Pairing: Lucius/Draco
Rating: (NC-17) Adult Content, Wild
Warnings: Incest! Possibly chan, depending on the laws of your country, Draco is 16.
Summary: Lucius is freed from Azkaban, thanks to the efforts of his family, and Draco makes sure that his first evening back home is very special.
Disclaimer: All characters belong to JK Rowling, no copyright infringement is intended. I play with them in my head and for fun; not earning money from sharing it with fanfic readers. No real people was hurt in the writing of this story.
Note: Set post OotP. Written before the release of HBP.

A Son's Love

By LdyBastet


After long weeks of fighting, writing petitions and meeting with boring and narrow-minded, but easily bought, officials, Narcissa and Draco were happy to be a family again. Lucius Malfoy was once more sitting at the head of the dining table, a free man awarded an official excuse from a mortified Minister of Magic, who had lamented the horrendous mistake and the frightening effects of the Imperius Curse. The official version was, of course, that the Dark Lord had used his terrible powers to place respectable people under his power, as he had on previous occasions. In an effort to placate the once so powerful family so that they wouldn't take any legal actions against the Ministry (they had met their lawyers on several occasions already), the promise was made to reinstate Lucius Malfoy as a Governor of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, and he would be welcome to come and go as he wished at the Ministry again. It seemed like Cornelius Fudge very much wanted to stay Minister, despite the mistakes he'd made and the popular opinion of his suitability, and preferred to have Lucius Malfoy on his side. Apparently Minister Fudge still trusted his old friend more than he did Dumbledore.

Their first dinner together was a pleasant affair with some small talk and a little catching up, and at one point Narcissa had reached out and placed her hand on Lucius' and they had smiled at each other. Draco was happy to have his father at home - Azkaban was certainly no place for a Malfoy - and also to see his mother smile again.

After dinner was over, Lucius went into his study, closing the door behind him. Draco looked to his mother for advice, but she was in no way worried. She told Draco that his father needed some time alone, that he had to get used to being at home again and try to put these injustices behind him. Draco nodded and with a small kiss to his forehead, Narcissa went upstairs to her chambers to get ready for bed, and for a little reading.

The dining room was silent, and it felt eerily deserted, just like it had ever since before summer when Lucius was taken into custody. It was as if he couldn't quite believe that his father was, indeed, back home. Now that the man had left the room and the house elf had cleaned the table of plates and cutlery, there was no proof of his safe return present, and Draco felt that nagging sense of apprehension again. It was like a dark hole in his heart where something important in his life had been wrenched away from him, and seeing his father at the table had only temporarily filled it with light and substance.

The chair scraped against the wooden floor as Draco pushed it away from the table and got up. Perhaps his father needed to be alone, but Draco needed to be with his father, so he left and made his way to the study, only hesitating slightly (no more than a second, he thought) before opening the door and stepping inside.

The thick carpet muffled the sounds of footfalls and Draco wasn't sure whether Lucius had heard him enter or not when he came to a stop, standing in front of the figure sitting deep in thought in the armchair. He sank to his knees, not minding being on the floor, not when it was before his father, and made himself comfortable. The light from the candles in the room was reflected in the amber liquid contained in the glass that Lucius lifted to his mouth, and for a short moment shadows painted the man's pale face while Draco studied it.

"I have missed these small pleasures." Lucius' voice was soft, and his eyes still filled with thoughts as he in turn studied the glass in his hand.

"I understand that, Father." Draco revelled in the knowledge that his presence was acknowledged and accepted; the last thing he wanted was to intrude.

"Little things that one takes for granted while they're readily available..."

Draco didn't want to think about how his father had fared in prison. It made feelings of helplessness and anger flare up inside him; at least there was the comfort that the Dementors had no longer been wardens and guards there. Still, it must have been horrible. Bare stones, a simple cot... There were no luxury cells in Azkaban Prison.

What other pleasures had Lucius been bereft of? Good food and drink, the company of other people, touches by someone who loves him... Draco raised his hands and carefully placed them just above Lucius' knees, looking up into his face again.

"I have missed you, Father." The darkness in his heart was slowly lighting up once more, but Draco wanted it to be permanently gone, annoyed with the waxing and waning of it that he had felt all evening. He was rewarded with a faint smile, and his stomach gave a little lurch, in a pleasant way. Were there things that he could give his father now, things that would make Lucius understand just how much he was loved, how much he had been missed, and how happy Draco was to have his father back? He had had dreams, but had attributed them to the intense longing for his father's return. Yet, the emotions were still there, even stronger now than they were in the mornings when he had awakened with arousal coursing through his body.

