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Magic 8 Ball

By Hecate's Brat

"Will I finish my paperwork today? And what does the Magic 8 Ball have to say for me?" Squall shook the black plastic ball, tilted the window up and waited for the multi-sided triangle to pick a side.

"It says, 'Without a Doubt'." Squall sighed, looked to the enormous pile of work and then glared at the 8 Ball. "I doubt that. Okay, one more time...will I finish my paperwork today?" Squall brought the ball close to his face and whispered to it. "And you better give me a good answer..."

The scarred brunette gently shook the plastic orb again. He turned the window upwards again. "'Concentrate and ask again.' What kind of answer is that?? Stupid Ball." The chocolate haired beauty tilted back in his chair and shook the ball again. "'Don't count on it.' That's more like it. So I should go take a break!" Squall let himself grin as he straightened in the chair.

"I love working with a Magic 8 Ball! I'm starting to enjoy this...I'll have to thank Selphie for it later. It gives me all the responses I need...and want."

Squall sighed and stretched. He really did enjoy his job. Really he did. Being headmaster of Balamb Garden was gloriously mind numbing. All the paperwork, that never seemed to end, and of course, there was the fact that most things needed to be filled out in duplicate, or even triple at times, and that Squall couldn't just get a rubber stamp endorsement of his name, to help him along. No, he couldn't do that...it was, what was it that Quistis called it... indolent of him to even suggest a thing. Squall rolled his eyes at that. He wasn't lazy, not at all. But after signing his name on documents, that required triple copies, and that he normally had to sign at least twice, on the same document, it was, well, daunting.

'Kay, I'll do one more before I go get some coffee.' Squall thought to himself as he grabbed the nearest folder. He let his stormy grey eyes glance at the file name. "Enrollment of Students"

"All right. Let's see who wants into Garden?" Squall opened the folder and picked a random application. He glanced at the chicken scratches that were suppose to pass as writing. "Um, not dealing with that, I can't read that, at least until I have my coffee." Squall sighed and picked another random submission. He nodded when he noticed the writing was legible. "All right. I can read this one. Name..." Squall let the paper fall from his fingers. His russet eyebrows shot up, and his lips parted in slight shock. "Seifer Almasy. Okay. So he wants back in...hmmm, Magic 8 Ball, what do you say? Should we let him in? 'Yes. Definitely.' Well, all right. But first, lets look at his form.............Everything seems in order." Squall's grey gaze rested on the black plastic ball. "I think I'm gonna stop admitting students with you...you could be hazardous to my decisions."

Squall got up and cracked his back, then proceeded to head to the elevator, with the plastic ball in tow. The elevator opened, and he walked in, shaking the 8 Ball.

The ride was quick, like usual and Squall quickly made his way to the Cafeteria.

Once there, he poured his coffee and went to sit at the back of the seating area, still shaking the 8 Ball.

Selphie and Zell walked into the cafeteria, noticed Squall, and waved. But the brunette was busy watching the 8 Ball's window.

"I never should have given him that 8 Ball. Mind you, I did say for one day."

Zell raised a pale eyebrow at his equally hyper friend. "What do you mean? Given him the 8 Ball? And for a day, what are you talking about?"

Selphie turned her cute face to Zell and smiled. Zell could tell it was a look of mischief right away, and wanted in on whatever plan she had had in her head.

"I gave him the Magic 8 Ball, as a ...punishment...so to speak." Selphie replied with a grin.

Zell's eyebrow raised more.

"Kay, I found him in a very um, interesting predicament, if you will..."

"Spill it. I wanna know how you found our mighty leader..." Zell grinned, picking up a tray for his hot dogs.

"Well, I finished in the Training Area, and decided to take a shower there, instead of, you know, going all the way back to my room...so, I got undressed, and went into the shower area, and the girls shower area is just like the guys, all open..."

Zell choked a little on a hot dog, then sputtered out, "How do you know what the guy's shower room looks like?"

Selphie smiled and stuck her tongue out, "Irvine and I had sex in "

"Okay, shut up...I don't really wanna know. Go on with the Squall story, quick, before he notices us..." Zell's blue eyes shot over to their scarred leader who was sipping his coffee.

