Want Me, Have Me, Crave Me

Part 4

By Purple Penguin

Frantic hands clawed at his clothes, tugging impatiently as they exited the club.

He knew better than to expect Seifer to walk all the way back to garden when he was horny as hell. He wasn't surprised when he felt brick behind his head; the taller man pushed the blonde into the wall of the club. Lips attached to his throat and although it was distracting the thought of just anyone walking in on them was more off putting.

"Seifer." He hissed. "Anyone could walk up and see us."

The taller blonde snorted. "Well I'm not forking out for a hotel."

"We could go to my house."

"Yeah I'm sure your mother would-"

"She's not there."

Seifer paused. "Lead the way then Chickie."

As soon as the front door was closed they were all over each other, tugging at their clothes. A large hand fisted in the smaller man's shirt forcing him back till his back hit the wall hard.

Zell grunted at the rough treatment. "Ow!" He grumbled.

"Thought you liked it a little rough Chickie." He smirked, ignoring the frown on his lover's face crushing their lips together. He angled the other blonde's man to kiss him passionately.

The older man tugged at his lover's shirt, undoing most of the button and pulling the rest of them off. Zell broke the kiss, gasping as Seifer's lips found his throat, nipping at him. Seifer always did like to use his teeth. The taller man blonde bit down hard, causing a trickle of blood and a cry from his lover.

"Asshole." He panted. "That hurt." He gripped hold of Seifer's shirt, pulling him back to look in his face.

The gunblader smirked. "You don't seem too upset." He lowered his hand to cup the bulge in his lover's pants getting a low moan in response.

He leaned in to whisper. "I think you like me hurting you." He ran his tongue over the bite mark, soothing it.

Zell hissed in slight pain. Hand ran under the waistband of his pants, one wrapping around his stiff erection, the other went round his hip, fingers slipped into his crack. Lips toyed with his nipples as a dry finger pushed into him.

Zell cried out, cock pressing against the material of his pants with Seifer's hand stroking him. The finger stroking his insides was soon joined by another. The hand on his cock started to move faster. Zell shut his eyes, head leaning on the wall gasping.

"S-Seifer I-I'll c-cum…. In my pants…. If you don't-" He gasped sharply as a finger brushed his prostate.

Warm breath hovered over his ear. "Cum for me Chickie."

The shorter man tried to undo his fly but his lover pressed him to the wall tighter so he didn't have the space being crushed between his lover and wall.

A third digit pushed into him, all three fucking him hard now, the hand stroking his aching cock to the same pace.

Zell gripped into Seifer shirt helplessly as he arched and cried out, staining his boxers and jeans with his own cum. The fingers quickly pulled out of him, both hands leaving him. Zell slid to the floor, the strength going out of his legs. His thighs felt sticky, his pants were wet on his skin. He sat on his knees panting.

A hand reached down to the back of his head, tipping his head up. He looked up, surprised at Seifer's close proximately as he hadn't heard him move. The other man's cock was level with his face now, the hand in his hair encouraging him forward.

Zell opened his lips, letting Seifer's stiff cock push into his mouth and down his throat. He ran his tongue along the length of it, sucking. The hand on his head moved to grip his hair as the larger man started to fuck his lover's mouth, pulling his head back a little into a better angle as he shoved his fat cock into wet heat.

The shorter blonde had his eyes open to watch Seifer's face as he groaned.

He knew when Seifer was close to cumming but he didn't know if he could swallow without choking with the rough way that Seifer was fucking his mouth.

The tall blonde seemed to know this too, at the last second just as he was cumming he pulled out, splashing the floor and his lover's face with cum.

Seifer leaned on the wall panting. "Fuck." He muttered. "You're a good little cock-sucker aren't you Chickie?"

"Asshole." Zell hissed, running the back of one hand over his cheeks.

Seifer laughed breathlessly. "Good to know you still cream your pants over me."

"Fuck off Seifer!"

"Now, now."

The little blonde pulled his shirt about him, frowning at the missing buttons. "I liked this shirt too." He muttered. He got to his feet. "Isn't this about the time that you leave?" He gestured to the door and disappeared into the kitchen leaving Seifer to let himself out.

He leant on the dining table, removing his pants and shirt, both of which were sticky and throwing them into a heap. Before he could move away from the table a hard body pressed up against his from behind. Seifer nuzzled into his neck and shoulders. "Don't be so cold Chickie. You know I really had my heart set on fucking you."

