Once a Knight, Always a Knight

By Darksquall

When someone like Squall Leonhart goes nuts, who do you call?

Well, apparently you throw him in the nut ward at Balamb Hospital, and when the doctors can't help him or even figure out why he's suddenly snapped, you call in his arch rival and ex-boyfriend to try and talk some sense into him.

Okay, so I was really pissed off over the throwing him in the nut ward part. I said to myself when I finally did see the rest of his entourage I was going to kick their collective asses for even thinking of doing that to him. Squall was half sure he was nuts when I was doing him twice nightly, he did not need that reaffirmed by his so called friends.

Some friends.

At least when I tried to off myself Fujin and Raijin were more considerate. Well, as considerate as Fujin gets - she kicked me in the shin and told me to "STOP WHINING." Raijin threatened to beat my ass for scaring him. Told me I was letting them win and that wasn't like me.

Ya know?

To be perfectly honest, I don't even remember doing it. It was after the war ended, they just found me one night with my wrists slashed and Hyperion bloodied by my side. See, that's where this freaks me out, I must have been pretty much out of it to even think of doing it with my gunblade, when you're loosing blood from a major artery you don't get much chance to slash another one. Besides, unless I miraculously wind up with a kid, I'm being buried with Hyperion and no one ever touches my blade to clean it but me. I might have let Leonhart do it, but never anyone else unless someone finally managed to off me on the field and it had to be cleaned while I was gone.

I was meant to die in battle. Not on a bed unless Leonhart was with me. Maybe it was something left over from my sorceress maybe.

My posse caught me fast enough to save my life but not fast enough to prevent the scar tissue from forming, so I have a couple of silvering scars on my wrists to match the one that Leonhart gave me.

I'll come back to that later though.

The nurse, who looked like the love child of Raijin and doc Kadowaki - allow me a brief shudder at the mental images that brings, ugh - could probably have ripped phone directories in half. Hell, she could probably have ripped Leonhart in half. She let me into his room and locked the door behind me.

I'd already been made to hand in my jewelry, my watch, my belt, anything he could have used to off himself.

I still had a knife tucked away in my boot though. This is Squall Leonhart, the only man to ever even get close to killing me, I knew better than to face him without some way of protecting myself. Besides, if he really wanted to end it all, who was I to stop him? I owed him that much and I'd rather see him dead than suffering.

Maybe it was Rinoa's fault. No one had seen her since before Squall had lost it five weeks before.

Squall was curled up in a ball in the corner of the padded room. There was blood on some of the padding on the wall above him, and underneath the dark ragged protection of his hair he had a nasty looking cut on his cheek.

Made my heart ache to see him there. He looked so fragile even though he'd lost none of his muscle tone or beauty, tied up with the straight jacket He's a SeeD, he knows six ways to kill you with one finger, imagine if they left his hands free? and his legs in cuffs. It made me want to protect him again

Other than that and the jacket with the extra long sleeves, he looked pretty normal. At least they hadn't cut his hair. Though I sort of expected it, the only people who'd ever done that were right in this room. I used to do it for him with a straight razor. Sometimes I'd just sit and watch him trim it. He hated to have his bangs in his eyes but he hated to be without them just as much, that's why he always kept it in that rough 'hi, I've just gotten out of bed after a long night of fucking' style. He could tuck it back when it annoyed him too much, let it fall in his eyes when he was bored of that or wanted to hide his eyes.

Yeah, I'm still in love with him. I think I always will be.

"Hey Leonhart, they wouldn't give me the nurse's uniform, but you'll forgive me I'm sure."

He finally looked up at me, his eyes deader than I'd ever seen. There were dark smudges under his eyes and that cut in his cheek was worse than I'd first thought, must have busted himself open trying to get out. Either that or the nurses and doctors were about to see if I could take temperatures with Hyperion.


"Long time no see Squall." I pulled off my trench coat, folding it up as I sat down on floor a little way away from him. dropping it down beside me. This one was a new one, my old coat was probably in pieces all over the world souvenirs of the sorcereress' knight. Either that or it was being used in voodoo dolls. He shifted in his place to look at me without having to come closer. Resting my elbows on my knees I just watched him. "Nice place you got here. How's the food?"

He shrugged, the briefest of rising of his shoulders that barely registered to imply his apathy. I'd never seen him like this and I certainly never wanted to see him like this again. When he wouldn't look at me in the face I moved closer so I could look at his face. "C'mon Leonhart. What was it that finally pushed you over the edge? Quistis try to give you that Guardian Force tutorial one too many times?"