"Anywho...I walked into the shower room, and there's Squall, leaning against the wall, panting...and since its foggy, I can't really see what he's doing...but it looks, sinful. So, I walked closer. And there is our Commander, and Headmaster, jerking off..."

Zell's mouth hung open, shock on his reddening face. "No way...not Squall. Not him! NO WAY!!"

Selphie quickly kicked Zell's shin. "Shut up. Shut up!! Geez, I'm not gonna tell you anything anymore!!"

"Sorry...really, but, that's a wet dream.... and ohhh, I envy you...I wish I could have seen that...I...I mean...."

Selphie narrowed her eyes at the tattooed blonde. "You mean, your gay?"

Zell slowly looked away. "Well, sorta...I'm bi, but leaning heavily towards guys.... Please don't tell anyone..."

Selphie smiled sagely. "Don't worry, your secret is safe with me.... I won't tell a soul. Shall I go into details for you? Like how the water was running down his muscles? Or how his lips were parted and such a dark pink color? Or should I tell you about his cock?"

Zell's eyes snapped wide open at Selphie's statement. "Kay, that I would need a tape recorder for...but, um, not right now...get back to the 8 ball thing."

Selphie rolled her eyes, and grinned. "Alright...but its interesting when he came...now, that-"

"Shut up.... please. I can't stand now..." Zell whimpered, looking downwards to his lap.

Selphie laughed and cleared her throat. "Kay, after he...finished, he finally noticed me standing there. And boy was he red! Oh, it was rich...but anyways, he was blushing, and I told him, that, first off, he was in the wrong shower room. He nodded, in his Squall way, and started to leave. I told him 'do you really think that I'm going to forget about this?' He went so pale, and I quickly told him, that he had to do something for me, for one day. And he went even paler, I swear it! So I told him, that, as punishment-"

"Punishment? What are you, a dominatrix?"

Selphie glared at him. "Maybe I am...but anyways, I told him he had to do two things. The first was to walk around with a Magic 8 Ball, all day, and when he was doing something, he had to consult the 8 Ball. And you know how much he hates the idea of doing something like that...doing something that could screw up any plans he might have.... I see your impatient to hear the second part...kay, well, I told him...that he had to wear women's underwear for the day..."

Zell's eyebrows reached his hairline. "Shut up. And he agreed to this? You know, the more I think on it, the more it seems Squall would go commando...but, yeah...I'll shut up and let you finish."

Selphie nodded in thanks. "Well, he agreed, and if I want to, right now, I could walk over there, and ask him to drop his leathers, to see if he fulfilled the other part of the 'deal'..."

Zell chuckled and shook his head. "You are evil. Man, I'm glad you haven't caught me doing anything like that...I would hate to be on the receiving end of what ever goes through your mind..."

Selphie smiled and sipped her chocolate milk. "You think I should? Go over there right now and ask him to drop his pants? See if he's wearing the undies?"

Zell gave his short friend a wary look. "Um, no. Leave him...get him in the hallway...or the elevator...less embarrassment for him..."

Selphie nodded.

Squall finished his coffee and began leaving the Cafeteria. He noticed his two hyperactive friends sitting together, and he knew, instantly, that the results of that gathering wouldn't be good. Squall strolled over and looked down at the perky brunette and the oddly calm blonde.


The two looked up at their stoic friend and nodded.

"Hey Squall, whatcha doing?"

Selphie grinned.

"Heading back to my office...why?"

Zell shook his head. "Nothing...just wondering...that's all. Can't a guy ask a question?"

Squall raised a chocolate eyebrow. "Right. I'm going back to work now." He turned his gaze to Selphie and shook the 8 Ball.

Selphie's grin grew bigger.

Squall rolled his eyes and walked away.

Selphie got up and followed Squall. She waited till he was in the elevator, and then ran in after him.

"Selphie. What are you doing?"

Selphie grinned. "I need to see if you held up the other part of the 'deal'"

Squall groaned. "Do I have to?"

The playful brunette smiled and nodded. "Hurry and show me, before we stop."

