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Desperately Seeking Squall

Chapter Three: At Long Last

By Kris

Days seem to go by rather quickly when you're cleaning the cafeteria's kitchen...not! It was finally over, thank Hyne. If I had to look at one more chili or ketchup stain, I was going to scream! Those ladies are so nice, but they can be bitchy when it came how to clean the kitchen if you don't do it the right way. I had almost gotten over the fact the Zell and Selphie were together now, but I still had a couple of scraps with Zell. We both called it friendly sparring, and so far, we've tied two for two, but Squall made us call it even. Everything was now, back to normal for me...not really, but I still tried. The sex with the women was meaningless and the flirting with the boys at the Carousel in Galbadia was fun, but none of them were my type or matched him. I wanted him so bad, I could taste him, but dammit he didn't even notice me! He was too busy with Miss Princess and her pooch to give a damn about me, and it burned me up. Lately, though, I haven't seen her around. That got me and the gang thinking that something was going on that either the Commander knew about or Rin was being sly and running off to see somebody Else when she was going to `Galbadia and Timber.` Maybe I was jealous, maybe I was hoping the two would call it quits, maybe I should make a move on him while she's gone. Hey, Alls fair in love and war, right? In case you haven't noticed, sometimes I can be all talk, but this time I was really thinking about it! But, now wasn't the time for such thoughts, Cid had called an important meeting for all SeeDs involved with the Timber contract report to his office, I even loved how he threw in `oh, you, too, Irvine.` I don't know how long I was there, but it sure took Rinoa her sweet time to show up.

"Sorry, I'm late!" She smiled, apologizing to no on in particular. "Angelo had to go." Everyone just shook their head and laughed, and she went and stood next to Cid. We all stood to somewhat slight attention when Squall walked into the room, and stood next to me. That wasn't normal, usually if he wasn't next to Rinoa, he was near Quistis or Zell, but me? Ah, must be my imagination. I looked to Cid as he nodded, and walked in front of us; Rinoa closely behind him. He nodded to us all, and we all relaxed..

"I called this meeting because I wanted to announce something." He started pacing, ah, good ol' Cid. "After some long discussion, and negotiation with Galbadia, they've finally agreed on Timber's independence." ...Wow, really? Sweet. Every one else was jumping and screaming, well not everyone else. Just everybody besides Squall, who stood there, not even smiling. Something told me that not all was happy in the land of Leonhart. Cid continued on a tirade that Rinoa was returning to Galbadia to help her father with this new treaty, since he had been appointed as the new leader of Galbadia. She was leaving now, and then it was all over. Rinoa was gone, and we were all saying our goodbyes, most of them were going to the Balamb Train Station, except me and Squall. I really didn't know how to react to it all, I was still in shock that they actually let Caraway in office. Ah, well, learn something new every day. As I walked back to my dorm, I was stopped by a very familiar, and welcoming voice.

"Irvine." I turned to be greeted by Squall, who was standing there, staring at me. Hyne knows why, but I started to get butterflies in my stomach. "I want to talk to you." Me? Squall wanted to talk to me? Okay, I wasn't about to look a gift chocobo in the mouth, so he wanted to talk. Just talk. That was better than nothing, right?

"Sure thing, Commander." I leaned against the hall way wall, and nodded. "Shoot."

"Not here." He walked off toward his dorm, and I took that as a `follow me.` I shrugged and followed him until we arrived in his room. The door slid shut behind me, and I sat down on his bed. "Irvine, I didn't want to go to the train station because, well, because Rinoa and I are no longer together." ...Wait a minute, hold the phone. ...No LONGER together? Oh my Hyne! When the hell did this happen?

"...Squall..." It was the only thing I could muster up, but...I was trying not to act happy. "How come?"

He gave me a shrug, and sat beside me. "It was just a short attraction, we got caught up in the `Sorceress/Knight thing.` It faded a couple of months ago, and we decided to call it quits. She's seeing Zone now." He made a face, and shook his head. "Always knew it would happen." He sighed. "Besides, she's not my type."

"Really?" I looked to him. "...What is your type?" I was curious, very curious. I was half-hoping he'd say me, but I knew that'd never happen.

"I...I don't know, really, Irvine...what I'm trying to say, is..." He looked at me, and stood up. "Forget it."

"No, no. Don't start something you're gonna end up finishing regardless!" I said, sternly. "What's the matter with you? You've been really edgy the past couple of days, Squall."

"Irvine, I..." He looked at him. "I don't like...girls." He sighed, getting this look of shame across his face. He didn't like...girls?! I knew it! I knew it, I knew it! Good Hyne all might, he was GAY! Squall Leonhart, Commander of SeeD and Balamb Garden was GAY. Thank you, Hyne.

"What's wrong with that? I've been known to find company of men, too." He turned to me with a look of shock on his face. "What? You think I'm straight?" I started laughing, and fell back on his bed. "No, no. I'm not, I'm bi. Big whoop there, I thought everybody knew that?" He glared at me, thinking I was joking. "You think I'm lying, don't you? I'm not." I stood up, walking over to him.

