Pairing: Draco/Seamus, Snape/Seamus (a hint of Lucius/?)
Summary: When Seamus and Harry stop being friends in the beginning of their fifth year, Draco takes an interest and sees a way to take advantage of the situation. Through manipulation and pleasurable rewards, Draco soon has Seamus doing everything he wants...
Disclaimer: All characters belong to JK Rowling, no copyright infringement is intended. I play with them, without permission, in my head and for fun; not earning money from sharing it. No real people were harmed in the writing of this story.
Warning: BDSM, PonyPlay, voyeurism, some coercion, underage characters (15), teen/teen and adult/teen sex
Notes: Takes place during OotP. I'm grateful for the beta efforts of calixta9 and viverras; the latter also acted as my ponyplay consultant.

A New Toy for Draco

Chapter 1

By LdyBastet


Seamus had tried his best to avoid Harry and Ron since the argument in the dorms on their first evening back. Most of the time he left early in the morning, to be done with his shower and at the breakfast table in the Great Hall before either of them showed up. Rumours travelled fast as always in Hogwarts, and it wasn't as if it was difficult to notice that Seamus and Harry barely spoke to each other this term.

A few of the Slytherins had already commented around him that it was nice to see that blatant lies and disrespectful behaviour towards teachers and authority wasn't encouraged at school, meaning Harry Potter's behaviour of course. Seamus knew that he wasn't the only one who wouldn't blindly swallow his tales, and he had understood that the other houses had noticed that Potter's company of adoring friends had dwindled.

This morning, Seamus had broken his weeklong habit and had decided to shower later than the others. Much good that had done, he thought angrily as he washed his hair. Just his luck that Peeves had flooded the Slytherin shower room the previous evening and it had been decided by the staff (Seamus suspected that it was an attempt by Dumbledore to improve inter-house relations) that the Slytherins had the use of the Gryffindor showers from seven o'clock onwards.

Seamus wasn't that comfortable with showering with boys he wasn't used to. He kept his eyes closed as he stepped back into the spray of hot water to rinse the shampoo off. It was one thing to be naked with all his equally naked friends around him, quite another to be jostled and 'accidentally' bumped into by completely new, unknown, never before seen, naked bodies. Some of them looked rather nice too, and Seamus had a good view of a nice arse and the half erect prick of one of the older Slytherins.

He suddenly realised that this was probably not the time, nor the place, to let his mind linger on things he'd had to admit just this summer gone that he found very arousing. Seamus reached for the bar of soap and made some haste to wash off and get out of there without embarrassing himself. As he heard a silky voice purr in his ear and felt someone stand far too close for comfort behind him, he knew it was too late for that.

"Watching the boys in the shower, are you Finnigan?" Seamus recognised the voice of Draco Malfoy, and felt quite unnerved to feel his naked body almost touching his own. Malfoy was probably up to no good as usual, but Seamus held still, almost frozen in place, not wanting to lose points or land himself in detention because he'd been provoked; no one would believe that anyway. At least Malfoy hadn't been speaking loudly, announcing it to everyone... not that he really needed to. Seamus' erection did a good job of that itself, and Seamus' stomach plummeted.

"What if I am?" he whispered back, trying to sound indifferent and put on a brave face as he looked over his shoulder.

"Oh, lets just say that I know a number of people who would be upset to know they're being ogled by a Gryffindor. They usually have a habit of getting rather physical when they don't like something, or someone." Draco's voice was still calm, collected, as if he was merely pointing out facts. And perhaps he was, thought Seamus with a shudder as an image of himself being beaten up by Pucey flashed before his mind, a shudder that made him even more aware of the body that now pressed closer against his back.

Seamus' breath caught; Malfoy was up to something for sure, he knew it, but at the same time it felt so good with the sensation of skin against skin. He'd never been this close to anyone, not naked and... hard, horny. But Malfoy wasn't; while Seamus found it difficult to keep a straight thought with the blood pounding in his ears and heart thumping in his chest, Draco didn't seem to be affected at all.


