Deep End

Chapter 9

By Purple Penguin

The red headed girl watched the tapes in amusement, suddenly glad that she had been stuck with opening up the pool and checking the surveillance tapes. Shame they only covered the corridors and not the pool itself, because people didn't want to be spied on in the pool or shower areas.

She played the interesting part again of the front hall when a half naked brunette and a familiar looking blonde ran down the hall laughing all the way. She smiled, who knew Seifer was gay? No wonder he didn't want her. A thought suddenly came to her, maybe he would be more interested in her attentions if she threatened to take this tape to the managers, and she wasn't looking for anything serious just a bit of fun. Surely this would spell the end of his job; the managers would see it the way she did that they weren't just there in play chess.

"Can't you call in sick?"

The blonde sat up in bed to get up for work, he would normally be up and out of the house by now on any other day.

"I don't think that'll go down too well." He looked down at the beautiful pouting brunette whose legs were tangled with his own. Squall leant over his new lover's chest, tracing invisible patterns into his stomach.

"Anyway I can change your mind?" He asked.

Seifer groaned. "You know I have to go." He reached out to play with his lover's hair. "God you're beautiful."

His lover grinned, pressing a kiss into Seifer's neck. "Stay?" He asked, trailing kisses down the blonde's neck.

Seifer groaned again, turning his head to take Squall's lips in a lingering kiss, the brunette melted against him his arms holding onto Seifer to try and stop him from leaving.

The older man broke the kiss slowly raising an eyebrow at Squall's bright grin. "What?"

"Being gay's not so bad then?"

Seifer frowned. "But I'm not gay."

"You like men."

"I like you."

Squall smiled. "Okay then, you like cock."

"I like yours." Seifer chuckled, de-tangling himself from his lover. "And I really have to go." I got to the edge of the bed before Squall latched onto is waist again.

"Let go!" He demanded playfully.


Seifer sighed as he pried the other man's arms off his waist. "Don't you have classes?"

"Not until 11:30."

"Well I get out at 4; I'll come straight over with a pizza or something."

"Yes you bring the food; I'm not good at cooking."

Seifer gave him a look. "But you live alone."

"Well I can cook for me but nothing fancy, I can manage bacon and eggs."

Seifer chuckled as he put his pants on. "If you cook wearing only an apron I'll eat whatever you make."

The brunette reached out to smack him on the arm but missed when his lover jumped back laughing.

"Aren't you even going to have a shower first?" Squall asked.

"Not here." He grinned. "I know you; I'll end up never leaving."

"Me?" Squall put on an innocent expression.

"If I get you naked and wet...." He trailed off, leaning in now dressed to kiss Squall briefly on the lips. "I'll see you later."

"Want me to walk you to the door."

"No, you're still naked."


"So it'll be a distraction, I'll have to decide between going out in the cold or being in here with you when you're naked."

"But I'm naked now."

"Well I can't see so I can pretend that you're not."

Squall chuckled. "Would you like to see?"

Seifer practically ran for the door before he changed his mind. "I'll see you later." He called back and the door was pulled shut behind him.

Squall stretched out across his bed like a cat feeling quite pleased with himself, smiling as he thought of the key events of last night.

By the time they made it back to his apartment they were tired, cold and horny. Seifer had quickly managed to warm him up though, for someone who wasn't sure if he even liked guys he really seemed like he knew what he was doing.

Squall sat up suddenly when he heard the front door open again. "Did you forget something?" He called out.

Zell poked his head round the door, looking at him in surprise. "Aren't you usually up by now?"

"What are you doing here?"

"I'm bored. Irvine went out somewhere like last night and I haven't seen him since." He back tracked. "Not that I'm worried of course I couldn't care less if he shacked up with some girl."

"Liar." Squall smiled sympathetically.

"You two have a fight or something?"

"No, not really. He got all grouchy when I wouldn't tell him where I'd been at lunch that's all, I mean isn't that silly? Not like I have to tell him everything."

"But you were with your ex and you didn't tell him because...?"

Zell shifted. "Because I knew how he'd react all possessive and shit." He looked around the room for the first time, taking in the scattered clothing on the floor.

"You got home in a hurry last night or something?" He slowly smiled. "I didn't interrupt something did I?"

"No, Seifer had to go to work."

The blonde's smile had turned teasing. "So you and Seifer, is he any good?"


