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Born and Bred


By Paradox


"My Lord, perhaps we should embrace the situation?" Lucius Malfoy began cautiously. The man sitting hunched, in the chair by the fire shivered with discontent. Blistering red eyes narrowed into slits.

"Pray tell, what exactly do we have to…embrace about this situation?" came the rasping, venomous hiss. Red eyes focused on Lucius waiting ever so patiently for his proposition.

"It was here in this very room that you taught me the proper respect for power, my Lord. Did you not?" Only when his companion acceded did Lucius brave on. "Where or how the babe got his power, I’ve no idea, just like everyone else, but I do know he possess a great deal-"

"Oh! Get on with it Malfoy! I am well aware of the power that infant possessed, it’s the reason I am incapacitated at the moment!"

"Of course, forgive me," Lucius apologized immediately. "I suggest we don’t make it our mission to kill that power, yes, it could be a threat , but this is what I propose. Children, my Lord are malleable creatures, you mold them into what they will become. Imagine if we were to…make that power our own? Spirit the boy away? That, of course, being the most difficult part of this idea…"

"Wait, Lucius, you want to bring this ….foul child into my haven?!" Voldemort wheezed in agitation, fidgeting restlessly.

"Yes, I know it sounds crazy, even desperate, but think sir, of what that boy may become in ten years. He could be an army of Death eaters all on his own. The power, his power is already astounding. If we were to teach him, this war would be through, why do you think they have snapped him up so quickly. The prophecy, he will be equal your strength, maybe even more so. Better to harness that than let it go to waste."

"Yes, it does sound like a brilliant plan, but dearest, there is the slight problem that I killed his parents. If he were to find out then I would in a most unpleasant position, now wouldn’t I."

"Perhaps, but perhaps not if we twist the truth a bit. Give him the story, but feed it through our perspective. Give him a life he’ll never have with those filthy Muggles. Did you know that they’ll keep him in a hamper in the cupboard? Camellias, has foreseen it. My Lord he is a Prince among our kind. And you a King. Perhaps its time to make a heir my Lord. Make him your son. Make him you hammer. Let him be your Prince, successor to our throne."

"Hmmm…your ideas are as seductive as ever in light of our tragedy, dear Lucius. Let me think on it a night. Only a night, though. We must act in haste."

"Yes, my Lord. Before they send him to the Muggles," Lucius agreed with a wicked smile, knowing the decision already made. "Shall I meet you here tomorrow, same time."

"Yes, but be cautious and wise,. You are my most faithful servant, Lucius, I would hate to lose you."

"As you wish. All will be righted Tom, I will see to it if it kills me. They will pay. And we will use their own hand to do it." Lucius bent to kiss a withered cheek, then stood and promptly apparated.


"Our intelligence tells us that Malfoy was seen at the old Riddle place last night, "Lupin reported stoically. Carefully he studied the reaction from the elderly wizard in front of him. Normally the man would be exuberant, all knowing, playful, as some had deemed him. Today he was withered and wilted, and seemed to hover in some distant plane. He had known them better than most. They had all known them. They were closely enough knitted to be considered family. And another member like those before them had been brutally slain in the act of buying freedom from unappreciative peers.

Today the man showed no signs of acknowledgment. His eyes stared straight through Remus as though he were not even there at all. He had loved the young Potter couple as if they had been his own.

"Albus? Albus, are you alright?"

"Oh? You were saying? Forgive me Remus. These are troubling times. I can’t but help but wonder if this could have all been avoided somehow. Perhaps if I had been the Keeper. I just can’t fathom Sirius’ betrayal. It’s not plausible. He loved James like a brother."

"Funny what lusting for power can do to perfectly normal people. Should have expected it really. The rest of his family was no good, "Lupin growled.

"Let’s not point fingers till we located him, Remus. Things aren’t always as they seem."

"Do you believe it’s really over this time?"