That got me a Squall-glare, and he turned his head away from me again.

I sighed, moving closer and kneeling in front of him. He could barely even look at me for more than a few heartbeats. "Talk to me Pee Bee. I didn't come all the way from Centra to be ignored."

When I said that, he looked up at me as though he were afraid and struggled to his feet, shuffling over to the opposite corner of the room. I followed, of course, letting a thunder spell out as I passed the surveillance camera. It fizzled and died as the spell hit it, rewarding me with a curl of smoke in the protective dome.

On reaching him, I swung him around against the padded wall and pressed against him. Okay, it wasn't entirely for his benefit but I really wanted to do it and it'd stop him from running away from me.

"Ah-ah, no running away from me Squally boy. Don't want you running all over and busting up the other cheek."

I swear that he was the one who got hard first. I suppose five weeks tied up will do that to you. I soon followed suit, I couldn't help myself.

"Why Squall? Why did you try to kill yourself?"

He looked at me like I'd asked why the sky is blue or why that damn GF of his was cold. I could practically hear his heart thundering in his chest as it beat a fast rhythm against my skin through his jacket. My face was barely a breath away from his and his eyes were locked with mine.

He ground against me; the feel of his hard cock through my pants was as distracting as it would have been if he'd done it naked. Maybe even more so because it just made me want to strip him off and see him, stroke him, make him come. I couldn't help it, I was addicted to him completely. Just seeing him again after... what, two years now? And I wanted to strip him down and claim him.

Against my better judgment, I ground right back. "Tell me what happened and I'll get you off Squall. Sound fair?"

Those pretty eyes of his flickered from my eyes to my mouth and back again shortly before he kissed me.

And I lost control. From a silly little kiss.

Well, not a silly little kiss really, the best kiss of my life, but I'd never admit that out loud. His tongue slid between my lips, rubbing against the roof of my mouth. Never, in two years of fucking behind closed doors had he kissed me first and never had he kissed me like that.

Well... he might be more talkative when well fucked. I sure as hell knew I'd sure as hell be able to think easier without his cock grinding against mine. I hauled him back over to the bed.

He struggled to keep up, his bound ankles preventing him from moving as fast as I was. I wrapped an arm around his waist and lifted him easily I'd always been easily stronger than him as much as I was taller, that's why I had the Hyperion model gunblade, designed to be wielded with one hand while he had the Revolver, a two handed model tossing him onto the bed. I did like the fact he was bound, I couldn't deny that to myself and I planned on leaving his arms that way at least.

The leg chains were crude compared to some of the shackles I'd worn before. I easily managed to break the bolt that held them in place with the knife I'd kept hidden and I tugged his pants down, ripping the thin linen in the process and tossed them away, wrapping my fingers around his cock and stroked him slowly. As soon as I touched him, he seemed to calm, his writhing slowing to a more controlled pace.

"Been a while, Pee Bee?"

Squall glared at me, despite panting with his need. He shivered and squirmed and tried to rock into my hand but I wouldn't let him. Well I couldn't let him take control of this now, could I?

I stretched out over him, holding two fingers to his lips. He sucked on them eagerly, rocking his hips up to rub against me.

His body felt so good around my fingers as I pushed them into him. There was something wrong with this, I knew deep down inside but I didn't want to think, I couldn't think about anything but being deep inside him. I scissored the fingers roughly, listening to him groan wordlessly in pleasure. He rocked up onto the intrusion, his eyes flickering closed.

I slid the fingers out and straddled his shoulders, letting my hard cock rest against his lips. I could have sworn he smirked at me as he took the head into his mouth, sucking on me as I rocked further into his mouth. We'd been here before, done this before. I know what he likes.

However, that presents the problem of him also knowing what I like. He trailed his tongue along the underside of my cock, sucking just sharply enough to make me whimper, though I'd deny it later. It would have been so easy to just fuck his mouth until I came but just when I was starting to think that would be my best option, he pulled back and made a pleading sound.

Fuck, even if he killed me as soon as we'd finished, I'd die happy having heard him make that sound for me.

I moved to position my cock against his opening, leaning over him again. "You want it, Squally boy?" He didn't speak, just wrapped his legs around my waist, closing his eyes and making that same sound. Hyne, if he kept mewling like that I was going to come before we got anywhere.

Squall made a breathless, wordless sound as I pushed into him hard, and I felt him struggle in the straight jacket. We were never the type to snuggle after sex. The only time he held me was when we were fucking. I guessed he missed that.

