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Dancing Chicken

By Hecate's Brat

Seifer's POV

Ah a tame Friday night. I don't know why I keep coming to this club. I haven't seen anyone I'd like to go home with, or take home even.

Every Friday, here I am, with my bloody Caesar drink, my clothes, fitting perfect... shows what I want, and hides what needs to be hidden.

Nope, nothing new. Again. I find my table... yes I have a table... I'm a regular. Its on a balcony type of area... I can see everything. I like it actually.

I really need a new Friday night routine. I stretch out in my chair and watch the dance floor.

The swirling lights, the strobe lights blinking over the sweating, dancing bodies. I know I'll be down there in a few hours. I always am... every Friday.

I sigh as I realize my life has become predictable.

I take a sip of my drink and watch a couple of guys go by. Not bad, but not what I want.

Again, I glance down at the writhing, moving bodies. Its interesting really, the mass of bodies down there. They all move as a big organism, rippling, looking alive. It's a neat sort of movement, calming, like a sea, in a way. And if loud pulsing techno can be soothing, then, its perfect. Of course, the music only adds to the moving mass of oneness down there. Its perfect. Utterly perfect... except for that stupid blonde down there. Who the hell is that? They look like a fucking chicken strutting around!

I laugh. Oh god, how can I not laugh? In the midst of a perfect moving mass, this blonde idiot is throwing the rhythm out the window!

Actually, now that I look closer, that blonde idiot looks very familiar... very familiar.

Blonde hair, spiked in the front, like a bird's plumage... no... I need to see the tattoo. That black vivid mark on that pale flesh...

Good... he's turning... its HIM! Its that Chicken-Wuss.

I laugh at him again. Oh, I should probably go stop him form being a bigger idiot... but no, this is fun. I take a sip more of my drink, relishing the spices in it. I recline in my chair, watching the dancing chicken and the perfect mass, and I think he might be what I want.

In all truth, he is what I've always wanted. Its been a about a year and a half since the war.

I've come back to Balamb... mostly everyone has accepted me back, and most of the people understand my side of what happened. I'm thankful for that. I've gotten a job, its down at the docks, but it pays well. It gives me money to pay bills, and rent, and I still have a little extra for me. But, what I've missed the most is everyone from Balamb Garden.

Okay, I do actually miss Squall... that aloof brunette... it took forever to get any type of reaction out of him... but I could always do it. He could never just talk... then again; the same could be said about me. And Quistis, ever the teacher, the mature one of the group. The messenger girl... . what was her name... Selphie... right. But the one I missed the most, would be Zell. That hyper active blonde always held a spot in my heart... even when we were younger. He was so optimistic... a perfect opposite to my pessimism.

For the longest time, I've wanted him, and not in the just-find-a-wall-and-fuck-'em-as-hard-as-you-can- way either. I mean, to be with him... as in a couple. But I don't think he's gay... or even bi. So, I don't have a chance, right?

I lean my arms on the banister and look down at him. Yup, I've missed him. That weird ass hair... I've always wanted to know where he came up with the idea to do his hair like that. That black etching of a tattoo. I have always loved that, I love that the most. It always reminded him of a flame, or lightening... which would be suiting to him. He is just like lightening. Fast, hot, and deadly... but beautiful.

I missed his blue eyes. I missed his smile, even though it was never for me. I always brought a different reaction. Never a smile. A snarl, a few cuss words. Barring of those pointed canines... never a smile. Maybe I can get him to smile for me now?

That's it... I need to stop him from... that god awful dancing... I can't even call it that!

I make my way through the crowded stairwell, down into the throbbing mass, into its heart, right to the strutting chicken. One would think that being a martial artist would give you grace and sensuous moment... maybe it doesn't apply to dancing.

He turns around and smacks into me.

"Hey chicken-wuss."

"Stop calling me that!!"

Finally he looks at me. He looks worried, and in pain, but his eyes quickly go wide in shock, and his mouth hangs open. I would normally ask if that's an invitation... but I can't do that right now... I need to help this poor man learn how to dance.

"Umm, chicken... you know, you're throwing off the rhythm of the crowd?"

