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(This fic is from the Hurt universe, a flashback. Probably the only one I'll do.)

The Mating Habits of Glacial Eyes

Or How the library committee gained control of the library.

Or Smut between the stacks.

By darksquall

Seifer was not a patient man. He was talented, strong, handsome, and as courageous as any knight but he was not at all patient.

He had decided sometime in the last hour that the quiet brunette sat beside him had to be a test from Hyne himself. After all, there was simply no explanation as to why someone that pretty, that perfectly beautiful could sit beside him for almost an hour, intermittently nibbling on the end of his pen as he made notes on the latest essay topic from their instructor. Seifer had never longed to be a pen before as far as he could remember, but he was rapidly making up for lost time.

Squall licked and nibbled, sucking on the tip of his pen, all entirely without realising. Eventually, he looked up, his blue grey eyes like a storm cloud on the horizon, dark and dangerous and exhilarating. And Seifer was so hard that it literally hurt.

"What?" Squall murmured, aware that any louder noises in the relative quiet of the library would draw unwanted attention to themselves and would ensure that they were watched carefully for the rest of the time they had remaining for study. Squall always felt uncomfortable with the beady eyes of the temporary librarian peering at him from across the room. In fact, that was why he'd chosen this particular desk, in the corner, out of sight of most of the library, including her.

"I want you to suck me off." Seifer said plainly. There was no reason nor time left to beat about the bush, he wanted to come, and he wanted to come now.

"There's only a little while left." Squall turned back to his notes. The essay was due in by the end of the week so he had time, but there were only twenty minutes left of the study period before lunch and a free afternoon. If Seifer couldn't wait that long, he could head for the bathroom and take care of it himself.

"C'mon Leonhart." Seifer leant close to him, his breath hot against Squall's ear, making him close his eyes and shiver before he even felt the touch of Seifer's tongue to his earlobe. "Are you afraid of getting caught?"

"I'm not afraid." He replied softly, turning his head to gaze at Seifer, his teeth worrying at his lower lip a little. "You're the head of the disciplinary committee." Perversely, that meant if they were caught, Seifer would be ultimately responsible for his punishment. He'd already been Seifer's slave for an evening and he had no desire to repeat it just yet. He'd been stiff for three days afterwards and Squall had yet to find the nerve to asked where Seifer had gotten Galbadian military grade hand cuffs from.

Seifer pushed his chair back a little and smiled wickedly at his secret lover. "Go on, Squall. You gotta admit it's exciting."

Seifer Almasy, Squall decided at that point, was more than likely hazardous to his health. Possibly to his sanity as well. The thought was a little exciting, he admitted to himself, and he did want to do it but if they were caught, the consequences would be dire.

"I'll blow you later if you do."

Squall shrugged, casting a furtive glance around and slipping to his knees under the desk in front of Seifer.

With a smirk, Seifer spread his legs so Squall could move as close as he needed to. He shivered as Squall coaxed his hard length from the confines of his leather pants and brushed his fingers against Squall's perpetually cool and pale cheek fondly. He knew, somewhere deep inside himself, that he was completely and obstinately in love with the quiet brunette who now knelt before him as though in silent supplication. He knew that love was dangerous, especially in such a threatening environment as their own, and thus far had remained mute about his realisation.

When he became a SeeD, then he'd admit to what he felt to the beautiful boy. In the meantime, their relationship was enough.

"Go ahead, Leonhart." He smiled, pleased at the control he had over his ice princess.

Squall trailed his tongue along the underside of Seifer's cock, palming him gently. He felt so hyper sensitive to everything around him, the hum of the terminals against the far wall, the tick of the clock over the door, the quiet, aimless chatter of the girls from their class on the other side of the very shelves that shielded them from the view of the rest of the library. His heart pounded in his chest, knowing that they could be caught at any moment, and he had to admit that he felt a small thrill at that prospect. The constant caress of Seifer's fingers to his cheek and through the cascade of his coffee coloured locks was a reassuring sensation and it kept him moving.

