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By sugahcat


Kurogane lay on the futon, scowling at the ceiling. It was all very well having these people giving them a place to stay, but why did he always seem to have to share with that dumb magician? And this time it seemed there was only one futon. Wonderful. Even though he hadn't so much as suggested it to anyone, he found the blond very attractive and sharing a rather small futon with him meant he would probably spend the night wide awake with a raging hard-on. Which he already had from thinking about that lithe body lain next to him, naked flesh touching his own.

He was thankful that the clothes in this world were quite tight - it hid his erection quite well when Fai came into the room. The magician gave a tinkling laugh.

"So this time we have to share a bed too, hmm?" He sat down on the edge of the futon and frowned. "Well, they call it a bed, but I'm not so sure..."

"We have these in Japan. It's called a 'futon'."

"You sleep on the floor?"

"No, we sleep on futons." Damn it, he was irritating. And twice damn him, he was beautiful. Kurogane's erection hadn't waned at all. If anything, he'd got harder with Fai sat beside him. He could smell him; smell the vanilla and the musk, see the subtle highlights in his hair. He'd never wanted anyone this much in his life. The problem being that he had a sneaking suspicion that the protectiveness and sweetness he felt for him was called 'love' and was a weakness. He refused to fall in love with someone, especially someone who was running away from his problems, who was from a different world, who smiled all the time - but neither his heart nor his body were listening to him ranting. He loved him and he wanted him. That didn't mean he was about to let him know.

Sighing, Fai fell back on the futon and frowned. "I guess it's not that bad." He turned his head and smiled with lips only inches from Kurogane's own. "We should count ourselves lucky that, yet again, we end up with somewhere to stay."

"There're fools on every world," Kurogane growled, making Fai give his tinkling laugh again.

"No, I think it's hitzusen," Fai said. "Like the witch said. I'm starting to think everything about this journey is fated." Kurogane didn't miss the way Fai's eyes flicked over to him then. No. It didn't matter, even if they did. The reason Kurogane hadn't voiced his attraction for the mage wasn't because he was afraid it wasn't returned but because acting on his feelings would be stupid. It was entirely a coincidence that they had met, they were from different worlds, how could they be fated to be together? Or, a small part of him whispered, perhaps all of that means that you are meant to be together.

Kurogane growled, annoyed at himself, at Fai and at the circumstance he found himself in once again.

"Is everything alright, Kuro-min?" Kurogane was about to berate him for giving him yet another stupid name, but then he noticed that there was real worry in those blue eyes. Anything else, Kurogane could ignore. But not those eyes. They were absolutely stunning and they took his breath away. Fai might think he hid his pain and sadness away well enough, but his eyes gave him away. But as well as the pain, there was hope, faith that things could work out, that he could be happy. Kurogane wanted to make him happy and suddenly the urge to tell him this was overwhelming.

"I-" he started as he moved onto his side to look at the mage, then stopped as he found himself far too close to him, after all. His leg had brushed against Fai's and that slight contact took his breath away. Furious at himself, that he felt this way, that he'd been about to say he felt this way, he turned over and switched off the light. "I'm going to sleep."

There was a silence and Kurogane felt Fai about to touch his shoulder but it seemed he changed his mind. "Alright," he said quietly and Kurogane heard a rustle of clothes as Fai changed for bed and then felt as he lay back on the futon and switched off his own light.

For hours, Kurogane lay there, glaring at the wall, listening as Fai lay awake as well, then eventually heard his breathing becoming even and deep as he fell asleep. Eventually, exhaustion took Kurogane and he slept, too.


Waking was interesting, to say the least. In his sleep, Kurogane seemed to have moved so that his body was spooned up against Fai's. He had a wonderful morning glory that was pressed firmly against Fai's buttocks and his arm was draped over the mage's waist where Fai, presumably in his sleep, had moved to take Kurogane's hand in his own.

How... why?? Dammit! It was still dark and Kurogane wondered if there was any way he could possibly get out of this position without waking the magician. There really didn't seem to be. He moved slightly to see if he could at least get his arm back.

"Mmm," Fai gave an annoyed sound and Kurogane saw as, in the darkness, Fai's eyes blinked open and his expression changed from confused to startled. There was no way he could mistake the hard cock against his ass, not through the flimsy material of the pants the mage had dressed in for bed. "...Kuro-sama?"

"...yeah?" He had idea what else to say, or what to do so he left it at that and stayed where he was.

Fai didn't say anything and instead chose to press his hips back, pushing against Kurogane's cock and making him groan. He ground his ass into Kurogane's crotch and before he quite knew what he was doing, he moved to grasp Fai's hip and pull him closer, making the mage moan.

"I want you, Kuro-sama," he whispered breathily.