"...Prove it." He started toward me at the same time I started toward him, and I panicked. Prove it? Wh-what did he mean by that? "Prove it, Kinneas." This dark, lustful look crossed his eyes as he back me in the corner. "Prove you like men, and that you're not homo-phobe." I was trapped. A wall behind me and Squall in front of me. I was fucked, and hopefully in the way I wanted to be this time. Before I knew it, his mouth was on mine in a hot, steamy kiss, his tongue sliding into my gaped open mouth and I stood there for a second before I kissed him back. Am I dreaming or something, cause if I am, don't let me wake up until this is all over. The kiss almost caused me to lose it, and I would've looked like a dumbass if I creamed my pants on the first kiss. I moaned into his mouth, and grinded my hips against his. I never wanted him now more than anything before in my life. He stopped the kiss, and pulled back. "...Irvine...I..."

"Don't stop, Squall. You don't know how long I've wanted to kiss you, to touch you. I'm...I'm in love with you, Squall Leonhart." I confessed to him, I could feel the tears welling in my eyes, but I refused to cry...in front of him. "Please, if you don't love me, just let me have this moment, and I'll never bother you again. You can have anybody you want after me, Zell, Seifer, hell, even Nida if you want him, but...please. Let me love you first." I could see the wonder in his eyes, the shock that I'd say something like that to him. His eyes were full of lust still, but I could sense that he wanted this too.

"Only...Only on one condition, Irvine." Anything, baby, anything for you. "...Don't fuck with me. Don't mess around on me, don't even try it. Cause if you, I'll kick your ass."

I saluted him. "Squall, I'd never do you that way. I want to love you, and...and only you." I held onto him tight, feeling all of my pride slip away. I could feel him sill tense, but he relaxed. We looked into each others eyes for a moment before we were a tangled, naked mess on his bed, groping, kissing like animals. It was something I'd been dreaming for Hyne knows how fucking long. and It had finally happened. I still thought it was a dream, but it didn't matter. What mattered was that he was here, with Squall.

"Irvine..." He moaned as he kissed down my chest, and my stomach. My fingers running through his hair as he kissed a trail from my belly button to my cock. To feel his breath against it, it sent shivers down my spine, but what was more wonderful, was the feeling when he wrapped those lips around my cock. Oh, gods! It felt so fucking good I could explode, the way his tongue wrapped around it, the way his teeth lightly scraped across my shaft, I knew at that moment, I was his.

"Sq-Squall!" My hips bucked with fiery passion, not wanting him to stop, wanting him to keep sucking on my cock. "Don't stop, don't stop!" He stopped, no! He stopped. "Squall!" I whined. "Why'd you--!" I was nonchalantly quieted with a dick in my mouth. What the...? Oh, 69 position. For someone who turned recently gay, he knows what he was doing. I could quite see what I was doing, but I know I was driving him mad, because every time I started to suck harder, he'd stop sucking mine and howl like a wolf...or, a lion, rather. I didn't know about him, but he was driving me crazy. The way his tongue and teeth teased me, the way he squeezed my balls ever so gently, Hyne, it was heaven. I wanted more, I wanted him to never stop, but...my body couldn't take it. Six months without sex of any kind will make you come quicker than anything I know. "Oh, gods, Squall...I'm...I'm...!" And I did, all in his mouth. My back arched, and my body jerked, I'd forgotten I was suppose to be sucking him off too, but fuck. That was good. When I started to suck on him again, he moved around, and was on top of me. He grinned, and leaned over to my ear, and whispered.

"My turn." And just like that, I felt it. Hot, white pain running through me as he entered me, I'm not for sure, but I think he hollered. "Gods, Irvine, you're...so...tight!" And he was so HUGE! It hurt at first, but what can I say, the last time I was in this situation was with a Galbadian Instructor...what was his name? Drake? Lukas? I couldn't remember, but damn...now was not the time to be thinking about that. Squall was fucking me, and I...I was enjoying every moment of it. The way our bodies moved together was like a scene from a movie, our fingers intertwined and he looked at me with those eyes. "Ir...irvine..."

"Squall, harder..." I moaned into his neck. "Don't be gentle, harder." I didn't have to tell him once, he started with faster and harder pace. I knew I was hurtin', but I didn't care. The harder he pushed, the louder he got. Fuck me, hold the phone, was he...screaming? Oh, god that was sexy. The friction was also killing me. His stomach rubbing against my cock, was causing it to throb and drip precum, and I knew I was gonna come all over him and me when he hit that spot of mine. "Oh, fuck! Squall, there!" I started moving faster along with him as he pounded into me like a piece of meat, but I didn't care. When he leaned over, and muttered into my ear, I lost it. Hot, white salty liquid splashed against his stomach and mine, causing it to splatter against the wall and his hair. When my body tensed, he moaned loudly, his heard jerking back.

"Gonna...come...gonna..." His nails dug into my hand and his teeth clamped onto his lower lip as he released inside me, coating my walls with his come. Gods, that was good. Best sex I've had in a long damn time, and I'm sure he felt that way too. He looked at me, and grinned, removing himself from inside of me, and layed next to me, cuddling up to me like a girl would after sex. "Mm, Irvine...so good." Hell yeah, that was good. The whole fucking dorm just heard us fucking, so it was damned good, but not to worry. After our little nap, my turn was next.

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