The feel of him around me was still as breath taking as it always had been, maybe even more so. He felt so tight, so fucking beautiful I couldn't hold back as I thrust into him over and over. His cock rubbed against my belly through the thin cotton of my tee shirt as we moved together.

We fucked like we fought. Like dancing, we knew each other too well to move in anything other than perfect rhythm.

I lifted myself on one arm, watching him squirm on my cock as I wrapped my fingers around his length, stroking roughly in the way I knew he loved. I still felt a fuzzy flicker of magic in the back of my head and thought they'd left him junctioned. If that was true, he could have broken out of here.

His body squeezed around me so tight I groaned his name. A blush and a tremble ran through his body and I realized he still hadn't opened his eyes. He arched and came, his seed spurting over my fingers as I followed him, spilling deep inside him on the wings of his orgasm.

"Oh fuck, Squall..."

I collapsed on him then, breathlessly watching the flush drain from his cheeks slowly, his cock softening against my belly. His eyes were still closed, even as I slid out of him and I was suddenly afraid that I'd read him wrong. Maybe he hadn't wanted it, maybe he felt ashamed. Maybe I'd just raped him.

The thought made ms sick to my stomach.

Sliding off the bed and stuffing myself back into my pants, I sat at the side of the bed with my back to him, leaning against the thin cot. He had wanted it hadn't he? I hadn't just projected what I wanted onto him because I certainly wanted a hell of a lot more than just a quick fuck in a room that didn't belong to either of us.

Those pale legs slid either side of me and I felt his cheek nuzzling against my hair. That was such a relief I can't describe how good it felt, suddenly it was all okay again, my heart wasn't pounding in my chest quite so loudly. I let my head fall back to rest on his thigh and looked up so I could see his reactions.

How can a... what is he now, nineteen? Must be. I was only a month off twenty myself. How can someone that young have eyes as old as his. Don't get me wrong, they're beautiful and I think they're one of his finest points. Along with his voice, his legs, his ass, his... well, you get the picture. But his eyes look older than the rest of him. They look ancient. He always seemed older than his years even back when he was fifteen and beautiful, but now... The war must have been hard on him.

"Gonna tell me why?"

He tipped his head to ask why what?

"Why this." I gestured around the room in all it's depressing glory. "Why we just... Is it something to do with Rinoa?" His eyes clouded over and he shuddered, nodding. He tried to pull away then, tried to escape from me again but I caught his legs by the ankles and wouldn't let him go. "Stop running, Squall. What is it?"

"G...Gone." His voice was rough and dry after not using it for so long.

"She's dead?" I didn't hate Rinoa. She was a ditz but sweet. I never expected her to hook up with Squall, probably because he looked like a girl and liked cock too much for me to ever think he might be bi, but I'd been wrong. I was man enough to admit it. I never expected her to become a sorceress either but... Oh shit. That was why he'd freaked so badly. "She died while she was in your head, didn't she?"

He nodded, squeezing his eyes tight shut again to force back the tears I'd seen welling up.

I'd been fortunate enough to be out cold when Squall finally finished off my sorceress. When I woke up, I felt like my heart had been ripped out. I could only imagine what it would have been like for him. Standing up I started unfastening the buckles of the straight jacket. "You don't need to be here. Let's go. I'm... sorry, Squall." My voice felt gruff as I apologized. It wasn't a word I said easily. I never felt right with regrets spoken aloud.

"She was... pregnant." His voice stumbled and cracked as he spoke, he was forcing himself into speaking.

Stupidly, shocked, I said the first thing that came into my head. "I didn't think sorceresses could get pregnant."

"She was." I've not seen Squall cry since he was five so when he hid his face against my belly and sobbed as though he'd never stop, it took me a couple of minutes to figure out what I should do.

I held him until it was out of his system.

It took a while for Squall to quiet down. Fourteen years of pent up grief, anguish and pain washing out of him. It had taken this much to break him and I felt awkward listening to it. A younger, more foolish Seifer Almasy might have tried to goad him into anger, but I knew now he needed more than a blade and a chance to hurt me. When he was silent again I released his arms and worked on the rest of the buckles. "Lets get you out of here."

He nodded, too tired to argue after the tears. When we finally managed to get him out of the straight jacket, he stared at his wrists for a moment. There were long, deep scars on the pale skin, running along the vein. It hadn't been a cry for help, he'd really wanted to die. He'd really wanted to get away from the pain.