"I want you," Kurogane said, breathing heavily in the blond's ear. His hand pulled away from Fai's and travelled down his body, ducking under the waistband of the trousers, to grasp Fai's cock. He found it to be long, slender, and hard as a rock. He started to wank him, enjoying the way Fai's hips bucked against his cock, his whimpering moans and gasps. Lowering his head, he started suckling on Fai's neck, leaving dark purple marks as he went, sharp canine's threatening to break skin, Fai's moans begging him to continue. Moisture trailed down the cock in his hand, making him wank him faster, bringing him closer and closer to orgasm. But now that he was getting what he'd wanted for so long, he wasn't about to let it end that quickly. Moving, grinning at Fai's disappointed moan as his hand left his cock, Kurogane shifted between the blonds legs, whipping off his pants and looking down at his naked form. He was so very beautiful he took the ninja's breath away. He wanted him so much it hurt. Big blue eyes were looking up at him and a smile - a real smile - sat on his soft lips. Kurogane had been so carried away by his lust that he hadn't even kissed Fai yet and suddenly he was afraid to. A kiss was somehow more intimate - involved emotions. What if Fai didn't care for him, just wanted him for sex?

"Kiss me, Kuro-sama," the magician whispered, reaching a slim hand up to stroke his cheek. Straddling him, Kurogane bent down, looking at Fai from only an inch or two away, locks of his black hair falling into Fai's pale blond hair. His fine bone structure, large blue eyes, soft-looking lips...

"You're so beautiful," he whispered, his strong, tan hand moving up to stroke his cheek and making him look even paler, more fragile. His compliment made Fai smile prettily. Moving forward slightly, Fai lifted his head and their lips touched, brushing softly, returning and pressing harder, melting into desperate kisses, soft wet tongues meeting and hands running though each other's hair. Their bodies were pressed against each other and Kurogane felt Fai's hands reach down and start to unbutton the tight jeans Kurogane was wearing. Soon they were both naked, still kissing desperately, arms wrapped tightly around each other, cocks hot against each other's skin.

"I want you so much," Fai whispered breathlessly between kisses. "I want you inside me..."

Kurogane groaned, wanting that so much. He was so very hard, all for Fai.

"Are you sure?"

"Mmm," Fai said in agreement. "I'm sure. I need you, Kuro-sama. I've never wanted anyone so desperately... I ache for you. I want you to make me yours."

Kurogane had wanted to take things more slowly, to start by kissing and sucking... but hearing Fai say that had changed his priorities. After all, there'd be plenty of time for other things later.

Grinning a wolf grin, he licked his finger and slowly pushed into Fai's ass, stretching his hole, hand creeping up to stroke his cock again. For a few long, delicious minutes, Kurogane played with Fai's ass, making him shudder with delight, on the verge of orgasm. Fai whimpered and begged Kurogane to fuck him. There was so much need in his voice that the ninja pulled away immediately and lubricated his cock with his saliva. Pressing it against the mage's tight hole, he managed to ask if he were ready. The strangled moan of 'yesssss' made Kurogane dizzy with desire and he slowly pushed inside him.

"So tight," he whispered, seeing stars as the muscle pressed around him with delicious pressure. Grasping Fai's slim hips, he moved deeper, sliding slowly, inexorably to the hilt. Fai was incredibly, wonderfully tight, wrapping around him wonderfully.

"Perfect fit," Fai whispered, smiling up at him.

"Yeah," Kurogane agreed, and started to thrust into him. Blue eyes closed and mouth opened as Fai gasped, his slim hand reaching down to stroke his cock. For a moment, Kurogane thrust softly into him, watching the slim fingers sliding up and down hard, pale skin. Then he looked down and saw his tan cock disappearing inside Fai and that vision reminded him what he was doing so strongly that he could have come there and then. This was perfect. He'd never felt like this during sex and he knew why. "Open your eyes, Fai." Azure depths filled with desire and happiness gazed at him. Kurogane wanted to see them always looking happy, wanted to make all the pain and hurt go away. "I love you," he whispered, stroking his cheek. "I love you so much."

Blue eyes misted over with tears a moment and then Fai smiled beautifully. "I never thought I'd hear you say that. I love you, too."

They looked at each other for a moment, smiling softly. Then Fai's smile widened into a grin as he hooked his knees over Kurogane's shoulders, pulling the ninja even deeper inside him.

"Wow," was all Kurogane could say.

"Yep," Fai said, laughing his tinkling laugh again. Kurogane started to thrust into him again, waves of pleasure making it almost impossible to keep going slowly.

"I want to come inside you," he gasped as he felt climax swiftly approaching.

"Yes," Fai whispered. "Inside me."

It didn't take long at all. The warmth and the tightness and the knowledge that he was inside Fai was too much and he peaked, shooting the contents of his full balls into his lover. At the same time he felt a spatter of warmth on his stomach and watched as lovely, sticky whiteness spurted from Fai's cock, splattering them both with his come. They looked at each other as they breathed deeply, smiling. Easing himself out of the mage, Kurogane reached over and wiped them both clean with the t-shirt he'd been wearing and threw it aside. He took Fai into his arms, holding him tightly, wanting nothing more than to protect him. Fai's pale, slender arms held him just as tightly, his head resting on Kurogane's chest.

"Are you happy?" Kurogane asked, suddenly sleepy but needing to know the answer before he would let sleep take him.

"You make me happy," Fai whispered, sounding just as sleepy. "I'll be happy as long as I'm with you."

There was so much Kurogane could have said then, but he decided to leave it, and just said: "I'm here."

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