Squall handed the 8 Ball over to his tormentor, pulled his belts up and undid his leather pants, pulled one side down, showing satiny blue bows on the darker blue underwear. "Good enough?"

Selphie beamed at cold beauty. "Yuppers."

Squall quickly did his pants back up and restored the belts back to their original positions. "I'm glad this is only for a day."

Selphie pressed the button for the second floor.

"Thanks." She grinned as she handed the 8 Ball back, and stepped out of the elevator.

Squall continued up to his office, shaking the 8 Ball. He got to his desk, picked up the phone and dialed the number Seifer left on the application form.

Two rings. Three rings. Four rings.

'Okay, I'll call back later-' Squall thought, absent-mindedly shaking the 8 Ball.

The phone picked up. "Hello!"

"Hi. I'm looking for Seifer Almasy." Squall said, straightening in his chair.

"This is he."

Squall suppressed a chuckle. "This is the Head Master of Balamb Garden. Your application for entry back into Garden has been, accepted."

Squall pulled the phone away from his ear as Seifer let out a loud whoop. "You need to come in and have a interview."

"Sure...hey, waitaminute...this is Squall isn't it? Why are you so professional?"

A russet eyebrow rose at the question. "I am in a position of a professional right now...is half and hour enough time for you to get here?"

"Sure. I'll be right there."

"Thank you." Squall said as he hung up.

The sultry brunette sighed, picked up the 8 Ball and shook it. " 'Very Doubtful.' Good, I don't want to argue with him today."

Squall phoned down to Quistis, who was at the moment, in charge of supervising repairs to the front gate. He told her that Seifer was going to be arriving in half an hour, and to let him through.

While waiting, Squall finished up some paperwork.

Seifer let out a whoop after he hung up the phone. He quickly dried himself off, and pulled out some clean clothes. After going through a couple of outfits, he finally decided that his attire was satisfactory. He walked out of the small apartment, down the grungy hallway, and out the door.

The elegant blonde stood with his face upturned to the bright sun. A smile that could've opened the heavens broke upon Seifer's face.

"Today is a good day." Seifer commented to himself as he headed out of Balamb.

A few minutes later, he stood at the torn open front gates of Balamb Garden. He noticed an auburn haired cowboy holding a bucket, and decided to ask what was going on.

"Hey...what happened to the gates?"

Irvine's mouth dropped open, and his eyes shot wide open. "WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE??"

Seifer jumped back from the amethyst-eyed cowboy. "I'm here for an interview...and you didn't answer my question..."

"QUISTIS... HEY! QUISTIS...COME 'ERE!" Irvine yelled. Seifer flinched, and checked to see if his ears begun to bleed.

Quistis looked up from her blueprints, noticed the tall, calm blonde, and the agitated auburn. She walked over, nodding at Seifer, then turned her attention to Irvine.

"What is it Irvine?"

"Its.... its, HIM...you know...Seifer." Irvine stammered out.

"Yes, he's here for an interview with Squall. And, he's harmless...well, as harmless as one can be when you're Seifer Almasy..." Quistis grinned at the blonde.

Seifer rolled his sea green eyes. "Right. Harmless. So, Quisty...what happened to the gates?"

Quistis sighed, "Oh, a bunch of cadets thought it would be funny to let a T-Rexuar follow them home."

Seifer let an expression of shock swarm over his face. "No way. Really?" A chuckle escaped from his lips. Quistis grinned. Soon the two were laughing. Irvine stood there looking from one to the other, shaking his head, not know what was so funny.

"That sounds familiar, doesn't it?" Seifer sniggered.

Quistis raised an eyebrow at the taller blonde. "Yes, as I remember, it wasn't a T-Rexaur you let in...it was one you tried to free."

The taller blonde doubled over with laughter again. "But it was so funny! You have to admit it was funny. Watching me run down the hallway with a T-Rexaur after me."

"And you screaming your head off the whole time." Quistis added.

"Oh, it was funny. You know, thinking back on it...I wondered why I didn't get suspended for that..."

"Cid was away that weekend." Quistis responded wiping a tear away. "But, I digress. You should be going. I don't need you late!"

Irvine piped in, "Yeah, especially since Squall's a Mr. Punctual..."

