There's no love lost between them. They watched each other like hawks accessing their prey. Harry watches Snape, he is beginning to understand him and it intrigues him to no end to find the small things that make up his Professor. Snape watches Harry he hates the brat but more than hate he finds him a puzzle. Someone he thought he had figured out but doesn't really know. They don't know it but they are intricately connected by bindings that are not foreseen and the world will change forever.

The Hunger

Chapter 1

By Mallory


It was summer. The end of Harry's fifth year at Hogwarts school of Witch Craft and Wizardry. The year that Sirius Black was lost into oblivion, the year they acknowledged the appearance of Lord Voldemort and the year that Harry Potter started getting hungry. He lay on his bed often thinking of Sirius and what his life would have been if he had been able to live freely with him. He felt tired and worn out, his birthday was approaching he was awaiting it with a fervor that chilled his bones. He somehow knew that with the coming of his manhood something would change within him. His uncle and aunt had noticed something. He remembered that upon arriving at Pivet Drive his uncle had been screaming about the weirdo's threatening him. His face unruly red and puff up, his gaze wild. He had been spitting mad because he was hiding how afraid he was. He had taken a threatening step toward Harry and then Harry's eyes had flushed with an unholy light. He had stared at his uncle with a very hungry gaze that had made Vernon shudder and he had abruptly stopped shouting, leaving his nephew standing at the entrance door of the house. Things had change in the house Harry was left alone.

Harry heard a tap on the window and saw Hedwig, " Hi girl,"

He took the letters and packets Hedwig was bearing and then he saw more owls, bringing his gifts. He opened Hermione's gift first with rare abandoned. She had actually gotten a book Harry was interested in, The Coming of Age power assemblage detailing rare powers that would surge in wizards and witches when they came of age. Ron had gotten him Quidditch gloves, and Mrs. Weasley had as usual send an assortment of mince pies, meats and sweets. He had receive a birthday cake from Hagrid, more socks from Dobby and a memory book from Lupin. He look at the clock and realized it was a minute till his birthday an he started counting down the seconds. As midnight struck Harry went into spasms as a bright sickly yellow light surrounded his body. Harry went into unconsciousness at 12:01. The light surrounding his body slowly dimmed and then eventually disappeared as if it was never there in the first place, but Harry lay there still, unmoving. He would wake up next day to a pounding headache and the voice of his aunt.

"Harry is afternoon, get down here," his aunt screamed.

Harry woke up and with a slight groan called out, "I am coming."

His head was pounding and he didn't understand why. He dressed hastily and hurried downstairs. He isn't surprised that he got to sleep late. His relatives were scared but it didn't mean they didn't still insist he cook for them.

"Hurry up boy you have been sleeping all day," Uncle Vernon barks out.

He starts cooking health food, his stupid cousin is still with his diet.

"I'm hungry," Dudley whines. Harry still tired for some reason turns to him and gives him a fierce look . Dudley blanches Harry's eyes have gone white with a fiery spot of glowing yellow in the middle and he is panting. He looks so hungry like a predator about to pounce on his prey. Dudley whimpers and his aunts shrieks.

"Stop you freak," Vernon yells frightened, but Harry doesn't understand what's going on and he can't stop what happens next. He is drawing something from his family and feeding on it. He can't stop and he thinks he might kill them and somehow he really doesn't care because he is so hungry and he is being fed. Aunt Petunia is shaking rolling on the floor before she passes out, Dudley follows and then Uncle Vernon. Later when they wake up they can't remember anything but they see Harry with a strange smile of his face and a slight hungry look in his brilliant green eyes.

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