Pairing: Snape/Lupin
Summary: Dumbledore loves his dinner parties, Snape does not. Lupin finds a way to convince him that this dinner party will be fun.
Warnings: AU, genital bondage, light D/s.
Disclaimer: All characters belong to JK Rowling, no copyright infringement is intended. I play with them, without permission, in my head and for fun; not earning money from sharing it. No real people were harmed in the writing of this story.

Dinner Entanglement

By LdyBastet


Christmas holidays had left Hogwarts rather deserted. Not more so than was usual at this time of year (even though this year was different, with Remus Lupin frequently paying him visits, all in secret), but after several months of milling crowds of students and the incessant chatter of the same whenever they had a chance, Snape welcomed the silence. The castle felt calmer, lighter, less oppressive - like it was breathing and living. In reality, it probably felt the same as it always did, but now there was room to experience it, undisturbed. Severus preferred the castle like that.

The silence gave him a sense of peace, of freedom, and at the same time, Snape knew that it was nothing but an illusion. There was no more peace, nor freedom, during holidays than at other times, and he doubted that the Dark Lord would respect the holidays. What better time to launch an attack at unsuspecting and preoccupied people?


He looked up with a frown, his thoughts halted by the intrusion. "Yes?"

"Don't frown so. It's the first evening of the Christmas holidays, and we have to get ready for the Headmaster's dinner party."

Snape looked into Lupin's warm eyes and sighed. "Someone need to be prepared if something should happen. These private holiday dinners that Dumbledore is so fond of are good for nothing but distraction from a very grim reality." He wasn't looking forward to listening to endless prattling about unimportant and even less interesting things for an entire evening.

"Didn't you say that he doesn't have any plans to do anything on a large scale at the moment?" Lupin closed the distance between them, making Snape stop his pacing.

"I said that as far as I know, he doesn't have any plans to set in motion just yet. That doesn't mean that he won't, or that Malfoy doesn't have something up his sleeve."

"You don't like when you can't control things, do you?" Lupin asked and smiled fondly.

"It makes me uneasy, you know that." Snape sounded tired, the usual bite in his voice almost missing. "Knowing that something will happen, but not what, not where, and definitely not when. People can be both volatile and unreliable, but that one? He makes even Potter, or Black," he glanced at Lupin, "look like well-behaving choir boys."

Lupin laughed, ignoring the jibe about Sirius. He was well aware of what Sirius had done to Snape. The comments about Black and being out of control made him think of how he had come so close to hurting Snape, all those years ago. It had taken some time, but eventually Snape had come to terms with the fact that his schoolboy crush was a werewolf. Was he still wary of him, Lupin wondered, or was it simply that need to be in control that was the reason for Snape enjoying tying him up in bed when they were making love? Not that Lupin didn't enjoy it, because he did. Very much so. In either case, perhaps this could be used in a way so that Snape could relax this Christmas Eve? That gave him an idea... He looked at Snape, eyes narrowed slightly as he thought.

Snape gave Lupin a suspicious look. "You're too quiet. You're planning something."

"You know me so well, Severus."

"It doesn't take a genius, you know. You narrow your eyes and chew on your lip when you're thinking."

"And here I thought it was your excellence as a Legilimens at work." Lupin smiled again as Snape gave a frustrated sigh and crossed the room to get a clean set of robes out.

"Severus, I know how to make this evening enjoyable for you. For the both of us," Lupin said as he took his threadbare but comfortable clothes off. He'd wear his new robes tonight.

"That would be an impressive feat." Snape turned and watched Lupin undress. "Let me guess, we're staying in our rooms and are having a glass of wine instead?"

"No. We're going to the dinner." Lupin's clothes were all in a rumpled heap on the bed now, the werewolf standing naked before his lover.

"Then you will have to explain this to me, because quite frankly, Dumbledore's..."

"I won't be able to celebrate Christmas with you, so this will be our Christmas dinner, and you'll have control over me the entire evening. In front of everyone, the entire staff that Dumbledore have invited." Lupin looked amused as Severus arched an eyebrow in silence. He certainly had his attention now. Lupin moved close to Snape and opened one of the drawers in the wardrobe.

Snape looked at the length of fine rope that Lupin pressed into his hand, then looked up to meet his gaze again.

"Are you sure?" They had never taken their little ... games outside of the bedroom before. Well, they had, on occasion, used Snape's office, but aside from that, they had kept everything strictly within these walls.

Lupin nodded. "Only you and I will know."

Snape smirked and made a gesture to the bed. "If you can act normally, yes. Lie down." He made a loop at the middle of the rope with a running knot, and then moved to sit between Lupin's spread legs. After teasing Lupin to full hardness, Snape placed the loop around both cock and balls, and proceeded to wind the rope tightly around the hard shaft and the scrotal sac, forcing the testicles down. He finished it off with a tight knot behind the balls.

Lupin couldn't hold back a moan as Snape brushed his fingers over the now very sensitive head of his cock. "Merlin!" He sounded breathless, and had to compose himself before making an attempt to stand up again. He looked into Snape's dark eyes, reading the lust in them, and swallowed hard.