"What?" He asks me, raising a pale blonde eyebrow.

"You are. Yer strutting around like a chicken. Where the hell is your grace? Your rhythm? Do you have no sense of beat?"

"I don't know what yer talking about."

And with that, he turned away, and started strut dancing again. Okay, so just asking him was not going to work. Maybe a physical thing would work.

Oh, god, again, I have to laugh at him. He's shaking his ass like its on fire! I have to stop him now! Lest I die laughing. And look, he's ignoring me! And doing it so well too!

I walk up behind him and place my hands against his hips. I begin to dance with music. Grinding my hips against his, forcing him to move with the beat and me.

He is resisting. I could tell. His movements are rough, and jerky, but he's starting to relax.

I lean my body full against his, my hips against his, my chest to his back. One hand still on his hips, the other snaking around to his chest.

I take in his clothes. Nice, very nice. Electric blue vinyl pants, a black mesh tank and large black boots. Very sexy.

I keep grinding against him. I find myself starting to get hard. I wonder if he can feel it too. He must have, coz he breaks away from me.

"Uh... that was fun! Thanks for the lesson."

He's blushing. He's embarrassed. I let him walk off. I want to continue dancing, but I also want to keep watching him. I let my eyes linger on him, and notice that he's sitting alone. It piques my curiosity. Where was the rest of his group... ? Did they come with him, or did he come alone?

Oh well, I let myself be lost in the music.

Zell's POV

I needed to leave the Garden. And tonight was a good a night as any.

I was mad. Which is rare for me. I mean, yeah, I get mad, and then blow it off... but not right now. I can't blow this off. And it's all because of Rinoa.

Some time ago, I sorta told her that I was bi, but leaning towards guys... but that was a bit ago. But what happened tonight is from that time.

I lean my head back against the wall, and let the night's events play across my eyelids... for the umpteenth time. And I don't really want to see them again... it only fuels my anger.

Squall broke up with Rinoa, which is fine... it was good actually. That relationship was smothering him. You could see it too. He hated being around her. But he didn't want to hurt her. But, he ended up hurting her, how can you not. Really? You break up with someone, the other person will get hurt. Its best said in that song... um, Popular. I can't remember the line exactly, but it goes along the lines of yeah they'll be hurt when you tell them that you prefer the company of others over their exclusive company... but unless they're a real jerk or a crybaby, and you avoid making a big flowery scene, everything should be alright. Well, Squall wasn't mean... not in the least! He was polite about it, and even tried to set her up with someone who had a crush on her. But no. She decided to be a jerk about it!

Squall had told me that he has feelings for Nida, and that he liked him for a while, and that's one of the reasons why he was breaking up with her... and it hurt him to do that, so, I like a good friend, comforted him, and gave him my support. Well! I guess she found out that Squall had been starting to like Nida for a while... and seen me comforting him. She went ballistic! She went running through the Garden yelling that I'm gay, which I am, well... bi... but that's not the point. So, she goes running through the Garden, yelling for all to hear, and I'm chasing after her, trying to explain, and I see everyone's faces. Shock, hurt, disgust, a few looks of 'good for him'. I tried to explain that Rinoa was mad and saying these things to be mean... but they didn't believe me.

But of course, why would they believe me? I'm Zell. Just a hyperactive brat.

I sigh. I let the visions, the residual memories of people laughs, jeers, taunts, sneers, and looks of disgust pass through my mind.

I came to the club to lose myself, not to lose my mind to the memories. Hell, I even got dressed up!

I ordered a few drinks, and drank 'em fast. And whooo boy, did I feel the effect of those drinks fast!

I also felt the dance floor call. And much like a sailor to the Siren, I go.

I danced, I could feel my body dancing, but it wasn't normal... I could feel the tension and stress from the incident at Balamb-G. Still, I try to lose myself in the music. And for a short while, I succeed.

I groove with the music, turn and hit something hard. I don't remember being so close to a wall. I open my eyes, and... it's Seifer!

Oh god! Seifer, no, not him. I don't want to be taunted by him right now. Not now... I don't think I could handle it right now.

