Fandom: Fandom: Final Fantasy 7
Rated: PG-12 for mild yaoi and bad language.

It's Been Great

Vincent's Dead Letter

By Emerald Embers


Well, shit.

It was bound to happen one day, mind. I may be the world's best pilot but even I was stretching survival statistics a little too far by the time it happened. Hoo boy, did it ever fucking happen.

Anyway, I've a few messages for you to pass on for me, okay Vin?

Let's see, words of advice, wise last words or whatever comes closest.

Yuffie, you were right about planes. Smart ass.

Red, you're the smartest... thing I've ever met. Smarter ass. Hope you're doing well.

Shera, the house is yours. Don't worry about me. The ships and stuff, pass 'em on to the crew if you want, or they're yours, s'up to you. And if you ever put flowers on my grave, I'll fucking haunt ya, swear to God.

Tifa, Cloud, get over it and get married or something.

Barrett - dude, just... look after Marlene and yourself, and get yourself a girl of the non-schoolage variety, I worry about ya sometimes, y'know? Loneliness isn't healthy, just look at Vin (sorry)!

Reeve, chill. Here's a tip: blow shit up. Very relaxing, or so I hear.

Hm, get the feeling I've forgotten someone...

Just kidding. Vin. Listen, I - shit, I'm not good with words. Silly, really, got a great big stick shoved through my stomach and the only thing I'm fucking terrified about is what's gonna happen to you. Y'hurt too easily, y'know? Anyway, listen, I know I've said some dumb shit to ya in the the past, and I know I've pissed you off something awful from time to time, but truth is, I'm fairly sure, I love ya despite everything, and y'know, if this really is it, I want ya to know it's been great - really, really great, and, apart from the times we've argued, and that one time we had that fight and I'm still sorry I punched ya, I don't regret a minute I spent with ya. You're the most facinating guy I've ever met, you're the only guy I've ever wanted full stop to be fair. Your chocobo impression's the funniest thing I've ever seen, and I'm glad you never picked up my swearing habit, 'cause it wouldn't suit ya.

Just, stay the way you are Vin, and you won't be able to go wrong. Yeah. Uh, I'm kind of, dizzy now, but I don't wanna embarass ya, so I'll stick this last bit on the end so you can cut it off or something if you want.

Uh... End. I hate letters.

- Cid

Vin, you are so fucking hot in bed you wouldn't believe. Don't waste that.

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