"How do you feel?"

"Tied up."

Snape chuckled and began changing into his clothes for the evening. "Good. You know, I think you were right. I will definitely enjoy myself at dinner, watching you squirm."

Lupin groaned slightly as he got dressed as well. The fabric was soft, but the sensation of it brushing against his genitals was still intense, almost uncomfortable, especially since release was most likely far off. "I'm beginning to question the wisdom of my suggestion."

"Too late now." Snape smirked as he buttoned his black robe. "You're not getting out of those ropes until I say so."

"I'm fully aware of that, Severus." Lupin smiled, a light flush on his cheeks as arousal surged through his body, making his cock throb.

"Of course you are," said Snape and gave Lupin a light kiss. "Shall we? For some strange reason, I'm actually looking forward to a long evening of listening to the Headmaster's many stories of unabridged nonsense. Even that sherry as the clock closes in on midnight will be something to enjoy." He walked to the door and opened it.

"Merlin, you are cruel!" Lupin followed him, trying to find some way to walk that wouldn't kill him, and also at the same time didn't make him look like a penguin.

"That's probably why you suggested this. You have only yourself to blame."



For the duration of the dinner, Snape watched Lupin out of the corner of his eye. He was secretly amused at how his lover seemed to be a bit preoccupied at times, and could imagine just where his thoughts were focused. When Dumbledore's gaze turned to Lupin, it stayed for a moment, but before he could ask Lupin if he was feeling well, as Snape was certain that he would at some point, a seemingly innocent question from Snape turned the Headmaster's attention to other things, and soon the old Wizard was busy telling another story about what he thought were the interesting endeavours of Alamanca, the seventeenth century witch and Animagus who eventually, after sneaking into more places than was plausible in the form of a lynx, been accidentally trodden by a troll. Curiosity killed the cat, thought Snape and quirked an eyebrow as he passed the pudding to Lupin.

He couldn't help but noticing that Lupin's hands were trembling slightly when he took the bowl. It seemed to Snape as if Lupin's usually calm demeanour and subtle self-restraint were being steadily worn down as time passed, and he enjoyed watching Lupin try to hide it from the others.

In a way, Snape had his own reactions to hide -- it was arousing to know that Lupin was suffering for him, under his control, in full view of the people around them, and Snape had been half-hard for quite some time. The image of Lupin's cock wrapped in ropes returned to his mind over and over, often triggered by Lupin fidgeting. Snape knew what would come later, when they were alone again, and he allowed that knowledge to fuel his arousal, taking great pleasure in prolonging the waiting until he saw that Lupin was close to breaking point. Then he stretched his back and nodded at Dumbledore, announcing that he was tired and was going to bed.

Snape left and headed for his quarters, but stopped around the corner to wait for Lupin. He knew he would follow very quickly. Probably too quickly for Dumbledore not to realise something was going on, and Snape had the feeling that the Headmaster had suspected what they were up to the entire evening.




Lupin was trembling when they finally reached Snape's quarters. His cock was aching, and it felt as if the cords that bound it were cutting dangerously into it. Each step made it throb, and each new throb sent another stab of dull pain through his crotch. Several times during the walk through the corridors, Lupin had been close to whimpering, digging his nails into his palms.

Snape walked up behind him when he had closed the door, pressing his body against Lupin's, and his voice was like liquid fire to the already aroused werewolf. "I hope you enjoyed the dinner, because I certainly did."

Lupin groaned and leaned back against Snape. "I can't believe you encouraged him to tell more anecdotes. Did you enjoy them so much?"

"No, I didn't listen to him. I was watching you."

"And here I thought you had forgotten my predicament."

"Not at all." Snape purred smoothly in Lupin's ear and then pressed his lips against his neck. "Encouraging the Headmaster doesn't take much attention. Believe me, I had most of it on this." He slid a hand down Lupin's body to cup the bulge beneath his robes. A light squeeze to it had Lupin whimpering loudly and his breathing sped up.

"Please, Severus."

"Please what?" Snape undid the fastenings of Lupin's robes and stepped back for a moment to pull them off him. "You have to tell me what you want."

"Remove the ropes." Lupin wasn't sure he could take more of the pain and the frustration. He hadn't been able to think of anything but his hard prick since before dinner, not really noticing the food, just wishing it was over and that Severus would take pity on him.

"I thought you liked being under my control?" Snape was amused, and enjoyed teasing his lover a little more.

"I do, but... oh Merlin! Please touch me, do something, anything, just..."

"You sound desperate, Lupin. Are you?" Lupin could only nod. "Desperate for my touches?"

A half-choked moan tore itself from Lupin's throat. "Yes," he whispered.

Suddenly, Snape turned Lupin around and kissed him roughly, demandingly. Lupin responded, hungry for more, and with unsteady hands he almost tore Snape's robes off him.

"No!" Snape took a firm grip on Lupin's wrists and forced them down and away. "Kneel."

Lupin sank to his knees, looking expectantly up at Snape. He put his hands behind his back and watched as Snape undressed at his own pace.

"Severus..." he whispered again, his eyes almost glued to the sight of his lover's cock being revealed to him.

