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The first chapter of this (Conjunction of Gods) won Honourable Mention in the 2005 Boys Next Door contest. Even though it started as a one-shot PWP, it has developed a full-blown plot. I have no idea how that happened.

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** indicates internal/mental conversation

Idol Worship Arc

Part 1 - Conjunction of Gods

By Iron Dog

Deliver me, out of my sadness.
Deliver me, from all of the madness.
Deliver me, courage to guide me.
Deliver me, strength from inside me.

"Deliver Me"- Sarah Brightman

I could really get to hate these stupid birds. There weren't a lot of things dumber than a chocobo to begin with, and I seemed to have scored the most idiotic of the bunch. It had, so far, tried to eat my hat, my hair, and my coat buttons. I just know it was eyeballing Exeter at that last oasis. Why couldn't Squall have authorized me a car?

I daydreamed of cruising along in air conditioned glory while I searched for the latest Lunar Cry inspired weirdness. I was jolted from my little fantasy when the bird jumped over a low sand dune and nearly unseated me. Oh yeah, that was why I didn't get a car. Shifting sand dunes and hidden sinkholes. At least this dimwitted bird had the sense to avoid the sinkholes.

Squall had called me into his office three days ago and handed me a folder. "I've no one else I trust to send, Irvine," Squall said with a tired sigh.

I knew that Seifer was away with his class of students on a training exercise. Zell and Quistis were on another mission chasing down a small monster invasion on the other side of the continent. Selphie was recovering from a nasty kosh to the head taken while helping to oversee the rebuilding of Trabia. Squall was chained to his desk as Commander of Balamb. That left me. I wasn't sure if I was insulted or relieved at being the last resort.

"I am the best at what I do." I smiled, tipped my hat back, and tried to look more sensual than I already did.

Squall didn't even nibble at the innuendo. I figured he must be even more stressed out than he was letting on; I usually got an exasperated sigh and eye roll or at least his habitual scowl. I flipped through the report once more trying to imprint all the information in my brain. There wasn't that much to go on, so it wasn't a big mental strain.

"I don't like sending you alone, but we're really stretched thin here. It doesn't sound like much anyway, but we are under contract to check out any unusual things in Esthar and that includes the desert. Take a GF or two with you before you go. I'd suggest Carbuncle and Alexander. You got on okay with them before."

"I'll be fine without a GF. I'm telling you, a few locals had a little too much of the wiggly-pop and just got lost on the way home. Says here they claim to have heard a voice calling to them across the desert. Sounds like too much of the joy-juice if you ask me and I've had a passing acquaintance with that state of mind." I flipped a page. "We're getting paid for this waste of time, right?"

Squall sighed again and rubbed at the scar between his eyes. Now I knew he was running on empty; he did that when he was completely exhausted or really annoyed, and I'd been good as gold lately.

"We're getting paid. It's not that bad, Irvine. The GF's don't eat all your memories. They're pretty selective actually. The memories do come back if you stay un-junctioned for a while."

Squall looked at the expression on my face and frowned. "Fine. Bring a shit load of potions just in case. You leave tomorrow morning. You'll be going into the desert on a chocobo so wear riding gear."

With that, I was dismissed, but not before I got the mini lecture on punctuality. Squall said he didn't want to search the Garden room by room to find whose bed I had been sleeping in again. That hurt a little but it wasn't entirely untrue, although Squall had an idea of who I was with last time and only had to go to a half dozen rooms.

It wasn't my fault that I was so drop dead sexy that people just couldn't resist me.

So here I was, three days worth of criss-crossing the desert later, wanting to shoot the stupid chocobo and thinking what an utter waste of time this was turning out to be. I was hot, tired, covered in a fine layer of sand and I'm sure my hair was starting to look like the chocobo had been nesting in it. I checked the map Squall had given me and was ridiculously grateful that I was coming up on another oasis. The water was always clean and clear in these oases and I needed a drink, a bath, and some time away from Dumbshit the Wonder Turkey.

I saw the hint of green when I topped yet another sand dune. I wasn't sure how far away it was; distances can be deceiving in the desert, but I knew I'd reach it by nightfall. I pointed the chocobo in the direction of the oasis and gave it a kick. It warked at me before breaking into the ground eating lope the birds were known for. The oasis was closer than I had thought as it was just over an hour before I was guiding the bird between the trees.