He circled the head of Seifer's cock with his tongue slowly, the curve of it into his palm a comfortingly familiar sensation. As he tasted the beads of precome on the tip, he lifted his gaze to Seifer's eyes, pleased to see his efforts were already making his lover shiver. Squall half wondered what had made Seifer so hard and so eager so quickly, but it wasn't important.

Seifer tugged lightly on the fine strands of Squall's hair to warn him not to tease. Taking pity on the taller man, Squall rocked his head along the length, moving his hand in a light counter point to his mouth.

He would never say aloud that he enjoyed doing this, to lick and suck on his lover's hard cock, but he did. Perhaps it was the feeling of having Seifer at his mercy. Perhaps it was the knowledge that he could make Seifer go hard against his tongue or just the way Seifer's powerful body flexed and strained beneath his touch in an effort to restrain itself.

Rocking his head, taking as much of the length into his mouth as he could and swallowing around it, Squall slid his hands firmly over his lover's thighs. Barely recognising the sound of a book moving n the table above him, he realised that Seifer had pulled a large text book over to hide him from view. A brief glance to the left informed him why as a pair of shapely female legs slipped past the desk, pausing at the shelves nearby.

Wickedly, he teased at the most sensitive spots of the already responsive flesh with the point of his tongue until Seifer gave a rumblingly low growl, and pushed his head down onto the length, holding him still until the even click of the unseen woman's heels faded into the recesses of the library's shelves, away from them. He waited, patiently as he sucked gently on the hardened flesh.

Free to move again as Seifer's hands slid away from him, he rocked as quickly as he could, rubbing and licking, swallowing around the thickness.

The only thing he had for warning before his mouth was filled with the bitter proof of Seifer's release was a faint muffled groan. The tension flooded out of his body like his seed and the sturdy thighs became relaxed under his palms.

Squall swallowed, waiting a moment to check no one would check on Seifer before sliding back out from his hiding place and into his seat. He noted, with no small amount of pleasure, that one of Seifer's sable gloved hands bore teeth marks. A small witness to his talent.

Too swiftly, Seifer stole a kiss, tasting himself on Squall's lips and tongue before returning the text book. "You've gotten better at that."

Squall simply gave him a small, smug smile.

The few remaining minutes passed quickly and a bell signalled the beginning of the lunch period. Picking up his notes and returning the book he'd been working from and hidden by to it's rightful position on the shelf, Squall headed for the exit with Seifer a few paces behind him, only to find his way blocked by the librarian.

"What were you up to back there?" She eyed them mistrustfully. "You were too quiet."

"Studying the mating habits of Glacial Eyes ma'am." Seifer responded innocently. Only the two of them would understand the reference. Female glacial eyes initiated mating by rubbing their 'faces' against the male's penile sheath.

Squall allowed himself a tiny, barely there smile at the reference. Even though Seifer was referring to him as the female, he couldn't help his faint amusement at the audacity of Seifer to say that. The ice creatures were a dig at him as well, and his love for the ice goddess Shiva.

"You were being too quiet. I know you were up to something and I will find out what it is." The birdlike woman placed her hands on her hips and glared at them both threateningly.

"Cadet Leonhart is always quiet ma'am." The quiet Trabian purr of Xu's voice sounded from the open doorway behind the woman.

"Just what conduct are you accusing the students of Miss Hathaway?" Cid peered at the flustered woman over his glasses. She blinked in response, muttering something that made Cid scowl angrily. "Perhaps we should continue this discussion elsewhere. Inform the library committee they are in charge until further notice Xu."

She nodded and turned to leave, followed by the headmaster with a smile in their direction and the soon to be former librarian.

"Heh, She was right, we were up to something... So..." Seifer murmured when they'd gone. "Want to go and discuss the mating habits of Toramas in my room?"

"You can't keep it up for three hours." Squall smirked over his shoulder at the taller man.

"Maybe not." The grin that manifested on Seifer's lips was nothing short of sinful. "But I'll have fun trying."

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