"You gonna try and finish the job if I leave you alone?" He shook his head and frowned. "Don't want to die anymore?" He shrugged this time and I made him look up at me, cradling his chin in my hand. "You wanna go back to garden? Or you could hide out with me for a while - I mean if you wanted to. 'Til you feel up to talking, or at least saying whatever."

He grabbed my shirt, holding it so tight his knuckles turned as white freshly fallen snow.

"I take it that means you want me around?"

Those pretty eyes shifted to my own scars, exposed by his grip on my shirt before he looked up to meet my gaze. "...'n common." I'd never seen someone try so hard just to be able to speak. It looked like it was killing him.

"Somethin' else in common. You're still copying me and making a better job of it Leonhart." I handed him my trench coat. "Here, better put this on, unless you want everyone looking at your ass."

He made it clear he was more worried about them eyeing his dick before he slid into the trench. Hell, I was more worried about them eyeing that too, as far as I was concerned it was mine just like the rest of him. Or at least would be soon.

"Squall... Better tell you now before you get too comfortable. You... I..." It's so hard to say I'm still in love with you and I'm not going to be able to resist pouncing your ass nightly if you give me half a chance.

While I was still fumbling for my words he placed a fingertip on my lips to quiet me and wrote 'Need time' on my chest.

"I'm not that heartless. And I'm not gonna leave you." I couldn't resist ruffling his hair and smiling a little at him. At least I knew there might be some kind of chance to make something between us. "C'mon, let's go kill a few cows. You must be going through leather withdrawal by now." That got me a glare and a light punch to my gut, but he did look a little relieved at the opportunity to get out.

Or maybe it was the opportunity to slide that hot ass into a pair of tight leather pants. Whatever.

The nurse had locked the door behind me but Blizzaga cracked and easily took care of that barrier. My ice magic always seemed stronger when he was near me. Using the ice spell froze the connections to the alarms too, so we didn't have to worry about there being too much trouble until we got off the ward. Not that I minded trouble but Squall wouldn't need to see blood in his condition, at least until I'd figured out how badly he was going to handle it.

I love Squall; I didn't want to see him hurt any more, even though I'd done most of the physical hurting in his life. Hey, I'd grown up in the past couple of years.

He hadn't got a clue on which way to go, so I guessed they'd sedated him or he'd been hidden too deeply within himself to bother with the outside world when they bought him in.

As we neared the front desk Squall shuffling along behind me, I kept in front of him so I could deal with anything that came up I heard Zell's voice.

"We did what we thought was best for Squall, what he would've wanted!"

"You wouldn't know what he wanted if it came in sausage shape and was clapped between two buns." A male voice responded. It was hauntingly familiar, but I couldn't place a name or a face until I rounded the corner and saw him. It was a dark haired guy in his mid forties. I'd seen him years before, he'd visited the orphanage late one night... I think Squall had been ill in bed and Edea was keeping me away from him so I wouldn't catch it.

I motioned for Squall to stay put and listened to them arguing.

"How could you put him in here without telling me?"

"It was Doctor Kadowaki's recommendation." Quistis pushed her glasses up on her nose and looked uncomfortable. I don't blame her. She had at least redeemed herself a little in my eyes by contacting me and getting me here.

"Doctor Kadowaki is the one who should be in here then." I piped up. I couldn't resist, I have to be in the middle of shit like this, must have been something left over from my disciplinary committee days. Either that or I just liked to be the centre of attention.

"What the fuck are you doing here, Almasy?"

"My old instructor asked me to talk to Squall, Chicken Wuss. What's wrong, jealous?" I can't help but try and goad the little blonde into reacting. He's so easy to tease it's unreal. He's not like Squall, where it takes years to get a reaction, he reacts so instantly it's become second nature for me to tease him.

He jumped up and started to shadow box as usual. "You don't know what happened to him Almasy, we didn't have a choice."

"There's always a choice." The old guy declared. I really was getting to like him.

"Yeah, and some of us make the wrong ones." Zell sneered. I really felt like decking him then. I almost did but Squall stopped me, stepping around me, the trench fluttering like a dress on his smaller frame.

"Shut up. All of you." He snarled, his voice as rough as sand paper. Even though he was still barefoot and wearing my coat, he managed to somehow make it look as though it were a normal, everyday occurrence. He clutched at his throat and almost toppled over I shouldn't have made him walk that far but the old guy caught him before I even had a chance to and gathered him up in a hug. They really looked cute together. Maybe even hot. Maybe the Chicken Wuss wasn't the only one getting jealous.