I don't know what the chocobo thought it saw or heard, but it almost dumped me on my ass trying to turn around and leave. I used brute strength and more than a little luck to get it to stop and not bolt away. I tied the bird to a tree with the halter and lead I had been given and slapped on some hobbles just to make sure I wouldn't be hiking back out of the desert. I unsaddled and fed him, then hefted the pack with my supplies.

Even though I thought the chocobo was one of the dumbest creatures ever created, animals often sensed things that people didn't. That was the only reason that I used a scan spell on the oasis. It had absolutely nothing to do with the prickling chill of unease and loneliness that brushed the back of my neck. The scan was inconclusive but that didn't necessarilary mean there was nothing there. I shrugged; chocobos were easily spooked, it was a bright, sunny day, and I needed a bath something fierce. I headed towards the water.

Just like all the other oases I'd visited, this one had crystal clear water warmed from the sun. I stripped out of my sand-crusted clothes, gathered up my soap, shampoo and conditioner and waded into the water. I sighed as I felt the tiny particles of sand being washed away. I dunked myself under the water and started my cleaning ritual. Once my hair and skin was clean, I felt almost human again. I floated on my back in the warm water and let my mind drift in the warm and quiet of the approaching dusk.

It was then that I thought I heard something.

It sounded like a heartfelt sigh of loneliness. It could have just been the wind through the leaves of the trees, but I didn't think so. The chocobo didn't think so either. It was warking its head off and jerking on the halter and lead that tied it to the tree. I stood in the water, straining to hear over the noise of the chocobo. Whatever the noise had been, it wasn't repeated. I scowled at the bird and waded back to the shore. I took clean clothes from my pack, dried off and dressed.

I set up my camp for the night and pulled out the rations that were going to be my supper. I would have gone hunting, but the desert was stingy with edible creatures. There were always a few monsters around, but I didn't really want to try cooking any of them, even if Quistis claimed several of them were safe. I'd have to be pretty damn hungry to even want to try, but after a few bites of the rations, I was willing to reconsider that position.

After my meal, I took out Exeter and carefully checked her over and cleaned her of the sand that seemed to get everywhere. That done, I dictated my report into the recorder that Squall insisted I carry. By the time I was finished, the moon was riding high in the sky and I needed to get a little sleep or I'd be out on my feet the next day. The hot sun and endless, unchanging landscape of the desert seemed to suck the energy straight out of me. I'd be so glad when this mission was over.

I was awakened in the dead of night by a voice. It sounded sad and alone and was calling for somebody to help them. I cracked an eye open and checked what I could of the oasis. I thought I saw a shimmer of movement near the water and readied a spell. Whatever it was, it was too close for me to use Exeter efficiently. The shape began to solidify and when it was done, I had to bite my tongue to keep from swearing in amazement.

It was a man. More specifically, a beautiful man with silvery feathered wings and the most drool worthy bondage outfit I had ever seen. He had long silvery hair that looked like spun spider silk in the moonlight. His eyes glowed a brilliant green. He also had a long sword sheathed at his hip. He made no move to draw the sword, but he didn't need a weapon in hand to make me wary.

"I know you're awake. Can you hear me? Can you see me?" came his deep voice. Not only did he look sexy, he sounded sexy. Damn, I should have gotten laid before I left the Garden.

"Hold it right there," I said, dropping the pretence of sleeping. I slowly stood, scooping Exeter up in one smooth move.

"You can see and hear me then. Where I am? You look marginally more intelligent than those others who wandered to this oasis at my call."

I was just a little insulted; I was more than just a pretty face and killer body built for sex. I had a fine brain, too. Considering most of his visitors here were probably wild chocobos, I decided I was deeply insulted.

Then the rest of what he said caught up with my fine brain.

"You're the one responsible for wiping those people's memories! Who are you and what are you doing here?" I raised Exeter and pointed her at the gorgeous creature before me. She wouldn't do a lot of damage at this close range, but it would hurt like a son-of-a-bitch.

