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An Understanding

By Hecate's Brat


I sit across from Laguna Loire. The President of Esthar. I don't know why I agreed to a meeting with the president of Esthar. But here I am. Apparently, there was information that I needed to know. I don't know what the hell it could be, and right now, I don't really care.

But, however... I am here. I get a good chance to look him over. When we were fighting the Sorceress, and the monsters from the Lunar Cry, I never really got to see him. I know he wanted to talk then, but, there was not enough time.

He is, quite stunning for an older man. I mean... time has been good to him. His long hair and his cobalt blue eyes are doing something to my insides. I know this feeling... sort of. Lust. I am lusting after this man. This goofy president of a man. I sigh, and I think Laguna thinks I'm getting impatient. In a way I am. The more I look at him, the more I want to see more of him.

Part of me wants to tell him, whatever you have to say, can wait. I need to jump your bones first, old man. I can feel a smirk slide onto my usually stoic face. I can picture myself sliding beside him on that couch and nibbling on his ear lobe. Capturing his lips, and oh, what soft looking lips they are, in a kiss.

My mind sends me flashes of a fantasy. My hands running down his chest, his shirt wide open. My tongue teasing his nipples, darting into his belly button. My tongue tasting his cock, licking pre-come off of the tip. I can hear his moans in my ears, calling my name. Another part of the fantasy, me, sliding my cock into his tight ass. Riding him for everything I'm worth.

Maybe then, afterwards, he can tell me what he needs to say.

I snap out of my thoughts, my leather pants much tighter than before. Again I sigh and look at Laguna.


I look over at Squall. I don't know where to start. I really don't. I'm nervous and I can feel my leg starting to cramp up. He keeps staring at me... and once, during the time he was sitting in that chair, he was smirking... but I'm pretty sure I didn't say anything. He is quite pretty to look at, and I can see his mother in him.

Kiros told me that Squall is my son. My son. I was floored by that. I mean, I never thought that I had a son. And now, there he is. Sitting there oblivious to that information.

I almost wish I didn't have to tell him. I don't know how he's going to react... and that scares me a bit. I would like him to be happy... and accept me, but... I don't know how it will go.

I know, if we weren't related, that I might go after him... sexually that is. And the fact that he keeps looking at me like I'm sex is a bit disturbing... and yet... erotic. Which is bad. He's my son.

I don't think I can really stop my mind from giving me little images of him naked, and doing things with those very pouty lips... NO. I need to stop thinking like that. I have to tell him, I'm his father.

I open my mouth to speak, looking at him... and my words fail me. He is gorgeous.


I have no idea what the hell he's doing... but he's opening and closing his mouth. Does he think he's a fish? I scowl at him, and my mind tries to soothe me by giving me an image of his mouth around my cock. I know, right then, that I need to fuck him. And whatever he has to say, can wait.

I get up and walk over to him. He looks stunned. I sit beside him, my leather pants squeaking against the couch.

He stares at me. His eyes wide. Those wonderfully blue-ish aqua eyes.

"Squall... I need to tell you-"

I cut him off. One can only watch those pouty lips move for so long. The kiss is soft and sweet, but claiming. Again, his mouth opens, to speak. Again, I cut him off. This time I kiss him a bit rougher, and this time, I let my tongue gently slide against his lips. He allows my tongue to gain entry. And I stroke his tongue with mine.

I can taste the chocolate peppermint he ate earlier. I always wondered this, if he would taste like candies. Sweet and inviting. And he does. I let my hands slide through his soft hair, pulling him closer to me. Kissing him a bit deeper. I can feel him pull away, and I let him. I watch him sit there, shocked, and aroused at the same time.


That kiss. My son kissed me. It was wonderful. I swear, when he sat beside me, and kissed me, my insides melted. I know its wrong for me to like that kiss, but... oh. It was perfect! I need to tell him. That was my reason for breaking that kiss. I need to tell him. I need to stop him from doing more.

"Squall... I need to tell you something important. You need to know this... ." I say, watching his reactions.

He tilts his head and his chocolate brown hair falls into his stormy blue eyes. A whisper of smirk is on his lips. I want to kiss him... I want him to kiss me again! I don't want to tell him that I'm his father. I know this is bad of me. Not telling him straight away. But damn, I want another kiss.

"You don't want to tell me whatever it is you have to tell me, do you?" His voice, saying those words startle me out of my thoughts. That's a lot of words from him.

"No. I don't."


"Because... I want you. But if you knew what I do, ... well. It wouldn't be good."