Slowly and almost as if by their own volition, Draco's hands travelled up over strong thighs, feeling the muscles through the fabric. Many times, he had dreamt of touching his father thus - slowly, almost reverently. The whole atmosphere in the room had taken on a slightly surreal note; not only was it a relief to have his father back, but to also be able to touch him... Draco sighed softly, not wanting to destroy the ambience with words, words that could not adequately describe his emotions.

There was a touch of fear still in Draco's mind, and he was prepared to withdraw his hands any moment, should his father give the slightest sign that he was going too far. Draco was aware that if anyone would spy them like this, he had crossed an important line already. A son's hands were not supposed to move up over firm legs to rest with fingers almost touching his father's groin. In the prejudiced eyes of society the son was not supposed to lean slightly forward, the fingers of one hand lightly brushing along the edge of the growing bulge in his father's trousers... Years of indoctrination of ethics and morality from society should, in theory, have made it a clear abomination for the father to simply sit, relaxed and watching, letting his son place a row of light kisses up over a clothed thigh, the last kiss joining the fingers over his growing erection. These were values, though, that Draco cared nothing for at that moment. They might be right and proper for other people, but they were Malfoys. Their world was a special one, private, and for as long as his father allowed him, Draco would continue to touch, explore how far their connection extended, see how close they were willing to become.

"I have missed you as well, my dragon." Lucius' husky voice broke the silence. It did nothing to break the mood however; instead it seemed to pull Draco forward, giving him the desired permission to continue. For a fleeting moment Draco wondered if his father had missed this as well, but how could he, when it had never happened before? His lips moved over the stretch of fabric that covered the coveted prize - kissing, mapping out its contours, familiarising him with its closeness, the intimacy that Lucius allowed him.

The feel of Lucius' knees, slightly warm and hugging his body gently from each side, gave Draco a sense of comfort and safety that he hadn't felt in a long time, and the cold and unfamiliar feeling of vulnerability melted away and disappeared in the comfortable warmth of the room. They were strong, they were Malfoys, and in the end their position of power would be undisputed.

Draco raised his head to look up at his father and smiled. He didn't say anything, not trusting his voice to be steady, but his face shone with admiration and a love that was reflected in Lucius' grey eyes. The sound of the zip being pulled down joined the light hiss and crackle from the fireplace, and Draco thought he could see a faint curl of lips, hinting at a smile on his father's face, before he looked down again. He couldn't refrain from looking now, when he was making his way through layers of clothing that in many ways acted as shields; wasn't that one of the main reasons for donning clothes in the first place, to shield oneself from the prying eyes of those not worthy to see more? But Draco was worthy, and he parted the fabric to let a finger glide slowly over soft underwear.

Distantly, his attention fully focused on revealing more of his father's body to him, Draco could hear the sound of a glass being put down on the polished surface of a table, but he had gone too far now to worry about whether his father would push him away. Somehow, he knew that would not happen, and with growing confidence, he carefully freed Lucius' erection, exhaling in a barely audible moan as he did so.

It was not the first time Draco had seen a hard cock this close, but up until that moment there had only been a select few teenage boys that he had granted the privilege (and then only because he'd found them attractive and they had been pureblood). He was glad for the practice now, because he didn't want to disappoint his father. Lucius' eyes were upon him, Draco could feel that, as he leaned forward and gave the hard length a tentative lick, flattening his tongue against it. It was good, it was hot, smooth, and oh so right, thought Draco as he closed his lips around the swollen head of his father's cock, exploring it further with his mouth.

Lucius' reaction was a reward in itself. At first, he seemed to hold his breath, then he exhaled slowly: an attempt at controlling his breath that failed, because at the end of it was a small moan. The knees that had been holding Draco close, in a fixed position, released him, making it possible for him to move closer yet, and there was an unmistaken movement of hips. Yes, thought Draco almost triumphantly, his father wanted this, wanted him to continue, wanted more now that they had forever crossed this line and ventured into the land of taboos. A part of him felt proud - he was the first one after Lucius' release to give him this kind of pleasure... he was first, foremost... his father's son; closer to him even than his mother was, because Draco was Lucius' flesh and blood.

Draco moaned softly as he took his father deeper into his mouth, his own hard prick pushing against his clothes, yearning to be let loose and touched. His free hand moved down over Lucius' leg and then settled over his own crotch, rubbing slowly. Fingers threaded through his hair, brushing it back and holding it there, and Lucius' hand rested lightly, reassuringly, at the back of Draco's head.