"If I'd known they'd put you in here, I'd have come and gotten you sooner, Squall." Squall gave him a weak smile and tried to say 'whatever' but it failed. "We found her. I'm sorry, Son." The old guy squeezed him so tight it made a hug from Raijin look like nothing.

"Her?" Quistis looked up.

I was so shocked over the old man calling Squall 'Son', I replied without thinking. "Rin's dead you stupid fuck. That's why he freaked." He was just calling Squall son like all old guys did, right? Cid used to do it to me all the time.

"Squall... fuck man, why didn't you say something?" No, our little chicken wuss has never been the brightest of bulbs. Even with all that energy.

"He couldn't chicky, he was in shock. He's not going back to garden yet either."

The old guy puffed up his chest and eyed me like he was going to kick my ass if I argued with him. He was brave, I'll give him that. "No, he's coming back to Esthar with me."

"Then I'm coming too." I wasn't going to let Squall go without a fight. I said I wasn't gonna leave him.

"You can't just take Squall away!" Quistis tried to protest and I leveled my best Squall-glare-impression on her.

"You put him in a mental ward Quisty. You call yourself a friend?"

She faltered and I eyed a couple of orderlies who were trying to figure out if they should be trying to take Squall back to his cell or not. "Mr. Leonhart's leaving. If you have any problem with that, take it up with me." I pulled my Hyperion junction and motioned for them to try it. Have I ever said how much I love playing the bad boy hero? Especially when it's for Squall.

They almost ran to get away.

The old guy smiled sweetly at the nurse behind the counter who was positively trembling at the sight of us. "Could you be a dear and get me Squall's medical records? I'm afraid I'll be transferring him to a private doctor as of today." I grabbed that and my gear that I'd been forced to hand in on my way into the department as soon as they were offered.

I caught Squall eyeing my gunblade and reluctantly sheathed it again. He'd probably kick my ass over making such a display in public but I didn't particularly care at that moment. When he motioned at the old guy who was still supporting him and clinging to him all in one breath I realized I'd not introduced myself.

I blame stress. Or near naked brunettes wearing my trench coat and looking fuckable.

"I'm Seifer Almasy. I promised I'd take care of him." Zell laughed and I shot a glare at him, soon quietened him down.

"Laguna Loire. Squall's my... er..." He rubbed his leg and looked sheepish until Squall elbowed him in the stomach. That's Squall-speak for get to the point. "I'm his father."

You could have knocked me down with a chicken wuss feather. Okay, so Denial is my friend.

We managed to get Squall out and loaded into the transporter - which looked like a mini version of the Ragnarok - without me having to injure anyone. The one time I fight somewhere they can get immediate medical attention and I don't even get to take advantage of it. Squall ended up stretched out with his head in my lap on one of the beds in the small medical bay. I admit I liked it, we'd never been very close way back before the war and we'd certainly never done this for the sake of it before but... I enjoyed it. It gave me hope that there was some chance of him falling for me.

I finally got the courage to ask him about his cheek a little after we'd taken off. His father had given him a pen and a notepad so he wouldn't have to keep forcing himself to speak. It really was hurting him.

'Nurse thought I was sedated. Tried to fuck me. Threw them off, managed to get my leg chains around their neck. Nearly killed them, one of the others came in and saw me, did that getting me off them.'

"...Okay, soon as you're feeling better, I'm going back there and kicking their collective asses."

'You are not. I can only get you so many pardons in a life time.'

"No one would blame me. If you wanted, I could make it look like suicide." Yeah, suicide by pissing off Seifer Almasy. Or hey, even Zell could get a little revenge, there: break a few bones, rupture a spleen or two... He pinched my leg. "Ow. Bitch." He closed his eyes, and I thought he'd drifted off, so I made myself comfortable too.

"Hey." I'd almost fallen asleep too when Laguna peeked around the door.

Now I knew, I could see the resemblance between them. Especially while Squall was asleep and not looking like the moody bitch I knew and loved. Especially around the eyes and his mouth. I'd always figured he'd got his girlish looks from his mother's side but looking at Laguna, I knew there was absolutely no hope of him ever looking manly, no matter what his mother had looked like. "Mr. Loire."

"Laguna, please." He slipped in, dropping some clothes on the cot beside me for Squall. "It's kinda nice to talk to someone who doesn't know who I am." He smiled, and it was hard not to like him. If it hadn't been for Squall right there, I might have considered something.

"Who you are?"

