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  Name: Kris a.k.a Moogle
E-mail: azure_blossom @
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Final Fantasy VIII

Desperately Seeking Squall

[Summary] Disturbing facts about Zell's origins are brought to light when the gang starts having returning memories in the form of dreams. In the mean time, Seifer is out to fulfill his sorceress' last request. Can Squall and the others stop him in time?
[Pairing] Irvine X Squall, Zell X Selphie
[Warning] NC-17 Lemon POV | Angst, language, violence
[Added] 24 August 2003
[Status] Work In Progress | Updated: 9 December 2005

Chapter 1 - Not-so-Beautiful Goodbye

Chapter 2 - Fighting for Pride

Chapter 3 - At Long Last New