The blonde laughed. "What? I'm curious, besides you're supposed to tell best friends these things."

"And who said you were my best friend?"

"Well who else have you got to choose from? Selphie? Rinoa?" He scoffed. "I'm the most qualified, I know more about you then they do."

"Oh really? I did go out with Rinoa for a year you know?"

"Yeah but you two never got anywhere, I know you're a good kisser too." He smirked.

"Though a game of spin the bottle."

"It still counts." He pouted in determination. "So tell me what you did last night?",

"We went swimming than came down here and had an early night." Squall say blandly. "That's it."

Zell sighed. "You're so boring; before I got together with Irvine he'd tell me all the details of his dates."

"Whether you asked him to or not." Squall added.

Zell chuckled. "And he still does tell me all the details in graphic Technicolor." He paused. "Although now I know already know how it worked out because I was there."

Squall rolled his eyes.

"You two are good then? Getting long well? And the sex is good?"

"Yes, yes and yes." Squall answered.

"Oh good I love a nice wedding."

Squall scoffed. "That'll never happen."

"Why not?"

"Because it doesn't mean anything and I don't think Seifer's the type to bother with all that if it doesn't mean anything." He paused. "And besides he still thinks his straight and I'm the exception to the rule."

Zell nodded slowly. "Seifer and Irvine, we should lock them both up and throw away the key until they forget about women."

"Irvine forget women?" Squall scoffed. "You're hopeful."

The blonde shrugged. "Well I was kind of hoping he might- you know maybe decide that-err he just maybe- wants... me." He fiddled with his fingers as he added the last part.

"He hasn't been with anyone else has he?" Squall asked.

"Not really not past dance floor groping anyway."

"Why is nothing ever simple for you two?"

"Don't ask me I like simple, simple's good."

That familiar brunette had been at the bar for about an hour now watching him. He recognized him straight away, Zell's ex, Nida, the one who moved away and broke the blonde's heart. Irvine sat at the bar casually chatting to a pretty blonde girl or rather her was chatting to him and he was pretending to listen but it was hard to when he could feel eyes watching him from the other side of the room.

Getting drunk was the objective, nothing more. He was a ladies man, he had a reputation to up hold but that was difficult when he was almost sure that he was falling in love with Zell. That wasn't right; he wasn't supposed to love Zell. When he had first met the blonde in school he was Mr. Player and most of the other guys kept their distance from him. It was through Selphie that he met Squall and Zell or as he mentally called them at the time the quiet brunette and the cute blonde.

Zell was small, cute and good to flirt with and that was it then when he wanted to explore the guy side of things more Zell was good to feel up in the dark of the cinema or under the table in class or at lunch. He was a good friend though so he couldn't bring himself to take their playful flirty any further and then Nida came into the picture so he backed right off and played the good friend type instead. Then when Nida left and moved away Zell got all sad, he wasn't the lively, happy, bouncing off the walls type anymore he would sit and sulk all evening and watch sappy romances a lot. Squall and Irvine started what they called Zell watch, where they would take turns to spend the evening with the blonde usually in his apartment but a couple of times he was able to coax him out to see a movie or to eat out instead of ordering take-away, which normally consisted of a pizza or burger.

One day after they had been out together having a laugh they went back to Zell's place, which he shared with Squall as usual. He remembered Zell being cuddly, which wasn't all that unusual since Nida left he often liked to feel needed and loved by his friends but that day he was overly cuddly and he told Irvine that he had started to look forward to their days together and then he kissed him.

The cowboy had pulled back at first after all this was Zell his friend who was still getting over Nida and possibly didn't know what he was doing. Then when he saw these blue eyes looking at him hopefully and a little disappointed when the taller man had pulled away so soon. He never did like to see Zell look hurt so he couldn't resist leaning back in for another kiss, deeper this time, he cupped the back of the shorter man's head.

He remembered the smile he got after and scaring the life out of Squall the next morning when he walked out of Zell's bedroom half naked with the little blonde wearing only a towel all wet and sexy. He remembered Squall's protests when he started to feel up his new lover in the kitchen.

He glanced over at Nida again who was still watching him closely. The girl had stopped talking and was glaring at him.

"Are you listening to me?"


She sighed dramatically and walked off in a huff.

Oh well, she wasn't very interesting anyway.

He looked over at Nida, he thought about asking him what he was looking at but maybe after the next drink.

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