tingly and warm inside. He lifted one arm to hug his father, running his hand over Lucius' chest, meeting smooth cloth.

"Daddy..." he whined. "It's not fair! You're not naked." Draco pouted up at Lucius. "I want to touch too."

Lucius smiled and kissed the curving lips. Then he shifted Draco onto the bed, and got to his feet to take his clothes off.

Draco smiled as well as he lay on his back, idly fingering his hard prick while watching his father undress for him. Daddy's hair was so beautiful, he thought. He wanted to have hair like that, so that he would be beautiful as well. His smile widened as Lucius' robes fell to the floor, and his gaze was fixed on his father's cock when Lucius stepped up to the bed and sat down on it again. It was so different from his own... Similar, but so much bigger and it felt much nicer in his hand too, he thought as he reached out and tried to close his fingers around it.

Lucius let Draco explore and play with his cock for a little while before leaning over him to taste his lips again.

"I want to play a special game with you, Draco," he said and raised the boy's arms over his head.

This game was different from the other, because it meant that Lucius would restrain him, meant that Draco wouldn't be able to caress and touch and do things to his Daddy. He could only receive whatever his father wanted to give him; it had so far only been nice things, so there was no fear in him. It was just so frustrating, not being able to give anything back, and Draco's father had never told him why.

Draco studied his father's face as his wrists were tied with soft strips of silk to the headboard, a little unsure if he wanted to play this particular game. But he was silent, because this was special, Daddy said, and Draco knew that the last time they did this Daddy had enjoyed doing it very much.

Before long, Draco had forgotten his misgivings; Daddy's hands were making him feel so good again. The strong, warm hands caressed his body, paying special attention to every little place that felt extra good and made Draco moan loudly. Gentle fingers moved over his hardened prick, making him almost dizzy, then moved on to brush over his nipples, tickling his sides as they wandered down his body again.

Lucius' breathing sped up as he watched his son writhe in response to his touches, and whenever Draco opened his eyes, he smiled at him, kissed him. He was sitting over Draco's body, and leaned down to tease the hard nubs on the boy's chest with his tongue, then kissed and licked his way down Draco's body, until his face was hovering over the boys crotch.

Draco moved more desperately as Lucius seemed to pause, making a whining sound of need. Without really noticing, he spread his legs and bucked up against his father's face, the breaths that ghosted over his sensitive prick driving him mad. Why did Daddy wait, why did he hesitate?

"Please... oh please, Daddy!" Draco begged, his voice low and breathless. He loved so to feel his father's kisses all over his body; there was nothing that could make him feel as excited, his whole body trembling inside. It was only when they were playing this game that Lucius did that to him, slowly kissing and licking his skin until he was panting. Draco moaned loudly as Lucius' wet tongue licked over his prick, forgetful of the world outside his room, then exclaimed an almost soundless 'Oh!' as he was completely engulfed in his father's mouth. It felt wonderful, and every movement of Lucius' tongue and lips, every moment of light suction, ignited sparks that grew stronger and brighter... Draco tugged at the restraints as the tremors of his dry orgasm shook his body.

Draco felt Lucius release his prick and place a row of kisses over each of his thighs. His heart was thumping hard in his chest and there was a rhythmic whooshing sound in his ears that almost drowned out the low words that his father murmured against his skin. He was a good boy. Daddy enjoyed this very much, and thought that he was lovely... Draco smiled and spread his legs further when Lucius moved his hands in between and under them, placing his palms on Draco's buttocks.

Lucius had positioned himself between Draco's legs, lying on his stomach, and now he lifted the boy's hips toward the ceiling until he had the boy at a comfortable level, finding the balance on his elbows. He moved to nuzzle Draco's balls, then licked below them, slowly working his way lower and further back. It was almost as if he had raised a bowl to his mouth and now proceeded to taste of what it had to offer.

Draco moaned loudly again as the felt his father's warm tongue find its way between his buttocks. At first it felt strange, almost tickling, but very soon it made him feel as tingly and fluttery inside as he had been right before Daddy had sucked on his prick. Draco was breathing harder again, a little afraid to move in this strange position, but he noticed that his father's strong hands didn't drop him, holding him safely, and he relaxed completely, concentrating on the sensations. Waves of pleasure washed through him and he didn't want it to end. So when Lucius pulled away slightly, blowing cold air over the wet skin, Draco squirmed a little.

"More Daddy... please?" Draco had had no idea that it could feel so good to be touched, licked even, there - it was something that Daddy hadn't done before, a new part of the game - and he smiled a little as he heard his father moan in response. Daddy liked it too then? Draco knew that meant that they would do this again.

Lucius dove back in between his son's cheeks, pulling them apart a bit more with his thumbs, and flicked his tongue over the puckered opening. He only licked over it, just faintly pressing the tip of his tongue against the hole, introducing Draco to the pleasures of rimming. He enjoyed this, moaning softy and rubbing his crotch against Draco's bed, but eventually he pulled away and lowered the boy to the bed again.

Draco opened his eyes as the position changed; it hadn't been uncomfortable, not really, but lying on his back like this was more familiar. He watched as his father moved to straddle him and lay completely still, transfixed by the sight of Lucius stroking his cock with fast and firm movements. He watched, fascinated, as his father's milky come spattered over his body, and felt a flutter in his stomach at the deep and lustful groan.

Draco was a little disappointed even though it was all so good. He'd wanted to do that, wanted to feel the hard flesh of his father's cock swell and throb in his hand, wanted to move his hand over it until he came... But he couldn't touch Daddy at all! Draco pulled at the bonds again, frustrated with the situation. Why didn't Daddy want him to stroke him?

"I wanted to do that! Why can't I touch you?" Draco whined and pouted as he looked into Lucius' eyes. How could he convince Daddy that he didn't need to tie him up?

"Shh! You can touch me next time, I promise." Lucius rested his weight on one arm, leaning over Draco. He smiled, his gaze following the trail of his fingers as he dragged them up over Draco's body, through the wet splotches of his come. He lifted his hand to Draco's mouth and traced the boy's lower lip in semen.

Draco was following the journey of Lucius' hand with his eyes as well, and opened his mouth to lick at the finger. It didn't exactly taste nice, a bit strange in fact, but he liked it anyway. It tasted like Daddy.

"Don't you like it when I touch you?" Draco whispered, a little afraid of what the reply would be.

"Oh yes, I do. But I like you like this too." Lucius smiled softly. "So trusting and beautiful."

When Lucius released Draco's arms from the restraints and stretched out on the bed next to him, Draco rolled over to his side to face him and wrapped his arms tightly around him. No, Daddy wasn't angry or disappointed with him in any way, Draco thought. He wouldn't smile like that then, wouldn't hold him and caress his back. And Daddy had done such wonderful things to him; it almost made it worth it to be unable to move.

Lucius held his son's warm body close until Draco's breathing evened out, and he knew that he was sleeping peacefully. He pulled away slowly, careful not to wake him, and rose from the bed and got dressed again. He cast a cleaning charm on Draco and pulled the covers over him. After a last, soft kiss to Draco's lips, Lucius turned down the lights and left, ready for a cognac and the company of a book.

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