"I don't know what I'm doing here. The last thing I remember was that little spiky-haired bastard shoving that clumsy sword at me. There is nothing past that except my time in a black void. As for who I am," he said, with a stunning arrogance and a hint of madness in his voice, "I am the closest thing to a god you'll ever see."

Okay. Beautiful, armed and off his knob. Squall was going to pay me extra for this shit.

"You don't want me to force the answer from you. Where am I?" he growled with a warning tone in his voice.

"If you're almost a god, wouldn't you know?" I drawled preparing to take whatever shot presented itself.

He was getting frustrated; the green of his eyes seemed to swallow the whites and bleed out. This did not look good. I reached for the spell I'd warmed up before but waited to see what he'd do; giving him the benefit of the doubt. I felt strange power arc around him and swore. This was going to fucking hurt. I should have listened to Squall. I should have taken at least one GF with me.

The energy peaked and just as suddenly vanished. I watched him warily, not sure why he hadn't toasted my ass. The green fire died out of his eyes and he tipped his head back to stare up at the night sky.

"I suppose if I were a god I would know, wouldn't I? Will you tell me where I am? Nothing seems familiar, not even the stars. Maybe a better question would be when am I?"

Hyne in heaven, I hated it when the crazies were smart, too. I moved to sit on a handy fallen tree, keeping Exeter trained on him. He watched me and finally sat across from me on a boulder. He ruffled out his wings to sit and I felt my mouth go dry watching the play of muscles across his chest. I was hornier than hell just from watching him get comfortable. This was ridicioulous. I was going to grab the first available person I found when I got back to Garden and screw them senseless.

"Who are you? It's rude to hold a weapon on someone without introducing yourself," he said with a smile full of sexual promise. At least, that's the way it looked to me.

"Irvine Kinneas," I replied as I tried not to smile sensually back. Why was I suddenly so hot and horny?

"And why are you here, Irvine Kinneas? I don't think you heard me calling across the desert, and you have the look of a soldier about you."

"Not quite a soldier. Not really SeeD either. Mercenary would be the best term I guess. No, I didn't hear you calling. At least not until earlier today."

"When you were bathing in the pool," he nodded as his eyes travelled over my body, ratcheting up the desire I was feeling. "I didn't think you heard me then. Interesting."

"You were watching me? Like what you saw?" I was torn between kicking myself for not noticing his presence and preening; pleased he had watched me bathe. Now that I had seen him, I wondered how I could have missed his presence.

"Indeed. You're very finely put together. Almost as fine as me."

I could have tried to argue that point, but he was very nicely built. I decided to ignore that later half of his comment and bask in the compliment.

"You were going to tell me when I was," he prompted.

"Well, I'm not really sure what your frame of reference is. You're currently in an oasis in the Estharian desert. The Sorceress War with Ultimecia is almost two years past. We're still getting some fall out from the Lunar Cry. In fact, that's what I was here to confirm or deny."

"Sorceress War? Lunar Cry? What is that?"

I raised my eyebrows at that. Everybody knew what the Sorceress War was; it was damn hard to forget. Same thing went for the Lunar Cry. He did say he didn't remember anything after some guy ran him through with a sword, so I gave him the abridged version of recent martial history. I watched his face as I talked. He seemed disbelieving at first and he was quiet for a long time after I finished speaking. When he did speak again, I was surprised at his grasp of events.

"So it would seem that this Time Compression had far reaching consequences. I believe I was killed in my own time but because of my...unique physiology...I didn't actually die. I think this Time Compression pulled me from where I was... existing. It explains many things."

"Like what?"

"I cannot leave this oasis. I'm not able to exist for long periods of time in this form. If I exert myself, people can faintly hear me if they are relaxed and open. You are the first one who was able to see me as well. I can feel immense power flowing through me, but for the first time in my life, I have no idea how to use it. There is something that I seem to need but I don't know what that could be. This is very frustrating."

"What did you do to make those people loose their memories?"

"It wasn't intentional. I was drawn to them when they came here. I touched them and felt a need to make them submit to my will. They did, collapsed and when they woke up, had no memory of how they came to be here."

"Are you drawn to me as well? You haven't tried to touch me."