Finnigan had looked so vulnerable, so insecure in his corner, trying to stay away from all the Slytherins, that Draco hadn't been able to resist taunting him, thinking that the Gryffindor would jump and push him away. That would have given him the perfect reason to dock fifteen points from the boy's house for 'attacking a Prefect'. But Finnigan had reacted quite differently from what Draco had expected, and he realised that the not entirely serious jibe had in fact been true. Finnigan had been watching a few of the boys... and it had aroused him. Draco noticed just how much too as he looked down over Seamus' shoulder, and made a small face of assessment.

So, one of Potter's precious friends was gay? That could be useful, and perhaps pleasurable as well, Draco thought, if he managed to bait him. Draco's father often lectured him on the fine points and uses for manipulation, and wouldn't this be a splendid opportunity to practice exactly that? Whatever tiff the two Gryffindors had had, Draco suspected that Finnigan would probably forgive Potter and start believing everything the Boy Who Lived said once more. And when he did get close to him again, Draco wanted to have Seamus caught in his web. His father would be proud of him if he succeeded, Draco was sure of it.

It was time to reel in the catch.

"What will you do about it then? Go back to your dorm and wank, hm?" Draco moved to speak low in Seamus' other ear, rubbing lightly against the backside of the shorter boy, and was rewarded by a short gasp from him. "Will you lie all alone in your bed at night, trying to not make a sound?"

Seamus nodded and swallowed hard. He'd forgotten about the other boys in the shower room; there was only him and Draco left in his mind. Why did it have to be Malfoy who discovered him? And how could it feel so nice? He closed his eyes as he felt a light touch of fingers travel over his side, then up over his stomach and chest, and shivered.

"Third floor, east corridor," Draco said. "Second door... seven o'clock tonight." Then he stepped back, leaving Seamus standing alone again. The exchange hadn't taken long, and Draco was sure that he could parry any questions from his house mates, should there be any. He'd simply tried to scare Finnigan, and the boy had been too spooked to even move. Draco smiled, feeling rather pleased with himself, and left the showers.


Seamus wasn't able to pay much attention to classes that day, so he was glad that Potions wasn't one of them. His mind was constantly going back to that morning, thoughts and questions zoomed around in his head like Cornish Pixies on an envigourment potion. As soon as he tried to grab one, it moved away and another pulled at him.

At first, Seamus was afraid that Draco would spread rumours; he didn't think it would go down well with the others in the dorm, and if they started thinking that he wanted to grope them, there would be no end to the suspicious atmosphere. It was bad enough as it was. But the day wore on and there were no whispering, no pointing and laughing, which put that worry to rest. Then there was the nagging suspicion that Draco was going to play a trick on him. After all, he hadn't said what would happen if Seamus showed, he'd just told him where to be. Most likely, Seamus thought, there would be something nasty and he would regret going horribly.

Seamus tried to catch Draco's eye and perhaps give him a questioning look or something, but the Slytherin seemed to be oblivious to the worries and doubt he was causing, and ignored Seamus.

Every time that Seamus decided not to go, the memory of how it had felt to be close to someone, completely naked, came back to haunt him. That light caress over the front of his body had been maddening, especially since it was cut short, and his mind raced off in that direction instead, wondering if Draco would touch him more, let him touch too... and then it was really hopeless to concentrate on class.

"Seamus," someone whispered next to him, pulling him back to the present, "are you all right? You look..."

"Yeah, I'm fine. It's just a bit hot in here... dozed off a moment. Thanks, Dean." Seamus tried really hard to listen and take notes from that point on, while Dean was eyeing him carefully. Seamus knew that he meant well, but he didn't want to be scrutinized while needing a good wank to settle down. And that helped him make his mind up. He was definitely going to the room Draco had whispered directions to; there was a chance that he could get a taste of the real thing, things that he'd fantasised about, and he didn't want to miss that for anything in the world. With the decision made, what was left of the day went easier, even if he got a few visits from a flock of butterflies that seemed to enjoy fluttering around in his stomach.


It was awkward, thought Seamus, when he stepped into the room, and Draco was already there, waiting, looking bored and annoyed. He would have been on time if it hadn't been for Peeves making a nuisance of himself, forcing Seamus to make a detour.