Albus rose and hobbled to the window, looking out over the Quidditch Pitch with that heartbreakingly forlorn look. "Only time can tell." In the background a child wailed restlessly. He turned to stare at the babe. Wispy black hair framed a puckered red face. Green eyes glittered behind tears. "I pray that this is finished for your sake, young Harry."

In response the baby’s tiny face screwed up and he began to squall anew.

"Where is he going to go? "Remus asked curiously, watching as Albus calmed his cries with a shower of harmless sparkles.

"Hmmm…that indeed is a good question, to which I must not answer. I am sorry Remus. No one must know. This I must bear, it is my responsibility."

"I understand, Albus…" Remus didn’t exactly but he trusted Dumbledore in anything. "Excuse me Headmaster, I have business to attend to, "Remus informed, backing towards the door. He stopped momentarily, turning back to face the old man who was the father he never had. "Remember Albus, we miss them to…we share this burden."

"Yes, Remus. I know…Are you going to find Sirius now?"

Remus chuckled sadly and stepped onto the rotating elevator.


"Tell us where they plan on taking the boy Sirius!" Severus hissed, potion poised precariously over Black’s parted lips.

"Fuck you!"

"Intelligent as always I see." Snape grinned nastily. "There are two ways we can go about this my dear old friend and cousin. One you can tell me what you know that could be of some use in locating the Potter boy, or, two, I force you to tell me anyway. I have a wide range of potions much more effective than Veritaserum, and quite a few of them I have…improved upon. Nevertheless, we will find the boy." Another twisted, oily, grin, and Snape stalked away to the cupboards menacingly. Sirius could hear the bastard whistling a happy tune. The son-of-a-bitch!

Snape worked merrily on gathering some of his more sinister truth potions. After all someone had to pay for the humiliation he had suffered at the hands of the Mauraders. Who better than the right hand of their late leader, one James Potter? Yes, the man was his cousin, but had that stopped him from torment the ever studious Snape? Was knowledge so hideous a thing? Snape asked himself. Why of course not, that was why he was sorting through the potions and Sirius was strapped to the chair. Lucky that Snape had been there to volunteer for this particular mission.

"You’re sick, you know that right?" Sirius chuckled suddenly. Always so damn cocky. That, Snape, would make sure to change. He strode to the chair with a vial that positively radiated evil purpose. "Dearest cousin, do you know what this does?"

"Nope, but I am positive you are about to inform me."

Snape trembled with growing rage. "Why of course. We must not leave you in the dark. This, Black, is somewhat akin to Veriaserum, only thing is you’ll die once you are finished re-hashing every single memory contained in the simple brain of yours. I like to refer to it as the liquid form of the Unforgivables. Quite effective, if I do say so myself."

"Ah, shut it Snape! Just get it over with. I am not interested in listening to you wax sentimental about your pathetic potions. You should get laid when we are done here. It relieves tension you know? Only I suggest taking a bath first. Not very many offers looking like that, eh?"

Snape’s face had contorted into an ugly mask of rage and his wand pointed directly into the tender flesh at the nape of Sirius’ neck, and that was how Lucius found them.

"My, my…Severus? Is this anyway to treat a guest?" came the cold, calculative voice of Lucius. It sent chills slithering through Black.

"Ah! Malfoy! So good of you to join our little party! Snape was just about to kill me. Care to participate?" he ask blandly, though the presence of Lucius affected him same as the old days. Cold grey eyes bored holes into the very marrow of his bones. A corner of that perfectly cultivated mouth quirked at the corner ever so slightly, he imagined.

"Still the same I see. Always make light of rather serious circumstances. How is it that you made it this far in life?" Lucius pondered aloud.

"Beats me. I ask myself the same thing ever day. Guess there are some benefits to flying by the seat of your pants. After all, I am still alive."

"Em, yes. Apparently only because of my perfect sense of timing."

"Yes, I always liked that about you, so prompt, yet still so unpredictable. Unlike my dear sweet cousin."