"I'm drawn to you more than any of the others. There's something different about you. I haven't tried to touch you because you're holding a weapon. I may be a little disorientated but I'm not stupid," he chuckled softly and the sound slid across my senses, raising goose bumps of pleasure. Something definitely weird was going on here.

I tried to ignore the arousal that was teasing me and mulled over what he had said. There was every possibility that he was telling the truth. He hadn't been anywhere in a physical form when I came to the oasis. I had watched him materialize right before my eyes. I sucked in a sharp breath when an idea popped into my head. Nah, it was too far out there to be believable. But what else could it be? There was only one way to find out. I lowered Exeter carefully and stood. He watched me with a calculating look.

"You're either incredibly stupid or very confident you can take me. You're beautiful, but, I think, not stupid. What are you planning?"

I gave him a sensual smile at the compliment and promptly cast scan on him, praying I was right. His eyes widened at the magic suddenly surrounding him. He leaped straight up into the air and beat his wings to remain aloft. I felt the grin stretch across my face at the results of the scan. I had me a brand spanking new GF to bring back to Garden. Sure, the readings were a little off and peaking in places I hadn't seen before, but he was definitely GF material. Squall was going to have to give me a bonus for sure.

"Whatever you were before, you're now a GF; a Guardian Force. Not human, not a god; something in between. You need to come back to Garden with me. We can help you adjust to this new...state you find yourself in."

"I can't leave this place. Weren't you listening to me?" he sounded angry and frustrated. The threat of violence whispered across my skin and sent the strange desire I was feeling spiraling higher. Now, who was the one infected with madness?

"You can leave, just not by yourself. I'll have to put you in Junction but I should be able to take you with me that way."

"Explain this Junction." The new GF landed lightly in front of me. I suddenly wanted to touch him. I wanted to see if his hair was as soft as it looked and if his skin would taste as good as I suspected it would.

I told him the basics about GF's. How they are connected to their host. How they are used in battle. How they steal the memories of the Host until they are taken out of Junction.

"I don't like the idea of being at the beck and call of someone. It smacks of master and servant. I am no one's servant. I almost ruled this planet," The GF informed me haughtily.

Conceited bastard.

But I would have had a hard time with the whole idea of suddenly being under someone's command like a GF is. Unless it was in that fun, kinky way. And dressed in that bondage gear... Great Hyne above, I was horny. I was going to have to see about doing something about that once I got him into Junction. A little self help should hold me until I got back to Garden.

That 'rule the planet' comment was interesting though. I'd have to tell Squall to have someone look into that. If he really had almost done that, there was sure to be a record of it. That did make me a little nervous of trying to Junction him. It's been my experience that those who try to take over the world aren't the nicest, most sane people around.

I couldn't just leave him here for someone to stumble across. Now that he knew that he was a GF, he might be able to exert enough influence over an untrained individual to make them do all kinds of things they shouldn't. I could have kicked myself. Way to go Kinneas. Let your hormone driven brain babble all kinds of useful information to a self proclaimed god. I sighed in resignation. Even though I didn't like having GF's in my head, I had to draw him into Junction. The sooner I did it, the sooner I could leave this oasis with a clear conscience that I hadn't unleashed a menace on society.

I took a deep breath to steady myself mentally before trying to draw him into my head. I had better do this right the first time. I didn't think I'd get a second chance with him. He felt strong. Really powerful. Even if he didn't know how to use the power he had in him, I knew it was going to be difficult to throw him into Junction.

Hell, I didn't even know his name. I should at least find that out before pulling him into my head. It seemed the polite thing to do. "You know my name, what should I call you?"

"Sephiroth," he answered with a lifting of his chin.

I drew hard on him. He gave a startled little gasp at the unexpected sensation and stumbled into me. We both moaned sharply at the physical contact. I felt the hot burn of lust flash over me. I wanted him with an almost physical pain. This was more than just going without sex for a couple of days. Something seriously freaky was going on here.

"What have you done?" he groaned into my ear, his lips teasing the edges.