"Be quiet, Lupin." Snape took a step forward and grabbed Lupin's hair at the back of his head and tugged at it. "Open your mouth."

Lupin obeyed eagerly and was rewarded by Snape slowly pushing the hard shaft between his lips. No more orders were necessary, and Lupin moaned as he was sucking, enjoying himself immensely. His own cock was aching even more now that he was getting hornier. The cords cut cruelly into his flesh as more blood tried to flow into it, as it attempted to swell more in response to the arousal that burned inside him. But the pain didn't make it less pleasurable in any way, and he kept trying to make Snape as aroused as he was

"I know what you're doing," Snape said smoothly, if a little breathlessly, and Lupin opened his eyes to look up at him. "You're trying to make me fuck you."

Lupin nodded faintly and once again took as much as Snape's cock he could, the coarse hair covering the pubic bone tickling his nose, and increased the suction as he slowly withdrew.

"Why don't you say it instead, hm?"

Lupin pulled back completely, releasing Snape's cock with a slurping sound. "Fuck me, Severus. Please?"

"Need it, do you?" When Lupin nodded, Snape laughed throatily. "You're such an animal, Lupin." Ah, how he enjoyed seeing his lover like this -- needy, desperate for him, willing to do anything for him.

"Yes... please." Lupin squirmed and spread his knees a bit more in a futile attempt to get more comfortable.

"Who do you belong to?" Snape tightened the grip on Lupin's hair.

"You... I belong to you. Oh, please..." Lupin whispered hoarsely, not ashamed to beg. "Fuck me, Severus, please!"

Snape smiled, evidently pleased with the effect he had on his lover, and pushed him down on the floor, then knelt between Lupin's legs. He reached out and dragged his fingertips ever so lightly over the dark and swollen tip of Lupin's bound cock.

"No! Oh, Merlin!" Lupin gasped and trembled as Snape continued to tease him.

"Does it hurt, Lupin?" Snape asked and leaned forward over Lupin's body to look into his eyes, not really concerned, just wanting to hear his lover.

"Yes... hurts, throbs, aches..." Lupin whimpered as Snape caught his gaze.

"It's nothing compared to how much it will hurt when I remove the cords," Snape said with a small and cruel smile, to which Lupin responded with a groan. He wasn't so certain any more that he wanted Snape to touch the ropes, but at the same time, it was agony to have them where they were.


Snape undid the knot and continued to hold Lupin's gaze as he unwound the cords from the tortured cock, enjoying the look on his lover's face as blood was once again allowed to travel freely through sore tissue and bruised flesh.

Lupin grabbed Snape's shoulders and dug his fingers hard into them as he gasped. It hurt so very much! But at the same time, he felt as if he'd never been so horny in his life. "Fuck!"

"That can be arranged," Snape said and with a silent command he summoned a small bottle. He dribbled a healthy amount of the oily substance into his hand, and smeared it over his cock before getting into position. He slowly pushed his cock inside Lupin's body, moaning with him. Lupin was tense and tight, no doubt from the pain he was experiencing, but Snape enjoyed it. The way the hot passage clenched and unclenched around him as he impaled his lover bit by bit was almost enough to make him lose control and just take, fuck, rut... But Snape held onto his self-control, enjoying how Lupin so obviously had none. He knew that Lupin had in fact given up any claim on control of the situation the moment that Snape had placed the ropes on him, and it had been a source of enjoyment all evening.

Lupin groaned and arched, raising his hips. When Snape stopped moving, filling him completely, he gave a sobbing moan. "Move... Give it to me!" He needed it so badly, and felt as if he would never get enough. A sudden fear flared in him that he wouldn't be sated, wouldn't be satisfied, because the want, the desire and hunger inside him were so great. He tried to move against Snape's hips, tried to make that gorgeous cock slide in and out of him, but only managed to tease himself more.

Snape growled in Lupin's ear as he pinned him down with the weight of his body. Seeing Lupin like this, so desperate and needy, knowing that he was the cause of it... it gave Snape a deep feeling of satisfaction, and he shifted his position and began driving into Lupin's pliant body - hard, fast, deep - and didn't even try keeping back his moans. Snape took what he wanted and by doing so, gave Lupin what he needed.

The fierceness soon drove them close to orgasm and Snape focused on giving Lupin as much as he could take, moving to stroke Lupin's sore cock with a firm grip. He thoroughly enjoyed the way that Lupin just gave himself up to the pleasure and his obvious incoherency.

When Lupin's moans quieted, turning into gasps, the knowledge that he was close made it impossible for Snape to keep ignoring the rising tension inside him. The hot spurts over his hand and between their bodies, the sudden pulsating clenching around his cock, and the loud mewling sound from his lover pushed Snape that much closer to the edge, and the feeling of possessiveness tore through him again, stronger than earlier.

"Mine! You're mine!" Snape growled as he thrust hard into his lover, the grip of his hands tightening on Lupin's body as he came as well.

"Yours," Lupin whispered hoarsely and wrapped his arms around the sweaty body on top of him, and he didn't care about Dark Lords and escapees from Azkaban. Not as long as he had this.

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