"Hey chicken-wuss."

Annoyance runs through me.

"Stop calling me that!!" I snap.

I need to look at him, to see if he's being an asshole on purpose. My eyes start from his boots and move up to his face. Damn, he looks good!

Black boots, black leather pants, silver chain mail top. That collar of his perfectly sitting on his throat.

I can feel my mouth hanging open. I'm stunned. He looks really good!

"Umm, chicken... you know, you're throwing off the rhythm of the crowd?"

"What?" His comment snaps me back to the now. I raise my eyebrow, hoping he'll repeat himself, knowing he won't.

"You are. Yer strutting around like a chicken. Where the hell is your grace? Your rhythm? Do you have no sense of beat?"

My grace? My rhythm? My sense of beat? It left me while I was running from the disgusted looks. It left me while I tripped down the stairs running from the Garden. That's where it is... back on the stairs of Garden. Luckily, my mouth responds for me.

"I don't know what yer talking about."

I turn around, away from him. I try to find my chaotic groove again. But I know it won't work.

I can feel hands on my hips; I can feel someone grind against me, moving us with the music. I don't want to groove with this guy. I know it's a guy. The hands are big... that's what lets me know it's a guy. I actually can't help not moving though.

I can feel this body against mine. Its warm, oh so warm. I close my eyes, and feel a hand slither across my body, over my chest, the other still on my hip.

It's relaxing. The way we moved, the heat of his body. It's nice. I'm pretty sure it's Seifer.

I could feel his hips pressing with mine. I could also feel his growing erection! No... not Seifer! Not Seifer! I couldn't think of him like this. I need to stop this. I pull away from him.

"Uh, that was fun! Thanks for the lesson."

I can feel myself blushing. I'm not embarrassed, just, turned on. I need to sit down. I find an empty spot and sit.

I can feel his eyes on me every now and then.

I don't know... I'm confused. Would Seifer be interested in me? Nah, not him...

I watch him. Seifer. I'll admit he looks good. He always had... and I never would have thought he was such a good dancer.

I let myself take his dancing form in. His honey blonde hair, now messed up from fingers being ran through it. His lips parted, panting. A shudder goes through me as I think of those full lips on my body. His chain mail wife beater glinting as he moves. I have to admit, that's a very nice shirt. And his pants! Those black leather pants, so tight! They hug every inch of his body, no a baggy place on them. They look like they were made for him... like he was poured into them... and oddly, they make him look taller. Or maybe its coz of his black leather boots.

He's sweaty, but not overly so. The sweat gives him sheen. It glistens off of his muscles, defines them really.

I need to move again. I need to go and dance. If I fuck up, maybe Seifer will help me out again.

Seifer's POV

I open my eyes and look past the redhead dancing against my front. I look to where Zell was sitting. He's gone! I can feel something akin to panic build. He can't be gone! I wanted to apologize for being an ass to him earlier. I never realized how much he looked lost, and in pain... he can't be gone... wait... wait... I see him now. Still strutting like a chicken, and still shaking his ass like its on fire. Fuck! I had hoped I had taught him something with that little dance. But I guess not. Time to give him my own personal lesson. They say sex is like dancing, and I tried dancing with him... now, lets try sex.

I quickly untangle myself from my dance partners and walk over to him. I grab him by the hand and start to walk off the dance floor. He actually follows. I'm sort of surprised; I thought he'd fight me.

I lead him to the plush restrooms. I swear, this bathroom is like a hidden love nest, or rather, like a hidden fuck nest. It's got couches, chairs, chaises, and of course, your typical stalls, sink and bathroom stuff. I almost wanna see the woman's bathroom... if its just as lavish.

I can feel Zell hesitate, so I move myself behind him and push him into the bathroom, and right into a stall.

The other male couples snicker. They know what I want. This, fucking in a bathroom stall, is not part of my Friday night routine.

Zell's mouth drops open. This time, I ask.

"Is that an invitation?"

He immediately closes his mouth. Pity, I was hoping it was an invite.

"What do you want?" He asks me.