The exploration became more passionate as Draco lost himself to the sensations and the pure pleasure that transported him further into a blissful state where nothing but that moment mattered. It was all about experiencing and fully appreciating Lucius Malfoy, the man that Draco admired and loved above all others, in a way that was special and sacred to them both, a way that no one else could ever duplicate. Draco enjoyed pleasuring his father as much as he had thought that he would, but the fantasies hadn't prepared him for the fullness, the depth of the experience, and he found that his orgasm was closer than he truly wanted. He stayed the hand that had reached inside his clothes, even though it was difficult. His prick gave a twitch as if to call upon his attention, not satisfied with the course of events.

Draco tilted his head slightly and looked up, meeting his father's darkened gaze. He could see lust written on Lucius' face and the moan that tore itself from his throat travelled as a light vibration into the cock in his mouth. What self-control Draco had tried to exercise wilted under that gaze and he could no longer hold back, his body demanding more pleasure, and long-awaited release. He tightened his hold as he resumed the stroking, and soon came over his hand and the soft rug, sucking hungrily on his father's hard flesh.

There was still a deep need inside Draco though, a need to taste, a need to give his father as much pleasure as possible, a need to make him come, like he had himself. Otherwise the act would, to his mind, be incomplete and one-dimensional. Draco's wish was soon granted; the hold on his hair tightened slightly and he had to swallow quickly, a low and husky groan giving him warning. It was better than he had imagined, a feeling of closeness and accomplishment spread through him, and even the bitterness of the fluid was coveted, because of whom it came from.

After taking a moment to steady himself, Draco raised his head and looked at his father. He wasn't sure what would happen now, but the soft smile on Lucius' face told him that all was well. Lucius moved his hand to cup Draco's chin, gently wiping off a drop of semen with his thumb, and they simply looked at each other in silence for a while.

"Draco..." Lucius whispered, and Draco felt a flutter of nervousness in his stomach. It was strange, he thought, because he hadn't been nervous while he was pleasuring his father. So why now? He looked straight into Lucius' eyes and nodded slightly.

"I want you to come to bed with me."

"Thank you, Father." Draco smiled, happiness filling his heart, and the last vestiges of the dark despair and feeling of loneliness were chased away. He rose to his feet, his legs a little numb after him having knelt for such a long time, and rearranged his clothing while his father did the same. They left the study together and Draco enjoyed feeling his father's hand touching the small of his back as they climbed the stairs on the way to the Master bedroom. Draco leaned into it. It was a touch that connected them, and both of them seemed reluctant to break it, as if they were afraid that the mood would be broken at that very same time, never to return again.

Draco felt relieved when they reached their destination and the door closed, and locked, behind them. Nothing could disturb them now... the night was theirs. For the first time in Draco's life, he felt as if he truly had his father to himself, had his full attention, and it was a good feeling.

They undressed unhurriedly, standing a little apart, while watching each other. Draco found it exciting to see more and more of his father's body revealed to him as he removed his own clothes, letting Lucius study him in turn. His fingers trembled slightly as he slipped buttons through their holes; eager to divest himself of anything that kept him apart from his father, wanting nothing but to be as close as possible, exposed to him and no one else. When Lucius held out his hand, Draco took it and followed him to the large canopied bed and stretched out on it, next to his father.

The candles burned lower as two generations of Malfoys indulged in the slow pleasure of discovering each other's bodies. They indulged in exploring erogenous zones, finding the places that were the most sensitive to touches, licks, or kisses. The fragility of their liaison lessened as their lust grew and they became more familiar with each other, giving way to the growing sense of rightness and of completion. Draco had never felt more complete than he did in the moment when Lucius gently entered him, murmuring soft words of reassurance, and he wrapped his legs around his father's waist.

When they were sated and lay lazily touching and kissing, still faintly in awe over the discovery of deep emotions and mutual desires, there was an ease between them that had previously been missing. To Draco it felt as if they were two parts that had finally become joined, and together they would be stronger than previously, now able to find strength and solace in the other. Draco knew that he would follow his father on whatever path he took; there was no other choice, no choice that he would even consider, and no one was allowed to separate them again.

"I missed your birthday..." Lucius smiled softly and brushed a strand of pale blond hair away from Draco's face, then moved his thumb over his son's lower lip. Draco's tongue darted out and licked at it before his face was lit up by a warm smile.

"I could consider another evening like this as a late birthday present, Father. It's worth more to me than anything that you could buy for me."

Lucius nodded and Draco put his arm around him, nestling close and resting his head on his father's shoulder. After all the excitement and emotional strain of the day, Draco was tired and it did not take long before his breathing slowed and he fell into a dreamless and content sleep while Lucius lay awake, enjoying the freedom to be himself once more, enjoying the pleasures that life had to offer. It wasn't until the sky was coloured rose and gold by the rising sun, and the birds of early morning began singing that he too fell asleep.

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