Quistis nodded. "Yeah, becoming Headmaster's changed him...that, and his break up with Rinoa..."

Seifer raised an eyebrow. "Hmmm, change for good or bad?"

"Better I think." Irvine responded.

Seifer nodded, "Well, hopefully, I'll be seeing more of you two. Later Quistis. Irvine, nice to sorta meet you."

Irvine nodded, and Quistis waved before looking back to her blue prints.

Exactly 30 minutes later, a knock was sounded at the door.

"Enter." Squall called out, landing a final signature on the last bit of work that was needed, for the day.

The door opened and Seifer walked in.

Squall looked up at the stately blonde. His heart did a little flip-flop. He always did care for the blonde. It took months of Rinoa's nagging and endless nattering to realize that. He broke off the relationship with her, and when asked why many times by her, he stated simply, that his heart belonged to someone else, and it always had.

And the one who held it, stood in front of him. Tall, and regal, arrogant, and always his tormentor, and of course, his secret crush.

His blonde hair was spiky, instead of slicked back. It suited him actually. It was still its lustrous golden honey color. His eyes...still the vibrant green...like emeralds...or jade. The color intensity depended, on his mood, much like the ever shifting grey-blue of Squall's eyes. And glasses. Small, oval glasses, that added to his appearance, rather than take away from Seifer's good looks.

'Those are new.' Squall thought.

Squall stood, nodded at Seifer and waited for him to have a seat.

Seifer eyed the two chairs in front of the large desk. He moved and sat himself down, stretching his long legs out in front of him.

Squall scanned the blonde's application form again. "Okay, Seifer...I need to know. Give me one good reason why I should let you come back to Garden."

"Well, um...geez." Seifer whispered. "Seriously, I don't know. But I think that I should be given a chance to start anew."

Squall raised an eyebrow and nodded for Seifer to go on.

"After the War...well...I don't know Squall. I just need a direction in my life...and it seemed right, to me anyways, when I filled out the application, that its what I wanted. To actually finish my SeeD training, instead of just leaving it. I still think it would be something worthwhile to do. And I guess if you don't accept me back, then, I guess it would be pointless to go to the other Gardens."

Squall held a graceful hand up, causing Seifer to stop talking. "I understand. I do. But, what I need to know now, especially, since I'm in charge of this Garden, is that you won't do what you did before. I need reassurance."

Seifer hung his head. "I can't give you any. Well, mind you, there isn't anymore Sorceress' out there...I mean, besides Rinoa, and Edea, and maybe a few others that we don't know about. And I don't think that they'd try to take over the world right?"

Squall lifted a russet eyebrow. "You never know."

Seifer let a heavy sigh out. "Squall I don't know. I don't know what I can give you to reassure you. I don't think my word holds much anymore. So, I don't know. How about this...you tell me what you want from me, as a reassurance, and I'll give it."

Squall sat straighter in his chair, partially from the comment that came from Seifer's beautiful mouth, but more so from the underwear riding up his ass.

"Well, I don't know what to ask from you. Let me think on that." Squall responded sighing. 'I could make you swear your love to me...but that wouldn't do, now would it. I don't even know if you feel the same way as I do.' Squall tilted his head, and looked at the blonde in front of him. 'Then again, maybe I could just ask you. Ask you to tell me how you feel about me...' Squall picked up the 8 Ball and shook it. Seifer raised an eyebrow. Squall raised an eyebrow back at Seifer. "Long story...the 8 Ball, I mean."

A nod from the blonde.

Squall looked at the window. 'Most Likely.' Squall sighed, and shifted in his seat again, which gained him another raised eyebrow from Seifer.

"Okay, this is sorta hard for me... but I need to know how you feel about being back here...and how you feel about me."

It was Seifer's turn to sigh deeply, and shift in his seat. He never thought, in a million years, in a million different worlds, that he would have to give up the one thing secret to him. It was a double-edged thing, this question. He realized that he could play dumb, and respond to the question which a response of, 'well, I've matured since the war, so I don't think that I'll be picking fights with you anymore.' answer...or, he could give Squall the truth. The truth that he had hidden from him since they were young. That he loved him...that he wanted to be by his side, and to never leave him, that at this moment right now, he wanted to bang the living fuck out of that cold brunette. So, Seifer decided to just not think about the answer and just let it come out of his mouth...and deal with the reaction when it came.