I gently push him against the wall, lean in, nuzzle his neck, and let my tongue taste his sweat-salted skin.

I can feel him shudder, hopefully, that wasn't from disgust. And hopefully he knows what I want now.

"Seifer... " his voice comes out husky and almost cracked.

"What chickie?" I ask before I let my tongue travel up to his ear lobe.

"Why... oh god. Why are you doing this to me?" he pants out, sending his hot breath along my neck.

"Coz. I want you. I want to fuck you." I say before nibbling on his lobe. I can feel his knees buckle and his head sway back against the wall.

"Should I go on Zell?" I whisper into his ear.

He shudders, nods and grins. "Hey, you called me by my name!"

I smile and claim his mouth in a kiss. I gently part his lips with my tongue. Zell's tongue quickly darts out, running against mine.

I grind my hips against his, letting him know I'm getting hard again. Zell's arches his hips from the wall and pushes against mine. I growl in my throat.

My hands find his belt and quickly undo it. I pull his shirt out from his pants and over his head. I can feel his hands undoing my belt, undoing the button to my pants.

I move back, and my pull my shirt off. I let it drop next to his.

I swear the guys in the bathroom are outside our stall listening. It's so quiet out there.

I drop to my knees, kissing from his neck, down to his waistband. I quickly undo his pants. These wicked vinyl pants. I begin yanking down his pants and get them past his hips.

I watch in wonder and awe at his body. Zell is so compact, so small, his muscles are tight. My eyes glance at the faint line of blonde hair just under his navel going lower. I undo the zipper and tug at the pants more.

I lean in and kiss his hips. His hands run through my hair. I can hear his panting echo in the stall.

I wrench his vinyl pants down to the middle of his thighs. I can smell his scent. Don't say that guys don't have a scent. We do. It's their bodies, the heat, the sweat, and sex. And oh damn, does he smell good!

My eyes gaze at his cock. Large, hard, and right in front of my face.

Beautiful. That's the only thought I can think of. His cock isn't small and compact, not like the rest of him. No, not like the rest of him.

I lick his tip; he moans and arches towards me, filling my mouth. He feels wonderful, like rough silk. I let my tongue play with the underside of his shaft. Zell moans, whimpers out "Oh Seifer, don't stop."

Now, how could I resist that? I grip the base of his cock and gently squeeze. I let my mouth begin to suck on him. A nice heavy bass surrounds us. 'Dragula' Perfect beat, nice and heavy, a thick rhythmic pounding.

His hands grip my hair, tugging gently. I have a feeling the tugging is going to get rougher. Zell's hips start thrusting, and I pull back, much to his disappointment. But I quickly remedy that. I let my tongue swirl around his tip, gently pressing against his slit.

My little tattooed blonde arches his back and cries out. I reach under him and begin stroking his balls. I hear his breath hitch in his throat, and instead lets a low moan escape. My mouth moves down his shaft, to his balls. I tenderly suck on one, then the other, then I decide to move back up to his now weeping cock. My tongue laps at the pre-cum, hearing Zell's throaty moans and sobs.

A shudder runs through Zell's body, I know he'll be coming soon. My mouth works on his shaft with more speed. My blonde lover grips my hair hard, arches his back, and comes. I drink it in, savoring the taste of him.

I lean back, and look up at him. A small smile plays along his lips and he looks relaxed.

I quickly yank the belt out of his pants; he groggily opens one eye and looks at me. I never realized how blue his eyes were. It's like staring at the sky. So beautiful and infinite. I could stare into eyes like that daily.

I quickly turn Zell around, and force him to face the wall.

"What are you doing Seifer?"

"Trust me Zell, you'll like this. And I need to teach you some sort of rhythm." It's the only answer I can give him.

I grab his arms; so that both forearms are against his waist, going horizontal, have to give him a bit of comfort here. I take his belt and bind his wrists with it. Zell tries to turn to look at me. I just kiss the side of his face and push him back towards the wall.

I whisper into his ear, "Do you want me to fuck you?"

"Seifer... "

"Do you? I'm only going to ask this once. Do you want me to fuck you?"