"You want me? And if you tell me... it will take those feelings away?" His forehead contorts into a look of confusion. His scar puckering slightly.

That's when I can feel tears roll down my cheek. I'm such a bad father! Lusting after my son... and not telling him, this information, because I know that he wants me too... . I'm terrible.

I feel his hand against my face. Not the leather gloves that he wears, but his skin. I turn and look at him. Concern flickers over his face, and everything in me shatters... I cry openly.

I feel his arms snake around me, cautiously.

"Stop crying. I hate it when people cry. I'm so empty inside I don't know how to comfort them. Laguna, please stop."

And with those words... I do. I sniffle and give a weak smile.


He gives me a weak smile. That man confuses me. Whatever he has to say must be something big... but right now; I still have that need to fuck him senseless... I see his tears glistening on his cheek. That perfect cheek.

I move forward, taking his head in my hands and I lick the tears away. I feel him sigh, his breath hot against my throat.

"Fuck me" I tell him. I need it. I need to feel this man. I want him naked, over me, writhing.

He sits back and looks at me. "I can't."

"Why not? It's not that hard. We strip, you fuck me... its good."

"Squall! It's not that easy! What's going through my mind, is stopping me... ."

"Guna! Tell me what's going through your mind... "

"Squall... you... "

"Are dancing around the topic. Either tell me, or fuck me." He blinks in response to that.

"I can't."

"Can't what? Which one? Tell me? Or fuck me?"

"I can't fuck you... "

"Why not?"

"Coz... "

I can feel myself getting annoyed by this. I want to throttle him... or fuck him. Right now, its a very close and thing line...

"Guna! Fucking tell me-"

"You're my son. I'm you father. That's why."

That... left me silent. I blink. Stunned.


Yup, that shocked him but good. He's stunned. He blinks, and blinks again. I look at my hands, then at him.

Quietly, I whisper, "That's why I can't fuck you. Because you're my son."

He blinks at me again. I get up to leave. "I'm going for a walk... if you want to talk later... I'll... be around. I'm sure you can find me."

"Laguna... sit... please... "

I look down at him... but oddly, I still only see Squall. Not my son. I'm overjoyed about learning that he's my son, but... at the same time... he is still a stranger. I sit. I sit facing him. I watch the wheels turn in his head. I can see it. I mean, this is a doozy right? He can't hide his thoughts on this. He's working something through.

Finally, moments go by and he speaks.

"You are my father?"

I nod.

"And you want me... ?"

Again, I nod.

I look at him... his head nodding slightly. Something is still going on in his head.

"Okay, you're my father... . and I still want you to fuck me."

If I was drinking something, it've been shot out and splattering everything. I blink at him.

"You still want me to fuck you?... but, that's wrong."

Squall smirked at me. "We'll discuss that later. Now, we fuck."

He pulled me close and kissed me roughly, and I swear all of my insides melted. Well, not all of them, but most. I felt all gooey inside...


I plunged my tongue into his mouth, and as a reward I received a moan and more of that minty chocolate taste. I let my hands go through his hair, feeling the soft silky strands. He moans against my mouth when my hands start undoing his shirt. My mind screams that there's to many buttons and I yank it open. I'm quite pleased when I hear the sounds of buttons clattering to the floor.

Almost as impatient, he yanks my top over my head, and moves in to kiss me again. His hands now go towards my belts and undo them almost as quick as me. All three belts hit the couch with soft thumps. I stand quickly and take my boots off. The heavy boots making heavy thuds as they hit the floor. I yank my leather pants down, freeing my swelling erection.

I look at Laguna. A look of awe is on his face. I start to feel uncomfortable, with his stares.


"Nothing. You are just, so... beautiful. You amaze me." he looks at me, lust filling his eyes. He stands and drops his shirt, and undoes his belt.

I kick my leather pants off and yank my socks off. I just can't wear socks while fucking... or sleeping. They piss me off. If I could, I'd banish the nasty things all together, but I'm going off track.

I sit and watch Laguna strip. He drops his khaki's and kicks them off with a child's glee. His floppy sandals go with them. He pulls his boxers off as well and stands in front of me.

I admire him. For being older than I am... he still looks good. His abs are still defined, and he's grinning at me. It's an odd sight, a naked grinning man, but with him, its innocent.

I stand then lean in for a kiss. My hand goes to his hip, pulling him closer. Our erections rub against each other and he moans into you mouth. My eyes close at the wonderful friction.