I shivered at the soft puffs of air and gripped his forearms. I had never been this aroused in my entire life. I wasn't the only who was hot; I could feel waves of desire coming off Sephiroth and a glance down his body showed me that he was as hard as I was. His fingers gripped my arms painfully tight but it was just heightening the sensations.

"I was just trying to draw you into Junction with me." I moaned when I felt his lips brush against my cheek.

"If you wanted me to take you, you had only to ask," Sephiroth murmured against my lips. "I would never pass on the opportunity to play with a beautiful, sensual creature such as you."

That wasn't my intention at all, but the heat of his kiss swallowed any protest. All my thought processes stopped and I let myself sink into the sensations of his lips on mine. He rubbed his lips back and forth, teasing and arousing me further before his tongue began tracing the seam of my mouth. I opened to his subtle demand for entrance and sucked gently on his tongue when he pushed it past the barrier of my teeth. He groaned softly and the hands that had been gripping my arms with bruising force gentled and pulled me close.

I let my hands wander lightly over his skin, enjoying the silky softness. I tangled my fingers in his hair to hold him to me as he ate at my mouth. I was going into a lust driven overload as I felt a strange energy begin to seep into me. I forced open my eyes and was startled to find his flooded with that green glow again. He pulled back from the kiss and bestowed a lazy sensual smile.

"If I had known Junctioning was this kind of pleasure, I'd have done it with one of those other people."

"This isn't Junctioning. At least no Junction I've ever experienced. It usually involves a battle. If the GF wins, the Junction doesn't take," I explained, proud of myself that I could string sentences together when all I wanted to do was screw his brains out.

"What is sex but a battle of two bodies to find pleasure in each other?" he asked against my skin as he placed nipping kisses down my neck. "Especially sex between two men. One has to be dominant and one has to submit. Will you submit or will you fight me for dominance?"

Did I want to be on top? Sure, I wanted to be buried deep in his body. What person wouldn't want that? Did I want to feel him inside me? Yeah, I did. I was a switch. I went with my mood when choosing top or bottom. Which one did I want more? I didn't know. But if this was truly a battle to Junction, then I had better pick right. I knew I wasn't going to get another chance to try and Junction Sephiroth. I went with my gut. It had never led me wrong and I was going to get mind blowing sex out of the deal either way. If I did fail in the attempt, Squall could send somebody else to try and pull him into Junction. Oddly enough I didn't want that to happen. I wanted this GF in more ways than one.

"There are different kinds of dominance. I choose to let you top me," I said as I held his gaze.

"You are smarter than you look. For realizing that, I'll give you pleasures like you've never felt." Sephiroth pulled the tie from my hair and let the strands slide through his fingers.

Confident bastard.

He'd better be able to deliver on that; a tall order considering the experience I had. Sephiroth started by slowly undressing me. It was more than just removing my clothes. He was treating me like the most desirable thing he'd ever beheld. For each bit of skin that was revealed, he kissed and licked the area. Sometimes gentle bites and nips were sprinkled into the sensual haze he was producing in me.

My coat was spread on the ground and he finished stripping me before laying me back on it and just staring. I let the erotic heat of his glaze fire my blood and returned to him a hungry look of my own. I knew how to display my body to its best advantage and I used that knowledge to pose myself for him. I reached between my legs and slowly stroked my erection, making sure to spread the pre-come around the head so that it glistened in the moonlight. I knew I had boosted his desire when the green fire in his eyes flared brighter.

Sephiroth began to remove his exotic leather outfit. "You've done this many times before. I'm almost jealous. No matter. Once I'm done with you, you won't remember any others."

"No screwing with my memories. You'll have a true fight on your hands if you do that, and I will win," I warned.

"Perhaps. But you will compare all the other lovers you've had and find them wanting next to me."

"Pretty sure of yourself," I said as I bit back a groan at finally seeing him in all his naked glory. Hyne in heaven but he was beautiful. He might actually have been a god from the look of him.

"I was almost a god. Ever been taken by a god, Irvine Kinneas?" Sephiroth dropped to his knees and kissed and licked his way up my body, starting at my feet.

It took only seconds for him to make me groan with desire. It was a scant few minutes more before he had me panting with building lust. I had to bite my tongue to stop myself from moaning his name. He hadn't even reached my groin yet.