"You are late." Draco drawled." Don't you think I have better things to do with my time, than wait for some Gryffindor? You should be glad I even let you come here." He slowly closed the distance to Seamus, moving in what the Gryffindor boy thought looked like an almost menacing manner.

"'m sorry," Seamus mumbled and fought the urge to back away. "Peeves was..."

Draco made a gesture of dismissal to interrupt him. "I'm not interested in why you're late, Finnigan. Just don't do it again."

Again? Seamus looked up into Draco's face. That sounded promising. He smiled tentatively and once again felt the fluttering and warmth of arousal pool in his stomach as Draco smirked back at him. He'd always thought that smile was annoying before, but now it looked almost sexy.

"So, what were you doing in the showers, looking at boys' arses? Rather risky, don't you think?"

"I didn't exactly plan on it." Seamus grinned. "It just happened."

"Have fantasies, do you?" Seamus nodded in response. "What do you fantasise about then?"

"I... erm. Just... things." Seamus blushed deeply. He couldn't tell Malfoy that!

Draco sighed. "Things. Well, do you have any experience, apart from touching yourself?"

"No," Seamus replied in a hushed voice, suddenly feeling rather small and insignificant.

"Hmph. About time you learn then," said Draco and cast a locking charm on the door.


Draco swaggered confidently down the corridor. The best time to have a private meeting with someone was definitely after dinner. Crabbe and Goyle usually stayed at the table as long as they could, stuffing themselves on cake and pudding, leaving Draco with the opportunity to get some privacy. He glanced quickly over his shoulder as he paused by a door, and then pushed it open.

As soon as he was inside, he closed the door silently and a smirk spread on his face -- the Gryffindor was waiting for him. Not that Draco had doubted it for a minute; Seamus Finnigan had so far been quite eager to follow the Sorting Hat's advice regarding the houses working together.

"It's about time, Malfoy. I've been waiting." Seamus tried to sound like Draco did whenever he had had to wait, but was in fact trying to hide that he'd started worrying that Draco wouldn't show up.

"How sweet of you, Finnigan," Draco teased. "You're eager to see me then?" They had only been meeting like this a few times per week since the encounter in the showers, but Draco was starting to really like having Seamus at his beck and call. There was no agreement on a set time, that was all up to Draco -- if he decided in the morning that instead of masturbating, he would rather wait a few hours and use the services of Seamus, he got up and sent the Gryffindor a message during the day.

"I got your note, I'm here." Seamus shrugged and tried to put on a face of indifference, but didn't quite succeed. The longing way his gaze wandered over Draco's body betrayed him. "But I have other things to do too..." His voice trailed off. There wasn't really anything else he had to do, apart from homework. The atmosphere in the common room and the dorm was still strained, and neither Harry nor Ron was talking to him. Right now, even Draco Malfoy felt friendlier, a lot friendlier in fact.

Draco leaned casually against the door, watching Seamus, and moved a hand down the front of his robes. The knowledge of what would come, the anticipation of pleasure, was arousing, and he rubbed his hand lightly over his hardening prick. He knew that Seamus wanted it; the boy had been very eager to touch and suck him from their first encounter in private. He had been quite inexperienced though, and Draco had realised that there must be very little experimentation going on in the Gryffindor dorms. Seducing Seamus had been so easy - caress him a little, kiss his neck, move a hand over his prick... and the boy had been whimpering with need, begging for more.

"Come here, Finnigan." Draco enjoyed giving Seamus orders, and seeing him obey them. It gave him a thrilling sense of control, and that in itself was almost enough to make him hard. "I can see that you want me in your mouth."

Seamus grumbled slightly, tearing his eyes away from the sight of a pale hand rubbing over a dark-clad crotch, not wanting to appear too eager. He thought it was a bit embarrassing, the way Malfoy could read him. Was he really that obvious? But before he could reconsider the wisdom of what he was going to do, he was standing in front of Draco, looking into his storm-grey eyes for a moment, but could see no mockery in them, no trace of the sneering face Malfoy had in public. He sank down to his knees on the floor and pushed Draco's school robes up to reveal long, pale legs and underwear that was nothing like the simple cotton pants Seamus wore.