"Lucius," Snape interrupted almost apologetically. "I have not yet begun to…question him…Is there something Lord Voldemort requires now?"

"Yes, there is as a matter-of-fact. Firstly, he requires that his key informant be well and ‘alive’! Secondly, you are relieved of your duty. I will take it Black from here." Lucius informed coolly.

"What-but!!!" Snape spat anger building again. Lucius was apparently immune to such childish outburst for he merely turned and pinned the man to the wall with that ever icy stare.

"Is something the matter with this Snape? I have been ask by Voldemort himself to take Sirius Black into my custody. You are to go to the school and resume your day job. That is, spying, retrieving information that we can use to further our cause. Understood?"

Snape grimaced and shook his oily head, shooting Black a scorching look. "Yes, of course. I will depart immediately."

"Very good. See to it then." Lucius opened the door and followed Snape’s progress down the hall. Then silently he closed it and turned to face Sirius.

"Alone at last. I thought he’d never leave. I was hoping you’d just ravish me here, and scar him for life," he joked.

Lucius allowed him a honest, if small, smile. "Yes, you remain the same. I admire you for that. So many of us have become…different because of this war and it’s casualties. It’s tragedies."

"Oh, really?" A bark of laughter erupted from Sirius. "You promised James would not be hurt. You lied to me. I kept my part of the bargain but you lied. Why’d you let him take him." The gravity of the situation seem to finally be hitting him. Here, now, and in front of this traitor. James was gone, Lily, was gone…their little toddler Harry. All for the pleasure of a mad man.

"It’s not like that and you know it," Lucius replied softly.

"You stay the hell out of my head!!!" Sirius roared, straining at his bonds.

"Please, Sirius. He was not supposed to be there! I didn’t know until it was too late! He went for Tom, but Tom beat him to the punch. We only meant to take Lily."

Sirius roared again, mainly because the pain had become overwhelming. Here stood the man that had allowed a lunatic to murder his best friend and his baby, and all he wanted was to be caught up in that man’s strong arms and carried away from it all. To be held and comforted by him again. But things were different now, and it would never be the same."

"I won’t tell you where they will take him!" He snorted stubbornly.

"You must."

"Oh, really. Why should I go and do a thing like that? This is the only way to redeem myself to James. My life for his son’s. You’ll have to kill me, too. I am sure it won’t be too difficult for a man of your caliber."

Lucius stood and sighed patiently. "Listen to me first, Sirius. Give me a chance to explain. You say you want to keep the boy safe?"

"No shit, took the words right out of my mouth, after the fact that I already said it."

"Listen, damn you! You only have one last chance to keep the boy safe and dying will not be of help to him I assure you." Lucius weighed his words cautiously before he allowed them to flow from his mouth gracefully.

"What are you talking about?" Black probed, allowing himself to take the bait just as cautiously.

"I have convinced Voldemort that…that he should raise the boy." Lucius decided to be forthright. It might take extra convincing but Sirius would buy it easier.

"WHAT!!!" Sirius screeched. "Are you out of your fucking mind! If I know that bastard he’s positively fuming that a mere baby could debilitate him in the manner that happened, and you suggest that he should just raise him and get over it?!!"

"Listen, damn you. I don’t have much time to get this through to you. Voldemort, perhaps Tom has gone a bit off the deep end, as you so delicately refer to it. But he respects power as much as any Malfoy, and I have a hunch that our dear Harry Potter is destined for great things. He is positively brimming with power, and that fact alone not even Tom can deny.

Now if he goes to live with that Muggle family, it has been foreseen that he will suffer greatly for their ignorance and fear of things they cannot grasp. He will grow up alone, bitter, neglected, then your precious Dumbledore will use him as a weapon, kill Voldemort, then the boy’s purpose is done. They will forget him, and he will die unloved and alone.

Tom on the other hand can raise him. Like a Prince. He will be the Ultimate Enforcer, yes, a weapon to be wielded, but he will never be unloved, neglected. He will never won’t for anything."