Suddenly I find myself on the couch. I look up at Laguna


The kisses and the wonderful rubbing of our erections make me feel weak at the knees. I shoved Squall to the couch, mainly because I need to have him. He's so domineering, that I need to feel like I have a bit of control. And he asked me to fuck him!

I kneel between his legs and lick at his cock. His hand grips the leather couch as my mouth swallows him. I grip the base of his cock and suck on his tip. He arches his back and tries to buck against me. I hold his hips against the couch and he lets out a groan. I pull away to look at him, which I get another moan, only this time its disapproval.

He looks amazing, and it still blows me away, that even though I'm his father, he still wants me. I take his appearance in, head thrown back, stormy eyes half closed in passion, his sweet lips plump and parted.

I grin at myself, thinking of how I want to make him scream my name. I lean over his cock, now dripping precome. I lick and suck at the salty fluid, listening to his breath hitch in his throat as I slide my tongue over his slit. His moan sounds more like a high pitched keening sound. I slide his cock back into my mouth, sucking greedily. I begin to massage at his balls while my mouth works his cock. He bucks against me in surprise.

I can feel his hands go throw my hair, gripping tightly. I begin to hum around his cock and his moaning becomes higher. My fingers slide from his balls to his ass. He gasps in shock. I slide a finger inside of him gently, and begin to move it in and out of his tight passage. My reward for that is a breathy, "Oh fuck!"

I continue sliding my finger in and out of his tight ass. I can feel my boy slowly thrust his hips against me and I stop sucking on him. I get a mixed whimper from his pouty mouth.

I lay him on the couch and kneel between his thighs, placing his legs over my shoulders. He looks at me. Innocence and sin, rolled into one. For the longest time, I never thought it was possible, to have a mixture like that in one person. But it is. Squall has it, and that is one more reason why I love him. I let my finger slide into his tight ass again. He whimpers a bit.

"Relax. It won't hurt if you relax."

He eyes me, and nods. I can feel him relax. I begin to slide my finger in and out of him again, and I use my other hand to stroke his weeping cock. He arches a bit into my hand, almost at his release.

I slide another finger into his tight passage, and I work at him a bit more, opening him for my cock.

I pull my fingers out slowly and inch closer, sliding my tip into him. He begins to tighten around me, and I lean into kiss him.

"Relax." I say before my lips find his. I kiss him softly, nibbling on his lips, sliding my tongue against his. I can feel him relax in the kiss and I slide my cock fully into his body.

Squall arches his back under me, moaning into my mouth.

I sigh and begin to thrust my hips against his. He moans and I start to pant, I can feel him tighten around my cock and I cry out. I have never felt anything like that... Squall's stormy eyes open and look at me.

"Are you okay? Did I hurt you?"

I smile gently. "No... I've never felt someone do that to me. Tighten like that. I like it."

A playful smirk dances over his lips and I feel him tighten around me again. I whimper a bit and continue to thrust.

Suddenly he arches his back and grips my shoulder. I knew I hit his prostate. I wanted to see him arch again, to hear his breath hitch in his throat, right in the middle of a moan.

I begin thrusting harder, my hand stroking his cock.

I can feel my orgasm, and it's so close. Squall's is close too. I can feel his tight passage clamp down on my cock. I start pounding into him, my hand stroking his cock.

I watch him arch his back and come in my hand. Squall's stormy eyes screwed closed tightly, his body jerking every time he comes.

The heat from his come on my hand is enough to send me over the edge and I come deep inside of Squall.

His back arches under me, as I shoot my come into his body, thrusting slowly.


He collapses on the couch beside me. His breathing slowing, his aqua eyes still closed. I look at his hands. One glistens, from my come. I take that one and lick the salty fluid off of every finger.

His eyes open and watch me. A small smile appears on his lips as he watches my tongue flick against his fingers.

Never in my life have I felt something like that. Such passion and intensity from one person.

I sigh and lay on the leather couch.

"So... is this going to affect our relationship?" I ask him.

"No. I don't think so. I mean. I would love to be your lover more than anything... if that's okay with you." He says, blushing and whispering the last part.

I think on it, and I can see worry flit through those beautiful aqua eyes.

"No... it think it should be okay. Mind you. It will be difficult... you being President, and me being the Commander of Balamb Garden."

He nods and places his forehead against my shoulder. "We could just keep it a secret. Be father and son in public, and lovers behind closed doors... "

I sigh. It will be hard, but I'm willing to do it.

I nod and agree, curling into his arms for a bit longer before we have to get dressed and face the world.

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