Draco, like his father, preferred the luxurious feel of expensive fabric against his body. The Malfoys were rich, and even if Draco couldn't flaunt that fact through his every-day attire due to the dress code, there were no restrictions regarding what was worn underneath. Seamus had become more fascinated with the feel of silk with time; Draco wondered if Seamus had registered anything beside bodies and pleasure during that first real acquaintance.

He held his robes up while Seamus freed his erection and began pleasuring him through a combination of licks and strokes. Draco leaned the back of his head against the thick wood of the door, closing his eyes, and just enjoyed the sensations Seamus created for him. This was so much better than wanking... at least now that the Gryffindor had learnt how Draco preferred to be stroked and sucked. Seamus wasn't perfect, as the occasional scrape of teeth proved, but he was enthusiastic and was very eager to learn and improve. Draco liked that.

From the moans and small grunts that came from the boy, Draco assumed that by now, Seamus was stroking himself, perhaps in time with the bobbing movements of his head. Draco didn't mind as long as he received what he wanted; it saved him the trouble of making the boy come later. He opened his eyes and looked down at Seamus' flushed face, lips stretched around Draco's cock, as he rocked his hips slightly to glide in and out between them. Draco moaned loudly as Seamus curled his fingers around the base and flicked his tongue over the sensitive head.

Seamus had found that he really enjoyed doing this. It had been so fascinating to begin to explore all the things he could do with a prick that wasn't attached to his own body. For one thing, he couldn't suck his own. And since it felt so good to use his mouth in this manner, to taste and feel Draco's hot prick against his tongue, Seamus didn't at all mind being on his knees like this. He liked it, because it felt so much more personal than just using his hand.

Seamus' lips were redder than usual, fuller, an effect of arousal and the friction, and it reminded Draco of something. There was an image in his mind, no, a memory of watching bright red lips closing around a cock. His eyes fluttered shut again and he let the images continue to roll on the screen of his mind.

Draco could see it -- the painted toys of his father, beautiful and restrained young men, eagerly opening their mouths for him - like he had seen them through a spy hole in a hidden room at the Manor. Draco moaned again, his breathing heavy, as Seamus' tongue and the pleasure that spread from his groin distracted him from the memories. He watched Lucius train them every chance he got; apparently it was some form of dressage, but with humans instead of horses. Draco remembered that the last boy especially had been very pretty in his peculiar, hoofed boots, leather gear and high plume on his head. He looked down at Seamus' again, returning his focus to the present moment and sensations of that hungrily sucking mouth.

As the pressure built up inside him, orgasm getting closer, Draco decided that he wanted a pony boy of his own, wanted to train and discipline one, like he'd seen his father do. With the image of red marks from a crop on pale skin in his mind and a loud groan, Draco came, very much enjoying the sight of Seamus squeezing his eyes shut and trying to swallow.

Seamus wasn't yet used to this taste, or even the sensation of suddenly having his mouth filled with hot semen, but it was the inevitable result of a blowjob. It did feel good, though, to know that he was the cause of it, that Draco had been reduced to nothing more than moans and pure physical reactions... all thanks to him. He sat back on his heels, releasing Draco's cock, and moaned as he could now concentrate fully on his own pleasure, his hand on his aching prick, the overwhelming need to come. That Draco was watching him didn't bother him anymore, he'd even started to think it was rather exciting.

While he regained his breath, Draco continued to watch Seamus' face. There was a look of intense concentration on it as the boy sought his own gratification. When Seamus came with a slight whimpering sound, spattering semen over his hand and the floor, Draco had regained enough composure to give a small smirk. A pony boy of his own...


The next time that Draco went home, he had a plan. When the house was dark and everything was quiet, night having pulled a blanket of sleep over most of its inhabitants, Draco silently made his way down to the basement and the room in which he'd seen Lucius training his toys. The thick wooden door was locked with a charm, but after a few attempts at lifting it, Draco realised that it was no different from the one his father used on the door to his study.

