i hold Edea in high regards, and i have a semi twisted view on her.

its like she knew that she would be taken over, and that Cid needed to train SeeD's to kill her. She raised her own killers so to speak.

that has to be hard... this drabble has a moment of "lucidity" where she might have been thinking on them before Ultimecia started taking her over again.

Edea Drabble

By Hecate's Brat

I raised them from tikes, orphans abandoned and unwanted.

I wanted them. I couldn't have my own; that's why I started the orphanage.

Of course, it crossed my mind that one day they might have to kill me. That's why Cid created the Garden.

Fitting actually, I raised them and my husband trained them.

I always feared this day would come, where I couldn't remember my own life from another's. My mind, my powers: taken over, to be used against my children.

Now, it is time for my children to do what they were trained for.

If they cannot... Kurse them.

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