I felt the silky slide of his hair over the tops of my thighs before the slightly rough touch of his tongue over my cock. Sheer will power is all that kept me from thrusting up into his mouth. I willed myself still under him and felt a little thrill of power when he looked up and frowned at me. He may be creating pure magic in my body with his touch, but I was still ultimately in control of myself.

"You deny yourself the pleasure I am giving you? Why?"

Sephiroth continued to lick and suck lightly at my cock between words; how was I supposed to put thoughts together when he did things like that? I gritted my teeth and drew on those classes I took on Tantric sex. In less time than I thought possible, I managed to dam the desire he was drowning me in. Once I gained control of my wants, it was time to turn the tables on the wet dream I had found.

I slowly sat up and ran my fingers through his hair, much like he had done to me. I drew him up until I could kiss him softly on the lips. I kept the kiss light and teasing. He growled against my lips and started to press for more, trying to take control of the kiss.

"I'm not denying any pleasure. It's greatest when shared." I palmed my hands over Sephiroth's chest. "And baby, I love to share." I lowered my head and licked at his nipple.

He sucked in a sharp breath and hissed softly. "You submitted to me." Sephiroth closed his fist around a handful of my hair.

"No, I said you could top me. There's a difference. I don't do sex without mutual enjoyment."

Sephiroth stared at me before a slow, wicked smile broke out. "Alright then, how will you pleasure a god?"

I smirked at him. He had no idea who he had decided to fuck. If he was a self-proclaimed god who almost ruled the planet, I was a self-proclaimed sex god who did rule the bedroom. I ran my hands over his flesh. Light teasing touches here, a scrape of blunt nails there. I nuzzled into Sephiroth's neck, licking and sucking at the sensitive skin just behind his ear. I gave a pleased hum when he groaned softly.

I saw movement out of the corner of my eye. A glance over his shoulder showed that those magnificent wings of his were spread fully out and the faintest quiver made them shine incandescently. His head was thrown back in pleasure from my touch. I backed away to just stare at the sight before me.

He knelt in the soft sand, the picture of a fallen pleasure angel. Silvery hair flowing like water down his body and outspread wings, pale skin with the flush of arousal. A hard, weeping erection. Dark nipples drawn into tight buds. He was beautiful. Slowly, he dropped his head and opened his eyes to look at me. Green fire burned there for me.

I moved back to touch him, placing soft kisses across his abdomen and over his hips. I could smell his musky arousal and it pushed my own desires higher. I licked at the head of his cock, smiling to myself when he gasped softly. He was in for a treat. I liked to suck cock and I was damn good at it.

I curled my tongue around him, moving up and down the shaft with slow languid licks. I cupped his balls and pulled gently on them. His hips jerked and his hands tangled in my hair to hold me to his groin. I worked back up his shaft and took just the head into my mouth, sucking hard. He gave a startled little cry and bent over me. He tried to thrust but I held him still with a strong grip on his hips. I continued to suck on just the head, not moving my mouth any further down his cock. When he growled at me for the torture, I opened my mouth wide and swallowed down as much as I could.

It was hot silk in my mouth. I could feel energy pulsing through his cock as I started to work on bringing him pleasure. I fisted the base of his erection and cradled his balls while I moved my mouth up and down in a slow rhythm. His hips soon caught the easy tempo and he was grunting his enjoyment as he fucked my mouth. Every now and again, I'd change the speed at which I was working his cock, catching him off-guard and delaying his orgasm. I was pleased with myself for pulling the heavy wanting groans from him.

Just when I thought I was getting the upper hand with him, he changed the rules on me. I felt that curious energy flow through his body. In the blink of an eye, he was like living energy under my hands and mouth. The control I had fought myself for was shattered at its touch. Screw showing him how good I can be, I wanted him now. I wanted to taste him on my tongue. I took as much of him into my mouth as I could, feeling his cock at the back of my throat and was rewarded with his throaty groan of pleasure.

He filled my mouth with hard heat and I wanted more. I brushed my fingers over his thighs and teased his balls again, enjoying the little gasps of pleasure that escaped him. I wasn't ready to give up the cock in my mouth when he pulled me from him. He lifted me to stand chest to chest to him and both of us moaned at the electric feel of our cocks touching. I squirmed a hand between us and squeezed our erections together.