"Fuck you. Once Voldemort gets what he wants, whose to say he doesn’t turn on Harry anyway, just to use him as an example?"

"Who is to say he will defeat Voldemort in that fated final battle anyway? This way it will be avoided completely. Voldemort has long for a everlasting legacy. If not immortality, he will survive by blood. He will claim Harry one way or another, but this way it will be easier for us, and easier on the boy. Which will you have? The boy needs some true connection to his past. You are the only link left. Join us. Save the boy a world of heartbreak. Keep him safe."

Sirius was silent, logic echoing maddeningly in his head. Damn but Lucius was good at his job. He remained silent though.

"I will say no more on it. Time is of the utmost importance. You have twenty four hours to make your decision." Lucius turned to leave after freeing Sirius from his binding with a wave of his wand.

"Wait…"Sirius called reluctantly, his surrender settling over his shoulders like a heavy cloak. He glared at the man that had his back turn to him so trustingly after all he had done.

"You swear to me…on your life. No harm shall come to him."

Lucius inclined his head. "You have my word, on the Malfoy name." He smiled then. "For what it’s worth to you."


"Everything is in place, my Lord. Sirius has agreed. I have told him of the conditions, and taken his. Now we can begin the final act."

Voldemort Shifted in his chair and turned his withered face to the fire. "Very good. Tonight then. We’ll take him tonight. Steal him right from under their foolish noses," he cackled. "And I shall be a father. Humph…I like the sound of that."

Lucius laughed merrily. "Yes, we shall start a family. With or without Lily. But perhaps the child really is yours anyhow, Tom. You and Lily were ‘together’ right after they married, were you not?"

"Hmm..yes you are right. I had forgotten. We collected the first sample, that night I raped her." Voldemort chuckled again. "Almost exactly a year ago. Very interesting. My son-to-be may very well be my son. How coincidental." Voldemort stared at Lucius through those blood-red eyes. "Tonight. Bring me ‘my’ son tonight."


"They are keeping him in the old Defense Against The Dark Arts Room. The office," Snape whispered to the shrouded figure before him. "He’s got three guards. Mad Eye Moody is guarding the hall door. They have Remus Lupin at the office door, and Molly Weasley is staying with the child."

"Take care of Moody. He’ll trust you enough to get up close. I’ll take care of Lupin and Weasley," the figure ordered before dissolving into the shadows and disappearing.

Snape grunted and turned sharply on his heels heading down to the DADA classroom.


Moody dropped to the ground in a dusty heap, a foul green potion dripping from his gaping mouth. Snape grinned in pride. He never heard those two deadly words issued by the shrouded speaker. Lucius detached himself from the shadows and stepped over the two motionless forms. He pushed the door in front of him open. Lupin snapped awake instantly but he was down with a word.

Lucius pulled the hood tighter about his head and continued up the short staircase to the DADA office. Carefully he turned the knob and pushed forward. Molly was fast asleep and snoring faintly. Beside her, sitting upright in the makeshift crib, baby Harry focused on Lucius with curious emerald eyes. He pointed a chubby finger at him and cooed softly.

Lucius approached quietly and stood before him. He put a finger to his lips as if the toddler could even understand this simplest of gestures. It seemed he did, for though his eyes seemed to twinkle with mirth, he remained silent, smile spread across those ruddy cheeks.

Lucius lifted him gentle from the bed and turned. He pulled at the silver chain around his neck and felt for the golden key at the end. He held it in his hand and focused on his next destination. Then he closed his eyes. When he re-opened them he was there, babe in arms, Voldemort smiling down on him.

"That was almost too easy," Lucius chuckled to himself. "They should really be ashamed of themselves to lose such an important player in this game of ours. Well, on the Weasley’s head it falls, eh."

Baby Harry bounced in his arms and babbled. A pudgy fist rose and twined into pale blonde hair. Lucius heart warmed. "Yes, I think he’ll fit right in. My Lord I am sure you will be pleased."

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