Office Blunder

By VampireSyra

Squall squirmed in his seat, attempting not to do something uncharacteristic like jump over his desk and tackle Seifer. He was feeling increasingly uncomfortable in the long stretch of silence and Seifer wasn’t helping any. In fact, Seifer was quite happy with the situation. His telltale smirk was in place as usual, making his face even more attractive. His body was slouched and relaxed as though he hadn’t been called to the headmaster’s office for being caught for spraying ‘LEONHART LIKES COCK’ on a wall in the cafeteria.

Pinching the bridge of his nose, Squall knew this wasn’t going to be easy. How in the name of Hyne was he supposed to punish Seifer when all he wanted to do was throw him down and have passionate, wild sex with him? Squall sighed. "You know why you’re here, Cadet." At this, Squall dared to look up at the man in front of him.

Seifer’s smirk grew and Squall’s dim hope that this would be settled easily died along with his childhood dream of becoming a Broadway showgirl. "Did you like it Squally? Or does it hit a little too close to home?" Squall felt the beginnings of a twitch in his left eye.

"Cadet Almasy, do you have an explanation for your actions?" Squall was struggling to keep a professional attitude although both his body and mind were pulling him in different directions. His mind was telling him that he should be offended at Seifer’s blatant disregard of his power while his body was screaming at him to shut the fuck up and have sex with Seifer already.

"Well, I just figured it was about time that the rest of the Garden knew what I do, Squally-boy." Seifer’s arrogant demeanor was almost enough to convince him to hurtle his desk and either fuck Seifer or strangle him. Almost, but not quite. "As a punishment for this extremely childish act, you will be serving on the cleaning committee for the next three weeks." Seifer pondered this for a moment before asking, "We have a cleaning committee?"

The only warning Seifer had was the twitch of Squall’s eye and the grip of his knuckles on the wood before the brunette man had knocked him out of his seat and was straddling his waist. "What the fuck are you doing Leonhart?!" Squall blinked, as if just realizing that he had lost control of his restraint and was currently lying on top of his object of desire.

It only took a moment of deliberation before Squall shrugged and then leaned down to cover Seifer’s protesting mouth with his own. Seifer’s eyes widened and he fought against the onslaught for all of three seconds at which time Squall’s tongue entered his mouth and all thoughts of any kind fled his mind.

Moaning into the warm mouth on his, Seifer pulled Squall down to lie chest to chest. Warm hands were crawling up Seifer’s shirt, running over his muscled abdomen to tweak his nipples. Seifer broke the kiss, panting.

"Squall.... the hell?" Squall wasn’t listening anymore. His tongue was lapping at Seifer’s ear while his fingers were preoccupied with pinching the blonde man’s nipples. The moans that were coming out of Seifer’s mouth were only encouraging him. With a growl, Seifer flipped their positions, pinning the sultry brunette underneath him. "Now, tell me what the fuck brought this on. Not that I’m complaining, understand." At this, Seifer pressed their erections together beneath the layers of clothes, earning a small gasp from Squall.

"You’re hot," was the only explanation he got from Squall. Their hips were still rocking against each other, making Seifer a little fuzzy in the head. "That works." He ground out, forgetting that he was supposed to hate this man. Unable to take any more, Seifer reached down and pulled Squall’s shirt over his head, his hands then immediately going to trace the warm skin that had been revealed to him.

Squall shivered. He had no idea it would feel so good to be dominated. The blonde man above him reached down to undo his pants and Squall’s hands gripped onto the sleeves of Seifer’s trench coat. As Seifer pulled the tight leather pants down Squall’s legs, his hard dick sprang free of its confines. "I knew those pants were too tight for underwear!" Seifer declared, proud at himself for knowing the answer to the most popular question floating around Garden.

"Seifer... " Squall was getting impatient. "Shut up."

Seifer smirked up at the grouchy brunette and bent down to run his tongue along Squall’s shaft. Squall gasped, throwing his head back. "Oh, gods Seifer... " With a self-satisfied smirk, Seifer engulfed Squall’s entire member in his mouth. Squall’s mouth was open, but the only noise coming form it was a groan that vaguely resembled Seifer’s name.

The blonde, happy with the response he was receiving from Squall, rewarded him with a hard suck to the head of Squall’s dick. Squall’s fingers tangled themselves in the other man’s hair, pushing his mouth back fully on his cock. Squall was biting his lip in a desperate attempt to stifle the noises escaping from his mouth. Seifer’s tongue swirled around the top of his erection, licking up some of the pre-come that was leaking out of the slit, and that was it.

Unable to hold back his words anymore, Squall’s pleas cut through the air. "God, yes! Fuck me, Seifer, please! Fuck me inside!" Seifer pulled off of Squall, surprise clear on his face. "What? Are you sure?" Squall’s answer was to push Seifer down and yank his pants and boxers down to his knees. "’ll hurt... " Squall sighed, tired of hearing Seifer’s voice without it screaming his name. He took Seifer’s hand and put it on his dick. He leaned down to bite at his lover’s neck. "I don’t care."

Seifer moaned, loud. The hand that wasn’t stroking Squall’s dick was buried in his hair, encouraging Squall to suck harder on the flesh of his neck. Before he got too carried away, Seifer pulled Squall’s head away from where he was leaving bruises on his skin. He looked at the brunette’s face and nearly came without even being touched. Squall’s skin was tinged pink, his mouth was swollen and hanging open slightly. His breathing was labored, something that was caused by the hand still pumping his dick.

Seifer traced Squall’s lips with the fingers that weren’t occupied with jerking off Squall. Squall sucked the fingers in his mouth, coating them with saliva. "Oh, fuck." Seifer pulled his fingers from the cavern of Squall’s mouth and moved them down to trace his entrance. Squall hissed and pushed back against the intrusion. The fingers were in him, stroking him, fucking him. He had never felt so hot before in his life. Seifer was twisting his fingers, searching for that one spot to make Squall scream.

He knew he found it when Squall thrust his body down and wailed. "SEIFER!" Afraid he would come too soon, Seifer pulled his fingers from the other man’s body, with strong protests. He moved his hands to rest on Squall’s hips, gently pushing him down so that he would be impaled on Seifer. Squall, though understanding that Seifer was trying to take things slow, was feeling too impatient to be treated like some frail woman.

"Fuck!" Seifer exclaimed through his teeth as he felt Squall drop onto him completely. His dick was being clamped in a searing heat, the tight channel gripping him, and lost his breath. Squall was still, his face turned down, chocolate hair obscuring his face. For one terrified moment, Seifer thought that he was hurt, that this was the end and he’d never see Squall like this again. But then Squall started to move.

It was only small movements at first, Squall just getting used to having something so big inside of him. Seifer could do nothing but lie back and watch as the man slowly raised himself before slamming down on his dick... once.... twice.... "Squall!" Seifer let out a hoarse yell; unable to take the slow pace he had set for them. Squall looked to his face, his bottom lip between his teeth. "So-so good, Seifer... ahhh... " The lithe man continued to impale himself, and it wasn’t long before Seifer was clutching at his hips, pumping in and out of him.

Seifer nailed Squall’s prostrate, and it was over for the brunette. His back arched and a deep moan was ripped from his throat. His come splattered across their stomachs, coating them both in his semen. His body clamped around Seifer’s dick, clenching him impossibly tight. Seifer called out Squall’s name and let himself go inside of the smaller man.

Squall collapsed in a heap on top of his lover, panting. Seifer wrapped his arms around the man’s waist, holding him close. "Squall... are your walls soundproof?"

"Oh, fuck."

- END -

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