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Hallway Hookup

By CalliopePurple

I can't believe Zell dared me to do this. Was expectin' something like doing a striptease for him and Squall, not walking around Garden once in a female student uniform.

Guess that's what I get for losing so badly to him in Triple Triad. Squall lost earlier and hadda show us that he really doesn't wear anything under those tight pants. We knew it anyway, but Zell wanted to see for himself.

How can girls walk in skirts this short? I can't take a normal step without being afraid that it'll ride up and show what I don't have on underneath. Least he didn't make me wear makeup, though he did insist that I put my hair in pigtails. From the back, I could probably pass for an abnormally tall girl.

Whew, I'm almost done with this humiliation. Until someone pushes me against a wall face-first and I feel a bulge digging into my ass before a familiar low voice whispers in my ear.

"You look hot in drag, Kinneas," Seifer nearly growls and I can just groan before being tugged into a hallway and pinned again, his gloved hand sliding up under the skirt.

"I don't think you're wearing anything under this, are you?" he whispers roughly, rocking against me.

I just shake my head as he keeps moving his fingers up over my thigh and hip. Damn, I love leather, even though I never expected Seifer to do something like this. He and Squall are attached at the groin, after all, and I know he don't let Squall fuck around with anyone else. Can we say double standard?

He rocks against my ass again and I bite my lip so I don't moan too loudly. Fuck, random, meaningless sex sounds good right about now. Sounds good any time, really.

"Seifer, please...." I hear myself whimper before the skirt gets tugged up and I feel the cool air against my ass. His only reply is to stick two bare fingers up to my lips. Smirking up at him, I start sucking on them, deliberately swirling my tongue around the tips and in between. When he groans, I know I've got his mind working.

The moment before my mouth falls open, our eyes meet, and I ain't too surprised to see the same look on his face as always. Cocky, confident, getting exactly what he wants - Seifer knows just how good he looks, even with that scar between his eyes. And when he kisses me an instant before pushing his fingers inside, it's just like I thought a kiss from Seifer would be like. Rough, almost violent, and definitely dominant.

He bites my lower lip hard enough to draw blood before darting his tongue across the area to sooth the sharp pain. If I could move my arms more easily, I'd be tugging at his hair and clawing his shoulders because this is a lot of fun.

Both fingers get pulled out before he turns me around so that my back's against the wall now. I pant, breathless from the kiss, and only Seifer's lips against mine again muffle the loud cry that comes out as three barely damp fingers press back into my body. One of my legs finds its way up around his hip and my hand run through the shortest bits of blond hair at the back of his neck.

I see stars when he presses against my prostate, forced to stop kissing him just to pant for air while my hips rock up against him instinctively. Dear Hyne, this is going to be good when he actually gets to fucking me.

"Please...." I beg again, then yelp as he finds that same spot again and deliberately strokes it several times. Oh shit, if he does that any more, I'm going to come without having to be fucked.

Seifer just looks at me and smirks, his fingers moving in and out of me faster. My back arches up and I tense, not sure what's going through his head, but enjoying every bit of what's happening. Ain't been on bottom in a while and it feels too damned good. I'm about to come when I feel his free hand tugging my balls down.

"Wouldn't want you to enjoy yourself that much yet, cowboy. Now it's time to see if the rumors about that ass are true." His fingers get removed and I pout at the empty feeling for a moment before I bite back a loud gasp of pleasure and pain when his cock enters me fast and hard. He must've undone his fly while I was distracted.

I grip at his shoulder blades and keep one leg around his hip while he starts rocking into me. He's not trying to be nice and I'm not asking him to slow down because it wouldn't be him any other way. Seifer would never fuck anyone, except for maybe Squall, slowly and gently. I kiss him this time and he squeezes my ass before shifting me and starting to pound against my prostate like he'd been doing with his fingers. But this feels a lot better since he's hot and thick and hard inside me.

And I'm not going to last much longer, especially after he strokes me just as fast as he's fucking me, his teeth digging into my shoulder and his other hand pressing just under my tailbone. All I can do is gasp, pant, and moan, tightening hard around him the instant before I see stars again and feel myself spurting into his hand and the skirt.

Seifer growls louder and keeps thrusting a few last, hard times, enough to almost make me come again from the continued pressure against my prostate. When I hear the loudest noise and feel his warmth inside me, I yelp again while resting against him. Don't wanna move, but I know I gotta get back to the dorms. Zell and Squall will be waiting for me.

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