"I've matured since the War. I think we all have, and I know that I won't be doing anything as stupid as picking fights. Especially with you."

'NOOOOOOOOOOOO, that's not what I wanted to really say!' Seifer thought.

Squall nodded his head, though secretly disappointed with the blonde's answer. "Good. I don't want to fight with you anymore. I'm sick of fighting with you Seifer. I'm glad you said that." Squall stood up and held out his hand. "Welcome to Balamb Garden."

Seifer smiled shakily, stood and took the offered hand. "Thanks. I mean that."

Squall nodded. "Will you be staying at Garden, or are you going to stay in Balamb?"

"Ummm, that's undecided right now. If that's okay with you."

The scarred brunette nodded. "Yeah, just make sure you give me notice within a few weeks, space fills up fast."

Seifer nodded numbly. "Um, I'm going to go now."

Squall nodded, and watched the scarred blonde walk out the doors. He began to fix his underwear, and thought 'I wonder if that was the answer he really wanted to give me? Or maybe it was just the smartest for him....'

Seifer closed the doors, leaned against them, and let out a shaky breath. 'Why didn't I just tell him the truth? Why couldn't I just tell him? Who knows when I'm going to get another chance to tell him how I feel. And I don't think that was what he really wanted to hear anyways. Maybe if I go back in, right now, and tell him...No. I can't. I should. I really should. I may never get another chance. Once I become SeeD, I could be sent away, and, and, I may never get to see him...That's it. I couldn't tell him before, but damn it! I'm gonna do it now.'

Seifer spun around and whipped the doors open, to reveal a Squall fixing satiny blue underwear. "I..."

Squall's mess of chocolate hair whipped up. "SEIFER! GODDAMN IT... Close the door.... quickly."

Seifer shut the door as fast as he opened them. "Sorry...I..." The large blonde stammered. "Why are you wearing women's underwear?!"

Squall sighed heavily. "It was, sort of a dare...It...a dare."

Seifer nodded, and tried to suppress his growing grin. "Okay. Sure. Right." Seifer burst into laughter.

Squall fixed his pants then sat down, and glared at the laughing man. He waited patiently till Seifer was finished, and asked. "So, what brought you back in here so quick?"

"I um.... well. I need to tell you something, and if I don't say it now...I don't think I'm going to ever say it."

Squall sat up, attention fully on Seifer. "Well. Say it."

Seifer swallowed. "Squall...." He inhaled, as if it was the first time breathing. He let the words fall out of his mouth in a big whoosh, mainly in fear that he would just stop talking, and not be able to say it. "I. ...love you. I need you, not just right now, but I want to be with you, in the future. I want to be by your side. I never want to leave you. I also want to fuck the living daylights outta you right now...but, I've felt that since we were young...and...that's all I have to say..."

The slim brunette sat, shocked, and relieved. He stood up, and walked over to the nervous blonde. "Good. I have been waiting forever to hear that."

Seifer let out a smile of pure sunshine before Squall kissed him.

Seifer smiled and kissed the scarred brunette back.

Squall broke away from the kiss, and locked the doors. He walked back to his desk and picked up the phone. "Hello, yes, Tantha, please make sure I'm not disturbed for the rest of the afternoon. Thank you."

The scarred headmaster placed the phone back into its cradle and looked at his scarred counterpart.

"I need to see these underwear Squall. And you have to tell me why you're wearing them. Also why you're playing with an 8 Ball."

Squall raised a chocolate eyebrow. "Make me."

The tall blonde let a smile of naughtiness steal across his lips. "All right." And with saying that, he was next to the headmaster in a split second. Squall's belts came off quickly in Seifer's nimble fingers.

Squall stood watching Seifer. He stood still while Seifer pulled his leathers down to the scarred man's knees, to expose the satiny blue underwear.