"You're very good at this. I want to feel you around me. You have something we can use? I'd rather not hurt you."

I was surprised that he thought to ask. I was the one most needing the lube but hadn't even thought about it for a minute. I nodded and left the circle of his arms. I grabbed the oil I used to keep Exeter in tip-top shape and smirked to myself. Never thought I'd be using the oil like this when I had set out on this mission. I walked back to Sephiroth and uncapped the container. I poured some of the slick liquid into the palm of my hand and rubbed my hands together before touching his hard cock. He thrust his hips sharply and hissed in pleasure.

Sephiroth took the container from me and poured some out over his fingers. He turned me around and wasted no time in sliding a slick finger down the crack of my ass. With one arm across my chest he leaned me slightly forward and pressed his finger against my hole. I felt a little tingle of the energy that was flowing through him center on the finger pressed to my ass and it made me wriggle my hips. He gave a soft laugh in my ear and pushed his finger inside me. I bit my lip at the intense pleasure that suddenly curled inside me. He hadn't even hit my sweet spot yet and it felt so damn good.

Sephiroth stroked me with just a single finger until the little moans and pants I was making encouraged him to slowly add the second then third fingers. Now, he was hitting bliss central with every deep push and it was only the strength of his arms around me that was keeping me on my feet. It felt incredibly good, but I wanted more. I wanted to feel him inside me. I twisted my body and almost whimpered at the feel of his fingers leaving me.

"I need you now," I growled as I turned to face him and hooked a leg around his hip.

The head of his cock brushed against my stretched hole and we both groaned. I reached between us and positioned him so I could slide onto what I craved. Sephiroth had done a good job preparing me and I moaned as I slid ever so slowly down on him. He jerked me roughly down that last little bit to fully seat himself in me. We were both panting and just held ourselves still, me relishing the feel of him filling me and him enjoying the tight heat of my ass squeezing his cock.

When he did start to move, I was surprised and delighted. Sephiroth spread his legs apart for better balance, wrapped his arms around my waist and used pure physical strength to raise and lower me. I had never had anyone strong enough or tall enough to do that to me. It felt incredible. I gave myself over to the sensations and nuzzled and licked at Sephiroth's neck. Heat started to curl in my groin and I pressed my belly tight to his for the friction of his skin over my sensitive cock.

"You feel so very good, my Beautiful One. I think I won't mind being a GF to you as long as I get to have you moaning and writhing on my cock," Sephiroth breathed into my ear as his thrusts began to pick up speed.

I couldn't have answered him if my life had depended on it. Energy pulsed through Sephiroth and into me making me feel stronger than any human had a right to. Sounds, sights and sensations became razor sharp. I could hear the fast beat of Sephiroth's heart in counter-point to mine. I could smell the clear water of the oasis. I could see the smallest pin feathers of the chocobo watching us from where it was tied in the trees. Every living thing had a bright aura of colour around it. I had power thrumming through my veins like nothing I'd ever felt.

Sephiroth groaned and pulled me down hard onto his erection and held me still. I whined deep in my throat and rolled my hips in an effort to get him to move. I was so close to my peak I could almost smell it. I felt his muscles bunch and waited for the furious pounding I was certain I was going to get; that I wanted to get. Instead, I felt wind suddenly rush past me.

I opened my eyes to find that we were high above the oasis. Sephiroth was still buried deep in my body. His wings beat in a steady rhythm, giving me little twitches of movement through his whole body. I wrapped both my legs tightly around his waist and wound my arms around his neck. I pressed my chest tightly against his and met his glowing green gaze with a heated one of my own.

"Make me come, Sephiroth," I demanded before attacking his lips in a bruising kiss. He pulled back from the kiss and gave me a sexy, knowing smile.

"As you wish, my Beautiful One. Let me feel your ecstasy."