For a moment, Draco hesitated; it felt wrong to unlock the door and enter his father's very private domain, but at the same time he had the niggling feeling that it had not been by mistake that Lucius had let Draco see how to undo this particular ward. And he was driven by necessity; he had to do it, he needed to get a closer look at the things that Lucius was using on his pets. With a firm, if somewhat sweaty, grip on his wand, Draco pointed it at the door and said the phrase that would open it, while drawing a glyph in the air with the wand.

There was no outward sign that anything had happened, but this time when he tried the door handle, the door swung open on silent hinges. With the wand as his only source of light, Draco stepped into the room and closed the door behind him, shutting it on the outside world. He felt as if he had entered a completely different place, the fantasy world of his father, and he took a moment to look around the luxuriously furnished room.

The lush fabrics of upholstery and tapestries tried to seduce him with their rich colours and soft splendour. It was a room designed especially for the enjoyment of pleasure, Draco could easily see that, and it reflected the tastes of the master of the Manor. He took a deep breath of air that felt heavily charged with sex and mystery, and shivered as he took a few steps forward, letting his hand wander over velvet, brocade and silk tassels.

The large cupboard that held the things that Lucius used on his boys was standing on the other side of the room, and Draco stopped just in front of it, his hand hovering for a moment before he opened the doors.

A large quantity of equipment was revealed to him; Draco had known, of course, that the cabinet held many things, but to see them this close, to be able to touch them... It excited him. There was row upon row of neatly organized objects - parts of leather harness, bits of rubber and metal rings and clamps and chains and odd things that Draco had no idea how to use or where they would go. Leather leashes and straps with locks at both ends hung from hooks, and there was a large assortment of manacles and handcuffs as well. Wondrous things whose only function was to be used for pleasure, for tying someone up, for dominating... A longing sigh escaped Draco at the thought.

As he examined the gear, Draco realised that there were duplicates of most of them. Some had different styles but were basically the same, some were of slightly different sizes, and some had details in a contrasting colour. It was convenient, he thought, since that might make it harder to see that things were missing. He studied them for a moment and then chose some of the more basic things that he'd seen Lucius use -- wide leather handcuffs for tying Seamus' wrist together, headgear, a leather leash, and after some puzzling over some of the leather straps, Draco also had a chest harness neatly laid out on the sofa, all in plain black leather.

There was equipment missing though, things that were important for the look of the pony; without them it would be nothing more than a boy in bondage, so Draco continued his search. A smile spread over his face as found what he was looking for in one of the drawers, and he added a nice, swishy tail of horsehair to the pile. He was about to close the cabinet, when he grabbed one of the riding crops as well.

Well back in his room, Draco carefully packed the equipment he'd taken in his trunk. He curled up between the soft sheets of his bed, and that night his dreams were filled with many exciting images, memories of what he'd witnessed gradually transforming into things that he was doing himself.

The dream began with a memory of a particularly pretty boy that Lucius put in a very restraining harness, binding him tightly, almost cruelly restricting his movements. The boy had been in make up as well, and if one had only looked at his face, it would have been difficult to tell whether it was a male or a female. Draco fully enjoyed watching his father take his pleasure from these human toys, and he did so in the dream as well.

Lucius worked his naked pony boy into a sweat, forcing him to do tricks, repeating them until perfection. If the panting boy didn't react quickly enough, it resulted in a few well-placed lashes over his buttocks. Once in a while, it seemed as if he was watching himself, an older Draco handling his pet. Then Lucius ordered his toy to bend over the table... And in this dream Draco knew that his father was aware of him where he was hiding, behind the wall, prick in hand; like so many times, Lucius positioned the boy and himself so that Draco would have a perfect view of what was going on (as if the simple fact that the tiny room with its spyhole, ideal for a voyeur, existed wasn't proof enough).

Draco timed his strokes with the visual stimulus of his father fucking the good-looking boy, but no matter how much he tried to hold back or restrain himself, Draco came before Lucius did, as always...

... But Draco woke up with an almost aching erection, which he took care of while fantasising about doing those things to the Gryffindor -- restraining him, ordering him around, making him obey and pleasure him. Draco was definitely looking forward to that, and just before he reached his orgasm, he wondered if Seamus would beg for more, just like the boy in his dream had done.

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