Seifer leaned back and looked at the sight that was presented before him. Squall leaning against the desk, black leather pants down to his knees, navy blue satin underwear, with, little cobalt blue satin bows, that barely hid Squall's growing erection. The Balamb Garden issue white t-shirt and the black leather bomber jacket, with white fur around the collar. He was a sight. A very delectable sight.

Seifer leaned forward, gently pulling the satin underwear down to mid-thigh. Squall bit his lower lip in anticipation.

As Seifer gently licked at the tip of Squall's cock, Squall could feel his knees buckle. He realized he was thankful for leaning against the desk. Seifer continued to administer strokes with his tongue. Squall held back a whimper of pleasure, then unhappiness as the tongue moved away.

"So, why are you wearing women's underwear?" Seifer asked, breathing on Squall's weeping cock.

"Um, I...need more."

Seifer chuckled and licked from the base of the scarred brunette's cock to the tip. "So, you were saying?"

Squall opened his pouty lips to explain why, but a moan and mumbles only came out.

Seifer laughed and sat back. "Well, if that's the only answer you're going to give me, I guess I should stop huh?"

A mop of auburn hair shook back and forth. "No...don't stop...please."

A blonde eyebrow rose at the statement issued from Squall's lips. "Well, tell me why you're wearing women's underwear."

"I, I...its punishment."

"Punishment? What were you doing that was so bad? And who caught you?"

Squall firmly pressed his lips together.

"Ah, it's going to be that way is it?" The blonde tormentor again drew forward. A loud groan came from behind Squall's sealed lips. Seifer began to slowly suck on the head of his headmaster's cock, taking more in with each suck. Squall grabbed at Seifer's hair, tugging gently. Finally, the kneeling blonde had Squall's entire member in his mouth, still sucking gently. Squall moaned and tugged on the blonde's hair. Squall's only thought was that he had died amidst the paperwork, and had gone to Heaven, or something like it.

Seifer began to hum low in his throat, which elicited a cry from Squall. Seifer stopped again, looking upwards. "So, what did you do that deserved punishment?"

A faint blush crept onto Squall's face. "I was caught masturbating in the girl's shower."

Seifer held back a laugh. "Oh really? And who caught you?"

Again, Squall pressed his lips together, signaling that he wasn't going to talk.

Again Seifer leaned forward. This time, instead of focusing on Squall's penis, he turned him around, and bent him over the desk. Confusion was plain on Squall's face. He didn't understand what Seifer was doing. The scarred blonde however, ignored the confusion, parted Squall's pale cheeks, and began to gently lick at Squall's tight hole.

Squall cried out and gripped the edge of the desk. He understood what Seifer was up to now! He whimpered and arched his back, thrusting his hips back towards Seifer.

Seifer, however, kept his hands firmly on the brunette's hips, keeping him in that one spot. His tongue, gently pressing into Squall's tight hole, caused him to cry out.

"Are you going to tell me who caught you, and forced this punishment on you?"

A cracked and whispered, "Selphie. Selphie caught me."

"Selphie huh? The things that go through her mind blow me away." Seifer mumbled as he turned the scarred brunette around.

"Why do you say thaaaa......oh my god! Seifer!" Squall began to say, but quickly stopped once Seifer had engulfed his cock again.

The tall blonde squeezed the base of Squall's cock, and licked at the oozing pre-cum.

"So, what about the Magic 8 Ball? Was that Selphie's idea too?"

Squall only nodded, being overwhelmed by pleasure to answer.

Seifer licked and sucked at the brunette's cock until he could feel Squall arch away from the desk.

"Oh god, Seifer, I'm going to come!" Squall cried out, as he arched towards Seifer.

Seifer reached between Squall's legs and began to stroke and massage the brunette's balls. The headmaster gripped the edge of the desk as he came.

"Oh fuck. Seifer. Seifer...oh.....nhnn. Ohh...damn..."

Seifer swallowed every last bit of fluid.

Squall leaned against the desk, panting, trying to catch his breath, and settle his nerves.

Seifer however, had other plans. He quickly stripped Squall of his clothing, kissed him on the lips, hard, and passionately. Squall could taste his come on Seifer's tongue and purred as a response.

Seifer grinned, and gently bit at his lip. Squall leaned back and smiled. "Do you like what you see here, Cadet?"