I don't know how he did it, but he managed to raise and lower me in powerful strokes while still keeping us aloft. The intense colours and sensations around me spiked and I threw back my head in a silent scream as I peaked. It felt like the orgasm lasted forever; my cock pulsing against Sephiroth's belly and my ass squeezing his cock as he pistioned in and out. I felt the flow of energy reach a shrieking pitch before exploding into almost painfully sharp sensations as Sephiroth found his release with a loud cry. I moaned and arched into him at the feel of his seed flooding my insides, setting off tiny little pleasure shivers in my body. His wings stopped moving for a moment too long and we fell to the ground.

We landed hard with Sephiroth protecting me from the worst of the landing by twisting and holding me tight to his chest. It jarred us apart and we both made sounds of distress at the abrupt separation. I was exhausted and more replete than I had ever felt. I rolled my head to the side to watch Sephiroth try to regain his breath. He must have felt my eyes on him. He turned to look at me and a slow smile appeared.

"I always wanted to try that when I got these wings. I had no idea it would be so...intense. It goes onto my 'do again' list, wouldn't you agree, my Beautiful One?"

I nodded my head, too sated to even bother voicing a reply. I felt the cooling evidence of my orgasm on my belly and made myself get up and stagger to the pool to wash off. Sephiroth followed me in and washed as well. I ended up stopping partway through just to watch the play of the water over his muscles. He noticed and scooped a handful of water at me. I blinked, surprised at the playfulness that suddenly shone in his eyes.

I retaliated and soon found myself in a pitched water fight. The thought that I hadn't had that much fun in ages occurred to me. I charged Sephiroth and caught him off guard, taking him down and dunking him under the water. I scrambled off him and raced for the shore only to be brought up short by a strong hand on my ankle. I turned to face him and found a look of frustration suddenly replacing the playfulness on his face.

"I'm being pulled away to where ever it is that I go when I loose this form. It isn't right. I felt solid and powerful when I was joined with you. Why did it stop?" he growled in anger as that green light bled into his eyes again.

"Maybe because we were joined. Everybody has a slightly different reaction to the Junction. For me, Junctioning is like very intense sex. It's intimate and if it's done right, very pleasurable. It's the real reason that I don't Junction with GF's that often. Step into Junction with me. If you don't like it, I swear I'll release you."

Sephiroth gave me a considering look before nodding his head and waiting for me to draw him into Junction. I took a deep breath and instead of demanding that he join with me, I asked him and he came willingly. I felt him enter my head and fell to my knees in the shallow water at the incredible surge of power.

He moved around my brain, testing memories, thoughts and feelings until he found a place he liked. I felt the soft brush of feathers across my soul and groaned softly. He had decided to occupy the part of my head where all my sensual memories were stored.


**Don't be eating any of those memories, ** I warned him mentally.

**Even if I make new ones for you of the two of us? ** he laughed and I shivered in delight. How could I want him again so soon after such a powerful climax? What had I gotten myself into?

**You were right. I feel...centered. This does not mean I am your servant. This is simply the best way to keep an eye on my new lover. Gods do not share. **

**Assuming we can do it again, I don't have a problem with that, ** Hell, having him in my head like this was starting to give me a rod.

**Why wouldn't we be able to? Call me, and I'll come to you ...Sniper. Why do the GF's call you that? **

**How did you know the GF's call me that? ** I asked trying to keep up with the subject changes as desire started to slither into my brain once again, making my thoughts hard to keep straight.

**There is...information here. From GF's you have Junctioned before. This will prove useful to me. I am the only GF you have shared your body with. The others didn't understand what they were missing. Why do they call you Sniper? **

**GF's often give you a name title. Mine is what I am. I'm the best sniper there is. **

Sephiroth grunted in my head and muttered that he liked my own name better. Or calling me his Beautiful One. I felt him get more comfortable in my head as I started to examine the things available for me to Junction him to. He had power to spare and some kind of strange non-elemental attack that I just couldn't wait to test out. He caught the thought of battle and gave a pleased murmur.

**I was a general in an elite army before I tried for godhood. You'll find me just as stunning in battle as I am in bed. **

Arrogant bastard.

But if what I was able to Junction was any indication, he wasn't lying. I was starting to think that I was going to have to pay Squall for sending me out on this mission. Not only did I acquire a powerful GF but an incredible lover as well.

Sometimes I have the most amazing luck.

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