He waved his hand to imply it didn't matter and his smile turned sad. "Did he tell you about Rinoa?"

"That she was pregnant? Yeah." It might have been my imagination but it felt like Squall tensed under my hand. I wouldn't put it past him to pretend he was asleep to avoid me asking him questions for a while. "How did she die?"

"I'm not sure yet, soon as I heard I figured that had something to do with Squall not contacting me for a while so I came to find him. I never thought they'd do that to him."

"I didn't think sorceresses could have kids to tell you the truth."

"Hasn't been one for a while. It only works if the knight can take it, they have to be pretty damn strong. They have to carry the powers for the duration of the pregnancy." He shrugged and looked down at Squall sadly, as though he longed to touch him, to offer some form of comfort. "So when Rin died... he..."

Why I hadn't recognized it before I don't know. But as Laguna spoke I could practically taste that flare of magic that bubbled inside Squall. The only thing that kept me sitting down was the knowledge I'd knock Squall on the floor if I jumped to my feet. That's why I'd started back. He'd been calling to me. Even before Quistis had managed to get word to me. "He's... a sorcerer."

"Don't know for sure, I hoped not but... You can tell can't you?"

"I think he is." I chewed on my lower lip thoughtfully. I didn't know if I could do this again. The Knight thing.

"I know who you are Seifer." Laguna's smile faltered and he gave me a look that let me know he knew how to handle himself. He's Squall's dad, I think I can allow him a few glares. "I signed your pardon. Are you still going to stick around? Knowing what he is, what he needs?"

"I promised I wouldn't leave, I'll look out for him." I brushed my fingers through Squall's hair and held onto him. I wasn't letting him go.

"And if he needs you as his knight? You going to be able to handle him?"

"You're his father and you have to ask me that?" Squall shifted a little, turning onto his back and watching me sleepily. All the sorceresses I'd met apart from Adel had golden eyes, trust Squall to be awkward, his shimmered silver as he watched me silently. "He's the closest thing I've ever had to a friend besides my posse. If he needs me, and promises not to say 'Whatever' too much, I'll do it. If he wants me."

Laguna laughed. "I'd better go and see how close we are to Esthar. I'll call you guys when we're ready to land."

I'd figure out why Laguna felt so awkward around his own kid later. I had a sleepy Squall nuzzled in my lap and it felt good. "Why suicide Squall? Always figured you weren't the type for the easy way out."

When he motioned for the notepad I handed it over. I had a suggestion for something to help his throat but I'd say it later when I figured out how he was handling the loss. Back at the hospital that had just been control. He'd been without a knight for too long, I had to help him get it together and sex was the quickest release short of blowing something up. If I'd known then, or accepted it then, I probably would've been a lot less ready to fuck him.

Who am I kidding, I'd do him in a heart beat.

The pad said:

Because I couldn't go on.
Every time I tried to speak
My throat locked up.
You did it too, you
Know how hard it is.
Now, I don't know any more.
I don't think I want to die but its
Going to kill me to continue. Its
Hard to think about going on. I
Think I need your help.

It took me a couple of minutes to figure out what he really meant. He always had to go the long way about everything, never junctioning for strength to lift his gunblade until he was already strong enough to fight without the magic anyway, always making sure he cleared the monsters from the training centre before he'd fuck me in the secret area. It would have saved a lot of time and effort if he'd just written what he wanted to ask.

I eased the pen from his fingers and replied:

You don't
Even have to ask,

He smiled and took the pen back. 'I didn't think you'd notice it that fast.'

"Yeah well, I'm not as dumb as Zell looks." I smirked at him and laid a hand on his chest, to feel his heartbeat. "And I've been looking for a job for a while. If you're offering... I need to hear it for it to really work Squall, you know that."

There's a certain amount of magic in the spoken word, why do you think you have to say vows when you get married? It's the same magic when a sorceress, or sorcerer I guess, accepts a knight.

"Stop being an awkward bastard." He whispered, even that much taking effort. "Be my knight so I won't lose it again."

"Well since I have nothing better to do... 'Course I'll be your knight Squall."

Squall sat up and wound his arms around my neck, stretching his legs over my lap. He quickly fell asleep again, curled against me. So I'm a sucker for a romantic dream, I needed to be different. Can't get much more different than a knight to a sorcerer, now, can you?

And at least I know that if somehow we do end up trying to take over the world again, we'll sure as fuck manage it this time.





(If you can't tell what Squall asked and Seifer answered, go back and read the first letters of their writing. ^_^)

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