Seifer grinned while he stripped his clothes off. "I do. But I'm not finished yet."

Squall tilted his head and watched the little show. "Oh really? And what more do you plan on doing to me?"

Seifer stopped undressing and looked at Squall. "Why I plan on fucking you!"

Squall laughed, a wonderful deep laugh, which was utter music to Seifer's ears. "You plan on fucking me?"

Seifer continued to undress. "Yep. I want to, and I'm going to."

Squall just smiled at the tall blonde, who was now standing up, and very, very hard. The smile quickly dropped from his face. "There is no way in hell, I can handle that!" Squall commented while eyeing Seifer's huge cock.

"Yeah you can...watch." And with that, Seifer turned Squall around, bent him over his desk, and dropped to his knees again. Once more, he began to lick at Squall's tight passage.

A shudder ran through Squall. Seifer continued licking, then slowly, ever so slowly, began to slide a finger in.

The tall blonde could hear Squall scrape his nails against the wooden desk. He continued licking at Squall's hole, then added another finger. A gasp of pleasure was the reward that Seifer got.

Slowly the scarred blonde began to slide his fingers in and out, scissoring his fingers, and felt Squall relax his body.

"See, that's how we start...and your body is relaxed enough."

Seifer withdrew his fingers and slowly began inserting his cock. Squall whimpered in pleasure as huge blonde slowly inserted himself. Squall could feel his eyes roll back into his head from the pleasure. Never would he have thought that sex like this would be so powerfully intense. It was never like this Rinoa, but then again, Rinoa would never even think of doing something like this.

Finally Seifer was in to the hilt and he started to pull out, which brought a wonderful cry of desire from Squall's lips.

The tall blonde ran a hand over the scarred brunette's back, keeping one hand on his hip.

Squall whimpered in response. He wanted more. He could never remember wanting to be fucked so badly in his whole life. At that moment in time, he wanted that tall, blonde rival of his to fuck him silly, and he wouldn't care if he ended up giggling madly afterwards. It never dawned on the scarred brunette that it was lust, which fueled his rivalry towards Seifer. Never. But right now, while Seifer began to thrust at a furious pace, it was slowly dawning on him. It also dawned on the cold beauty that the scarred blonde was now stroking his cock in rhythm of his thrusts.

Seifer could feel his eyes roll back into his head. He knew his orgasm was coming up soon, but he had to hold out, at least till Squall came. His hand left Squall's hip and moved up to his hair, he gripped those auburn locks tightly and let himself drive himself further into Squall.

"Aaaah, Seifer!"

Seifer could only grin at the response. It wasn't a 'no, stop' so he gripped tighter. Seifer gently squeezed on the scarred man's cock and lightly started to stroke. Squall gave a shudder and arched his back. "Seifer, more...please...more."

A large smile played on the blonde's lips. Seifer pulled out of Squall, and lead him to the open office space. There he lay back on the hardwood floor and raised an eyebrow at Squall.

The auburn tilted his head and smiled. Seifer could feel his insides melt with that smile. The scarred cadet made a 'come hither' motion with his finger. Squall walked over to Seifer, kneeled down over top of him, and slowly began to impale himself slowly. Seifer whimpered, and breathed out, "Hurry Squall!"

Squall smiled again, and went slower. The tall blonde looked at him, his bottom lip clenched between his teeth. A growl escaped his lips, and he grabbed Squall's hips and helped speed up the process.

Squall arched his back when Seifer hit his prostate. "Again!"

Seifer raised a blonde eyebrow and did as instructed.

Soon Squall was writhing and whimpering on Seifer's lap. The sultry brunette opened an eye when he felt a hand go around his cock. He could barely form a smile for his lover, being so close to orgasm. Seifer gripped Squall's hip again and arched up deeply.

"Aaaah, fuck!" Squall screamed. His orgasm hit him, wracking his body and causing him to arch backwards. Seifer moaned, his orgasm was close, very close. He arched into Squall one last time, and came.

The two lay panting on the floor when Seifer leaned up on one elbow, and looked at his scarred lover. "So, you gonna wear women's underwear everyday?"

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