A whimper was my only response. I was saddened. I was hoping that he would say 'yes'.

"We don't have any lube Seifer... "

I grin from behind him. The little chickie did have a point. And at that moment, a small vile of lube flew over the top of the stall. Luckily I caught it before it ended in the toilet bowl.

"Ummm, thanks... whoever threw it."

A small "sure" was the response.

"Now chickie... we do."

Zell turns and looks at me again, a large smile on his face.

I took that as a yes. Again, I push his chest towards the wall. I pull his hips outwards. I open the vial of lube and coat my fingers with the thick gel like substance. I move my fingers slowly against Zell's ass. He whimpers and jumps a little. Maybe I should have warmed it up a little? Heh, nah. I slide one finger inside of his hole and move the lube around slowly. My little martial artist moans and moves his ass towards me. I slide another finger into him. My fingers began to thrust in and out of him slowly. I enjoyed the whimpers and moans coming from Zell. I lubed up my fingers again and slowly wiggled them inside his ass, feeling his tight hole become more relaxed.

I quickly pull my pants down, and lube up my cock. I have to use a lot of will power to stop stroking myself. I gently push against Zell's opening. He moans and leans back into me.

"Do you want me to go slow, or fast?"

He shakes his head. Like that's some sort of answer. I decide to go slow.

I push my cock into his tight passage slowly. An inch at a time. Finally, I can't take it anymore. I grab his hips and slam into him. A cry of pleasure escapes his beautiful mouth. I'm sure if I were to try to say something right now, it'd come out as gibberish; so, I decided to keep my mouth shut. His channel feels so hot and tight around me. I can feel my eyes roll back into my head, oh fuck, if I keep thinking of this, I'm going to come! Not yet... oh, not yet.

I begin to thrust slowly. His whimpers echo inside the stall. I gently bite at his neck. I can feel Zell's ass tighten around me, causing me to cry out. Damn! That felt so good. I keep thrusting, increasing my pace. Again, Zell tightens around me, and in a type of response, I bite his shoulder hard. He cries out... but oddly, it doesn't sound like pain. I grip one hip tighter and slide one hand around to his cock. It shouldn't surprise me that it's hard again. I begin to stroke his cock in rhythm with my hips.

I can hear the bass beat of 'Love Rollercoaster' through the walls now, and I change my pace to match it. I can tell Zell picked up on that, because a slow smile spreads over his lips.


I groan a 'yes' into his ear.

I keep thrusting to the music as long as I can. I can feel Zell thrust with me. Maybe the little chicken-wuss has finally found some rhythm.

The song changes to 'Never Again' and I follow its bass line again. My hips thrust into Zell's, my hand strokes to our rhythm. I feel another shudder from Zell, and suddenly my hand is covered in his come. I let my body release itself. I grip his hips tightly and give one final deep plunge into him. My back goes rigid and I come.

My mind faintly registers the guys outside the stall cheering and hooting and hollering.

My mind keeps sending me a message 'that was amazing!' I have to agree with it.

I open my eyes, and look at Zell. He doesn't look worried anymore. He looks relaxed, and content.

I pull out of him, grab some toilet paper and clean us up. I undo the belt binding his arms. I pull my leather pants up and put my top back on. Zell's still resting against the wall. I turn him around and pull his pants up. I begin looping the belt back into his pants, when he takes my hands and pulls me up.

I look at him, wondering.

"Thanks Seifer. You don't know how much I needed that."

I lean my head on his and smile. "Tell me," I whisper. He nods slowly, and tells me what had made him lose his beat, his rhythm, and his sensuous motion. He tells me while he does his pants up, and finishes looping his belt. I hand him his top, and he puts it on. We leave the stall after sharing a quick kiss.

He takes my hand and leads me out of the bathroom. The some of other males quickly look away, and some smile outright at us, as if something has been accomplished.

Zell leads me to the dance floor, and we begin to dance, hip to hip... and damn it! The boy found his rhythm again.




Dragula is by Rob Zombie

Love Rollercoaster is by Red Hot Chili Peppers

Never Again is by NickleBack

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