In one movement his boxers were gone and he was thrown onto the table, cheek to the cool surface.

"Seifer this is my mother's table I don't think I could-"

"You're not, I am." He placed a kiss behind his lover's ear. "All you have to do is be a good boy and be good for daddy."

The little blonde wiggled on the table as he felt his legs getting spread and his cheeks parted. Seifer's cock head pressed to the entrance to his body.

"Seif-" He was cut off by a sharp cry as his lover's thick cock pushed past the ring of muscle and took him in a one thrust.

Zell curled his fingers into fists. "Ahh!" It hurt.

All the other man had used for lubricate was his own cum from earlier.

Seifer had one hand on Zell's hip to grip onto so he could push his dick into the shorter man's tight hole. He reached round and fisted Zell's hard cock, pumping him in time with the hard thrusts.

The little blonde writhed on the table rubbing his cock into it, crying out when Seifer hit his sweet spot again and again.

Zell's muscles clamped down on Seifer's cock as he came, crying Seifer's name. Spraying his mother's table in cum.

His lover only needed a few more hard thrusts before he filled the shorter man's channel with his seed. Zell calloused on the table. Seifer pulled out and fell into one of the chairs.

Zell lifted his head watching Seifer clean himself with a tea towel; he saw the red on the material.

"You made me bleed you fucker."

"Didn't hear you complaining."

"Not that that would have stopped you." He sat up with a wince.

Seifer put his pants back on and wandered out into the hallway to get his shirt and trench coat. "I guess you won't let me stay here even though I did all the work."

"Fuck off; you're not staying in my house, besides I'm the one in pain."

"Thought so." He finished getting dressed and headed for the door. "See you later Chickie." He opened it and disappeared into the night.

Zell slumped back down on the table.

Squall didn't look up from his pile of paperwork when there was a knock on the door.

"Come in." He said, without glancing up from the piece of paper that he was trying to read. Why did he ask Irvine to write the report for the last mission? That cowboy had terrible hand writing. He squinted slightly at a particularly badly written sentence.

"Maybe you need glasses." A friendly voice suggested.

The brunette glanced up for the first time and stared at the sexy cadet who stood in his office.

"Yuki I-err-" He looked at the paper again. "Lt Kinneas has appalling handwriting."

The younger man chuckled and walked round the desk to perch on the edge of it. "Let me see."

Squall handed it over, absently running a hand over his face tiredly with a yawn.

"Tired? At 11 in the morning? Getting old commander?"

"Long morning, too much paperwork."

The cadet slid off the desk seductively. "Bet I know how to make you relax." He walked around behind Squall and his placed hands on his shoulders, skilled fingers working sore muscles.

The brunette let out a shaky breath and leaned back into it. "Feels good." He informed the cadet as he shut his eyes to try to gain control of the situation and stop his brain from running away with him.

Yuki chuckled as Squall closed his eyes and he leant down to talk into his ear. "Better?"


"Want to know another way I can relax you?"


Lips started to travel down Squall's neck from his ear lobe towards his collar bone, licking and sucking in places.

"Squall? Hey Squall?!"

The brunette jumped slightly, looking up at Yuki who still sat on the edge of his desk with the report in hand.

"You okay?"

"Huh?" Was the intelligent answer he came up with.

Yuki frowned. "Maybe we'll have to postpone our fight if you're not feeling good."

Squall shook his head. "I'm fine, I'll met you down there after lunch."

The younger man grinned. "Great, I'll bring the audience."


"Yeah I have to have some support don't I? I'm a poor nervous cadet against the sorceress killing tough although sexy commander."

Squall bit his lip. "Fine, let them come and watch you lose." He tried to squash the smile that threatened at Yuki's put out look.

He put a hand over his chest in mock hurt. "Commander are you putting down a budding cadet? Aren't you supposed to give words of support."

Squall gave him a look. "I'm allowed to remind cadets who's egos threatened to out do them of reality." He replied in full commander mode.

Yuki just together report at him. "I'd give that guy a demotion if I were you for bad grammar and hand writing."

Squall frowned. "Then that would mean demoting every Seed except Quistis."

"Exactly!" The other man grinned. "But then I have excellent hand writing and you'd have to promote me quick." He hovered by the door to Squall's office.

The brunette frowned. "Just go and practice so you don't lose too badly in front of your friends."



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